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ELECTION: What will be the quid pro quo?

Letter by David A. Porter, Tacoma on Aug. 27, 2012 at 4:57 pm with 39 Comments »
August 28, 2012 1:15 pm

The 2012 presidential election is in a terrible state now, what with expectations that over a billion dollars will be spent, much of it secret donations resulting from the Citizen’s United debacle.

A couple hundred people are writing seven- to nine-figure checks to propagandize, scare, lie and smear certain candidates. If you can bear to watch TV between now and November, be my guest.

Suppressing the vote and quid pro quo between operatives trying to buy outcomes are rampant. For example, Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers are shoveling in money, yet directly benefit from what Romney says he wants. It’s a huge conflict of interest, and has gone completely out of control.

Vote Republican if you like, but you’re being bulldozed into a nightmare scenario of corporatist, self-righteous, hypocritical fussbudgets. Unless you’re in the 1 percent like Romney and his cohort, I guarantee they won’t have your interests in mind. This is neither patriotic nor a reasonable answer for our beloved country.

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  1. Frankenchrist says:

    First item on the GOP platform: “Preserve and protect traditional marriage.” First item on the Democrat platform: “The economy.”

    That shows whose priorities are where.

  2. Frankenchrist says:

    Towards the end of President Clinton’s second term, debt clocks that had been established in various U.S. locations had to be shut down — the deficit had been eliminated and the clocks had never been set to run backwards.

    They started back up again during the Bush/Cheney era. Republicans took a massive surplus and turned it into an even more massive deficit, adding the costs of two wars, two tax cuts, Medicare expansion, and a Wall Street bailout to the national charge card.


  3. Lol! Ignore the unions that have using political quid pro quo for decades.

    The money has been balanced and you are whining about it.

    By the way, your #ows rhetoric is dated and weak. Under BHO 100% have suffered declining wages, increased costs, and a stalled economy.

  4. averageJose says:

    LOL Dave… you guys crack me up. Barry and Co. are clean as the wind driven snow huh?

  5. menopaws says:

    Our government is apparently for sale to the highest bidder……that would indeed be the Koch Brothers, Wall Street and that whack job in Vegas who is shoveling in money from China……….But, this letter writer is under the delusion that people can make a difference. Between voter ID laws and all this DIRTY money–the coup d’etat is in motion………..Corporate interest were in charge during the Bush years and didn’t like not being in charge anymore……….Most voters, like some of those who blog here, actually believe the massive PR con job being spoon fed to them…….I hope these crooks lose, but not counting on it……….My husband always says that the difference between a prostitute and a Republican is that the prostitute has some standards!!!!!!

  6. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    quid pro quo, ask the democrats.

    Go look at the PDC for donation to democrats:
    #1 unions
    #2 indian tribes
    #3 trial lawyer

    Why? their quid pro quo is:
    #1 pay raises and lavish benefits
    #2 tax free casino profits for WA state. The only state in the nation that doesn’t tax the tribes.
    #3 never allow tort reform

    read these for the truth:



  7. GHTaxPayer says:

    2008 Obama platform:
    1) Destroy private sector jobs
    2) Spend like a drunken sailor
    3) Demonize anyone that wants to balance the budget
    4) Steal taxpayer money, give to unions and “Green” companies
    5) Take huge donations from unions, “Green” companies and George Soros

    2012 Obama platform:

  8. yabetchya says:

    So meno, are you saying that your husband is a expert on the standards of prostituts?

  9. yabetchya what is a prostituts?

  10. Not a single valid right wing comment – par for the course.

  11. menopaws says:

    No, but I am saying he has a sense of humor and very little respect for today’s Republicans……And, he was a Reagan voter…….Says this crowd are all losers and wannabe’s……..He’s right….Between Trump, Perry , Herman Cain….it was an embarassment watching those primaries……But, hey, got $10,000 you want to bet with Romney??? Might get you passage out of the clown car……

  12. Hey, got a grand? BHOs brother needs it…

  13. Is today national release the nut-case, super-secret-double-probation democrat LTE writers day?

  14. writnstuff says:

    Clamato, you diminish your own nutcase letter writing efforts. I’ve seem your contributions on other strings today. In my opinion, you are the top nutcase of the day! Congrats!

  15. averageJose says:

    No need to wonder about quid pro quo… just look where all the “Obama stash” went over the last 3 years.

  16. Is nut-case one word?

    Don’t think so.

    String? Is that like string theory?

    You must be new at this. Haven’t had the honor of being lamely flamed by writnstuff on other “threads” yet.

    Welcome aboard. Hope you brought your big-boy jeans!

    Mom jeans don’t cut it.

