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GOP: Some would deny abortion to rape victims

Letter by Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom on Aug. 21, 2012 at 12:03 pm with 41 Comments »
August 21, 2012 12:03 pm

Re: “Akin’s rape comments stir outcry” (TNT, 8-20).

Rape is a political act, not just a sexual act.

As President Obama said, “Rape is rape.” Republicans who parse rape as “legitimate” or not, who minimize rape’s horror by imagining that no pregnancy ensues, who would criminalize abortion even in cases of rape, perpetuate the psychology of the imperial conquistador.

Throughout history, invaders have used rape not only to intimidate conquered populations, but also to de-legitimize ethnic minorities, denying their children a right to claim the land and its resources. This form of oppression is only possible because raped mothers do conceive, and children of rape are born.

In recent history, ethic genocide through rape has been used in Bosnia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur and now in Syria. In North America, Europeans habitually raped their black slaves.

Paul Ryan would deny raped girls a legal right to abortion. Such intimidation of women, and of organizations like Planned Parenthood, is part of a long, ugly history of male aggression that minimizes the horror of rape and the rights of the powerless. God forbid that his ideas should find their way onto the Republican Party platform. We can do better than this.

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  1. You can do better, Fred. The “legimate rape” comment was made by one man, one individual, obviously out of step from his party given the immediate reaction. He has been bastardized and many prominent pols and pundits are calling for him to disappear.

    The only intimidation going on here is the fear you are trying to instill in women to vote ‘D’.

  2. SandHills says:

    But Ryan (like his almost twin Santorum) is a devout Catholic, and Romney is a Morman – neither religion is favorable to abortion or even contraceptives.

    The economy is the BIG issue in this election, maybe big enough that those so opposed to Obama might be willing to overlook the issues of abortion and contraceptives, they may be doing so at their own peril.

    One can see that the Obama camp has to make an issue of these – not so much to convert anyone in the Romney camp, but to get his Democratic base as enthused as it was in ’08.

    Along with class warfare, these issues will serve Obama well. He has a growing demographic advantage (well except for the breeding habits of Mormans and Catholics – and Catholics still vote in large numbers Democrat), he just need to get them motivated to get to the polls.

    I think the voters who are totally convinced on a candidate based upon the economy are already fully committed. But just remember how many eligible voters still out there who don’t care, and don’t vote at all – and I would say many more of them are being targeted by Obama than Romney.

    I guess we’ll have to wait until November to find out how many uncommitted were motivated to vote for Obama – and issues like abortion, and Romney Hood, may push more of them to the polls than the bigger issue of the economy.

  3. alindasue says:


    Just to clarify, the stated stand by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons – note the corrected spelling) is that the choice to use contraceptives is to be made between a man and his wife with prayerful consideration. Permanent forms of birth control (tubal ligation, etc) are generally discouraged, but there is nothing considered wrong with contraceptives.

    By the way, “breeding habits” can influence things the other way too. None of the five voters in my home are planning to vote for Mitt Romney.

  4. falkoja6 says:

    It wasn’t that long ago when members of the Duke lacrosse team were arrested on rape charges. The accuser was later found to be lying. And all charges were dropped after a lengthy time in court and in the press. Here is a case where the rape was not “legitimate” but an out and out fabrication. Imagine the hell those innocent players and families went though due to this fabrication. Could Akins have had this in mind when he tripped over his tongue??? Perhaps but a gaffe to be sure, sort of like, “They’re going to put y’all back in chains.” as spoken by another foot-in-mouth politician…

  5. NOT “obviously out-of-step” with the Party when their VP candidate is against abortion in all cases – including pregnancy due to rape – which is exactly the same stance taking by Akin.

  6. sandblower says:

    The “chains” statement was an accurate metaphor for republican policy. The repub outcry was self-defeating as far as I can tell.
    Akins had nothing but contempt for women in his mind when he said what first came to his mind. For him it was the truth and probably still is. He is an embarrassment to humanity.

