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ELECTION: Vote for Romney, elect the Koch brothers

Letter by Carol Dedrick, Tacoma on Aug. 15, 2012 at 12:39 pm with 49 Comments »
August 15, 2012 12:55 pm

So Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate. Well, sure. They’re pals, right? Romney’s already conscripted Ryan’s budget plan; why not take the person behind it, too?

More than ever, it’s now clear that a vote for Romney is a vote for the puppet masters behind his campaign. Nothing in Romney’s background suggests a predilection towards the tea party, yet his selection of Ryan is the quintessential tea party choice.

So who’s calling the shots in his campaign? Judging from the money raised by the various PACs supporting him, it’s none other than America’s Republican elite, led by the Koch brothers, Harold Clark Simmons and Sheldon Adelson.

Be careful, America. This is an important election. Set yourselves up to become the pawns of the rich, or create a world that works for all of us. Your choice.

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  1. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney is the un-man, a tepid milquetoast who likes dancing horses and hates his country so much he dodged the draft during the Vietnam War and didn’t pay taxes for ten years.

    Hey Romney, the dog rides inside.

    Mitt Romney: “I like to fire people.”

  2. sumyungboi says:

    Carol, I don’t know if you’re just completely ignorant, or a flaming hypocrite. One or the other. Who do you think’s funding Obama’s billion dollar campaign? Concerned working class citizens? That’s a good one!

  3. Sum- those innocent unions are really donating money for the good of all citizens. Soros really cares about you. Those $3 dinner lotto tickets will fill BHOs coffers. Bill Maher is not a bigot and his money is welcome at the Obama camp.

    No, businesmen and women are evil! #ows told me so. The money they earned is disgusting and should only go where progressives think it should.

  4. youngboy, you really need to take a look at who the donors are for Obama and what their average donation amount is. It is not anything like the republican onslaught of huge donations to PAC’s so that they can hide their involvement.

  5. aislander says:

    We figured out in 2008, Pubs, that big donors to the Obama campaign were writing multiple checks below that $250 threshold at which reporting is required.

    Don’t try to kid a kidder…

  6. RegisteringFool says:

    Vote for Obama, elect George Soros.

  7. writnstuff says:


    I think even you would have to agree that we have a real choice this election.

    Republicans: Dissolve Medicare, remove the safety net, lower taxes for rich people
    Democrats: Support the middle class, ask the 1% to pay more in taxes, strengthen the safety net

    It’s the motivation of the millionaires supporting the tickets that the letter writer may have been concerned about. Democratic millionaires generally believe the economy is driven by demand, are willing to raise their tax rate, and recognize the value of rebuilding the infrastructure. Republican millionaires want to lower their own tax rates, remove the safeguards that protect the public, are supply side economists.

    Like I said, a clear choice. Like the letter writer said, this is an important election.

  8. Obama gets the nod (barely) because his VP ain’t nearly as bad as Ryan.

  9. Bb, you have been in BHOs cheerleading section for months. Why lie?

    Writ, how is the middle class doing today? Why is acting like an adult an addressing the insolvent nature of our entitlements a negative thing?

    Dem entitlements have taken away our ability to “invest” in America. In the 1970’s we began spending more money on entitlements than investments, and the gap grows every year.

    No one is calling for the safety net to be removed. That is an outright lie. Making it affordable to taxpayers and not making it a way of life is in all our interests.

    Before you throw emotion at me, look up what % of the stimulus (you remember that huge amount of money the left no longer talks about?) went to infrastructure.

  10. sumyungboi says:

    writnstuff, what are the motivations of leftists who donate to Obama? And even if you buy into the bs that Obama’s raising a billion dollars from regular working folk, why are they somehow more noble than people who move the economy? Have you ever worked for a poor guy? Do you think that their reasons for supporting Obama aren’t selfish? Please..

    You: “Republicans: Dissolve Medicare, remove the safety net, lower taxes for rich people”

    What a steaming load. First, you know that medicare is unsustainable in its current form. No one has suggested dissolving medicare, and you know that, so quit with the lies. Safety net? No, but we should remove the hammock. And why should the wealthy pay more in taxes to support those who pay no taxes? Make everyone pay taxes at the same rate. That’s fair. Taxing people at different rates is inherently unfair and discriminatory.

    You: “Democrats: Support the middle class, ask the 1% to pay more in taxes, strengthen the safety net”

    Ah, yes, you buy into that 1% bs. Oh, woe is the 99%! I tend to look at it as the 51% who actually pay taxes and the 49% who’re leeches on the American system.

  11. CT – what have the Republicans done or plan to do to help the middle class?

  12. lylelaws says:


    Let’s be honest, Beer, you would vote for Obama if Fidel Castro was his running mate.

