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ABORTION: No need for a rape ‘exception’

Letter by John Mills, Tacoma on Aug. 29, 2012 at 3:26 pm with 6 Comments »
August 30, 2012 10:15 am

Michael Smerconish urges Mitt Romney to challenge the Republican Party’s rigid plank on abortion and insist that there should be an exception for rape (TNT, 8-29). Romney needs an “exception” because he doesn’t challenge the platform’s philosophical underpinning – that “life begins at conception.”

In my view, that core principle needs to be challenged. Women should have broad control over early term abortion without exception because the creation of man cannot be reduced to a mere biological event. The majesty and mystery of human life is trivialized when we equate man with a single call – the equivalent of an amoeba.

Sure, the fertilized egg has the complete DNA package, but so too does every cell scraped from my face shaving each morning – an event I don’t consider mass murder.

We can discern that conception is insufficient alone to create man by observing the common event called miscarriage. Miscarriage is not murder by God’s hand, but rather proof that God chooses, at some time after conception, when and whether to breathe life into what is, before God’s intervention, a lifeless, albeit developing, group of cells.

There is intellectual simplicity to asserting that life begins at conception, but that totally writes God out of the creative process, implying that man creates man through biology without acknowledging God’s essential role in the creative process.

Once we realize that a tiny, self-replicating clump of cells is not a human life until God intervenes, it’s easy to give women control over their bodies without the need for any exceptions.

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  1. Frankenchrist says:

    Abortion is good. For simple birth control to the life of the mother, the more abortions the better. The choice is up to the women. Simple as that.

  2. SwordofPerseus says:

    Sorry John, I was with you up until you started talking about magic fairies and mythical beasts.

  3. Crimes are down in direct relationship to the introduction of Roe v. Wade.

    Less unwanted babies = less messed up young adults committing crimes.

  4. I am pro-choice 100%.

    However, the rape exception or incest exception makes me scratch my head.

    Either life is sacred, or it isn’t.

    If you think abortion should be legal only in cases of rape or incest, then the only reason you want to make abortion illegal is to punish “loose” women, IMO.

    We can’t have people have sex with no consequences? Why not? What do you have to adhere a consequence on someone else’s choices?

    Beyond that, how do you enforce the rape exception? Does a woman just have to claim rape to get the legal abortion? Does there have to be a conviction in court, which could prevent all abortions in cases of rape due to the length of the trial. If all she has to do is claim rape to get an abortion, and the rapist is found not guilty, does she then get tried for murder?

    Someone explain to me how that rape exception is gonna work please.

  5. bobcat1a says:

    Remind me again, why did Bush not get an anti-abortion amendment back when he had both houses of Congress?
    The teapublicans will pass laws (mandating ultrasounds, waiting periods, counseling) making it almost impossible for anyone who is not well-off to get an abortion, but the well-off will always be able to travel to get one. Before Roe, wealthy women could always get a safe, doctor performed abortion. And poor girls were forced out of school and into a cycle of poverty that remained self-sustaining; but the fundies believe they deserve to suffer…apparently if god didn’t want them to suffer he wouldn’t have made them poor.

  6. normajean says:

    For all of you pro lifers, if a woman is forced to carry to term than it follows that the government should pay for all expenses until that child reaches adulthood.

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