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ELECTION: Give Romney and Ryan a break

Letter by Martin Kimeldorf, Tumwater on Sep. 4, 2012 at 1:10 pm with 33 Comments »
September 4, 2012 1:10 pm

Please give Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney a break; they’re handicapped by their backgrounds and forgetfulness.

Romney’s special lifestyle has limited his contact with those truly in need. He cannot be blamed for wanting to dismantle the health care, education and support systems of those living outside his gated compound.

Ryan conveniently forgets his teenage years, when he banked Social Security survivor checks to pay for college. Today, Ryan writes that government assistance checks breed “dependency and complacency.” After having benefited from the safety net, Ryan would yank it out from under you and me. Of course, he later married into wealth and has no need for a safety net today.

Ryan-Romney and company claim that unemployment, Social Security, and public assistance checks go primarily to freeloaders. And yet they have no problem with freeloading rich folk living truly extravagant lifestyles based on huge tax breaks, insider tips, market swindles and lucrative government contracts. Surely Ryan and Romney have confused the needy with the greedy.

These candidates have knelt too long before the gods of business. They’ve been brainwashed by the self-righteous priests of profiteering who preach survival of the fittest. As a result they have replaced their God-given warm, pulsing hearts with cold, cold stone.

If you are wealthy, please vote your Ryan-Romney peers. But if you are just hanging on, fearful and hateful, then vote the GOP against your own self-interests. And if you are undecided, God rest your soul.

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  1. They both need a good long rest without the stress of public office.

  2. A letter with this many falsehoods should not be posted.

  3. Pecksbadboy says:

    CT8 please vote your conscience.

    I am sure your church says every dollar you give to them will come back three fold just like Romney/Ryan.

    Both sides take after B. T. Barnum.

  4. LeePHilI says:

    CT is complaining about falsehoods??????????????

    Aside from the hypocrisy of continual posts of American Thinker lies, I have to laugh at anyone who tries to talk about “falsehoods” when there is an obvious attempt at satire.

  5. Frankenchrist says:

    Paul Ryan lied to the entire world about his marathon time (shaving an entire hour!) so what else is he lying about?

  6. Nothing funny about this letter or the last 4 years (minus Biden’s gaffes, of course).

    A cold heart is leaving your family to live in shacks while you and your wife travel world in the best comforts taxpayer money has to offer.

  7. menopaws says:

    Wonderful letter!!! Of course, the sense of humor impaired have great difficulty with irony, but your letter made me laugh!!!!! Don’t get upset when the bloggers race to trash you. Most of them can’t even spell irony or humor. Laughter is not something the Tea Party understands……..Lost their sense of humor standing in front of their mirrors toooooo long……..Really good letter….Thanks.

  8. “Most of them can’t even spell irony or humor.” Oozing arrogance is an ugly thing menopaws. And smelly.

  9. menopaws says:

    Sozo—You invite the arrogance of many, many people………Need to find someone to carry your bags? Preferably out of town…………..Your comments are usually pretty ugly—stand in front of your mirror toooooo long?

  10. sandblower says:

    The extreme right has no sense of humor either.

  11. The fact that an angry woman who thinks she knows all does not know that quote was from Slick Willie is awesome.

    Speaking about a guy who really respects women…

  12. aislander says:

    This letter is despicable.

    It is a battalion of straw-man, not arguments, but accusations that do nothing but throw mud. There is no proof for any of them.

    To anyone who had the misfortune of reading that letter: If you’d like to better your circumstances; if you value freedom and opportunity more than dependency, and government coerced “equality” (the equality of shared misery and constraints), vote for Romney and Ryan!

  13. menopaws says:

    Again, aislander—-If you lose your sense of humor, you really shouldn’t be irate about those who still appreciate and value humor……..the writer was being satirical–sorry that blew over your head………..But, trust me–you are a Romney supporter for sure–he has no sense of humor either………

  14. aislander says:

    I’m certain you find Bill Maher hilarious. How do you feel about Dennis Miller and Adam Carolla?

    Do you really believe that something offensive can be camouflaged as “humor” and people are therefore enjoined from taking offense?

    Get outta here ya dizzy…

  15. Candles16 says:

    I think Mitt has thrown in the towel already. He just figured out he pulled a Palin by not vetting his vp nominee. At least Palin was authentic but it turns out Lyin’ Ryan is a pathological liar with a long history of fabrications and exaggerations.

    Who in their right mind would try to lie about his marathon finishing times. Of course it can be verified as false and its such an outrageous fib.

  16. took14theteam says:

    Looks like a _Hill is wishing for 16 Candles….


  17. Molly, have you heard of Biden? The guy who would have taken out Bin Laden?

    At least Ryan has ideas. The left has nothing except recycled ideas stolen from Europe and Latin America.

  18. beerBoy says:

    Ryan’s “ideas”

    Cut taxes on the rich.
    Cut programs that benefit the middle class.
    Balance the budget in some unspecified manner that he isn’t going to tell us about.
    Point to the lack of analysis, due to lack of specifics of his “ideas” as “proof” that his plan will work.

  19. What a great letter! And Menopaws, you’re right, you have to be fairly bright to GET satire, it doesn’t work on flat earthers. What a shame. I don’t always find Bill Maher hilarious, but oftentimes I do. Although the best at skewering hypocrites on both sides of the aisle is Jon Stewart. He’s smart, articulate and acerbic when needed, but he sure can put things into perspective when you have the media (mainstream or FAUX) screaming in your ears all the time. Lighten up aislander, jeez, or at least include a single thought that is your own and not what is force fed to you daily, which I recognize because it is verbatim whatever you heard on Fox last night.

  20. averageJose says:

    Ryan’s ideas

    Citations please.

  21. averageJose says:

    scorn… attack the messenger.

  22. aislander says:

    Here’s an original observation: I believe I am detecting a note of hysteria among the prObamas…

    Stridency is a beautiful thing!

  23. aislander says:

    I think you guys are in the “realization” stage, which will then lead to “shock and denial,” “pain and guilt,” “anger and bargaining,” etc., etc…

  24. averageJose says:


  25. menopaws says:

    Scorn–I am totally with you about Jon Stewart—really funny, very smart and skewers both sides….Plus, I’ll take his reading list over Oprah’s any day….He interviews some fascinating authors……..This crowd needs sense of humor transplants……..We should start a fund to pay for them…..Leftie charity for the humor impaired……..

  26. aislander says:

    Wow–meno seems to have jumped from anger and back into denial.

    Jon Stewart, huh?

    That could be the beginning of “the upward turn,” though…


  27. beerBoy says:

    Appropriation of psychobabble in an attempt to justify one’s extreme partisanship…….sad and rather bathetic.

  28. aislander says:

    That sounds like “anger…”

  29. averageJose says:

    The overuse of Big College Words is common amongst those who are trying to baffle with b.s.
    Though the use of a literate vocabulary demonstrates a certain level of intellect (or at least the ownership of one of those word of the day calendars), I am always suspicious of any (of any political persuasion) who feel the need to demonstrate their vocabulary when simpler terms would suffice. ;)

    Sound familiar?

  30. aislander says:

    I’m not trying to justify anything, beerBoy. I just can’t suppress the schadenfreude I’m enjoying right now…

    I’ll leave the weltschmerz to you guys.

  31. averageJose says:


  32. menopaws and Jon Stewart. Perfect fitThey both love themselves and think they are cool. Stewart is an idiot. So is menopaws.

  33. “I believe I am detecting a note of hysteria among the prObamas…”

    No, what you’re detecting is your own projection, again.

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