  7. SandHills says:

    Sorry alindasue, I stand corrected, it seems to reason that all crackpot cults have to have a nugget of commonsense to adjust to changing cultural values. I am often amazed that the LDS was not ahead of the Episcopalians and Lutherans on the issue of same-sex relationships. After all, they dropped polygamy (at least publicly) for Utah to gain statehood, and post-mortum baptism for Jewish holocaust victims after too much bad press. Kind of like how strong the GOP (Party of Lincoln and Reconstruction) is in the South.

    A religion adept at secrets, slight of hand, and flip-flopping on major tenets (at some point in the not so distant past the LDS must have accepted contraceptives – not always so) on what it stands for fits well with Romney, not sure it can be sold as good for the country.

  8. SandHills says:

    Guess the election isn’t ALL about the economy is it? Lets see what actual planks get put in the GOP platform during the convention. I be bet it will mean a lot of readjusting by Romney on any previous stand he has taken (comes part and parcel for a Morman), or it will mean a lot of adjusting by Southern GOP rank-and-file who voted against Romney in the primaries.

    Either way, as a fighter/bomber pilot might describe, a rich target environment for the Obama camp.

  9. Frankenchrist says:

    The Republican Taliban have declared war on America’s lady parts. Repukes hate the vagina and fear the breasts and they mean to control them all.

  10. Frankenchrist says:

    UPDATE: 1:55 p.m. — The RNC platform committee on Tuesday, August 21, approved language expressing the party’s official position as opposing abortion in all cases, even in the case of rape or incest.

    Wow, the American Taliban double-down on their War against Women.

  11. SandHills says:

    And to add to Frankies scoop, the GOP is also saying to remove tax deduction for home interest – the biggest
    deduction middle class wage earners are allowed – while affirming support for those with unearned income and capitol gains, and those making over $200K, from paying anymore taxes.

    Wow, I doubt the abortion issue will ever affect me – but losing my home mortgage deduction is huge.

    As I predicted, a target rich environment for the Obama camp to tee it up and take their swings.

  12. SandHills says:

    Oh and can I add how this mortgage deduction issue should be be seen by the working class?

    The GOP is saying “Let them eat cake”

  13. menopaws says:

    I just saw a comment on another blog that nailed this. The writer said, “I wish Mr. Romney would protect my privacy rights as a women as fiercely as he protects his private tax returns.” The Republicans, today, said NO ABORTION, no way. Not for rape, not when the Mother’s life is in jeopardy, not in the case of incest. It is in their platform. So, Mr. Akin just made the mistake of saying it out loud…..not buried in pages of a party platform….And, they want him gone–not because they are offended by what he said, but because they want to regain control of the Senate and need Missouri to do that….It’s all about power: they could care less about what Akin said, in fact it is in their platform…….These people are truly slime…….Every one of you on the right should take a long look at the women in your lives and think about what this could mean in their lives…….This policy is seriously dangerous to all women of child bearing years. To know that if there is any risk for you in childbirth, your life is secondary to the fetus and you will be sacrificed first, without any choice on yours or your family’s part, is chilling…..You say you want less government—don’t you get scared by this kind of overreach???? Your government is watching–even in the delivery room…..

  14. Sandhills, under BHO the working class is the enemy. Why have blue collar men run away from the dem party?

    The dems blame, republicans look for solutions, popular or not. Someone has to be the adult in the room.

    And the left is very happy one quote put social issues back on the front page.

    $16tril in debt, a war going on, unemployment stuck over 8%, and the left wants to talk about social issues.

  15. LeePHill says:

    “CT8 says:
    Aug. 21, 2012 at 12:09 pm You can do better, Fred. The “legimate rape” comment was made by one man, one individual, obviously out of step from his party given the immediate reaction.”

    Someone missed his party’s plank for the convention:

    The 110-member platform panel, meeting today in Tampa, Fla., passed a so-called Human Life Amendment that calls for a ban on abortion, without mention of the more common exceptions for victims of rape or incest. – Boston Globe

  16. LeePHill says:

    “$16tril in debt, a war going on, unemployment stuck over 8%, and the left wants to talk about social issues.”

