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PUYALLUP FAIR: Cadavers’ origins challenged

Letter by Korine S. Wimbles, Eatonville on Sep. 4, 2012 at 4:16 pm with 9 Comments »
September 4, 2012 4:16 pm

The Puyallup Fair is hosting an exhibit called “The Body: The Universe Within.” presented by Universe Within Touring Co. The exhibit has 200 cadavers from China on display. The bodies aren’t from criminals and were ethically collected, stated company manager Jim Merila (TNT, 8-31). They are preserved by a process called plastination invented by German Gunther von Hagens.

Today, Chinese prisons, detention centers and forced labor camps are overflowing with the arrested cultivators of the spiritual practice Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa). This Buddha School discipline became outlawed by the Chinese communist government under the leadership of Jiang Zemin on July 20, 1999.

Truth, compassion, tolerance is the Buddha Law of the universe. Practitioners work to incorporate these principles into their daily lives. Through beatings and gruesome torture it was thought that practitioners could be re-educated.

Dalian, a large seaport city in northeast China, houses the largest prison in China, as well as detention centers, forced labor camps and plastination factories (von Hagens opened the first one in August 1999). Falun Gong practitioners often refuse to give their name when arrested out of fear their families will also suffer. When they die or are killed, their bodies are listed as unclaimed and can be sold.

The bulk of the bodies delivered to the plastination factories in Dalian are those of Falun Gong practitioners, noted The Epoch Times article of Aug. 15: “The Gu Kailai Case: Turning Persecution Into Profit.” China now has the title of No. 1 exporter of corpses.

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  1. sandblower says:

    Maybe the fair folks need to reconsider if this is all true, and is connected to the display cadavers.

  2. It is rather sickening to see the billboard on Pioneer Avenue in Puyallup displaying a girl with huge glasses and a big smile on her face next to a body without its skin. In light of what was just stated above about the use of unclaimed prisoner’s bodies, shouldn’t they reconsider the display? By the way it has been known for some time that prisoner’s bodies were used, and I refused to see the exhibit when it was in Seattle sometime ago. Who books these shows anyway?

  3. Sumner31 says:

    Just go see the exhibit. It is amazing what you will learn about the human body. I’ve seen it twice and learned more each time. It is an awesome display.

  4. alindasue says:

    I grew up in a medically oriented household and studied a year of emergency medicine. Bodies and cadavers do not bother me. However, I refuse to go see any of the “Bodies” exhibits for the very reasons that Ms. Wimbles states in her letter. There are much better and more ethical ways to learn about the human body.

    I will be going to the fair, but not to that exhibit.

  5. took14theteam says:

    I aplaude the common sense of not going to the exhibit if you don’t agree with where the bodies allegedly came from, but still going to the fair to enjoy (or get bombarded by vendors).

    I assume that the same people that will not view the exhibit have the same repulsion to embryonic stem cell research. Because one can draw a parallel to that.

    Now back to the Fair bashing…..

    Man, did I just do a _Hill????

  6. I went to an exhibition developed by Body Worlds, the original producer of exhibits like these, but only after they changed their documentation and displayed only bodies donated with written permission.

    The exhibit at the fair is by a competitor that uses “unclaimed” Chinese bodies. This group does not have a donation program and buys bodies on the Chinese open market. How they can claim that none of these were prisoners is interesting since they also say they do not know where they came from.

    I have no problem with scientific exhibits like this, but will not attend one that does not document proof of donation for such purposes.

  7. Frankenchrist says:

    Every Sunday Christians gather beneath a bloody corpse hanging from a cross and practice anti-science mystical rituals that were old 2,000-years ago. At least the cadaver exhibit has some educational benefit.

  8. Ortingmom says:

    Yay for dead bodies and deep fried food

  9. SwordofPerseus says:

    Real class o’mom, you are a good example of what not to be.

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