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DNC: Carina steals the show

Letter by Roy F. Johnson, Gig Harbor on Sep. 5, 2012 at 11:54 am with 78 Comments »
September 5, 2012 11:55 am

Talk about unscripted moments! When it comes to Clint Eastwood’s performance at the Republican National Convention (Kathleen Parker column, 9-5), he could learn something from San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro’s 3-year-old daughter, Carina Victoria. By simply preening her hair on the opening night at the Democratic National Convention, she was a class act compared to Clint and his empty chair.

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  1. sandblower says:

    Dad wasn’t bad either!

  2. aislander says:

    That wasn’t Clint’s empty suit–er–chair…

  3. Frankenchrist says:

    Clint’s act, while very weird, was a welcome diversion from the otherwise scripted and regimented RNC convention. I enjoyed it.

    Romney was terrible, however. He looked like some sort of automation, a mechanical man reciting his pre-programmed words written by the Koch brothers.

  4. Liberals = Liars

  5. LeePHilI says:

    Someone needs to tell Eastwood that sight gags don’t work well on radio.

    When you use humor, you are much more successful when there is a little truth to the joke. For instance, pretending that the empty chair was Dick Cheney saying “go f yourself” would have made more sense, since he is well known for that invective.

    Eastwood is an excellent director and actor. Stick to the script.

  6. menopaws says:

    lamur–A 3 year old little girl twirling her hair is a liar???? What is wrong with you? You whack jobs can’t even appreciate a sweet, funny little girl…………Honestly–all of you need to go get personality transplants….You are starting to resemble pod people……..

  7. sumyungboi says:

    Yeah, when I saw Clint Eastwood, I thought, “man, this guy who isn’t running for anything and was just brought out to sling a little red meat is doing a comedy routine talking to a chair, I better vote for Obama”, and then when I saw the little kid playing with her hair, that just re-enforced my decision to vote for the democrats. I mean, really, does anything else matter other than Clint Eastwood talking to a chair, or a little kid playing with her hair. Jeez, people who get caught up in all the dumb policy stuff are just all dumb and junk.

  8. Dragging a child to the DNC should be considered child abuse.

  9. menopaws says:

    HER FATHER was giving a speech……….You seem to have some serious emotional issues with a child having a proud moment watching her Daddy up on a big stage…..this isn’t about policy….Are you people emotionally challenged…It’s about a cute little girl seeing herself on a big screen and playing a bit……….As a Grandmother, I am truly offended by how you take something just innocent and sweet and twist it into something political….If you represent the best of the right—God help the right……No sense of humor and just plain mean about a little child…..wow!!! I’d pray for you but I think the Lord decided years ago you are too mean to save………..

  10. sumyungboi says:

    Wow, you dems are _so_ thin skinned!

  11. And I erased a Clinton line…

  12. menopaws says:

    No, but I am a Grandma and she was fun to watch………More fun than this……Simple little moments are what makes life pleasant…….

  13. sumyungboi says:

    First off, read the letter, grandma, and the references to Eastwood. Second, most little kids are cute, although I can think of more than a few ugly ones, but if you think a political convention is scripted to be anything other than political, you’re wasted on dope. It was hoped that some sub-intellect voters would go, “Awwwwww”, forget that their shop employs only half the crew they did a few years ago, and they probably did.

  14. Sumy,
    If the Eastwood interlude was so good, why was it left of the highlights CD’s released by the RNC?

  15. beerBoy says:

    Gotta say…..looking at the posts….saying that liberals are thin-skinned seem a whole lot like a whole lot of projection…..

  16. Eastwood should have had a large chain draped across the chair and mention that Biden had put the chair in chains.

  17. sandblower says:

    Biden is not the one to worry about for chains. It is the extreme right whose so-called patriots show up on these pages so often spouting their hate and ignorance that we should be wary of. Clint thinks he is in one of his movies, I guess. It sure was fantasy.

  18. WBusheyShipsBoatswain says:

    Look for Carina in the Texas governor’s chair in a few years and on the presidential ticket a few years after that.

  19. MyBandito says:

    Eastwood’s act gave clear definition as to what to expect from the Republicans.

  20. sumyungboi says:

    bandito: “Eastwood’s act gave clear definition as to what to expect from the Republicans”

    As did the cute little kid, standing in front of America, playing with her hair, unaware of what’s going on around her. :)

  21. MyBandito says:

    Awwwww! She was cute but still just a child. Eastwood on the other hand is supposed to be an adult, a representative of the Republican party. Sadly he is.