    2004, 2008 – $12 trillion in debt, two wars going on, unemployment rising to 80% increase over 2001 level and the Right wanted to talk about social issues.

  17. SandHills says:

    CT8, not going to defend Obama or the Dems. I just made the opinion that in order for Romney to have a chance he has to make a smaller target for the perception he does not understand most Americans. Recent history has shown that it isn’t going to be ideological arguments that will sway a large chunk of the voting public. Bush 1, a sitting president got beat because Clinton had walked the walk and talked the talk most Americans understood – too much prep school and Yale came across for Bush (and of course if he had Lee Atwater running his campaign Slick Willie would have been toast). GW spoke to evangelical conservatives in their language, and ran against milk toasts like Gore (who still came within a few chads of winning) and Kerry.

    Obama won in ’08 because he got many who never voted out to the polls. In order for Romney to win he has to keep that demographic from being motivated enough again to make the effort to vote. He doesn’t have to convert them, just not give Obama any issues that can stir passions. Class warfare, abortion, are issues that Obama can draw from – again not to convert anyone, just get his base enthused enough to vote.

    The GOP followed up with their platform news by saying “it isn’t Romney’s platform”. Now an informed citizen like yourself can accept that and talk until you are blue in the face to defend it. But again, you and I are not the ones who need any additional reason to vote, but anyone who is a Pied Piper as a community organizer will know how to turn this to his advantage.

    Committed Reps and Dems added together can’t match the mass of unknowing, uncaring, eligible voters out there. The winner in November will find a way to capture enough of them to win. So would you bet on
    a guy who is a Morman, with tax secrets, running as the candidate for the GOP (don’t know what would be worse, supporting the GOP platform, or being their man and running from it) – or a community organizer who knows how to use class warfare, with the bonus of a GOP platform handing him more ammunition?

    Just saying…again not going to get into the trench warfare that has become American political discourse.

  18. SandHills says:

    Oh, and I am not too sure the elimination of tax exemption for mortgage interest in the GOP platform will excite too many Obama would be voters, as a social issue. But given the lukewarm acceptance of Romney by many – out and out opposed by Southerners – in his own party, Romney better hope the Air Force perfects their 4000MPH vehicle soon, he is going to need it to distance himself from that platform the GOP is planking….and fast.

  19. menopaws says:

    Telling women that you want to take control of their bodies is NOT just a “social” issue, gentlemen……..It is the beginning of the march to tyranny…….It is the American TALIBAN. This is a huge issue and never underestimate how women can turn an election……….This platform is even bigger than that moron Akins—Mr. Romney either stands up to that platform committee and assumes control of his own party….or he makes politicall correct statements and once again waffles….Talk taxes all you want–voters want a leader with a spinal column……I am still waiting to see Mr. Romney’s…..Disagree with Obama all you want—he has guts. He made the call on the raid on Bin Laden (even Biden recommending bombing the place, as did CIA people). He has put up with being called a terrorist sympathizer, Muslim, not a citizen. a socialist, a communist…..and still keeps truckin’……..He is NO wimp……Romney can’t even call out Donald Trump!!!!!

  20. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/hill_swayed_to_kill_osama_MJc7OcNyqxkZL5z7WmHoDK

    You dems chose poorly in 2008. He did not want to pull the trigger, Hillary saved the day.

    And he is the highest pol in the land. He should gets props for maintaining composure while being called names? You must secretly love Bush.

    If he is so tough why does he run from the press?

    Sandhills, Romney and the republican party definitely have a PR problem. First off, the party is pro-life. Not a secret, and not exactly fringe. Probably less popular than it once was. I do think they turn off younger voters with the religious bent and the primary was painful.

    In the end of the day their strength is economic ideas (there are none on the left right not) and BHOs many failures. I believe the same force that pushed BHO into office will remove him; the desire for change. People want to believe in America and its govt. under BHO all we have is partisanship and doubt.

  21. LeePHill says:

    After making a fool of himself, not knowing the Republican Party plank on the subject of the letter of this thread….CT changes the subject abruptly.

