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MARRIAGE: Time to do the right thing

Letter by C.M. Russell, Tacoma on Aug. 29, 2012 at 12:25 pm with 25 Comments »
August 29, 2012 3:01 pm

Soon the voters of the great state of Washington will be asked to pass Referendum 74. My family and I have a very personal stake in this.

It was November 1989 when I met my wife at the last place I ever expected, a bar. Little did I know I’d just met the person I’d spend the rest of my life with. We had both just lost a parent and instantly understood the other’s pain.

Through the years, we watched celebrities, lawmakers and the average person go through “quickie marriages and divorces” without a hint of remorse or sadness. Yet here we are – two houses, six cars, too many pets to remember and 23 years later – and we still can’t be recognized as “married.”

We are raising our son together. She stood by my side as I carried him nine-plus months and had to “legally” adopt him to have her name placed on his birth certificate. We pay taxes, we own our home, work full time, pay medical costs –  just like the next citizen in this state.

When we took our vows in 1994, “we forsaked all others.” We take our vows seriously, unlike so many these days. We deserve the right to be married in the eyes of the law. We deserve that option, that right.

Come on, Washington, it’s the right time to do the right thing. Please pass R-74, for the future of this state’s great citizens.

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  1. Frankenchrist says:

    If R-74 doesn’t pass it will be unfortunate. However, it will also be temporary. Very soon same-sex marriage will be the law of the land.

  2. Concur. Same Sex Marriage is coming. If R-74 fails it’ll be a bump in the road. Keep the faith.

  3. LeePHilI says:

    Only pure hatred stands in the way of all people marrying the ones they love.

  4. R-74 no vote for me! Over the past year I have heard and seen how cruel Washington voters are, they don’t support the handicapped, elderly with affordabe public transportation. I’m joining the majority of Washington voters and voting no, not supporting anything that comes across the ballet. I have nothing against same sex marriage, just no support on any ballet issue.

  5. the3rdpigshouse says:

    How will your child know who his mommy is?? Raising a child involuntarily in an abnormal environment should be a crime! If you are waiting for the majority of the “normal” citizenry to condone, support, and subsidize your abnormal relationship – that dog don’t hunt!!

  6. bobcat1a says:

    We condone your hate speech which is far more harmful than what these responsible, taxpaying citizens request.

  7. You have my vote.

  8. When I read the post of 6:17 PM I thought it was meant as a parody until I saw who the author is.

  9. frankiethomas says:

    My house will mail in two yes votes. And we know how to spell ballot.

  10. scooter6139 says:

    My house will mail in two “yes” votes too.

    IQof88 – You post sounds very santorum-ish to me, but I guess that happens to some conservatives who get all “frothy” over civil issues.

  11. Slippery slope arguments are dumb. Nothing would progress if we did not try to change things. Intelligent people look at each phase of issues and work their merits, like sensible gun control without taking every ones guns, which is what most want, but the NRA needs its money, so lets scare them.

  12. Oh, thats a no on the ballot!

  13. LeePHilI says:

    Two more yes votes

  14. darkness6601 says:

    Thank you all for your support concerning MY published letter to the Editor. To answer one person’s statement…”How will your child know who his mommy is?? Raising a child involuntarily in an abnormal environment should be a crime!” We, unlike so many heterosexaul couples, planned…yes planned our family. We knew what we were getting into. He know’s who is parents are and that he has two moms. He has never doubted our love for him. Example of case: A young girl, with a brutally beaten face, arrives for work. Her employer asks what happened. The father of her child beat her (regardless of any reason given, that’s wrong) and society accepts their relationship far more than two very loving, respectful adults that “plan” their family, who nutures it and has a loving family home and life. Our choice WAS NOT involuntary as you so small mindedly stated. Gays and lesbians have been a part of society for thousands of years…we’re not going away. We love our son and he loves us and our friends and family. I can only hope that one day you will grow and broaden your mind to accept people for who they are. When people like you meet us…the first thing that enters your mind is what we do in our bedroom. Trust me when I say this…that’s the last thing I think of when I meet people. Do you want people to have that as their first impression of you? Think about that…

  15. therese70 says:

    In response to the 3rd pig, I know this family and I can tell you that their son is a very well adjusted, “normal” boy. We first this couple through our kids. Their son and our oldest are the same age. We have supported each other through the deaths of our parents, and have rejoiced over the achievements our kids have made. Their do lives baseball, soccer, camping, Star Wars, but above all he loves his Moms and they love him. As she said in her response, they planned to have their son, haven’t needed any “subsidies” to do, unlike many heterosexual couples. So, try to rise out of your hatred and get to know people before you start spewing ugly things, that only reflect badly on you. By the way, your user name is very appropriate, Pig.