  22. PositiveNews says:


  23. sumyungboi says:

    bandito: “She was cute but still just a child ..”

    And? She was trotted out as a prop. Who cares?

    bandito: “Eastwood on the other hand is supposed to be an adult ..”

    So bandito the leftists here didn’t find Eastwood funny at the RNC. I’m sure he’s all teared up right now. :)

  24. MyBandito says:

    Eastwood was trotted out as a prop. He failed.

  25. sumyungboi says:

    bandito: “Eastwood was trotted out as a prop”

    Yes, he was. As are all speakers at a convention.

    bandito: “He failed”

    According to bandito, the leftist from Tacoma who hates conservatives. Most of the guys in my shop thought he was pretty funny.

  26. MyBandito says:

    I thought that Eastwood was pretty funny, too.

    I don’t hate conservatives. We’re all Americans.

  27. Speaking of “props”. I watched Sandra Fluke give her little narration of why we conservatives are mean, nasty people. I was surprised to find out that we hate our wives, daughters, mothers and aunts and we want to throw our grandmothers off a cliff.. But what she’s really mad at us about is that we expect her to pay for her own birth control. I heard on the radio today that instead of having a balloon drop at the DNC, they are going to drop condoms, still in the packages. That should make Fluke and her ilk very happy.

  28. took14theteam says:

    A R T S and/or T H E W H O are still banned.

    Not going to try to recreate my comment, so have a good night….


  29. BTW, her next problem will be to find someone willing to use one on her.

  30. MyBandito says:

    So is I A M J I M M and many other J I M M names. So What ??

  31. LeePHilI says:

    “CT8 says:
    Sep. 5, 2012 at 3:11 pm Dragging a child to the DNC should be considered child abuse”

    If she were an unwed teenaged mother, she’d be ready for the RNC.

  32. sumyungboi says:

    lee: “If she were an unwed teenaged mother ..”

    So you think about her and ponder unprotected sex. Wow.

  33. LeePHilI says:

    “sumyungboi says:
    Sep. 5, 2012 at 8:59 pm lee: “If she were an unwed teenaged mother ..”
    So you think about her and ponder unprotected sex. Wow.”

    No, but obviously you do. Since the 2008 Republicans celebrated an unwed mother on their convention stage and in subsequent campaign hoedowns (no pun intended), it would appear that the analogy was quite clear.

    Somehow, a perv got it twisted into sex with a three year old child.

    You are the sickest excuse for lifeform possible.

  34. sumyungboi says:

    Yeah, well, I’m not the one making unwed mother jokes about a three year old. You might want to take a look in the mirror, pal. It must suck in a big way to look back at your sick attempt at humor, and realize the vileness that so casually rolled off of your fingers.

  35. LeePHilI says:

    Unwed mother jokes????????

    What’s the joke? The Republicans celebrated an unwed teenaged mother on their campaign stages in 2008. There is no humor in that. It’s a sad truth.

    Someone claims that taking a child to see their daddy speak is child abuse and yet forgets that in 2008 the Family Values Klan was taking hypocrisy to a new level.

    You are disgusting to intimate anything sexual toward a three year old.

  36. LeePHilI says:

    A R T S and/or T H E W H O are still banned.”

    Someone keeps track of crap like that?

    Oh wait….I forgot. There is an archive….

  37. New low…

    Lets not forget Slick Willie and a Kennedy were in the area. While no little girl should be subject to the propoganda, taking her around that company is beyond reckless.

  38. MyBandito says:

    This is a letter about a cute 3 year old. Let’s see if you can save your sexual hangups for a more appropriate letter.

  39. beerBoy says:

    The most remembered moments from the GOP convention was an angry old white guy arguing with a chair……

    Kinda like Mitt complaining about Castro….

  40. beerBoy says:

    Interesting that a r ts wasn’t banned….perhaps the moderators got tired of a certain multi-named poster continually invoking that screen name.

  41. averageJose says:

    Is anyone surprised that a 3 year old could steal the show at the Democrat convention?

  42. only innocent person in the room. Good point.

  43. LeePHilI says:

    Is anyone surprised that the conservatives are trying to deflect?

    After speeches like the First Lady and President Clinton, there was probably a bounce in the stock price of Depends.

  44. averageJose says:

    Interesting that b is, yet again, “harping” about other’s screen names.

  45. scooter6139 says:

    Well made point beerboy, but it seems lost on the conservatives here. The only thing being talked about from the Republican Convention is Ryan’s stretching the truth a bit and an old white guy yelling at an empty chair.

