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ELECTION: Muri reflects middle-class values

Letter by Randy Chushcoff, University Place on Aug. 15, 2012 at 1:34 pm with 21 Comments »
August 15, 2012 2:24 pm

Tenth Congressional District candidate Denny Heck states that he supports the policies of President Obama; that he and the president are defending “America’s middle-class values.”

To what values is he referring? Are they the values of an unemployment rate of over 8 percent, with an estimated 23 million Americans either unemployed or no longer looking for employment?

Are they the values of Obamacare, which promised that medical insurance rates for the middle class would be reduced but have instead, increased?

Are they the values of the Obamacare that defunds Medicare by $716 billion so that senior citizens will ultimately be rolled into Obamacare, whether they want it or not?

Are they the values of a spending spree that has increased our nation’s debt to over $6 trillion and requires the U.S. to borrow 40 cents of every dollar spent?

Is he really suggesting that “middle-class values” include burdening America’s children with not only an enormous debt but also deep dependence on China, the nation holding America’s credit card?

Those aren’t the “middle-class values” that I grew up with, nor are the values of Dick Muri. He has a solid record of eliminating excessive spending while enhancing efficiency and services for the citizens of Pierce County. Those are the “middle-class values” the 10th District needs and deserves.

That’s why I enthusiastically support Muri for Congress.

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  1. LeePHill says:

    Oh Randy….

    Do you get green stamps for using all those talking points?

  2. aislander says:

    Heck supports the “middle-class value” of dependency on government, something at which the Dems have been extremely successful, with fully a third of the nation receiving handouts (not taking into account Social Security and Medicare).

    I remember when THE middle-class value was standing on your own two feet. No wonder the socialists hated the bourgeosie

  3. aislander says:

    To complete the thought: If everyone exemplified the middle-class value of self reliance there would be no need for socialists. THAT’S why socialists loathe the bourgeoisie.

    NOW those socialistic folks say they are the saviors of that same middle class…

  4. It is a ridiculous letter full of lies that his friends easily buy into. How about some actual substance Randy of UP?

  5. RegisteringFool says:

    Publico – Since when is politics about substance?

  6. fanciladi says:

    Well said, Randy…yes, Obama with smoke and mirrors steals from Medicare! Many seniors, including me can feel it already!

  7. Randy – Little Paul Ryan has the same $716 billion cut in his budget.

    Under Obama the $716 billion is used to create an improved patient database that will benefit those one MediCare/MediCade and Obamacare.

    Ryan uses the cuts to give the rich more tax cuts.

    Aislander – that full third (aka 100,000,000) has been shown to be false. It was created by counting everyone living in the same house as a person receiving federal aid, including social security and MediCare.

  8. aislander says:

    xring: I can’t find a story debunking those figures. Please provide a link.

    The stories I HAVE seen, however, specifically exclude Social Security and Medicare payments from the stats…

  9. HistoryFan says:

    If Heck wants to tie his political anchor to the sinking President, let him. He opens himself up for questions about his judgement by those he looks up to. The current President would rather pick away at the those who put forth, on paper, a suggested plan to get us out of this national moras rather than come up with an economc plan of his own. Remember, he is the leader of his party who has violated the US Constitution for not passing a national budget in over three (3) years. Shameful.

  10. menopaws says:

    Lord, minus the screen it is ALL Fox News.How about some fact checks.??? CBS News took this apart last night. Just a flat out lie like the welfare/work lie. Again, the President gave the states the chance to use their own training programs to create better results…….Here is something Republicans don’t talk about…….. According to the Congressional Budget Office the Obama adminstration has saved over 500 million dollars in taxpayer money by prosecuting Medicare fraud……the most of any adminstration……….If you want to vote Republican that is your right–but don’t spew LIES on this page………Mr. Romney and company are liars and plan to win by NOT allowing people to exercise their right to vote……..That is nothing to be proud of…….Most dictators operate that way.

  11. Well said Mr. Menopaws: “Again, the President gave the states the chance to use their own training programs to create better results…….Here is something Republicans don’t talk about…….. According to the Congressional Budget Office the Obama adminstration has saved over 500 million dollars in taxpayer money by prosecuting Medicare fraud……the most of any adminstration”.

    Denny Heck is a very qualified candidate who will create jobs and support stable healthcare plans, such as what you call “Obamacare”.

    It is people like Dick Muri who oppose helping those with pre-existing conditions and equality in healthcare, who are causing trouble for this country. We need someone who will work with President Obama, not someone who will work against him with hollow opinions and dishonest actions!

