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TACOMA: Deadline near on military recruiters

Letter by Nancy Lee Farrell, Tacoma on Sep. 13, 2012 at 12:04 pm with 10 Comments »
September 13, 2012 1:13 pm

On page 59 of the Tacoma Public Schools Handbook for Parents is a form for parents to check a box if they don’t want their children’s contact information given to military recruiters. If this item is not checked and returned to school offices by Sept. 30, a student’s information is automatically given to military recruiters.

Parents should be there when their children talks with recruiters. If recruiters talk to students without a parent present, important details and questions may be left out.

Most parents don’t want well-trained salespeople meeting with students alone. This is their chance to tell the school not to release contact information.

We all want to serve our country. Americorps/Vista and Job Corps are some of many alternative opportunities. School guidance offices have this information.

But check that box and send it to the school office by Sept. 30.

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  1. averageJose says:

    If you were talking about abortion I’d definately agree with you.

  2. surething says:

    We had a very inappropriate recruiter at my high school.

  3. lylelaws says:


    Please explain.

  4. Educate your kids about the military prior to recruiters informing your kids with half-truths! 21 years in the Air Force, I still hear recruiters not being 100% correct. Have your kids or yourself chat with those who have served for the real facts!

  5. itwasntmethistime says:

    I think the parents should have to be there if a recruiter talks to their kid. I hear too many stories about things not happening how the kid thought and it’s usually a case of the way the recruiter presented only half of the info and didn’t disagree when the kid came to his own wrong conclusion.

  6. surething says:

    He was trying to hang out with my friends and I and would call us though he was well aware that we had no interest in ever joining the military.

    Clearly, a recruitment officer should not be trying to hang out with 15 year old girls.

  7. surething says:

    And, he was just creepy in general. Not really the fault of the Army, he was just gross.

  8. yabetchya says:

    I think the letter writer was an involved parent, informing the populist of parents out there of what they DO NOT KNOW what is going on in the Public School arena.

  9. If a near high school graduate, who has reached or is near to the age of accountability, hasn’t yet gained the ability to make his or her own decisions with some care and intelligence, then what have the “parents” been doing for eighteen years?

    You ask me, some time spent in the military is exactly what many kids need.

    I pulled an extended “hitch” beginning forty years ago, when it was an extremely unpopular thing to do. I did it voluntarily, and I had a VERY rewarding experience.

    If people are going to “ban” military recruiters” then ban the whole thing. Let NO ONE approach your kids with offers of ANY career.

    Its a recruiters job, regardless of field, to spread the shinola on why their field is best. Its the PARENTS job to prepare their kids to think with discernment.

  10. judiatgpi says:

    My husband spent 14 of his 20 years in the Navy working in the recruiting command so it’s always interesting to me when I see and hear comments like that of the letter writer. And it’s especially striking to see and hear those comments in this community.

    If a young person wants to know what military service is “really like,” he or she doesn’t have to put forth much effort to talk to people currently serving.

    To me, it would be a shame to prevent a young person from discovering all the options available to them as they begin to plan their future. Talking to a recruiter is just that – an opportunity to learn about options. I expect the letter writer and plenty of others, who have some preconceived idea of what military service is all about, would be astonished to learn about the array of disciplines and the educational and other opportunities open to military personnel. Don’t slam the door without even first taking a look inside.

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