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BULLYING: What was the teacher thinking?

Letter by Roberta M. Whelan, Puyallup on Aug. 30, 2012 at 4:58 pm with 10 Comments »
August 30, 2012 4:58 pm

Re: “Parents say child bullied by teacher, classmates” (TNT, 8-29).

What was this teacher thinking? Apparently he even “performed” for his students’ cell phones himself.

How in the world did the Peninsula School District administrators feel that a simple 10-day suspension was “punishment”? Was this reported to Child Protective Services?

This man should have some sort of permanent record, which would ban him forever from having any contact whatsoever with children. Any school administrators or employees who did not report this should be relieved of their positions. They are entrusted with our most precious possessions: our children and our grandchildren.

Another video showed the verbal abuse inflicted on an older woman on a school bus by a group of junior high students in New York. Counseling was ordered for the students. The Peninsula teacher educated his middle school students in forms of abuse on another human being. Those students should receive counseling on how to treat their fellow human beings, and the school district should be held financially responsible.

I hope the young victim and his parents find the very best professionals to help them. At the end of their journey, hopefully, they will find that there truly are good people in this world. It’s the very least that this school district owes to this child and his family.

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  1. itwasntmethistime says:

    I agree. No matter how much of an obnoxious fart this kid was, there is no excuse in the book for any adult, teacher or otherwise, to not control the situation. If the kid was routinely behaving inappropriately to his peers and his teachers he should have been counseled on what appropriate behaviors are. Letting the class gang up on him instead of trying to help him improve his social situation was the WRONG way to handle this.

    The teacher is an immature punk.

  2. cclngthr says:

    One comment I read on the article from a former staff member at the school mentions the boy has trouble verbalizing his thoughts and hangs onto people instead. Initial thought on this by me and another person eluded to a form of autism; an unconfirmed idea, but working with that group, it sounds plausable.

  3. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Jail the teacher
    Fire the principle and superintendent
    Every member of the school board should resign or be recalled
    Parents should sue the district for $50 million and settle for $49 million.

    The union that protects these perverts, jerks and bad teachers that pump out dumb kids should be decertified.

    Time to clean house at Peninsula School District

  4. bobcat1a says:

    Taxed, where is the evidence that the union participated in the district decision to cover this up and smooth it over? Or is evidence not required for your ideology?

  5. The Union card as the reason this teacher is not fired is BS Union are not as strong as they where once were So their no excuse in fact the union should be backing his firing.

  6. everyone needs to write the governor demanding his dismissal

  7. cclngthr says:

    Contract language and laws on contracts and tenure make it impossible to easily fire a contracted employee. The union prefers language in contracts that requires extensive appeals and protections for the employee, over the costs of the consumer, the students.

  8. The fact that this “professional educator” is acting like a 14-year-old, speaks volumes. What an idiot. And then we have a district superintendent who, with a straight face, says he feels that a 10-day suspension is appropriate. Again, what an idiot.

    But this is indicative of the level of “professionals” we have running the public schools. Parents need a mechanism to escape the tyranny of public education and the low performing “professionals” found there all too often.

  9. We’ve seen the video . . . What we have not seen or heard is any explanation of Why . . .

    I see no justification for the actions and this teacher should never set foot inside a class room again but I still want to know ‘Why’.

    If a student is so unruly and disruptive that this is the only way to deal with him . . . then what?

  10. temperance says:

    I was bullied horribly when I was in school, in the early 80’s. 20 years later, I finally confronted one of the people who tortured me at our 20th class reunion. This person claimed to have no memory of any of the incidents that occurred. My point being: Even after 20 years, events still bothered me, had affected my relationships, and I learned not to trust teachers and staff when dealing with my own children. Yes, counseling helps, but it’s still after the fact. This boy will suffer for many years and will have trust issues with authority figures. The teacher involved was probably a bully when he was in school, himself. Anyone check his school records for conduct?

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