    I don’t think that is quite what the republicans had in mind after their highly scripted infomercial of Romney’s elect-ability.

  46. averageJose says:

    When I heard Chris Matthews exclaim how Obama sent a tingle up his leg I was perplexed (and grossed out).
    I’m stunned at what he said last night…

    “I always figured that if Bill Clinton landed on Mars, he would know how to do it with them, he would know how to reproduce, he would know everything.”

    Wow Chris… just wow.

  47. Pecksbadboy says:



    How juvenile is you thinking.

    Neener neener neener

  48. Glad you enjoy little girls, rainbows and flowers. This was a political convention. She was a prop.

  49. And what was Clint Eastwood?

  50. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “And what was Clint Eastwood?”

    A prop. One who knew exactly what he was doing there.

    Leftists using the unaware and the unassuming for political gain is nothing new, though, don’t worry about it.

  51. LeePHilI says:

    “Leftists using the unaware and the unassuming for political gain”

    Sarah Palin is a “leftist”?????????

    Oh wait…I get it. Bristol wasn’t unaware or unassuming….

  52. sumyungboi says:

    Still have politician’s daughters on your mind, I see.

  53. took14theteam says:

    Didn’t Edwards bring his family on stage at the convention in 2004? Wait, which family was it? The first one, or second one, or the illegitimate one?

  54. Lol!!

  55. beerBoy says:

    Mitt’s tax plan will create 800,000 jobs ……in other countries, not in the US.

  56. Wait a minute, isn’t Edwards in jail? It’s funny how a guy like Edwards can get into so much trouble for a financial misdeed but Ed Kennedy walked away from murdering a young woman and Willie Clinton walks away from numerous sexual assaults.

  57. Since the topic of unaware conventioners came up, I’ve seen hundreds of them tonight during Obama’s rant. Some of these weirdos were even crying!! It kind of reminds me of the mind-set of people like Chris Matthews. What’s wrong with these people?

  58. sumyungboi says:

    Frosty, I’m not trying to be funny or say this as a put down to liberals just because I like to tweak liberals, but the sort of people who vote democrat, many of them, do so because they want and need someone to hold their hands throughout their lives. People who’re looking for father figures, someone to tell them “no” sometimes but turn around and give them a penny to put in the gum machine, someone that’ll make sure that their big brother will share their allowance with them.

    When you and I see Obama speaking, we see a condescending db. Many libs don’t even realize it, but instinctively, that’s what they crave.

  59. Great point Sum. The tears should be for the economy, not a failed, excuse filled admin. The tears should be for aborted babies. The tears should be for the servicemen’s efforts BHO takes credit for. The tears should be for the debt he is handing the next generation.

  60. Tears should be had for the parents of fallen SEALs that received auto pen signed letters from the CiC.

  61. MyBandito says:

    People vote Democrat because Democrats, much more than Republicans, support the American wage earner. You people complain about the union support that Democrats receive but that’s the big difference. Republicans would throw the middle class under the bus yet again if elected. Republicans don’t care about family wage jobs. They need a supply of poverty stricken people who are ready to do anything for peanuts. They want the overly wealthy to become even more wealthy at the expense of the middle class. They are a threat to the American wage earner.

    We vote for the person/party that we believe will do the most good for our country. If we could just get rid of those nasty obstructionists, we’d be able to move this country forward. We don’t want to see Medicare and SS watered down into oblivion.

    You’re attempt to make Liberals sound somehow needy and wimpy is pathetic and childish. We may disagree but we are all Americans, whether you like it or not.

    Why do you vote Republican? Because of guns?

  62. LeePHilI says:

    “sumyungboi says:
    Sep. 6, 2012 at 5:19 pm Still have politician’s daughters on your mind, I see.”

    You might want to consider the topic letter and the attempts by the Cons to deflect the subject and attack a three year old. I know that keeping things in context isn’t your stong suit, but I know the difference.

    Since you asked – Yes….Bristol Palin comes to mind. Whenever I see Cons attack children of Progressives (I’m sure the President’s girls will be targets soon), I’m forced to remember how the faux outrage game was played in 2008 because someone noticed that Bristol was an unwed teen who had been playing house with her teenaged sleepover partner, under the roof of the Queen of Family Values. Both have gone on to be the center of ridiculous “reality” shows and other public attractions that make he ashamed that they were once part of a party who presented them as….”would you look at that family”.

