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ELECTION: Derek Kilmer understands average Americans

Letter by David Locey, Gig Harbor on Aug. 15, 2012 at 1:48 pm with 13 Comments »
August 15, 2012 2:21 pm

Many members of Congress are out of touch with the struggles of the average American during this time of economic hardship. Congressional leadership looks more like “non-leadership.”

Some of our current “leaders” openly state that their primary goal is to see that our current president becomes one-term president. That is not my idea of collaborative, democratic leadership or government by and for the people.

Derek Kilmer is an excellent congressional candidate because he is forthright, and he has exceptional leadership skills. He knows how to work both sides of the aisle to get things done. He understands the people from all walks of life.

Kilmer grew up in Port Angeles during a time of record unemployment. His parents were both schoolteachers. Those experiences led him to a career in economic development and helping put people back to work.

Kilmer attended college thanks to student loans. While working two jobs and paying off his student loans, he is raising two children. He and his wife Jennifer know the intricate dance of balancing the competing priorities in the daily lives of many adults: time with family, demanding careers and community engagement. He understands what life is like for the average American.

I believe Kilmer has the experience, judgment, character and work ethic to be a great congressman. He is a leader who will continue to make our state proud. That’s why Kilmer has my trust and my vote.


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  1. GHTaxPayer says:

    Are you kidding me? Kilmer is the biggest liar since Norm Dicks! In the 2010 campaign Kilmer told everyone that he would support our schools and children. The FIRST thing he did when re-elected was to sponsor a bill that CUT school spending, forcing the Peninsula School District to put a levy on the ballot at a cost of $104,000.

    Kilmer also helped backdoor a $5.00 bridge toll while telling us that he was “working to keep the toll down”.

    Then Kilmer voted to support ever-increasing bridge tolls !!


  2. GHTaxPayer says:

    Another article on Kilmer’s refusal to bring spending under control and his willingness to throw school children under the bus.


  3. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    I can’t wait unit it is exposed that Kilmer made a deal with the unions to fund the bonds for the bridge with the provision in place that doesn’t allow the loans to EVER be refinanced. Who in their right minds makes a deal like this? When will he be asked about this? Kilmer is owned by the unions.

    Teachers can thank Kilmer and Seaquist for their pay cuts. They BOTH voted to cut $1.9 million out of the Peninsula School District budget. But Kilmer will smile at teachers as he twist the knife in their back.

    Kilmer doesn’t support gay marriage, just ask him. He voted for gay marriage because he was told to by Seattle democrats. If he voted NO they would not support his run for congress. He will be a Pelosi hand puppet in congress.

    Kilmer worked with senate democrats to kill the bill that would have required illegals to show proof of residency to get a drivers license. He wants illegals to vote for him.

    Kilmer plans to create jobs by spending $1.1 billion dollars of your money. You remember how well the federal job stimulus program worked don’t you? And he wants to go to DC so he can teach them how to spend and waste.

    As a non-vet with NO milatary experience and in the MINORITY party he will do NOTHING to protect the military establishment and all those jobs in the 6th district. The Army, Navy and Air Force that provide so many jobs in this area are TERRIFIED that Kilmer could be the next congressman, just ask them.

    Bill Driscoll, the better choice.

  4. BigSwingingRichard says:

    “Bill Driscoll, the better choice.”

    No, Bill Driscoll is the much, much better choice.

    Bill has worked in the timber industry, is experienced selling forest products in China and opening new markets for forest products. Bill has an MBA, a degree in economics, is a US Marine who re-enlisted after being out of the service for 18 years and volunteered for two tours of duty, one in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Best of all, Bill a moderate who wants to work with both parties to help bring jobs to the 6th district. He is ideally suited to serve the district.

    And he not a politician (a big plus), he is a guy who gets results.

    We need to elect more men (and women) like Bill in congress.

  5. truthbusterguy says:

    Is this the same David Locey that in 2011 said this about obama in a letter to the Seattle Times, “I am weary of bullies impacting the quality of our lives. I am also weary of economic and political leaders, including presidents, who say one thing and do another.”

    So I find it hard that he supports Kilmer. Kilmer is EXACTLY the type of politician that he says he despises.

    Why are liberals so hypocritical?

  6. menopaws says:

    The only reason I am sorry Kilmer is running is because he has been a truly effective voice in the State Legislature………..I am aware that a Rhodes scholar with advanced degrees in economics are not going to impress this crowd, but he knows more about economic growth than any timber executive…….But, hey, this isn’t a crowd that looks at anything beyond the party affiliation……..Too bad. Kilmer is very, very smart….But smart is never at the top of the list of these bloggers…..Vote Kilmer—

  7. olympicmtn says:

    Derek is another crony. He is ripe to repeat the same darn practices. Voting NO to Derek the “I never had a real job” politician.

  8. menopaws says:

    Derek Kilmer is the Associate director of the Pierce County Economic Development board, which is a REAL job………..That does real work, like with the Port of Tacoma’s expansion and NEW jobs……….This is NO career politician–he is an economist and does serious work in economic development. That is a FACT……May not be in the same class as figuring out which trees to cut down, but hey, ask some of those people with new jobs at the Port how they feel…….

  9. PumainTacoma says:

    LOL Derek the “economist” was the person who said the recession was over 2 years ago! Some ego eh. Maybe he should try working for a FOR PROFIT business.

  10. An academic vs someone who got his hands dirty in the real world.

  11. menopaws says:

    Well this academic was a Rhodes scholar……. I am tired of those Tea Party morons and THEIR stupid attempts to bring down the government…..All their work accomplished was getting our credit downgraded. So maybe they need to scurry back and get their hands dirty again doing some real work, as opposed to all their taxpayer paid vacations and better health benefits than the rest of us……..At least Kilmer might have some ideas about kick starting this economy……….Oh, and by the way, the recession is OVER…….GDP growth is anemic but we are NOT hemorrhaging jobs at the 12% rate when Bush left……….Got some memory problems that need to be checked? Just vote your party ticket—this argument can only be conducted with those who have actually met and talked to Kilmer……..Agree or disagree–he is very, very smart. Save your usual ignorant barbs for each other……..It is not like you want to learn anything new is it???? Same old crap, day after day………

  12. With regards to Kilmer working to keep tolls down, he did sponsor Senate Bill 6073 which will delay payment of the bridge sales tax for six years.
    “Delaying the tax bill means the current toll – $2.75 for those using Good to Go transponders, $4 for those who stop at toll booths and $5.50 for everyone else – won’t have to rise as much as it otherwise would, perhaps mitigating the increase by about 20 percent.”
    Read more here:


    Kilmer hasn’t “voted to support ever-increasing tolls” since it’s The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Citizen Advisory Committee that makes toll recommendations to the WA State Transportation Commission to become part of WA Administrative code.

  13. Kilmer, a bully to be despised? You’ve obviously never met or spoken with the man. These comments are interesting. Some suggest that they are from those who follow the mantra: “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with facts.” Intolerance, ignorance and lack of collaboration (that means working together) are dangerously dividing this country. We must move toward a citizenry where people are as important as profit if the grand experiment of democracy is to survive.

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