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PETS: Keep dogs out of farmers’ markets

Letter by Mary Ann Leskie, Tacoma on Sep. 10, 2012 at 1:56 pm with 14 Comments »
September 10, 2012 2:29 pm

Dog owners,please don’t take your pets to a farmers’ market.

You may not mind Fido sniffing your legs or leaving a dump on the pavement, but that’s exactly what I saw Saturday at the Proctor District market.

With all that food on display and small children milling around, I was surprised to see so many canines, especially since supermarkets and restaurants only allow service dogs. Why should it be any different for an open-air market selling food products?

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  1. assinine says:

    I agree with you Mary Ann. The problem is a lot of people have replaced their children with a dog. They feel their dog should accompany them everywhere. Call the Health Department and file a complaint.

  2. princessnancy says:

    I agree 100%, dogs should not be allowed at the farmer’s markets. The owners need to get a clue!

  3. It’s just that old thing of an unrealistic relationship to
    another species. In other words dogs like food.

  4. averageJose says:

    I am a dog owner and I love generally love to be around them… but I have to absolutely agree.

  5. It’s not just the hygiene problem. I’ve been at the Tacoma Farmer’s market and other outdoor market places and see those poor dogs being dragged around. Often it’s hot and uncomfortable for them plus they have to contend with so many strange legs brushing by them.

  6. Actually supermarkets are allowing dogs.. Their are too many people taking advantage of the “service dog” label. What also doesn’t help thanks to the ACLU no one from said supermarket are allowed to ask for proper ID for the service dog.You can actually tell the difference service dogs are obedient and your are not allowed to pet the dog.

  7. bobbysangelwife says:

    I loved my pooch as much as anyone could love an animal…she was my best friend, my joy….however, taking her to the FM would be inappropriate. People are selling FOOD there-and other wares. These poor critters are being dragged all over the place, strangers touching them, children too. Not all dogs are as social as people make them out to be. My pooch would have had a stroke in a FM…too many little people running around–she didn’t do well with kids under 5, they made her very nervous.
    Leave your pooches at home…I’m sure neither of you will die from being apart for a couple of hours.

  8. Love dogs but I have to agree with the other posts. Tried to get through Lowes the other day with a flatbed cart of construction material and had a real hard time navigating through about 5 different groups of dogs and owners standing in the aisles “meeting” each other. Not sure when Lowes became a dog park. I cant think of about 100 better places to take my dog than the farmers market and Lowes.

  9. I agree with all comments above. (A note to dog owner’s who think it’s stylish to jog with your dog in 90 degree weather), leave your dog at home! It doesn’t make you look cute or smart.

  10. Perhaps it is the exception that creates the stereotype but there sure seem to be a lot of oblivious dog owners and parents who can’t imagine that anyone would possibly not love their animals as much as they do.

  11. Flanagan says:

    Amen….and that goes for outdoor concerts and all places where there are people trying to enjoy public events with their small children etc. I love my kids and pets, but know others don’t feel the same.

  12. mustangnorm says:

    I agree that dogs or any animal does not belong at a farmers market. Heck the other day when I was at my favorite coffee spot. A family had a small dog on the table and it urinated on it.They left quickly .I told the manager and she replied we cant control that???????????????

  13. itwasntmethistime says:

    I love dogs, but I do not want them where I buy my food. Nor do I enjoy other peoples’ dogs rubbing against me, leaving hair and drool on my pants.

    I don’t jog with my dog in 90 degree weather because it’s stylish. I do it because he loves it. Sure he gets hot, but then we both get a nice cool drink and rest in the shade.

  14. I agree that the farmer’s markets are not a place to take pets. The problem is these people with just go on line and order a service dog vest and bring their dog anyway. If it is questioned they will just say, “It is a service dog” or the one I love is ‘It is an “emotional support dog”‘. I own several dogs and don’t try to pass them off as service dogs.

    People take dogs into retail stores all the time now. The overused term of “emotional support dog” has really gone too far. We have become so “politically correct” we don’t want to question or forbid someone from treating dogs the same as a human being.

    A law needs to be enacted that anyone with a “real” service dog has a special license tag to be worn by the dog and the disabled person who needs the dog should have a photo id stating such need. There should be strict guild lines as to what constitutes a service animal (some people are using miniature horses as service animals). And it shouldn’t be a “sin” by an event organizer or store owner to ask that person to show proof of need. If they don’t have it they should be asked to leave. But we won’t do that. We will wait until someone is bit or the animal contaminates something and have a law suit and then maybe it will change.

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