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MARRIAGE: Will gay unions create family strife?

Letter by Nancy R. Benson, Lake Tapps on Aug. 20, 2012 at 11:32 am with 39 Comments »
August 20, 2012 11:32 am

While proponents of same-sex marriage say that “It is about time,” and “It is the right thing to do,” consider this scenario: Little Johnny and Debbie go to school. In school they are taught there are all kinds of families, even ones with two moms and two dads.

But at home Johnny and Debbie learn from their parents that homosexuality is taboo. Then the children say to the teacher their parents have taught them that homosexual marriage is wrong. Will they have to go through sensitivity training? And then suddenly their parents are wrong. What strife!

The question is: What will happen to Johnny and Debbie? Is this the beginning of a slippery slope? Are we changing our culture at the expense of the many who still believe this is taboo?

Where will we stop?


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  1. SandHills says:

    Nancy, not the begining, we are past the tipping point, and speeding up down that slope…

    Add climate change – even if only a “natural cycle” – that reduces food production to feed an ever growing population, and we don’t need any cataclysmic event like a massive asteroid hit alter our reality.

    A stagnant economy with more foreclosure on the horizen and $4 gas is the cherry on top….

  2. Theefrinker says:

    What will happen to Johnny and Debbie? Well, they’ll have to actually think about something. My goodness, imagine that. They would have to THINK about a topic which is viewed upon differently by individuals, based on the upbringing they had, and form an opinion–what a hassle that would be.

  3. surething says:

    They will be just fine, probably better off than the kids with abusive, drunk parents that do not clothe them or bathe them properly.

  4. If you don’t want Johnnie and Debbie to be exposed to anything outside of your preferred views you have two choices: home school or private school.

    No problem.

  5. This letter can’t be serious. Kids discuss topics in public settings every day where opinions differ from the world view they hear at home. Is the letter writer suggesting that society stop evolving so kids won’t hear views that challenge views heard in their home?

  6. the3rdpigshouse says:

    First thing, tell Johnny & Debbie to ask the teacher how the two mommies and two daddies scenario creates children without artificial insemination – can’t do – the relationship is abnormal!!! Tell the children that they would not exist if mommy & daddy were gay!!!!

  7. LeePHill says:

    Johnny and Debbie go to school and learn that there is scientific basis for the history of the Universe.

    Johnny and Debbie’s parents say “God made it in 7 days”.

    Does society quit acknowledging science in lieu of Johnny and Debbie’s mom and dad and their mythological belief system?

  8. the3rdpigshouse says:

    For dtacoma – you are not evolving – you are degenerating!!

  9. LeePHill says:

    “the3rdpigshouse says:
    Aug. 20, 2012 at 12:47 pm First thing, tell Johnny & Debbie to ask the teacher how the two mommies and two daddies scenario creates children without artificial insemination – can’t do – the relationship is abnormal!!!”

    Next you can tell them that Uncle Norm and Aunt Gladys are abnormal because they can’t have children.

  10. thisyoungvet says:

    So let me get this right…you would prefer that children with a family member (or parents) who are gay or lesbian are taught that those people are living a “lifestyle of sin” or are an abomination? That everyone is NOT to be treated equal? I bet though that you think that saying the pledge of allegiance should be mandatory right? Because that is one big contradiction, among oh so many. How about instead of being so dang afraid of what “might” happen you spend that same time and energy on something more productive that actually will make the world a better place, like feeding the poor and homeless, taking in the orphans and widows or spending that energy serving your fellow man in a way that lifts them up.

  11. Johnny and Debbie will look back in 25 years and be embarrassed their parents were ‘flat-earthers.’ They will also be glad they were raised in an environment where their learning was not 100% monopolized by ‘beliefs’ of their parents. Every parent should hope that their children are challenged to arrive at their own truths rather than be programmed like automatons.

  12. the3rdpigshouse – homosexuality is found in over 1,600 species, yet homophobia is found in just one.

    Put down the book of myths and go study human sexuality. Not from the bathroom wall in your favorite tavern, but in a real academic setting.

  13. Frankenchrist says:

    Johnnie and Debbie go to Teabagger High School. They learn that rape victims will spontanesouly abort; therefore, rape is not bad and anyway she had it coming to her.

    They also learn from their Mormon teacher that blacks are subhuman and men should have six wives. Also, Jesus was born in Utah and the earth is only 6,000 years old.

    Fortunately, when they get to college they unlearn all that crap and become scientists and engineers who vote progressive.

  14. If ridiculous could get one banned, piggie would be gone in a fraction of a second.

  15. the3rdpigshouse says:

    LePHil – tell me if Johnny or Frank is to be artificially inseminated???!! I think everyone would be interested in that family creation!

  16. Gee, Johnney and Debbie back in the 50’s and 60’s were told at home Blacks were bad and you shouldn’t ever like them as they were different than the rest of us. Yet were taught in school all are equal and they are just like the rest of us. Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn’t it? Johnney and Debbie were also taught about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Yet, went home and were told no such creatures existed. Hmmm sound familiar. I could go on but won’t. Sorry folks, it’s time for the equal thing again and the kids will be just fine with the differences in the human species. And has history has shown will grow up to view the anti gay movement as just the bigots of that time period and how foolish it really was. Again, its time folks.

  17. frankiethomas says:

    Wait til Nancy finds out Johnny loves Jim.

  18. Frank and Jim adopt from Julie and Jane or hire Janice to be a surrogate. I guess piggie is still trying to figure it out. I really hope he has no kids of his own to warp.