    The New York Post? I love to get a laugh at the media of choice….LOL

  22. LeePHill says:

    Telling women that you want to take control of their bodies is NOT just a “social” issue, gentlemen

    Amen, sister.

  23. menopaws says:

    What press???They are all owned by major corporations……PBS is the only independent press left and Congress wants to cut their funding……..the dearly departed MOLLY IVINS WARNED US 10 YEARS AGO ABOUT CORPORATIONS BUYING UP THE PRESS. CNN is a joke, Fox is soooo Republican that fair and balanced is kind of a sad joke, Comcast owns NBC and Microsoft bowed out of MSNBC< so Comcast is also in charge, Disney owns ABC…..CBS is the only independent one left…….Pay attention—it is a stock tip…We bought CBS a while back because they were still semi-independent…..they have made us a tidy profit…..You want to trash the Obama loving press CT8????They are far more famous for the stories they DON'T cover or challenge, like voter ID laws,like why Romney kisses up to Donald Trump,like Medicare fraud to the tune of 500 million $$$ exposed by the Obama adminstration…….Like putting that Sikh massacre on the front page instead of burying it in the back of the paper (no white people like the Colorado theater)…..One last thing–the Admiral in charge of the Seals called President Obama gutsy on his calls on the raid to get Bin Laden–Just fries your butts that you had 8 years and that bozo walking across the deck of that carrier under that banner……and HE FAILED MISERABLY. He didn't get Bin Laden , his mission was NOT ACCOMPLISHED………He drove the economy over a cliff–and yet you still attack the guy elected to clean up his mess…….Be proud–true Republican–never take responsibility for anything…always blame someone else for your failures…..Be proud–you fit their mode……Always someone's else's fault. Standing up and taking the heat like Reagan did during Iran contra–well, no real men of courage now are there??? He took the heat—take a lesson….

  24. SandHills says:

    CT8, all I can say is look at the response of menopaws above. Obama has the votes, he just has to get them motivated to vote. If youthink there are enough Obama ’08 voters out there who will switch over in 2012, well all I am saying is wake up and smell the coffee, you are dreaming away any chance Romney has.

    If you think Romney will be a magnet for new voters – who are not already committed mainly to getting Obama out of office as their #one objective, regardless of the economy. Then you are only preaching to e choir that only watch Fox news.

    I still say only of Obama can’t get his base as enthused as it was in ’08 will Romney have a chance…looking at that GOP platform so far, I guess menopaws can be seen as a reaction Romney don’t need from Democrat faithful, or women in general (or maybe even some women who may have voted GOP on economic reasons, but in good conscious can’t swallow that GOP platform). Te GOP is the anchor dragging along below the surface, no matter how big the sails Romney opens up. The GOP faithful will overlook a lot, even in a disparity between their candidate and their platform in order to beat Obama, I am just of the opinion that many independents may not.

    And worse, it will inflame the same ’08 voters for Obama, which, again may not go to Romney anyway, but may just not be motivated enough to get to the polls and cast a vote at all – which again is the best hope Romney has dragging that GOP anchor along.

  25. menopaws says:

    Smart Sandhills………I used to split my ticket and be proud to vote both parties…..Not any more………I believe the Republicans have moved soooo far to the right that is is downright scary….Talk taxes, talk economy all you want…..That “woman cried rape and it wasn’t real” I know about the Duke case— ambitious prosecutors make all kinds of threats to intimidate people for high profile cases- the prosecutor in the Duke case lost his license to practice law……..I am a woman and the mother of a daughter….Maybe if Mittens had a daughter he would understand—I REFUSE to allow the government to tell my daughter what she can or cannot do with her uterus……..When I say American Taliban, I mean it……..This religious zealotry is dangerous and, to quote Mr, McCarthy “downright un-American.”Kiss up “for your tax cuts–there are little girls and young women in real danger under this agenda…..Not politics here, the fear of a parent for her daughter……..

  26. The 08 dem voters are staying home with the exception of the extremists. If you are currently employed, BHO is not your pick. Unemployed and want a job, BHO has nothing to offer.

    Did meno actually say something interesting? Her posts are so full of hate and periods I let them fly by.

