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WAR: Take care of our own country

Letter by Genie Gallier, Federal Way on Aug. 24, 2012 at 4:37 pm with 16 Comments »
August 24, 2012 4:37 pm

I guess I’ll never understand. Why war? Why do we have to go to war in all these different countries? Some people tell me it’s because of the economy, others tell me it’s to protect the United States. Either way, or for whatever reason, it seems sickening that our young people have to give up their lives in strange lands.

It seems to me we should protect our economy, our lands, by staying home, getting our government to do better with making jobs for those that need jobs, guarding our own borders, in general taking care of our own in our own country!

Afghanistan will always be at war. The same goes for Iraq and those countries that can’t get along among themselves. So, I ask . . . why?

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  1. It seems too many politicians want to wage war. Ten years in Afghanistan. Years in Iraq. The costs of these ventures will continue to drain the economy and create additional tax burdens for decades to come. Now politicians who never served their country in times of war are calling for military action against Iran. It is interesting those who never volunteered to potentially shed their own blood are so free with other people’s blood.

    Mitt Romney is riding his high horse threatening war against Iran. Once threatening war, will you deliver? Will his four sons join up? Or will they follow in the footsteps of their father? Where was Mitt Romney when the Viet Nam was going on? Yes, he had a student deferment for one year. Then he was on a mission trip for thirty months and deferred as a missionary and theology student by his draft board. He had the opportunity to enlist in any of the branches of military service. He had the opportunity to volunteer for the draft for a shorter commitment. He chose otherwise. Now he speaks of shedding the blood of others in another military venture.

    Cut taxes and wage war? More of the same since 2001. Maybe the citizens of the country need to at least pay for their own wars rather than passing the ‘debt buck’ down the road.

  2. Harry_Anslinger says:

    Interestingly enough there is a real shortage of combat experience amongst our commanders-in-chief since Bush41. Kerry and Mccain both served and saw combat, neither got elected.

    Imperialism, hegemony, oligarchy. These 3 terms should NOT be so accurately descriptive of the USA. Unfortunatly they are. And that is why we wage war.

  3. alindasue says:

    I can’t see how any politician can talk about the possibility of starting another war front (Iran? Syria?) while at the same time talking about the importance of balancing this nation’s budget. No matter how we look at it, one pretty much negates the possibility of the other.

  4. Does the Military Protect Our Freedom?

  5. Genie: You have good points but I assume you define war as Iraq and Afghanistan and not WWII, Korea, Vietnam or even Thomas Jefferson’s excursion to Tripoli.

    You suffer misconceptions about government creating jobs though. Yes, government creates bureaucracies that employ people, maintains infrastructure that allows businesses to operate and polices our streets to keep businesses safe from invasions.

    But, and this is a big but, government did not create Ford, Apple, Microsoft or Boeing . . . The government did keep America safe through foreign excursions so private concerns could start businesses that do employ people . . . lots of them! Whether Iraq and Afghanistan fall into that category is a matter of conjecture to be settled by history.

  6. alindasue says:


    Any references to Iraq and Afghanistan can be equally applied to the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam. The difference with WWII was that our military base (but not technically our country, since Hawaii was not yet a state) was actually attacked by soldiers of the official sovereignty of Japan, thereby making our entry into the war an actual act of “defending our country” from that country’s soldiers. (I’m sure you can see that the 9/11 situation, conducted by an international splinter group, was clearly not a “Pearl Harbor” type situation.)

    While I can’t speak for Microsoft or Apple, much of Boeing’s business revolves around “defense” contracts building fighters, tankers, and the like. While the government did not create Boeing, they did, with aerospace and defense contracts, create a Boeing that is powerful enough to be the major economic force that it is now.

  7. LeePHill says:


    “there’s plenty good money to be made, by supplyin’ the army with the tools of the trade” – Country Joe McDonald, Woodstock, NY – 1969

  8. The tidy-righties would rather have war than a balanced budget because the war means more public money flooding into corporate pockets and makes it easier to cut ‘entitlements’ in order to ‘support the troops’.

  9. Sroldguy says:


    Some say Bush invaded Iraq for oil.
    Gas is $4 a gallon.
    Maybe it would have been $6?
    Don’t you feel better now?

    I’m still trying to figure out why we invaded Afganistan and why we are still there?
    Everyone knows that Afganistan is just sand and hills.
    It is strange that more hasn’t been in the news about this:

    “Iraq awarded five foreign contracts to extract the oil. None went to the USA, while one was awarded to China. China to the USA & NATO: thank you for the oil.”
    “Afghanistan awarded a copper mining contract to China. Once again China to USA & NATO: thank you for the cooper. The USA & NATO shedding blood for the mineral enrichment of China.”
    (He never passed Public Speaking 101, so just read below the video – Hit the Show more)

  10. took14theteam says:

    So that proves the war was not about “OIL” like the Dems said it was.

  11. took14theteam says:

    Over and over and over again…..

  12. That doesn’t “prove” anything.

    The only reason we are in the region is oil. You really should expand your knowledge of history.

  13. What is ‘proves’ is that the oil went to the big Oil Companies who are selling on the world market where prices are over $5 per gallon.

    You all thought Bush meant oil for the US when he meant oil profits for the major oil companies.

  14. averageJose says:

    If the only reason we are there is oil Obama has added yet another failure to his dismal record.

  15. FOOL – Obama got us out of Iraq – it was Bush II that got us in.

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