  12. OlympiaK says:

    Denny Heck is the perfect candidate for the job. His massive amount of experience and his ability to relate to and understand Washington State and its middle class are completely unmatched. Denny knows what it will take to create jobs in Washington State and he will go to DC and do the right thing for us. That’s what we need; Denny is the man to do it.

  13. newstribune1990 says:


    Simply put, I believe you have the wrong perception of Denny Heck. If you have read into his policies, which I highly doubt it, you will find that Denny is EAGER to help America’s middle class. First, he has stated numerous times that unemployment rate is too high. As a matter of fact, he believes Congress has not done enough to help job creation for the middle class and for that reason, Denny is determined to make a difference (isn’t that what we want in a Congressman?!). The second and last issue I will mention is America’s debt. Once again, Denny has stated our nation’s debt is too high. One of the main reasons is so is due to the Bush-era tax cuts to wealthy Americans. Our debt however did not happen over a few days, but I believe Denny will help contribute an efficient approach that can lower our debt (Look at his policies and maybe you will too!). Randy, I think you just need to do a little more research.

  14. LeePHill says:

    “fanciladi says:
    Aug. 15, 2012 at 7:41 pm Well said, Randy…yes, Obama with smoke and mirrors steals from Medicare! Many seniors, including me can feel it already!”

    100% untrue.

  15. LeePHill says:

    “There’s a small bit of truth here. The Affordable Care Act does reduce Medicare spending by $500 billion over the next 10 years. But here’s the catch: Those dollars aren’t taken out of the current budget, they are not actual cuts, and nowhere does the bill actually eliminate any current benefits.

    The $500 billion is all in future spending reductions and come through the law’s attempts to slow projected growth, not cut spending.

    PolitiFact National has highlighted the biggest bits of savings: About $220 billion comes from reducing annual increases in Medicare payments to health care providers. Another $36 billion comes from increasing premiums for higher-income beneficiaries. Administrative changes land another $12 billion in savings. A new national board is set to come up with $15.5 billion in savings—but can’t get those savings from a reduction in benefits. The last big chunk of $136 billion comes in changes to the Medicare Advantage program, which has become more expensive than initially anticipated.”

    Easily found facts about the lies about Obama and Medicare. You see, this is the Republican MO – to take their weakest point – Medicare, since adding Ryan to the ticket – and create lies about the opposition’s position on the subject.

    Anyone saying “I’m already feeling it” is nothing but cheerleading the lie. Nothing has change on Medicare to date.

  16. LeePHill says:

    It just occured to me that fanciladi is part of that socialist program called “Medicare” – a single payer insurance system.

  17. Randy, that’s not my understanding of what Denny Heck is about. He is determined to get the business of the congress going again to provide real solutions to the problems of our nation. He will vote for those real solutions rather than just support an ideology. For the last four years, congress has been about congress and not about the people they represent. That has got to change and Denny Heck provides the best opportunity to make that happen for the 10 district and the country. A small number of congressional members have been lock step in their votes and will not hear of the art of negotiations and compromise. They are a minority that is driving this country to ruin. Negotiation and compromise are how previous congressional groups have made the really big decisions that benefited us all. They have got to get back to that to provide solutions for the jobs picture, to pay down the debt, to refurbish the national infrastructure. Denny Heck is a proven master of these skills and would represent his district well. I know he has my vote.

  18. The right wingnut losers lose again by my count and assessment. It is so easy to win when countering lies and fabrications that have already appeared at FOX, for instance.

  19. roselady says:

    Denny Heck is my candidate of choice. Denny heck has impressed me by making it clear that he is not just trying to get my vote but really means it when he says that he trusts women to make decisions for themselves and so should congress. Denny has formed a women’s council in Lakewood and olympia to advise him both during his campaign as well as during his time in office if (when) he wins. The lengths he has gone to to listen to women and make sure he can represent us in the 10th District is admirable. After all the years spent struggling for women’s rights, i think many of us did not expect to still be fighting for them today in 2012, but we are. Denny will work with President Obama to assure proper health care for women, our children and our families, whether young or old. thank you Denny heck, you havew my vote.

  20. fanciladi says:

    LeePHill: I am part of Medicare, re: your occur moment. What about it. It needs to be saved for those who are younger. If we do nothing it goes down. I suppose you know no one who is on Medicare.

    As far as your 1000% untrue statement…I disagree!

  21. Aislander, thanks to CT7 who was was nice enough to post the following link, I can debunk the 100,000,000,000 on welfare lie.


    The story discloses that:

    ‘welfare’ was redefined as any government program giving money to people – including SOCIAL SECURITY, unemployment, and other programs not supported by tax dollars.

    ‘Figures include any one residing in a household where at least one person receives a program benefit.’

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