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GOP: Bad judgment in choice of convention site

Letter by Ted F. Cooley, Lakewood on Aug. 28, 2012 at 5:19 pm with 45 Comments »
August 28, 2012 5:19 pm

One of the factors that voters weigh when trying to decide whom to vote for for president is the judgment of the party leaders about not only the economy, but the military commitments, taxes, payment of national debts, etc.

I would add to that a decision on where to hold the national convention designed to nominate the president and vice-president candidates.

If I were one of those participating in the decision, I think the last place I’d plan to hold a convention in August would be anywhere on the Gulf Coast, or Atlantic Coast – specifically because of the possibility of hurricanes. I mean, don’t those folks know that is hurricane country?

If the Republicans lose any momentum or ground because of this choice of convention sites, they should.

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  1. In case you hadn’t noticed, Florida is a battleground state – one the Republicans must win.

    Further, Hurricane season runs June through November in Tampa. Since 1960, Tampa has been affected (brushed or directly) by a grand total of 14 tropical storms or hurricanes.

    I’ll let you calculate the odds of a (in this case) tropical storm directly affecting Tampa on a specific date during the 6-month hurricane season. Then, for laughs, throw in the odds that a convention date would be affected by two separate such storms – never mind consecutively.

    Oh… did I say “consecutively”?

    Yeah, that’s right, the 2008 Republican Convention was delayed a day by Hurricane Gustav passing through that well known hurricane alley, St. Paul, Minnesota.

  2. Now that I think about it… those black helicopters with the round symbol that looked a lot like a Pepsi logo, what were they spraying over St. Paul and Tampa in the weeks leading up to the last two Republican Conventions?

  3. But Biden is kept on the ticket. Now that is a great decision!

  4. God is punishing Tampa for allowing such a bunch of pieces of repukeican crap in the same place at once.

  5. Has to be in a swing state. So pick from Florida, north carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa or Colorado.

    So, for all the sideshows and clubbing, it’s either Florida or Colorado.

    Less chance of a hurricane in Florida in August than a wildfire in Colorado.

    Conclusion, Florida was the correct choice.

  6. bobcat1a says:

    Tampa/St Pete has better strippers. Big selling point for the republicans.

  7. writnstuff says:


    Thanks for one of the dumbest posts ever. Nice job. By the way, hurricanes disrupt two CONSECUTIVE republican conventions? Is that God talking to you guys? Maybe you should listen. It didn’t work out so well last time.

    I’m looking for a repeat.

    PS. Sorry about the dumbest post ever line. I usually try not to sink to the level of other posters. But you used that line on someone who was brave enough to use their REAL name and write in a public fashion and OWN it. Maybe you could learn something from that.

  8. SandHills says:

    Wellmit will be interesting to see how much celebration occurs tomorrow if New Orleans gets hit hard tonight….

    Bad timing for sure, kinda like Romney trying to sing or tell a joke….

  9. averageJose says:

    Wow, slow letter day.

  10. IQ, they did that 4 years ago..

  11. menopaws says:

    No one EVER said Republicans were, as my Daddy used to say, the sharpest tools n the shed….Rush Limbaugh is claiming that Obama and the weather service seeded the clouds to make it worse…..don’t you just love those pill popping junkies on a rant??? they own the south–they want to be true Republicans, why not Phoenix—they could send Jan Brewer off to rehab and that crazy sheriff could give their keynote speech…Christie didn’t exactly raise the rafters tonight, did he?
    I would feel sorry for them, but Michelle Bachmann kept talking about natural disasters being God speaking about the sins of Obama……..Karma can be such a righteous bitch, can’t she?????

  12. (Make that “next two out of three LTE’s.”)

  13. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    How about the democrats decision to throw their convention in a state that just outlawed the marriage of their #1 donors.

    By having the dem. convention in North Carolina they threw their best friends under the bus. Talk about smart decisions.