  17. writnstuff says:

    “Mom jeans don’t cut it.”

    Yeah. Not when you’re talking to republicans. Women are only breeding stock. They’re not allowed to have opinions, think, make their own decisions.

    Good thing I have big boy pants.

  18. writnstuff says:

    “Is nut-case one word?

    Don’t think so.”

    Oh, by the way, nutcase is one word. Check m-w.

    That’s okay Clam8o. We already know that thinking isn’t your strong suit.

  19. Wow, you’re an insult a minute! You must be the spawn of some banned aliass.

    nut case

    n. Slang

    A person regarded as eccentric or crazy.


    Okay, so it’s not hyphenated.

    BTW, since you’re big on “m-w”, did you know “minute” has two different pronunciations and meanings?

    Yeah, check it out:

    minute 2 (maɪˈnjuːt)

    — adj
    1. very small; diminutive; tiny
    2. unimportant; petty

    Consider yourself an adjective… and a past participle, mom jeans.

  20. menopaws says:

    ClamatO can’t prove his manhood anywhere else–so let him rant…big boy pants and slams about women identify him……We of the mom jeans just recognize the syndrome of his type………..He and CT8 both need to explore their alternative options…………
    CT8- You got a grand….Use it for rehab…….
    In the meantime, think about why soooo damn much BIG money is flowing into Romney’s campaign……….My husband and I have sent Obama about $200–he still leads in SMALL donors…….Think about why all that big money wants Romney……..And, how much of YOUR prosperity got sold off to secure it???? Put on your man pants and count ClamatO……..It’s okay if you need to take your shoes off to do it…….

  21. Meno, BHOs brother needed that grand…..why didn’t he turn to his millionaire brother from anotha’ motha’?

    I know it eats you alive that you support someone so low. Speaks volumes about you……

    When he loses it will be even sweeter knowing you wasted money just to get on his email list. Ironic that you spent SS on the guy hellbent on bankrupting the govt. just like a union…..

  22. seriously??!!?? You are arguing the correct spelling of nutcase, nut-case, nut case?

    I guess the proof is in the pudding……

  23. It’s worse, bB, I’m being accused of being uncertain of my gender because of my reference to mom jeans.

    This is an ever-evolving and important commentary thread, stay tuned and please try to keep up, LOL.

    But seriously, how many times do we have to read the ridiculous hyperbole of LTE’s and postings featuring the EVIL Koch Brothers, etc?

    Anyway, to the topic of qui-pro-quo coupled, of course, with this fine example of mom jeans:


    How can any 0bama fan mention the phrase with a straight face after “stimuless”, Solyndra, auto (UAW) bailouts, etc, etc, etc.

    Quid-pro-quo = status quo with dems.

    We can argue that systemic changes need to be put in place to make sure that influence is limited, within constitutional constraints, but please don’t pretend it only happens with conservatives – I can’t afford to replace my credibility meter again.

  24. Open your eyes David; you have described the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations.

    Voting for Romney will probably get us less of the same. Voting for President Obama will definitely get us more of the same.

    How much America-killing debt do you want to leave for your children and grandchildren? More than just ‘D’ or ‘R’ is as stake this November . . .

  25. Nanook – Paul Ryan’s budget would add trillions to the national debt, and not even start paying the the debt for 28 years.

    Presidents do not create debt. Presidents only spend what CONGRESS gives them to spend.

  26. aislander says:

    Lefty M.O.: First demonize anyone who disagrees with you, then, once that is accomplished, repeatedly raise the specter of the demon they themselves have created, usually from whole cloth.

    Koch brothers–oh no! Sheldon Adelson–oh my!

    Whatever you do, don’t address the actual issue, just go for the patellar reflex…

  27. Exactly, the ones with no plan are attacking the party that is coming up with solutions.

    Free birth control, same sex marriage, killing babies in the womb, and taxing the rich solve none of the problems for the 99%.

  28. LeePHilI says:

    “aislander says:
    Aug. 29, 2012 at 1:28 pm Lefty M.O.: First demonize anyone who disagrees with you, then, once that is accomplished, repeatedly raise the specter of the demon they themselves have created, usually from whole cloth.”

    And here I thought that was Rush Limbaugh’s programming concept for the past 20 years…..


    “Free birth control, same sex marriage, killing babies in the womb”

    Well….finally, a conservative has blown a gasket. Birth control and same sex marriage are solutions to abortion and yet, the CONS will complain about all three in the same phrase.

    Only in America, do they have the right to say something so stupid.

    Now, the other problem. No one asked for FREE birth control. Women asked that it be considered the same as libido medication by insurance companies. Hey…but…what the heck. They lie about everything else, why stop now?

