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ISRAEL: Is Iran trying to pick a fight?

Letter by Donald J. Fritz, Tacoma on Aug. 31, 2012 at 11:23 am with 29 Comments »
August 31, 2012 3:51 pm

Charles Krauthammer (column, 8-31) presents a good case for Israel being concerned about presumed Iranian nuclear weapon ambitions, but is less than convincing that it would be advantageous to Israel to launch an air attack on existing nuclear facilities, some of which are underground.

Any attack on Iran by a nuclear power (which Israel is) would tend to justify Iran’s need for nuclear weapons. Secondly, doesn’t it appear from statements by Iranian officials in regard to Israel that Iran is trying to goad Israel into attacking?

Similarly, in making public statements about “progress” and intentions to reconstruct surface nuclear facilities underground, aren’t Iranians essentially telling Israel, “You better act quickly if you want to stop us”?

Rightly or wrongly, Iranians do not appear to be concerned with an Israeli attack. Might their air defenses actually be as good as the Iranians appear to believe them to be? Is there any real chance that an air attack alone (without “boots on the ground”) could effectively and significantly delay development of an Iranian nuclear weapons industry, if that is the Iranians’ aim?

If an Israeli initial attack is largely or wholly unsuccessful, might Israel then resort to use of nuclear weapons?

And, finally, what should be the U.S. government policy in regard to all this? My own guess is that current economic sanctions on Iran are hurting more than any non-nuclear Israeli air attack is likely to.

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  1. It seems to me that both the Israelis and the Iranians are being led by men who are really busy trying to show off that they have bigger stones than the other guy when all they really are showing is that they have rocks in their skulls.

  2. Let’s see, iranian leaders talk about wiping Israel off the map on a near daily basis. They are led by fanatical wackjobs. They are clearly trying to build nuclear capabilities.

    We should expect them to ignore that threat?

    Russia and China limit the effects of sanctions.

  3. Let Iran have their nukes; any open or clandestine nuclear attack by Iran will be answered by the country no longer existing as it does today.

  4. Let’s see, iranian leaders talk about wiping Israel off the map on a near daily basis.

    Cite a few examples….or even one…..remembering that Ahmadinejad never said Israel “must be wiped off the map”

    Last week, Teymoor Nabili of Al Jazeera suggested during an interview with Dan Meridor, Israel’s minister of intelligence and atomic energy, that Mr. Ahmadinejad’s rhetorical flourish had been misinterpreted. “This idea that Iran wants to wipe Israel out,” Mr. Nabili said, “now that’s a common trope that is put about by a lot of people in Israel, a lot of people in the United States, but as we know Ahmadinejad didn’t say that he plans to exterminate Israel, nor did he say that Iran’s policy is to exterminate Israel.”

    In response, Mr. Meridor said that Mr. Ahmadinejad and Iran’s ruling cleric, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had said repeatedly “that Israel is an unnatural creature, it will not survive. They didn’t say, ‘We’ll wipe it out,’ you’re right, but, ‘It will not survive.’ ”

  5. averageJose says:

    Citing blogs is someone’s bible truth… kooky… I’m seeing a pattern.

  6. http://m.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2009/04/questions-about-ahmadinejad-apos-s-famous-quote/9872/

    If the mobile link does not work, make the ‘m’ www.

    Bottom line his is an evil, dangerous, racist man. He supports, funds, arms terrorists.

  7. sandblower says:

    Krauthammer is a neocon of the worst kind. There are people who are less radical and more reasoned than he is who I appreciate. They are of the same heritage.

  8. Heritage?

  9. beerBoy says:

    Citing a Zionist blogger whose primary obsession is writing about and promoting Israel…..golly ct, that sure is convincing.

  10. beerBoy says:

    Iran vs Israel: What The Media Wants You To Forget

    The corporate media have been given their orders to throw the focus back on to Iran.

    Here is a recap of what they are trying to make you forget.

    1. Last Spring, Rose Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington’s chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel refused.

    2. The United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

    3. The IAEA asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

    4. Iran’s formal notification to the IAEA of the planned construction of the backup fuel-rod facility underscores that Iran is playing by the rules of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed.

    5. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities.

    6. Contrary to face-saving claims, it appears that the US and Israel were both caught off guard by Iran’s announcement of a planned underground (to avoid being bombed) enrichment facility. The reasoning is simple. Had the US or Israel announced the existence of he new facility before Iran’s notified the IAEA, it would have put Iran on the defensive. As it is now, the US and Israel seem to be playing catch up, casting doubt on the veracity of Israel’s claims to “know” that Iran is a nuclear threat.

    7. The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

    8. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographs showing Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona.

    9. Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making against Iran, leading up to Israel’s bombing of the power station at Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, international experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirik and found no evidence of a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

    10. The United Nations has just released the Goldstone Report, a scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Israel has denounced the report as “Anti-Semitic (even though Judge Goldstone is himself Jewish), and the United States will block the report from being referred to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, thereby making the US Government an accessory after-the-fact.