  19. Fibonacci says:

    3rd piggie seems WAY to interested in who is gay–maybe he is worried about his own sexuality.

  20. MistressWickedness says:

    are you serious? lol ok so lets go back about 50-60 years and guess what the KKK was using a simular argument for their predjudiced veiws ,, lol guess we havent went as far as we’de4 hoped.

  21. So…I’m confused here….is 3rdpig, with his discussion of how ovum are inseminated, advocating for sex ed?

  22. the3rdpigshouse says:

    bB – you confuse easily! I see why you remain an “OH-Bummer” supporter!!

  23. 3pig – ever hear of adoption? Or DINK – dual income, no kids?

  24. Fibonacci says:

    I still say that 3rdpiggie is confused about his sexuality. He just might be……. Oh ever mind.

  25. Well, I don’t know dtacoma, it’s entirely possible that the antarctic is swimming with homophobic penguins completely disgusted by the behavior of their fellow flightless birds.

    Don’t even get me started on evangelical bonobos…

    I’m sorry, I don’t have a serious response to this letter, because it doesn’t express an opinion that I can take seriously.

  26. Now I’m really confused….how does my question about 3rdpig’s support for requiring sex education in the schools have anything to do with Obama? And, how is it he still thinks that I support Obama?

    I will try again:
    Obama bad
    Romney worse.

    Both sides are of the same coin – neither Party should lead this country.

  27. rooster_02 says:

    Oh piggie….maybe you should move to Missouri and support your boy Todd Aiken

  28. the3rdpigshouse says:

    So now the continuously sychophantic and racist supporter bB wants us all to believe he will vote for “OH-Bummer” because he is the lesser of two evils?? How you can rationalize the preference for an absolute marxist/socialist like “OH-Bummer” over a patriotic pro-American candidate like Romney only supports the “ignorant electorate” label!!

  29. …..and how do practicing Jewish children hold on to their religious views when Spam is served right there in the school cafeteria?

    Really, this letter is about as ridiculous as one can get in the anti-gay marriage debate.

    That’s why we have the 3rdpigshouse trying to derail it into who hates Obama more discussion.

  30. SwordofPerseus says:

    Nancy, time to let go of the hate and fear and take a trip somewhere where you don’t speak the language and everyone looks different, it will be very therapeutic for you.

    3rdpig – stop using the words Marxist and socialist, because you have no idea what they mean. You obviously rode to school on a short school bus if you believe that the clown for the republicon party is any form of a patriot. Turn off fox boobs, it is making you stupid.

  31. “homosexuality is found” — I always love this turn of phrase. Lots of things are “found” in nature that we do not, as humans, embrace or condone. For instance, we do not devour our young , nor do we kill the male after he has donated his sperm as some spiders do. Most of us don’t eat raw meat. Since when do we look to nature to define what is right and good for humanity?

  32. and yet sozo – many social conservative go to “natural law” to support their views…..

    btw – glad to see your posts again – was wondering where you were.

  33. what is “sychophantic”? a spoonerism linking psycho with sycophant?

  34. “racist supporter”?

    what are you basing that upon?

  35. itwasntmethistime says:

    Why would the subject even be up for discussion in school? I went to school for many years and don’t remember a single lesson plan that touched on who lives at which kid’s house. Between divorces, deaths, fathers who have simply vanished, moms who move a new guy in every week, etc. the LAST thing any teacher is going to do is open up that can of worms on purpose.

  36. LeePHill says:

    “the3rdpigshouse says:
    Aug. 20, 2012 at 3:36 pm LePHil – tell me if Johnny or Frank is to be artificially inseminated???!! I think everyone would be interested in that family creation!”

    Since “Frankie” and “Johnny” are both names that have been given to women, I sould suppose that either could be artificially inseminated.

    What is your real interest in this? Your comments read like the guy who call Stephanie Miller’s show yesterday to say that “you girls like that stuff”, when the subject was “non-voluntary inter-vaginal probes”.

  37. LeePHill says:

    If the issue of homosexuality is going to be argued on the basis of “natural”, it would be intellectually dishonest to ignore homosexuality in other species.

    Could it be that the socially conservatives really don’t have an intellectually honest argument for the issue and are just hiding behind the term “natural”?

  38. Thanks bB. I notice someone else is using “sozo” — posting on another thread. I may have to change my moniker, though I have chosen to visit this site only on a very slow morning in the last several months, so I may not bother. It seems to have very little value in terms of intelligent, meaningful exchange. Reading it this morning has been rather depressing. It’s kind of like going to the school yard to watch kids through rocks at each other. We’ll see.

    Can you give me an example of what you said above? If you mean that some think homosexuality is “unnatural” I see what you mean, except that the “real” conservative Christian argument there is not what occurs in nature as much as what God intended regarding males and females in relationship. Clearly it was God’s intention that mankind operate on a moral plane that is not required of the rest of nature.

  39. sozo, most of us do not eat most raw meat because it is harmful. However, when prepared properly and from the right cut, steak tartare is delicious and healthy.

    There is no “human right” to eat raw meat like there is with marriage, and gay marriage has never been shown to be harmful. Its only in your head that you have decided you don’t like it and no one else can like it either by the force of law.

    There are many people, yourself included, that would deny others a basic human right, a right to pursue their own happiness and meaning in life, for no other reason than so you can impose your religious views on them, even if they do not agree. “Tyrrany” is the word for it.

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