  13. Obama gets the nod (barely) because his VP ain’t nearly as bad as Ryan.

    berBs, I know you’re a smart guy. How can you write that without using a roll-eyes emoticon?

    Truly, their has never been a bigger embarrassment ever to occupy Number One Observatory Circle than Scranton Joe 0biden – probably never will be.

  14. took14theteam says:

    “lower taxes for rich people”

    No one is talking about lowering taxes. The debate is about raising taxes from the CURRENT rate that has been in effect for over 10 years, which BHO continued.

  15. Actually, the Koch Bros are small fry compared to casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson who recently invested $10 million to buy Mitt a seat in the oval office..

    There a fair amount of evidence that Adelson’s billions came, not just from craps, so it is fair to call him Mitt’s pimp.

    I suggest everyone not older than 55 really re-examine the Ryan plan to turn Medicare into a voucher plan, privatize Social Security and make higher education unaffordable to all but the elite. And, you oldsters who think “I got mine”…..do you really want to leave your children/grandchildren with less than what you have?

    Ryan is a social conservative who wants big government to determine what goes on in your bedroom and between you and your doctor while being a Libertarian when it comes to money. He is, for me, the worst of the worst.

    So yes, clamat0, I am absolutely serious when I say that Ryan is far, far, far worse than Biden (who I have very little respect for but at least I don’t think he would do huge damage).

  16. No one is talking about lowering taxes.

    Then why is Romney talking about his 20% tax cut plan?

  17. … Sheldon Adelson who recently invested $10 million to buy Mitt a seat in the oval office…

    so it is fair to call him Mitt’s pimp.

    Is it? Then why doesn’t he appear on this list?


    If you’re going to associate donations to super pacs directly with candidates, then I’d guess you also believe 0bama’s a dirty liar too. After all, the dots are much easier to connect between the 0bama reelection campaign (aka the 0bama presidency, 2009 – 2012) and Priorities USA (run by former 0bama administration officials) – especially as regards the glaring lie about the circumstances of the cancer death commercial, among many, many others (not to mention documented previous associations/ conversations about the subject, between current 0bama administration members, Priorities USA, and the accuser, Joe Soptic).

    Then there’s Ditrty Harry Reid – who has his own very special ax to grind with Sheldon Adelson (and the power/ position to do it… and we know Dirty Harry always tells the truth, LMAO!).

  18. Took – every republican backed budget, jobs bill, etc ALL start with cutting taxes on the rich.

    For example Paul Ryan’s plan would lower the top income tax rate to 25%

  19. averageJose says:

    NYT opinion piece? LOL…

    I wonder how much money the Chi-comms are flooding into the DNC this time around…

  20. Then why doesn’t he appear on this list?

    Don’t know

    Sheldon Adelson shakes up race with $10 million pro-Romney donation

  21. C’mon! we all know that Obama and his cohorts are as clean as the wind driven snow. Golly, he is a product of Chicago politics and we all know that they are beyond reproach! With all of the upstanding supporters like Soros and Rahm Emanuel, the union bosses, black panthers, the entire cast of MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, and the myriad of other socialist supporters, what’s there to be concerned about? Afterall, he has a lot of experience as a “community organizer” and has gone out of his way to help such community oriented organizations such as ACORN, Congressional Black Caucus etc. It’s clear to me who really has the best interest of the country at heart, right?

  22. frosty – explain how mega-capitalist George Soros is a “socialist supporter”.

  23. X- stop our slide off a fiscal cliff. Do you think we can borrow at this rate forever?

    What is our invest vs entitlement rate?

  24. menopaws says:

    The Koch Brothers, plus Cheney and Rumsfeld are gearing up to run things……Cheney already did it once. Let’s be clear, it is obvious that Romney is NOT smart enough to be the Commander in Chief…..His trip abroad proved that he couldn’t negotiate with a skycap, much less a world leader……He put Ryan on the ticket, so he can claim some economic expertise in government. This is the reality for Republicans. Everyone on this blog can deny, deny, deny. But, even Nethanyahu pushed Romney around, and with some glee, I might add. He would love to have him in the Oval Office……no questions would be asked and the money would flow. I am sorry the Republicans don’t have a better candidate, but their reality is explaining his various issues with the truth and his ever changing positions. He’s a real putz……..

  25. Meno- after you construct a sentence and paragraph properly you can call someone a putz.

    BHO and BIDEN? Come on.

  26. averageJose says:

    ” explain how mega-capitalist George Soros is a “socialist supporter”.”

    Think Michael Moore. ;)

    Demonstrating that there are occasions when posters are willfully obtuse rather than just ignorantly obtuse. LOL.