    That said, I have only one thing to say about North Carolina. WAY TO GO!!!!!!! You folks are Great Americans.

  14. lylelaws says:


    Please keep sending in your comments, because along with Joe Biden you give people a good reason to vote for Mitt Romney.

    Have a nice day.

  15. Czero –there is no difference between the Florida Hurricane Season and Atlantic Hurricane season – both run from May thru November.

    The choice of Tampa was the third dumbest thing about the Republican Convention.

    The second most is their Party Platform.

    The dumbest was the picks for President and VP.

    Honorable Mention goes to the new party rule that gives the National Party the power to override State Parties in the selection of delegates to State Party Conventions and Caucuses.

  16. Wow, Xring, good job on a post that isn’t pure gibberish. Typical garbage but at least in complete sentences.

  17. SandHills says:

    As The Daily Show lead in stated: The 2012 Republican Convention – “The Road to Jeb Bush in 2016″

  18. The Florida choice was, as Clamat0 points out, an astute political decision as they can’t always count on hanging chads and the Supreme Court to sway a tight election.

    The Paul delegates’ votes weren’t acknowledged in the count…..I know the RNC likes to have their conventions as coronations without a hint of democratic messiness but, not exactly helpful when trying to sell the line that conservatives aren’t authoritarian autocrats.

  19. ErnestTBass says:

    I wonder if this issue will be brought up.

  20. as they can’t always count on hanging chads and the Supreme Court to sway a tight election.

    LOL, thanks for the back-handed compliment, bB… I guess.

    As to your musings about the Paul delegates, they fell victim to a rules change wherein a candidate must now have 8 states place his name in nomination, rather than the previous five. I know this makes for much hyperbolic speculation and justification on your part, but come on. Ron Paul has been a veritable Republican Ralph Nader, having used the presidential election process three times now, to raise and make a ton of money and publicity for himself and his wacky foreign policy ideas – ideas with which, I’m sure, you whole-heartedly agree – if only on that one single aspect of his overall policy (still, I didn’t know you were a Paulista).

    To waste valuable time in a weather-shortened convention by providing Paul supporters a national venue would have been nothing but a distraction. I mean, as recently as four months ago I was laughing at libs here who were convinced this would be a “brokered convention” (because that was the msnbc/ huffpo, etc, talking point of the day), but has there been any doubt – really – who the nominee would be since January?

    I’m glad leadership have dispensed with the antics of the Paulistas this time, and made the convention all about the inevitable, viable candidate, Mitt Romney.

  21. LeePHilI says:

    “lylelaws says:
    Aug. 28, 2012 at 10:04 pm menopaws,
    Please keep sending in your comments, because along with Joe Biden you give people a good reason to vote for Mitt Romney.
    Have a nice day.”

    Irony. Kinda like someone who writes a weekly letter to the editor, full of falsehoods, complaining about someone sending a letter to the editor full of falsehoods.

  22. menopaws says:

    Of course you can’t claim to have that “big tent” the Republicans like to brag about if you exclude Paul supporters because they are a “distraction”……..Clamato*–you flatter yourself……I haven’t “stalked” in years and you are hardly worthy of the effort…..Lyle—Do they allow you to vote when they let you out????

  23. old_benjamin says:

    At least the RNC only lasts a few days. Joe Biden is a permanent disaster.

  24. mens, you flatter yourself – I was referring to writnstuff, not you… unless….

  25. Even weirder is that she admits to stalking

  26. CT8,
    Just as one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, one man’s gibberish is another man’s truth.

    If Paul would have had 8 states the GOP would have required 10 states.

  27. SwordofPerseus says:

    I have to disagree with the letter writer. Republicons know full well if they want to have a successful convention there must be plenty of good male and female strip clubs and hookers available for entertainment. The Tampa/St. Petersburg area of Florida is famous for it’s strip clubs and gay hookers. Then…

    Clam0 said; – “the Paul delegates, they fell victim to a rules change…”

    Rules change, how convenient for Rawmoney.

