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JUDICIARY: Vacancies shouldn’t wait on election

Letter by Glenn Sugameli, Washington, D.C. on Sep. 7, 2012 at 1:31 pm with 12 Comments »
September 7, 2012 2:44 pm

Re: “Federal court vacancies will likely wait on the election”  (www.thenewstribune.com, 9-6).

Despite this report, the Senate may very well confirm delayed consensus nominees this month.

There is still plenty of time. For example, on Sept. 26, 2008, the Democratic Senate confirmed 10 U.S. District Court judge appointments by President George W. Bush.

The Judiciary Committee approved 18 currently pending District Court nominees with support from every Republican and Democratic home-state senator.

Judiciary Committee Republicans supported 17 of these nominees. Twelve would reduce U.S. courts-declared judicial emergency vacancies that delay and deny justice.

Republican Sen. Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania even traveled to an empty courthouse and held a news conference to insist there is no reason not to confirm two Pennsylvania federal District Court judges in September. He is correct; only senseless partisan obstruction by Senate Republicans could still prevent confirming all the committee-approved nominees.

(Sugameli is a staff attorney with the Judging the Environment project on federal judicial nominations.)

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  1. menopaws says:

    This party has NO desire to see government work. their path to power, they believe is obstruction and voter suppression……..Patriotism is a dim second to their need for power………I wish they would do their jobs, but they won’t…….Good letter and a VERY important issue.

  2. took14theteam says:

    Oh good GOD meno……Do you not REMEMBER the obstruction that the DEMOCRATS did during YOUR hated PRESIDENT BUSH’s term regarding Judges?????……How many vacancies were not filled during the Bush years because of Democratic OBSTRUCTION????……I think you should spend some time REVIEWING the recent past BEFORE you RANT again……….

  3. menopaws says:

    took14for the team–did you READ the letter??????……..On September 26, 2008–the Democratic Senate confirmed 10 Bush court appointments…….reading is a good skill–understanding is even better……..Quit playing politics and READ the damn letter….Stupid, stupid, stupid…..

  4. beerBoy says:

    The obstruction of every single thing that Obama has put forward – even nominations for low and mid level positions – should be seen as what it is. Putting loyalty to Party goals ahead of service to country and patriotism. The GOP’s tactics are, to borrow one of their loyalists’ favorite terms, anti-American.

    Congressional obstructionism is different than strong-voiced and passionate opposition to ideology – it is an attempt to stop the machine from functioning by throwing your sabot in the gears. Saboteurs should be removed from the government – at minimum – and be recognized as traitors to their oath of office.

  5. Well, jugears could just solve the problem by using an executive action to appoint them. Just like he did with the NLRB appointments, which causes any proceedings in which they are involved to be ultra vires.

    But he only cares about causing chaos, and conning donkey party peeps into blaming the grownups for trying to end the insanity.

    November 6 is when the American people will end his reign of terror.

  6. menopaws says:

    Why are all Tea Baggers so damn stupid????You cannot make recess appointments to the Judiciary………pgroup—when will the trailer trash in the House end their reign of terror?

  7. took14theteam says:

    “You cannot make recess appointments to the Judiciary”


    Even comes from your favorite news outlet.

    I won’t respond to your use of a derogatory sexual term when describing people that you disagree with.

    You really are a piece of work, or a TNT operative.

    Now go take some Progesterone….

    Wait, maybe I will respond to your derogatory sexual term. Since the act you describe results in a male doing something to a female (unless you are progressive, then it can be another male), the male becomes a dominator over the female. I would think someone with your history of ranting here would not want to degrade females like that. But then again, you are a female supporting democrats, and we know how the feminists look the other way when Democrats do things the feminists claim to be against.

  8. pgroup – so….the President shouldn’t go through process because the Republicans refuse to do their duty in Congress in order to prevent the President from going through process so they can point out that he doesn’t go through process……

    Circular logic there. The fault is with the Republicans, not the President on this issue.

  9. Uh, my comment was not about what he should do (that would be to stop lying) — it was about what he could do based on what he has already done.

    He has already ORDERED the federal government to refuse to deport a class of illegal aliens, he has already appointed NLRB members without Congressional approval, and he has already authorized waivers of welfare work requirements even though the law specifically prohibits doing so.

    My point is that why should the constitutional requirements stop him now when those same requirements didn’t stop him already?

    He doesn’t care what the constitution says. His actions prove it.

  10. The Republicans in Congress don’t care about their oath of office – their actions (or non-action) proves it.

  11. Pgroup
    Bush2 ordered Securities and Exchange Commission not to enforce certain regulations.

    The NLRB appointments were made under the Recess Appointment Provision of the Constitution.(So far Obama has made about 10 such appointments per year, compared to 21 for Bush 2, and 30 for Reagan).

    Bush2 appended signing statements numerous laws that changed the meaning and intent of the law.

    Bush2, exempted all federal contractors doing Katrina related work form all federal labor laws.

    Bush2 also referred to the Constitution as an ‘Inconvenient document” and asserted that Congress did not have the power to interfere with his Executive decisions and control of the Executive Branch.

  12. SwordofPerseus says:

    pgroup – your rant is without fact or merit, what a shock.

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