  27. SwordofPerseus says:

    Conc are you trying to correct Meno’s punctuation and spelling. That is priceless. You are a classless, clueless, retard. Now you want to play grammar Nazi, get out of the sun I think you are experiencing a heat stroke. Be prepared to have your posts corrected for grammar, spelling, and syntax errors.

  28. SwordofPerseus says:

    <avgJoe- Umm are you referring to the film maker Michael More who is a capitalist.(makes a profit from his work.)

  29. SwordofPerseus says:

    CT7 – “Meno- after you construct a sentence and paragraph properly you can call someone a putz.

    BHO and BIDEN? Come on.”

    direct quote above.

    Should read after corrections for grammar,Punctuation, capitalization and syntax;

    Meno – After you are able to properly construct a sentence or paragraph, you may call someone a putz.

    President Obama, Vice President Biden, come on?

  30. SwordofPerseus says:


  31. took14theteam says:

    Cue ehill………

  32. LeePHill says:

    “RegisteringFool says:
    Aug. 15, 2012 at 5:50 pm Vote for Obama, elect George Soros.”

    WOW….Soros is an American dream come true…and a CON can find something wrong with him…..

    As to socialist supporters, I’d nominate the TEA Party people with their “keep your hands off my medicare” signs.

  33. LeePHill says:

    Menopaws sure does have CT7 and the other Nazi’s number with her style of writing. It forces you to read every word and STILL they don’t get the context of what she says.

    :::::applause::::: Paws!!!

  34. Go ahead and correct. I can always learn.

    Now, I will trade you grammar corrections for substance. Sell your side. Tell me why Biden would make a good president (that is why his position exists).

    Pause is a raging nutjob. She is easily defeated by reason and enter keys.

  35. took14theteam says:

    With typing like that, I don’t bother to even read the paws rants. So applaud all u want Piano man.

  36. Think Michael Moore. ;)

    Ummmm….Michael Moore has made his millions making documentary films (initially) criticizing the offshoring of American industry. Soros made his billions as an investor and currency speculation (including insider trading) – his support of obama demonstrates how little to the Left Obama really is.

  37. averageJose says:

    Yes captain obvious’ (bB and swordofp) the socialist (I’m being kind), Michael Moore, made his millions the capitalist way… kooky.

    What was the question bB??? Oh yea, ” explain how mega-capitalist George Soros is a “socialist supporter”.”

    It’s not how they made their millions… it’s who they give it to for political purposes. ;)

  38. Oh, right….the whole “betrayer of his class” line they hung on FDR…..

  39. or Henry Ford, when he was sued by stockholders because he was “paying his employees too much”.

  40. or Henry Ford, when he was sued by stockholders because he was “paying his employees too much”.

    Was that back when democrats still owned slaves?

  41. menopaws says:

    CT7—Your insults are as stale as your Fox News talking points. For you to do a mental health evaluation is the equivalent of my dog reciting poetry……..Pretty funny, but lame…….Don’t be a PUTZ…..Learn some manners. You are truly getting boring.

  42. aislander says:

    This SHOULD settle the whole tax and spending cuts versus stimulus spending issue:


    These two Harvard economists, “using simple regression analysis, looked at 107 examples in developed countries more than 30 years from 1970 to 2009 and came to this conclusion:

    Fiscal stimuli based upon tax cuts are more likely to increase growth than those based upon spending increases. As for fiscal adjustments, those based upon spending cuts and no tax increases are more likely to reduce deficits and debt than those based upon tax increases.

    Also, spending cuts adopted to reduce deficits have been associated with economic expansion rather than recession.”

    You’re welcome…

    I don’t expect there will be open minds on this matter, but it IS statistical analysis rather than promoting a point of view.

  43. TWO economists put out an opinion!

    That really doesn’t settle anything as economics is the softest of the soft sciences and all they really do is use a bunch of B.C.W.s to support their biases one way or the other.

  44. averageJose says:

    LMAO… of course, but that won’t stop you from citing Paul Krugman when it supports your opinion.

  45. aislander says:

    beerBoy: I went to some pains to point out that was NOT an opinion, rather an objective statistical analysis of events that have ALREADY HAPPENED.

    You’re going to have to do better than that if you are going to support YOUR opinion in opposition to those facts…

  46. averageJose says:

    Not the first time he has dismissed sources without dealing with the content of the citation.

  47. aislander says:

    aJ: I’m really looking forward to seeing how this study is attacked, and I’m very puzzled as to why it isn’t being trumpeted to the sky by Romney & Co. because it utterly destroys the reasoning behind almost everything the Obama admin and EVERY liberal administration has done going all the way back to FDR and possibly Wilson…

    If this stands up, it will end the argument.

  48. Laugh of the day; menopaws calling someone a “putz”! LOL! Take those medications as prescribed menopaws!

  49. averageJose says:

    I doubt he will respond back aislander.

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