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UPLACE: Consider other possibilities

Letter by Jack Taylor, Puyallup on Aug. 24, 2012 at 4:48 pm with 10 Comments »
August 24, 2012 4:49 pm

University Place or Chambers Bay? There is not and never has been a university there. Chambers Bay Golf Course has the U.S. Open coming up, and there is a bay.

The community has several things of interest: Roundabouts enhance traffic flow. People live in a decent residential area, and their school system is good. Bridgeport Way, its main north-south artery, looks nice. It has attractive parks. The Curran Apple Orchard is a nice place to attend outdoor summer concerts.

But there’s not much else to attract visitors. Perhaps they could change the name to make things simple or to add pizzaz that relates more to the town. For example, why not drop University altogether? How about Place, Washington? Or “Golf Place”? “Our Place” or “Some Place” work, or fancy it up and name it “Park Place.” They could add some spice and mystery and call it “Peyton Place.” I’d want to go there, at least for lunch.

Since Washington also has a Mount Vernon, Martha and George, there’s, “President,” Washington. They could decorate with flags all year around. “Market Place” has possibilities. Think of all the shoppers who would come to their town to enjoy city center shopping (if that ever happens). Hmm…there’s a name: “Center Place.”

However, I think they should change the name to something short and sweet that may just describe the town as it appears to some of us. How about, “No Place,” Wash? I think that’s a good fit.

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  1. aislander says:

    To credit University Place for ANYTHING that “enhances traffic flow” is like praising China for promoting large families with lots of girls…

  2. sandblower says:

    Round abouts are wonderful and efficient except for road hogs who cannot deal with being courteous or waiting their turn. The Brits have it down to a science.
    Many of the hogs cavort on these pages under the guise of wingnuts it seems.
    I like University Place and I like Chambers Bay or even Chambers Creek. If I were clever enough to transform UP into something like U Pee that soaked the deniers here, it would be my first choice.

  3. aislander says:

    I LOVE roundabouts or traffic circles or whatever you want to call them–once you’re in them you OWN them! Plus, if you can drift around them while keeping you’re car at a consistent angle to the direction of travel, you KNOW you’re pretty good…

    What I DON’T love is UP’s elimination of traffic lanes on 67th, 27th, Chambers Creek Road, etc., and the continually falling speed limits.

    A road system is to move stuff.

    And it’s the pedal on the right. Use it!

  4. aislander says:

    Should have read, “…your car…”

  5. MyBandito says:

    UPlace. It works for the TNT.

    Why does the TNT continue to call University Place, UPlace? Nobody, I mean nobody ever refers to University Place as UPlace. Just the TNT.

    Why is that?

    How about BLake, or SHill? What’s up with that? Nobody talks like that.

  6. Sroldguy says:

    Chambers Bay – the chamber pot of Pierce County.

  7. computer1015 says:

    Changing it to Chambers Bay to advertise the white elephant and revenue hog recently built in that area?

    Think of something else if you don’t like “University Place.”

  8. MrCarleone says:

    Considering the tremendous amount of corruption and mismanagement of this City, I believe that The City of Ladenburg would be entirely appropriate ?

  9. Frankly123 says:

    Well Jack, I tried to find humor or seriousness in your letter but you were just short of each. I’m not opposed to changing the name of U.P. as the intended purpose of the original name was for an actual University which is not there. So, I searched high and low (online) for a geographically appropriate name for the water way all along U.P. Everything I found directly off the U.P. shoreline (from Day Island to Chambers Creek) simply says “Puget Sound”. (Hey, makes sense since is was supposed to be the University of ….Puget Sound). “Chambers Bay”, from what I found, is specific to the small area that Chambers Creek empties into, just before entering the Puget Sound (actually just outside U.P. city limits). “Sunset Beach” is the only name I found on a map actually in/on the U.P. shoreline.

    So if it’s a name based on some geographical point, maybe “Sunset Place” is appropriate. There’s a street, a school and the beach with the name so it seems it would to tie them all together. It’s a nice, neutral name with a pleasant association and definition.

  10. Lets call it “Far Side” after all the creator of Far Side is from UP.

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