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ELECTION: Inslee knows both sides of the state

Letter by Larry M. Warren, Tacoma on Aug. 10, 2012 at 1:36 pm with 24 Comments »
August 10, 2012 2:57 pm

I am sure many of us are getting tired of the yard signs everywhere we drive in town. Even though I support several candidates, I set a limit of three for my yard; in fact only one goes right in front of my house, with the other two out near the curb.

The main sign for me this year is for Jay Inslee. It is in a prominent place not only because I happen to be a Democrat and prone to support those candidates, but because I see a couple of unique things I like about him.

First, he is a person who has lived and made a home for his family on both sides of the mountains, which, I believe, is really important for a candidate representing the entire state. I have also lived and worked in Eastern and Western Washington and am very aware of the differences in those areas.

Secondly, I really like an independent thinker who can stand up for his core values, even when others in his own party go the other way. I hear platitudes and rehearsed word bytes from the other side, but honest, hard-working, thoughtful positions from Inslee, especially his stand on clean-energy industry jobs for our future.

Please consider Inslee in deciding who to vote for Nov. 6.

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  1. aislander says:

    So…what IS a “clean-energy job?” You mean the type of jobs that led Spain to twenty percent unemployment?

    And it seems to me that Inslee moved from one side of the state to the other pursuing the main chance…

  2. “Considered” and rejected.

    Good lord, will these inslee hired LTE lackeys ever cease their phony letters of support?

    That alone is grounds to vote for McKenna.

  3. LeePHill says:


    Sure glad McKenna followers don’t use Letters to the Editor.

    Ooops…I guess I’m wrong.

    Looks like Clam will be voting a write-in for itself

  4. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Inslee was originally elected to Congress in central Washington’s 4th District in 1992. He was defeated in ’94 when the GOP swept into power and they threw him out of office for his vote on the assult weapons ban.

    Inslee, who is an attorney, moved into the 1st District to run in ’98 and a carpetbagger from eastern Washington, clearly a political opportunist.

    He had done nothing or accomplished anything that qualifies him to be governor. He is a Washington DC liberal democrat hand puppet for Pelosi and not who we need to repair the damage done by HIS party.

    Vote McKenna

  5. The Seattle U Spectator????????

    LMAO, geez Larry, sorry for sending you on such an exhaustive search.

  6. took14theteam says:

    Taxed summed it up nicely.

    But the sheep will pull “D” regardless…

  7. MadTaxpayer says:

    I am tired of recycling! That includes our politicians! The Federal “carpet bagger”, the City folks invading the County races along with the rehashed County office holders.
    They move around and the idiots of our State continue to vote them in!

  8. Vote Inslee. The devil you know is better than that other devil.

  9. “Inslee, who is an attorney, moved into the 1st District to run in ’98 and a carpetbagger from eastern Washington”

    Bovine byproduct. Inslee was born and raised in the 1st district, and moved back there in 1995.

    If you can’t even get simple facts right, why would you expect anyone to take your opinions seriously?

  10. BillBrewster says:

    I like the idea of independent thinking but I think Jay Inslee would never step outside of what the majority of his party would want him to say and do. I think of Rob McKenna as being more independent and able to cross party lines. If you want the other side of the State’s interests and values, vote McKenna.

  11. Fibonacci says:

    Since you endorse McKenna I know I need to vote for Inslee because you are a nut job.

  12. philichi says:

    A vote more Inslee is a vote to continue to overpay our highly paid state workers. It is also a vote for Teachers unions to continue to destroy our schools. It will be a vote for environmentalists to continue to halt the creation of new businesses. A vote for Inslee is a vote to continue to have people with the ambition of our DMV to continue to regulate and stifle our private sector. Finally, a vote for Inslee is a vote to continue the one party regime that has mismanaged our state for over 20 plus years.

    Outside of that, Inslee will be a fine Governor!

  13. alindasue says:

    BillBrewster said, ” I think of Rob McKenna as being more independent and able to cross party lines.”