    For all the baseless assertions about President Obama, his wife and eventually his children…nothing will ever compare to the reality show that the Palin Family has produced that started with the 2008 campaign.

  63. LeePHilI says:

    The “auto-penned” story has all the authentication of “gay sex in limos” and “birth certificates”

  64. So republicans hate people who work for a living? This may be a surprise to you, but republicans work too. I can’t speak for other conservatives but I can tell you that people like Richard Trumpka and his ilk make me sick. If you can’t see how fraudulent that clown is, your problem is much larger than just being a democrat. When you have a president who is repeating the same promises that he’s been making since he first came onto the scene back when Kerry was running, and people are sitting there with tears in their eyes, wringing their hands, cheering at things that they don’t even understand, then yes, there is reason to believe that these folks have some very serious issues that will need more than Obama to heal. Make all of the excuses you want. Obama’s followers are no different than those fools who followed Jim Jones to the koolaide stand. They are cultists, unable or unwilling to think for themselves. That’s the difference between demokrats and republicans.

  65. “Dragging a child to the DNC should be considered child abuse.”

    “This was a political convention. She was a prop.”

    “She was trotted out as a prop. Who cares?”

    “Leftists using the unaware and the unassuming for political gain”

    Ryan’s kids: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-h6bLEgnAouQ/UEAvkgqm2RI/AAAAAAAACW4/6fbnECWyBAY/s1600/0829_ryan-624×487.jpg

  66. sumyungboi says:

    bandito, without people paying wages, there are no wage earners. This is all about unions, I’m sure you know, and no one really cares who is or isn’t unionized in the private sector, until the unions get stupid and begin breaking the law. In the private sector, the owner or the board or their proxies negotiate, and whatever the union gets in demands comes from the profits of the company. In publicly traded companies, that hurts the stockholders as well, which includes publicly traded retirement accounts. It’s in the interest of both parties to maintain a healthy company, if the company’s struggling, there will be lack of overtime, layoffs, etc, which is why it’s in the best interest of the union, as a collective, to not negotiate themselves out of jobs, but to get what they can without damaging the company. This is not a bad thing at all for people who feel that they cannot adequately represent themselves

    In public sector unions, and this is what most people have a bone on about, the union negotiates with the government, which is run by politicians. The government’s negotiator will not lose anything by bending to union demands, the politicians will actually gain by receiving favors and campaign contributions, (we know this as money laundering) it’s a win-win for both sides, with the the only losers being taxpayers, who’re the only party not represented at the table.

    And what happens when we taxpayers do elect some politician who would like to clean up the mess? Go ask Dale Washam about that. Pierce County was more than happy to take huge losses at taxpayer expense negotiating settlements with crybaby employees for the sole purpose of ensuring the rights of his employees to screw around on facebook all day rather than do their jobs. The unions, the TNT and the good ol’ boys and girls of Pierce County want to make sure _that_ never happens again.

  67. “Veterans for a strong America”, the organization making the so-far unfounded allegations, is owned and operated by one person, a Republican operative, who was South Dakota Bush-Cheney field director in 2000, and is currently the Republican party head in Lincoln County, South Dakota. Do you think he just MIGHT have an axe to grind?

  68. I hear that Clint Eastwood made a statement to the effect that his plan worked just as he wanted it to. He is overjoyed with the reaction of the lefties and the supporters in the media. He finally found someone to “make his day”!

  69. I hear that Clint Eastwood wants a rematch with the empty chair, because he knows that he lost round one.

  70. took14theteam says:


    Message messenger ehill. Live your own values, please.

  71. “Live your own values, please.”

    Right after you do, brainiac.

  72. took14theteam says:

    I am not the self proclaimed blog police like you are, genius.

  73. “I am not the self proclaimed blog police”

    ROFLMAO, that’s absolutely hysterical, coming from the author of “Message messenger ehill. Live your own values, please.”

    Thanks for yet another great laugh at your expense! You continue to crack me up.

  74. took14theteam says:

    Whatever DB.

    I was just reminding you that since you constantly tell everyone you disagree with how they should behave with your tired and worn out slogans, that you should follow your own advice. But as is demonstrated often from the _hills, you live in a glass house.

  75. “you constantly tell everyone you disagree with how they should behave”

    I never tell others how they should behave. I point out how they actually behave.

  76. ehill, thanks for telling people how they behave. I’m sure they’ll fix that now that you’ve pointed it out.

  77. “ehill, thanks for telling people how they behave. I’m sure they’ll fix that now that you’ve pointed it out.”

    Not if they’re like you.

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