    Same sex marriage. There would be no problem if the conservatives could just live and let live and mind their own business, which was once a credo for real conservatives.

    “killing babies in the womb”. What’s a “baby” this week? Is it the first dinner you have on the first date that ends up being a marriage and sexual union three years later? The conservatives want to make birth control illegal because it “kills” a fertilized egg….and then they want to complain about abortion. Again, real traditional conservatives would say the government has no business in women’s health care, but this crew of hypocrites that we have running around calling themselves “conservatives” have developed their one hypocritical thoughts on the subject.

  29. LeePHilI says:

    Here is a debt problem.

    A business has a budget, but the CEO has decided that they need to build more buildings to increase their power in the marketplace, so they start spending money….with no additional money coming in. Eventually, they have to start borrowing, rather than admit that the plan was wrong from the beginning.

    If any business did this, the CEO would be fired immediately by the stockholders.

    In 2003, George Bush decided we needed to attack Iran. We didn’t have any extra revenue to fund this adventure, so rather than raise taxes, he cut taxes and borrowed from China. Rather than admit he was wrong, he swept the debt under the rug, until the Democrats took over and his fellow Republicans could blame it on them.

    The real problem – Republicans are really bad at basic math, but pretent to understand the complexity of economy.

  30. aislander says:

    “And here I thought…”

    No you haven’t. Ever.

    So…who’s trying to make contraception illegal? Not wanting to pay for someone’s lifestyle choices is NOT the same as banning the products.

    BTW: Birth-control pills used to treat some medical condition–and fertility isn’t a medical condition–are covered, to which no one objects, Sandra Fluke notwithstanding…

  31. So the $5+ tril in Obamadebt is really hidden spending from the attack on Iran? Wow Hill, I think you really cracked the code!

  32. Clamat0 – “Solyndra”…….and here I thought I was talking to a thinking conservative, not just a regurgitator.

  33. No you haven’t. Ever.

    That would be an understatement, ai, especially considering the garbage followed by “and here I thought” in just this latest example of The Hills have Lies:

    Birth control and same sex marriage are solutions to abortion…

    Really? So is genocide. But then the ends do justify the means in liberal la-la land.

    No one asked for FREE birth control.

    LMAO, even if that were true (and it’s not, just ask Planned Parentless) it wouldn’t matter because that’s exactly what 0bamacare forces upon insurance companies, as of 8/1/12.

    Women asked that it be considered the same as libido medication by insurance companies.

    Uhhm, Larry… even prior to 8/12 they both were – for medical conditions, not birth control or recreational use. Were men and women gaming the system? No doubt. But prior to 8/12 insurance companies had the power of discretion in both cases. Now, apparently, they only have such discretion in the case of ED meds.

    Same sex marriage. There would be no problem if the conservatives could just live and let live and mind their own business…

    That’s funny… I could swear that’s exactly what most conservatives want. Seems to me it’s lefties like Larry that keep moving the goal posts on social, religious, and moral issues. Legalizing gay marriage won’t be the end of the left’s social engineering efforts.

    The conservatives want to make birth control illegal because it “kills” a fertilized egg….and then they want to complain about abortion.

    So you’re placing the Catholic Church (among others) squarely in the “conservative” camp now? I’m sure all of those latinos 0bama’s been fondling over, and who are about to commit 0bamakari – again – will be interested to know that.

    Fact is only a tiny percentage of conservatives would make birth control illegal. We just don’t want to pay for birth control for someone for whom we are not otherwise responssible unless it is prescribed by a doctor for medical reasons other than preventing pregnancy.

    LarryPeeHill: The General of Generalization.

    Again, real traditional conservatives would say the government has no business in women’s health care…

    Uhmm, again, isn’t that exactly what most Americans are saying? And not just “women’s health care”; government has no business in most healthcare.

    You’re making some persuasive points for conservatives, Larry. Have another drink.

  34. end emph.

  35. Oops!

  36. LeePHilI says:


    Educate yourself, Clam.

    It’s not just the Catholics anymore….

  37. LeePHilI says:

    “government has no business in most healthcare.”

    Unless it’s demanding vaginal probes.

    The funny part of all of your wrangling is that ACA addressed insurance companies, not health care providers.

    Since every state has an insurance commissioner, I’m convinced that someone sees a value in the government regulating them.

  38. Of course, Clamat0, if we want even more babies to die than are aborted, we should cut Planned Parenthood’s funding so they can no longer provide pre-natal and neonatal care to poor parents……

  39. CT8,
    The problem with the GOP is the solutions they propose are the same things that caused the problem in the first place.

    ‘free birth control” try to be included in the an individual’s healthcare insurance and the treated the same as all other drugs and devices covered by the plan.

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