  27. CT? – The only economic issues the GOP is concerned about is how to make the rich richer and sending more jobs overseas.

  28. LeePHill says:

    “CT8 says:
    Aug. 21, 2012 at 8:08 pm The 08 dem voters are staying home with the exception of the extremists.”

    Oh yes….the crystal ball act begins…

    “menopaws says:
    Aug. 21, 2012 at 7:37 pm Smart Sandhills………I used to split my ticket and be proud to vote both parties…..Not any more………”

    Menopaws – I’ll admit that I had already selected Thurston County’s Kim Wyman, who was groomed by Sam Reed. Since watching the Republicans across the nation, selectively create voting times that don’t favor the working people of our nation, I can no longer cast my vote for any Republican, who would follow suit to chase the campaign money from the likes of the Koch Brothers. I’ll choose Greg Nickels.

  29. menopaws says:

    CT*–My “rants” are about protecting women….Obviously, you don’t care to do that………Some issues, believe it or not are far more important than YOUR wallet. Hope there are no women who need to count on your courage…..

  30. MyBandito says:

    I love it when they use the word “rant” to describe the other person’s opinion, yet they don’t rant. Oh, no!

  31. So should I protect women? How old fashioned.

    Hill, the working man is voting R. Try again.

  32. SandHills says:

    Without adding more to disagree on, Lord knows we seem to have plenty of that nowadays…

    All I was trying to get across to Romney supporters is batten down the hatches, run a tight ship, and stay on course regarding the economy. Again most of your supporters are lock-step on one purpose, getting Obama out. Sure it can be sugar coated with blaming him for the economy and debt – but its really about just Obama the man (and a lot of that is that he is a mixed-race man). The economy and debt is just a nice wrapper to cloak all that anti-Obama stuff in, and even that is weak, as the two war spending, and tax reductions for wealthy, were largely at blame – as well as Congressional oversight of SEC and e theives on Wall Street and Bankers ruined our economy by their incessant greed – preceded Obama. Romney already has his votes in the bag, with the only faint hope of more is the argument that CT8 and others keep that this election is all about your wallet. but again those only worried about their own self-interest are aready on board the SS Romney, the ship of the self-interest. My point is that the SS Romney, has to run on that GOP platform, or run from it….sort of a drag on his cruising speed either way.

    But get off course about self-interest and your wallet, and start talking about social issues, well the SS Romney is running into shallow water and likely to run aground. Such issues pulls back e curtain, maybe not on his tax records, but certainly on self-interest, and the GOP platform does that anyway with its language about abortion and mortgage interests exemption. But still Romney will have his voters that he always had, the Southerners who voted against him in the primaries, and the working man who will over look the hit his wallet will take when he loses that tax exemption for his home mortgage. Yes Romney already has all the votes now he will get in the election. But there is one small problem for him to cruise into the white house…he will need more votes.

    Aside from the hardcore supporters Obama has, and I am willing to bet he has as many as Romney, many non-committed voters may not buy the self-interest argument (and certainly not the racial motivation). Many of these potential voters never vote at all…but enough did in ’08 to get Obama elected.

    To suggest Romney can motivate this vast swath of the non-committed, usually non-voters, to vote for his self-interest platform, well, again, the only way is to stay with the economy and sell it like a lottery ticket – “yes you too can be rich like me” if we just let the rich get richer we will all get rich. I mean Coolidge won with “a chicken in every pot”, why not wealth, tax havens, off shore accounts?

    But if any social issues come to fore, well the SS Romney is adrift heading towards the rocks, because that is unfamiliar territory for Romney and the GOP. But you can bet the Obama machine will see this, and class warfare to boot. When it comes down to social issues it is a case of the “Let them eat cake” party meeting the Pied Piper party.

    No wonder so many voter speed bumps are going up around the country, those smart enough to get out of the Fox News bubble see that rocky shore, realizing the potential for new voters is much greater for Obama.

    My rant above is only to point out that the SS Romney is headed for shallow water….but smart ones in the GOP already know that – quickly trying to gag Akin, pushing ahead with voter ID (something I am for, but not as a strategy to disenfranchise, or at least disuade, voters), and even distancing Romney from the GOP platform….so ends the soapbox on this thread.