    11. Recently revealed documents prove not only that Israel has nuclear weapos, but actually tried to sell some to Apartheid South Africa. Who else Israel approached to sell nuclear weapons remains an unasked question.

    12. In 1965, Israel stole over 200-600 pounds of weapons-grade uranium from the United States.

    13. Declassified documents from the former South African regime prove not only that Israel has had nuclear weapons for decades, but has tried to sell them to other countries!


  11. beerBoy says:

    To respond to your link ct:

    Examples of hate speech against Palestinians by Israeli leaders

  12. Test

  13. For some reason I cannot post a link on this thread.

    Google EFPs. Iran supported attacks on US troops. Enough said

  14. beerBoy says:

    Google the history of Iran – see how America supported the Shah and undercut democracy in Iran, maybe have some understanding why Iranians don’t trust the US.

  15. So that justifies them supporting terrorism? Are you an American?

    I understand how foriegn the ME is to you in your classroom. I also understand how distant you were to 9-11. You feel safe and do not care why or how that came to be. You have the freedom to verbally support anti-American regimes. You never saw the effects of their weapons on Americans.

    But do yourself a favor and take a second to think about what you are supporting.

    This is not about the people of Iran but the lunatics running the country and radical clerics.

  16. beerBoy says:

    ct – stop.

    I am not “supporting” Iran. I am supporting an American foreign policy that doesn’t overextend our resources by starting yet another war. I am supporting an American foreign policy that isn’t dictated by Zionist Israel.

    Just got a new CD from the composer Elliot Sharp. From the liner notes about his song “Intifada”
    Judaism, whether religious, cultural or historical, does not equal Zionism. “Intifada” composed in 1992 for the Radical Jewish Music festival in Munich is a series of snapshots, moods and reflections created, in part, by Zionism. As one whose family survived the Holocaust, I was made aware of “our” place in the world and developed a sense of how fanatical nationalism is one of the great evils. To see it practiced by the Jews of Israel in a self-defeating escalation of violence pains me deeply.

  17. Its not about our policy but Israel’s.

  18. alindasue says:

    CT8 said, “Its not about our policy but Israel’s.”

    You are correct. It is about Israel’s policy. However, while Israel continues to expect money and defense support from the USA, it is also about our policy as well.

    So far, “our policy” in the Middle East hasn’t led to terribly great results…

    (By the way, beerBoy, if you are interested, I finally got a chance today to scroll back and respond to that “extra-terrestrial elements” issue…)

  19. beerBoy says:

    You can understand how, even high level Israelis might get confused when the US actually states publicly that US and Israeli policy isn’t identical.

    Israelis Puzzled by Dempsey Comments Opposing Strike on Iran
    Dempsey described a potential Israeli strike as dangerous and counterproductive, in a break with typical deference to Israeli warmongers


  20. beerBoy says:

    alindasue…..I hope I haven’t offended you when it comes to religion – You do know that I have issues with ALL organized religion.

    Back a couple of decades ago, when I was very actively researching comparative religions my parents expressed concern that I might join a cult. I responded, “I was raised in one of the most successful cults in the world (Catholicism), why would I leave that to join another one?”

  21. This movement on the left to judge anyone that believes in religion is a gift for the Republican party.

    Keep it up.

    Back to the subject at hand, if we mess up ME policy the price of oil goes up. If Israel messes up they can cease to exist as a nation. Or, taking the current situation to a worst case scenario, a small nuke or dirty bomb strikes Israel. They turn Tehran into glass.

  22. beerBoy says:

    CT – Israel has been messing up for quite some time. As you have pointed out, their apartheid approach to Palestinians will never result in peace and security. The only long-term solutions are either a fair and negotiated peace or a Final Solution with the Israelis taking the role of the Aryans.

  23. We have been trying to broker “peace” for decades. Maybe when the rockets stop, and instead of giving them weapons other Arab nations assist in the process, a solution is possible.

  24. beerBoy says:

    Watching the CBS news tonight I was struck how, almost verbatim, the logic you put forward is exactly what President Assad is saying in Syria….

  25. Now be a man and explain your last comment….

  26. beerBoy says:

    The Israelis are the oppressors and, with their illegal settlements filled with terrorists (yes….even the Israelis acknowledge that the extremists in the settlements are completely out of control), are continuing to, not defend their right to exist, but continue their version of Manifest Destiny. For them to declare that they won’t take any steps toward peace until the Palestinians unilaterally disarm is EXACTLY like President Assad declaring the same thing about the Syrian rebels.

    Do you understand my comment now?

  27. beerBoy says:

    And…regarding Israel v. US policy:

    GOP senators plan resolution promising support should Israel strike Iran

    Bolton to Israel: Attack, It’s Your Right

  28. tellnolies says:

    “We have been trying to broker “peace” for decades”

    Not really. We pay lip service to peace while promoting “defense” industries.

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