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JOBS: Who’s the real jobs outsourcer?

Letter by Richard L. Reynolds, Graham on Sep. 4, 2012 at 11:57 am with 10 Comments »
September 4, 2012 2:04 pm

The Democrats and the president continue to paint Mitt Romney as a “jobs outsourcer,” even though that charge has been proven incorrect. I submit this president is the true jobs exporter.

Your front-page story, “State flower growers feel like casualties in global drug war” (TNT, 9-2), was about local growers being threatened by foreign growers because of the billions sent overseas to support their operations. This is jobs outsourcing.

The president scrapped the replacement for our space shuttle. We now send foreign governments millions for a ride to the International Space Station. This is jobs outsourcing.

This president killed the Keystone pipeline. As a result, thousands of jobs that would have been created for Americans remain in Canada. More job outsourcing.

This president sent billions to Brazil for deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, while curtailing our deep drilling efforts. More jobs outsourcing.

Also, don’t forget all the money he has sent overseas to support his green energy. More jobs outsourced.

This is just a partial list of Barack Obama’s jobs outsourcing. Had he been more concerned with creating jobs here rather than in other countries, our unemployment and underemployment rates would undoubtedly be much lower.

How can this president, with a straight face, call Romney an outsourcer of jobs and, at one point, a pioneer in job outsourcing?

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  1. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    American manufacturing left American shores for the following reasons:

    1. government war on business
    2. over regulation
    3. unions, unions, unions, unions
    4. EPA
    5. taxes, over taxation, city taxes, state taxes, state taxes, you get the drift.
    6. uncertainty in the future. What are the rules????

    And obamacare will send more jobs out of America.

  2. beerBoy says:

    The Democrats and the president continue to paint Mitt Romney as a “jobs outsourcer,” even though that charge has been proven incorrect.

    Please cite where that “proof” exists as I have read several studies that show that Romney, indeed, was a jobs outsourcer.

  3. 1. War on Business – like the GOP wanting to let GM go bankrupt, or to direct the government loans be used to pay off investors rather that to save the company.

    2. Over regulation – Wall Street, the Banks, and Credit Lenders crashed the economy because regulations were not being enforcement.

    3. Unions – few then 1 in 8 private sector workers belong to unions.

    4. EPA – most people like to not get sick from the air they breathe and the water they drink.

    5. Taxes – historically low federal tax levels – state and local taxes have gone up because Federal Tax Dollars are no longer available.

    6. Uncertainty – when the Bush Tax rates been in effect for over 10 years?

  4. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    xring, please put down you obama koolaid long enough to see the big picture that your boy is destroying America.

    Can’t wait for the empty football stadium Thurs night and the only sound from the empty seats is crickets.

    I hope you don’t faint when he starts his hope and change chant.

    Sorry folks I will never understand the mind of the liberals that post here.

  5. Taxed – drole, so drole – another GOHper concedes the loss of an argument by launching a low brow personal attack.

  6. roussir says:

    Business moves to where they can pay less for labor and externalities, it is that simple. Both parties support this, but it is the Republicans that openly declare they don’t care about favorable work conditions and paying for externalities, especially where non-voters (abroad) or gullible voters (bible belt US) are affected.

  7. aislander says:

    Obama Motors is expanding in China while closing plants in America at the same time Obama-supporting GE is doing likewise (you remember GE, right? It’s the company that pays no US taxes thanks to its offshore strategy.)…

  8. averageJose says:

    ….as I have read several studies

    Cite them.

  9. menopaws says:

    For all of those Republicans who scream loudly about our deficit–the Space Program ate up billions and billions of $$$$. Just like the boots that Romney wants to deploy to Syria will…….the Keystone pipeline may give some jobs, but once that oil hits the gulf—it will be loaded on tankers to sell to India or China. We give them tax breaks to ship our oil overseas for their profit??? Grow up………Just like the Wizard of Oz—do yourself a favor and look behind that mirror……
    And, quit screaming about the deficit if you want to keep driving it up with more wars and sadly, a space program we cannot afford….but, hey, tough choices need to be made and no matter which ones Obama makes, someone will whine and criticize, won’t they?

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