  33. menopaws says:

    Sandhills,,Even when I don’t agree with you, I appreciate the careful thought and knowledge in your blogs…….It is a pleasure to discuss issues with you……..CT7…or 8, whatever. Take note : a thinking, rational conservative deserves respect……..A Fox News cheerleader does not……….As far as having to “protect” women, don’t worry…….No one expects you to go beyond your pay grade……..Your limitations define you.

  34. LeePHill says:

    “CT8 says:
    Aug. 22, 2012 at 8:32 am Hill, the working man is voting R. Try again.”

    Yeah…we heard that story in 2008 about Gramps and HotLips.

    Only one problem, they got handed their collective keesters by Obama and Friend.

    I’m sure that you can tell us something about those that don’t work, as you appear to be doing a fair amount of research on the subject. Meanwhile, there are male executives (working men) who are too damned smart to vote Repubican, as they see what it did in 2000 and 2004.

    I’m getting my private company involved in a new selling venture. I might need a delivery boy.

  35. LeePHill says:

    SandHills is a conservative????

    I guess I learn something everyday. I always thought of him as a centrist.

    I call myself a Democrat, and in many ways am a progressive. At the same time, Sam Reed and Slade Gorton are two Republicans I’ve done business with or had a personal relationship with and I’d cast a vote in their direction on many occasions.

    I lean conservatively on several issues, but if I really let that cat out of the bag, how could CT and Friends call me a socialist? It would ruin their fun and since this is supposed to be fun, I’ll just continue to allow them their Jerry Garcia/John Lennon image of me.

    I do have to say that I’m amazed that the best the GOP could come up with, to campaign against the incumbant whom they claim is the worst president ever….is Romney/Ryan. One would think that the cream of the Republican crop would be showing up for this election to take the Administration back to their side. As I say that, I’m reminded that anyone who loses to Obama is finished, as far as presidential runs.

    I guess Romeny was just expendable. Christie, Bush 3 and other stars of the party can’t risk losing to the black guy.

  36. SandHills says:

    Lee, I give credit where credit is due, you might have nailed it on the head in regards to Romney being the GOP sacrificial lamb, setting it up for 2016. You left out Rubio as well…but who knows…

    I’ll restate that Romney’s only hope is a flat voter turnout. He has all the votes he is going to get already, and centrists like me only have a choice of the lesser of two evils. Since I could never be able to afford myself a seat on the self-interest crusie ship Romney….

    The one issue that has really tipped the scale a bit for me is a GOP platform plank position to eliminate the home mortgage interest deduction on taxes – and yet they fight to retain lower taxes for capital gains and unearned income (as well as the tax cuts for those making over $250k). The obvious answer is that the rich don’t have mortgages, its a tax exemption they don’t need.

    Yeah it is beginning to be class warfare in America, and the GOP fired the first shot – at least the first shot that got my attention – those of you who lean a bit to the left might have been more senitive to this a long ago.

  37. Ryan was selected in an attempt to placate the Ron Paul delegates that Romney needs to get nominated – and, of course, the $100 mil donated to the campaign fund – with the hope that Ryan would not alarm the centrists too much.

  38. SandHills says:

    Bb, as a centrist, I am already alarmed – not sure rank and file GOPers who claim to be centrists are…they will do the deal with the devil to beat Obama on any terms.

    The question is, how motivated will this make the Democratic base to get out and drum up the same numbers Obama had in 08?

    Haven’t yet seen the same enthusiasm (bumper stickers, rallies, etc). Apathy is the only candidate in the race that can defeat Obama.

  39. Well – I’m definitely on the Left. Because I saw him as a triangulator in the Clinton mold, I didn’t vote for Obama in ’08 and was pretty determined to not vote for him again. But Ryan is making me seriously reconsider.

  40. “$16tril in debt, a war going on, unemployment stuck over 8%, and the left wants to talk about social issues.”

    And yet, here you are, posting several times on social issues. I guess you must be a leftist. ROFL

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