    State Attorney General McKenna lost any claim to either of those qualities when he jumped on the Republican bandwagon in the lawsuit against “Obamacare” despite clear support for the Act from the majority of this state’s voters. You can make arguments about the “one party regime” (as philichi called it) controlling our state and its overall support of “Obamacare”, but his unwillingness to work with that “regime” and actions to bypass it with the lawsuit is prove of his inability “to cross party lines”.

  14. alindasue says:

    “proof”, not “prove”

  15. aislander says:

    alindasue: McKenna sued to overturn the Medicaid expansion contained within the unAffordable Care Act, which would have cost the state billions over time.

    I think I’ve made this point to you before, which is one reason I don’t buy your “reasonable-independent-thinker” act…

  16. alindasue says:


    One does not have to think in lock-step with your reasoning to think “independently”. I put on no act. I am who I am, for I am incapable of being someone else. I don’t even use a pseudonym.

    I am aware what he sued about. Whether you personally like the Affordable Care Act or not, it does have wide support in this state. The Medicaid expansion addresses the issue of people who currently cannot afford medical insurance. Whether it be through Medicaid expansion or not, any form of assistance is going to cost “billions over time”, as do roads, schools, and anything else that supports our society in any way.

    The lawsuit was almost entirely conducted along party lines and McKenna’s decision to sue in the name of our state had its roots in very partisan politics. Had it been Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan (which is very similar) implemented on a national scale, can you honestly say that he would have been as quick to join the lawsuit?

  17. aislander – excellent. McKenna also joined the law suit because it was unconstitutional. The mandate to Obamacare was based on the Commerce Clause which was unconstitutional. Justice Roberts had to rewrite the law to make it constitutional calling the mandate a tax. Obama and the Democrats said repeatedly that it was not a tax but never mind.

    So alindasue – Being unconstitutional was enough of a reason to sue but also the funding for Obamacare was a ruse. Example – the doctor fix has already been passed (over 200B). Obama included that in his funding for Obamacare knowing full well it would be passed separately but he still used it to fund Obamacare. Everyone also knew it wouldn’t be deficit neutral. The CBO just came out with new figures, 1.7 trillion, when we were told it would cost 1 trillion. Romneycare was a state program and here’s the difference – it was a bipartisan bill. No need to sue a bipartisan bill especially if it is constitutional, has proper funding and the American people want it. It may be popular in WA but it is still unpopular in the country. Liberals love all of these giveaway programs but who is going to pay for them? You – alindasue? A federal program to give susidies to people who make less than $65,000 who do not qualify for Medicaid would have been enough. Not a huge bill that nobody read, has 21 new taxes, was passed and implemented in a partisan way (benefits first – taxes later) and has so many regulations that estimates are all of them won’t be written by even 2015 which is why there is so much uncertainty in the business community.

  18. aislander says:

    So…you approve of cost-shifting from the federal government to the states–most of which are already broke, huh, alindasue? That merely hides the cost of Obamacare and is in keeping with the fraudulent way it was characterized in the first place.

    chile74 is certainly correct re the Constitution, but are YOU comfortable with a program that is based on a fabric of lies? How does that square with a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. (well…some people)?

  19. hansgruber says:

    He couldn’t get re-elected on the eastside of the state so apparently he really only knows one side of the state.

  20. It doesn’t matter what anyone says on this blog, the people of Washington will vote for the most liberal candidate. There’s not enough people livng here with enough common sense to vote for a conservative. We’ll just have to live with it and take it with a lump of sugar.

  21. blakeshouse says:

    Hmmmmm Inslee???? That pile of dog poo in the yd would make a better Gov than another liberal idiot. Unfortunately this soviet state of Wa. if chock full of those liberal idiots and will continue to elect fools to the politburo that will continue to send this state down the toilet.

  22. By law, last time pierce buses can ask for 3 more cents! Plz help us less fortunate in society, yes vote would help tremendously! If no, enjoy the nice summer we are having!

  23. tree_guy says:

    Larry, when your neighbors see your three campaign signs (one near your house and two out in front by the curb) does that make them more likely or less likely to vote for your favored candidates?

  24. scott0962 says:

    When you say Inslee “knows both sides of the state” I assume you mean he knows both sides of Lake Washington since King County is where the election will be decided. As long as Inslee has that magic (D) next to his name all he has to do is not blow it with King County voters between now and November.

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