    Clam0 said; – “but has there been any doubt – really – who the nominee would be since January?” Gingrich and Santorum were still in the race in January, in fact Gingrich won South Carolina(no real surprise there, southerners hate Romney).

    ConcAte has become Clammy’s caboose.

  28. monmornQB says:

    Do you really expect a party that is run by people that had the lack of forsight to train and fund Noriega’s military, train and fund the Taliban in the 80’s, supply Saddam with chemical weapons, attempt to destroy public education, and do everything possible to make sure that we are falling behind other nations in the pursuit of more efficient fuels to run the economy and keep our military a step ahead of our potential rivals. These are the people you expected to show logical planning?
    But then again they have made lots of money for themselves and their sugar daddies funding their ploitical machine doing everything I listed above. Every military run by oppressive tyrants they’ve funded and trained has led to a war with lots of weapons and logistical contracts.
    I’m sure their is someone important in the GOP getting a large payday for holding their little oligarchy clubhouse meeting.

  29. Clamat0 – you don’t need to convince me – you need to convince the Pauloyalists.

  30. jimkingjr says:

    No conventions in states that could be impacted by hurricanes- that eliminates everything east of the Mississippi, and a few states along the west bank of the river. Should also probably be no conventions in tornado country, earthquake country, wildfire country, or flood country. I guess that leaves us with no conventions. Not a bad idea.

    I guess thye letter writer is hoping the next hurricane doesn’t come ashore next week in North Carolina…

  31. old_benjamin says:

    Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami Beach, San Francisco.
    What do they have in common?
    Chosen sites for Democratic Conventions in the past.
    No strip joints or hookers there, I’m sure.

  32. old_benjamin says:

    September is the middle of hurricane season and the Carolinas have historically taken the brunt of many a storms’ landfall. While Charlotte is approximately 200 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach, S.C., Charleston, S.C. and Wilmington N.C., the Queen City does sit in the path of many of the storms that make landfall in the coastal communities. Charlotte also serves as an evacuation point for residents in those communities.

    And where is the DNC to be held?

  33. Frankenchrist says:

    Fox News is calling Chris Christie’s speech a belly flop. He was a disaster, only talking about himself. Horrible. Obviously, he is convinced that Romney/Ryan will lose in November and is prepping himself for a 2016 run.

  34. And….with Christie’s belly, that is an awfully big flop!

  35. Frankenchrist says:

    Emptied the pool, probably.

  36. … in fact Gingrich won South Carolina(no real surprise there, southerners hate Romney).

    Are you really that much of a complete ignoramus, SwoP?

  37. Gee bb, what’s next? You and your new buddy gonna make fun of Oprah Winfrey’s weight?

    Oh, I forgot, she’s the right kind of overwieght person.

    Obviously Christie emptied the liberal gene pool.

  38. My, my….testy today aren’t you?

    I’m sure Clamat0 complained whenever he heard jokes about Bill Clinton eating junk food and putting on weight during his presidency…. Hopefully Christie won’t have to have a heart attack like Clinton did in order to get his weight under control.

  39. And….seriously…..Oprah?

    Is that the best you comeback you could come up with?

  40. LeePHilI says:

    “old_benjamin says:
    Aug. 29, 2012 at 11:31 am Atlantic City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami Beach, San Francisco.
    What do they have in common?
    Chosen sites for Democratic Conventions in the past.
    No strip joints or hookers there, I’m sure”

    Well….LA does that have one club where Republicans were spending campaign money, but it was just a show club, where the show was lesbian bondage.

  41. Real classy

  42. beerBoy says:

    ct – see the TNT political comics this week and the commentary about the Convention LIES.

  43. Czero.
    It was Bush and his thugs that had SCOTUS call the election.

    Had the recount be allowed Al Gore would have been the President.

    That rule change was falsely passed, and should have not been allowed to impact this election.

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