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GUNS: Misguided defense of gun control

Letter by Robert J. Patterson, Puyallup on Aug. 29, 2012 at 12:20 pm with 8 Comments »
August 29, 2012 3:03 pm

Re: “We need to stop dreaming about arming ourselves against psychopaths” (TNT, 8-30).

Yet another biased article that mixes facts about different types of guns in a misguided attempt at gun control. There is a difference between pistols, semi-automatic handguns, assault rifles, hunting rifles and shotguns, and the ammo and magazine of each.

As a person who spent many years working in the legal system, I am a strong supporter of gun ownership. However, I also support registration of weapons, vetted licensing and training of owners, restriction of high-capacity magazines and restriction of assault weapons. There is a lot of truth in the saying that bad guys are more scared about the average citizen with a gun than they are of the police.

Americans must wake up and question what is written and said by politicians, advocates, lobbyists, and extremely biased columnists and “news reporters.” We have lost our ability for critical thinking (not surprising in an education system where a sports coach or non-teaching professor gets more money than a classroom educator), compromise and common sense.

We must begin voting on issues (that we research and think on) and not popularity. Our elected officials have become loyal to their parties and could care less about the welfare of our nation and its citizens.

We must educate ourselves and remember that Congress has more to do with the course of our nation than the president does and elect or re-elect only those officials who are willing to compromise for the good of the nation, not for their self-interest or partisan politics

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  1. SandHills says:

    Well, Robert, as the old saying goes: “We have me the enemy, and it is us”

    We live in a society of political correctness, where we tell our kids they can’t fail, and push them on through the education system. Eventually they hit a probelm in their lives, and having been coddled so much up to that point, they break and go postal.

    There is no legistlation that is going to correct this. Even if there were to be the most strictest gun laws enacted, there is already an arsenal out there which will go / stay underground.

    Gun control laws is like spraying on Off or Deet when you live near a swamp. It might seem to help, but those mosquitoes are still breeding in the swamp.

  2. Perhaps gun control isn’t going to clear the swamp but the high rate of gun violence in America HAS to be directly to America’s highest gun per capita standing with nearly 9 guns per 10 persons.

  3. lylelaws says:


    I have been a gun owner all of my adult life and I want to thank you for your excellent letter.

    The NRA is shooting itself in the foot by supporting private ownership of assault weapons.

  4. SandHills says:

    Don’t disagree bb, but it is as much a people problem as it is a weapon one. And since Americans have always been armed, taking their guns by legislation – even with Constitutional issues aside – is not a reality you or I are going to see in our lifetimes.

    Now if people stopped going crazy….nah, that ain’t realistic either.

    Reality is that the most ardent of those who want gun control are not those with the most guns. Another one is the divisiveness on this issue is as wide as the one on abortion and same-sex marriage – the biggest difference is that while abortion and same-sex marriage may be legislated, I seriously doubt the extreme right would take on law enforcement on those issues. Given your numbers, gun owners out-gun all the cops, deputy sheriffs, FBI, DEA, ATF, in America. Enforcement of gun control may be problematic using that math, moreso if you add in the Constitutional issue – which might be seen as worth fighting for.

    No matter how hard some want gun control, the message from Charlton Heston about “cold dead hands” speaks louder to an already armed populace.

  5. normajean says:

    @Sandhills. I so remember Heston’s comments but while I believe in gun control (Canadian) I have come to the understanding that it would be near impossible to enforce in this country. Its horribly sad when a child can get access to a gun & kill someone. What to do, what to do.

  6. scooter6139 says:

    “There is a lot of truth in the saying that bad guys are more scared about the average citizen with a gun than they are of the police.”

    How true since we know a police officer has very specific rules regarding drawing and using their weapons while the average citizen does not. “Castle Doctrine” and “Stand Your Ground” laws anyone? I am all for a gun ownership society that is educated and trained in the use of the guns they own, but one has to admit many of the laws on the books in most states sound more wild west that a civilized republic.

  7. SandHills says:

    Normajean, I certainly have no ideas about controling peoples actions. In the case of your example, anyone who allows free access by a child to a gun is as irresponsible as one who uses it irresponsibly.

    One could say the same for drugs, or drinking/texting while driving. When will all humans become rational beings?

    You answer that question normajean and you’ll have an answer to your question.

    I was merely pointing out the fallacy that stricter gun laws will have any affect on the root problem of human behavior. First, because it won’t stop humans from going postal, and secondly, with all the guns already out there it will only affect legal sales in the future, not the black market of those weapons.

  8. slugoxyz says:

    Maybe, first and foremost, we have to admit that we are in fact, a gun culture. Many would object but the reality of the matter is that we became a nation with guns, we blossomed as a nation with guns and now, we stumble as a nation…with guns. Taking them away would be met with great resistance and simply imposing laws would not lessen the number of guns or the change the attitude of the people. So, in admitting to our nature, maybe what we need is to accept that fact and respond to a need based on that cultural fact. So, Robert may be correct in saying that what we need is education. Education isn’t the answer to everything but I think it is germane here.

    You usually can’t correct the broken nature of a criminal but if we were to educate the law abiding folk in gun ownership, we could reduce the amount of tragic and accidental deaths. People will still use guns to commit suicide (which is a large percentage of the gun deaths in America) but if we made guns a common topic, educated kids at school, offered low cost gun handling and accuracy classes, placed a gun in everyone’s hands to reduce the number of accidents. I’m not saying we should force everyone to own one but I fear for all the people that buy a gun in response to their fears but never train with one. Most people wouldn’t buy a chainsaw without learning how to use it safely. We require people to acquire a license to operate a motor vehicle so why not a gun? I am a lifetime member of the NRA but believe in licensing and training. I don’t fear assault rifles as some do but the percentage of crimes committed with expensive assault rifles don’t warrant much fear. I fear cheap guns in the hands of unskilled or people without conscience or without the sense of protecting their loved ones. Guns are not good ego boosters but they are very good tools in the hands of a decent human being.

    I remember in high school many years ago seeing a film on the effects of motor vehicle accidents. The film showed the dead and disfigured victims of car accidents and it had an impact on me as a driver. Maybe films as part of the education process could be implemented. I could go on but the point is that we need to address our nature as a culture. Maybe you don’t feel any compulsion to own a gun but you would probably be the minority. Maybe, if we could accept what we are, we could better address the problem.

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