  16. therese70 says:

    Sorry, I hate auto correct on my phone. It was suppose to say that their son loves baseball, etc., and that they haven’t needed any “subsidies” to raise their son. If you met him, you would never know he has two moms. But, so what if he does? My son once asked why he couldn’t have two moms, I loved that he asked me that. That meant that he felt a family was more than just a mom and dad and kids. It could be two dads, two moms, single parents. As long as the child is lived and taken care of, does it really matter if the parents are two men or two women. After knowing this family for over ten years, I say it doesn’t. If anything should happen to me and my husband, I would gladly have my sons live with them. That way, I know they will grow up to love others, rather than hate.

  17. ThePrincipledPatriot says:

    Homosexual “marriage:” “Time to do the right thing”

    What? Really? So let me understand you correctly. Since God revealed His divine plan for marriage to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we have been doing the wrong thing?

    God announced the ordination of the family, long before He established the other two great human institutions, the church and government, but got it wrong?

    Traditional marriage, since the very beginning, which is the foundation of society, has been the wrong thing since creation?

    I beg to differ! The most recent study on homosexuality and homosexual “relationships” comes to us from Prof: Mark Regnerus/Univ. of Texas @ Arlington/The Journal of Social Science Research/July 2012. The study clearly shows, that adult children from homosexual “relationships” view their childhood significantly more negative than children raised in heterosexual relationships.

    That adult children raised in homosexual “relationships” have more sex partners, suffer more sexual victimization, are less physically and mentally healthy, are more depressed, use illegal drugs at higher rates, abuse alcohol at higher rates, cheat on their spouses at higher rates and are arrested at higher rates than adult children raised in heterosexual relationships.

    Homosexual v. Heterosexual
    28% v. 8% ———are unemployed
    40% v. 13% ——–have had an extra-marital affair
    19% v. 8% ———have received or are presently receiving psychotherapy.

    This is the fruit of “pride,” rebellion, sexual immorality and perversion. I think God got marriage right! I think society has gotten marriage right since the very beginning! Remember, just because it may be politically correct doesn’t make it morally right!

  18. I think God got marriage right! </I.

    Which time? When "God" approved polygamy, incest, the keeping of concubines, the treatment of women as chattel?

  19. ThePrincipledPatriot says:


    Why would anyone that is sane, advocate, defend and celebrate homosexual “marriage” if this is the future of the children they raise? Do children matter anymore?

  20. darkness6601 says:

    To: ThePrincipledPatriot says:
    Aug. 31, 2012 at 12:45 pm Homosexual “marriage:” “Time to do the right thing”
    First off, I never said God has been doing “anything” wrong. You are the one that brought religion into this coversation, not me or the other supporters who have posted here. And regarding “the recent study”, that is ONLY one of how many other studies out there and that’s all I have to say to that. I’m not saying gays and lesbians lead a “perfect” life, without affairs, without unemployment, or anything else you so obviously pointed out. We are just like you…get it? Just…like…you, we all have the same problems, same hang ups and differences. What I’m saying…and make sure you’re hearing me…is that we are the same as you, so….we have the right to have the same option…to marry. So dear unknown person…the next time you walk in a doctors office, the grocery store, the courthouse, your local firestation or even watch the news on the television, we are apart of society, every aspect of it. We are your mailman, your dental assistant, the lawyer that bails you out of trouble, the fireman that risks his life to save yours, the grocery clerk who helps you, ect. Get my point, we are here, everywhere and are human…we deserve the right to marry the people we love. We don’t judge or tell you how to raise your child (which I’m pretty sure you’ve had one…or at least I hope so considering that’s what “normal” marriage is for…right? To procreate?)so don’t pre-judge or tell us how to raise our family. Besides…all goodness and hate alike…begins at home. You might want to look in the mirror to see what you’re teaching. Just sayin…

  21. darkness6601 says:

    And by the way…thanks beerBoy…great statement.

  22. ThePrincipledPatriot says:


    God said – marriage = 1 man + 1 woman.
    Jesus confirms God’s plan and command in both Matthew and Mark.

    All those other forms of marriage and sexual immorality are not God-made, they are man-made just like homosexual “marriage” is.

  23. ThePrincipledPatriot says:


    Marriage has never been just a right. It has always been a right with restictions. So, what right do homosexuals have to abolish all restrictions on marriage for all of society?

    Liars are doctors. Thieves work at grocery stores. Swindlers work at the court house. Adulterers are firemen. Etc., etc.. I’m talking about what homosexuals do! Not that they can’t be teachers, lawyers, etc., etc.. I’m talking about homosexuals demanding that their immoral behavior is normal and sinless. And undefining marriage for all of society. And the harmful impact the lifestyle has on children.

  24. beerBoy says:

    When and where did “God sa(y) – marriage = 1 man + 1 woman.”?

    Cuz “He” certainly didn’t feel that way with Abraham or Solomon or several others of his “chosen ones”.

  25. beerBoy says:

    TPP – ummm….this isn’t a theocracy. This is a secular society ruled by a secular government. All your talk of what “God said” and “sin” are great for your fellow Churchies but have no place in a discussion of State laws.

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