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ELECTION: Inslee has vision for education

Letter by Donovan D. Johnson, University Place on Aug. 21, 2012 at 2:14 pm with 9 Comments »
August 21, 2012 2:14 pm

Re:  “Education: Expect lighter pocketbooks” (letter, 8-5).

The writer frets that education in our state might cost him more money as an individual, but he ignores the terrible social cost of ignorance. Instead of polling children, he might consider that for the common good all of us need to work together to prepare our young people to enter the emerging high-tech workforce (a key to higher employment rates).

This priority is underscored by our state constitution’s mandate: Universal education is state government’s “paramount duty.”

As governor, Jay Inslee would implement his core vision for education, a vision that reaches far beyond simply more money and more educator training (which his opponent focuses on). Inslee’s vision would engage all sectors of local communities – educators, families, businesses and neighbors – to work together to educate the young.

With Inslee’s communitarian vision, education could be so much more than a greater burden for the taxpayer; education is the foundation for future success and prosperity for us all, including concerned citizens like the letter writer.

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  1. itwasntmethistime says:

    Ummm, Donovan thinks he’s the first one who ever thought of this? He doesn’t realize we’ve been trying every which way to get the community at large involved in education since the beginning of education itself? And somehow Inslee is going to get people who don’t want to be involved in education involved anyway?

  2. truthbusterguy says:

    Guess the desperate democrat LTE writers have had their meeting so get used to their daily dribble of platitudes about their liberal candidates. I give them credit, their party has destroyed this great state and they want to stay in power, not this year.

  3. Why must we endure these phony LTE’s?

    And why are they placed at the front of the line?

  4. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Someone tell Inslee that the “teacher” is the one paid to educate the children – support is the job of others!! The outcome is primarily the teachers responsibility! If there are no standards of performance and behavior in the system – uneducated dependent people is the result!

  5. blakeshouse says:

    Less even worse education is the aim of this idiot as gov. Gotta admit these Socialists have it down pat. Poorer education means poorer constituency which has only one way to end up. More on the dependency train looking to the govt for more of their lives. Cradle to grave dependence serves the politburo in this gulag

  6. SwordofPerseus says:

    Six comments in a row, all clueless neo con whiners. Move to Somalia, that country has the type of government that you all crave.

    Who ever is elected governor of Washington will have a negligible effect on education. As long as families with both parents working or with single parent families are the norm, the state of childhood education will be in decline. The classroom teacher is but one piece in a complex puzzle necessary to educate a child. A supportive family and community are as important, if not more so, than the quality of the classroom teacher. We have some fabulous teachers in the Washington State School system, they also need quality students to educate. People who are ready and healthy and fed. Then the teachers have a fighting chance.

  7. aislander says:

    SoP seems to be implying that the extreme of conservatism is anarchy–or dysfunctional government, anyway.

    Good. I’ve been saying that for years.

    American conservatives, however, are not in favor of an absence of government or of ineffective government. We simply want limited government.

    So…if the extreme of conservatism is an absence of government, what is the extreme of all the VERY different (not) ideologies of the left?

    Total government, no?

  8. SwordofPerseus says:

    ‘slander – What function is a government ultimately supposed to serve?

  9. MyBandito says:

    Since government doesn’t reduce in size during Republican administrations, I’d call BS on that so called plank of the Republican party. Besides, I suspect that this is really the Tea Party talking.

    Tea Party enthusiasts, through the Republican party, want total control over the government. The size is irrelevant.

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