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OBAMA: The right is wrong with its myths

Letter by Chuck Burton, Steilacoom on Aug. 9, 2012 at 3:40 pm with 80 Comments »
August 10, 2012 9:52 am

In these days of bitter and hyperbolic partisanship, the right has fallen victim to its own propaganda. But many of its most cherished myths cannot pass a smell test.

One current gospel is that President Obama is a radical socialist, if not an outright Marxist. Yet he began his term by appointing Tim Geithner and Larry Summers to steward the economy. Those two wild-eyed radicals are well-known as the Lenin and Stalin of Wall Street.

In truth, Obama, like all presidents, is in the pocket of corporate and military interests, and most progressives are dismayed by his conservative policies. That includes the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” born in right-wing think tanks and first championed by Mitt Romney.

Another fairy tale is that socialism is somehow inherently horrible. Again, the reality is different. We live in a blended socialistic and free market society, witness Social Security, Medicare, veterans benefits and health care, etc. The main arguments are simply about the ratios of that blend.

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  1. menopaws says:

    Right on point…..A socialist would have nationalized the banks, and done single payer health care…….Half these people are throwing out this stuff and they don’t even know what it means…….But, it sounds scary to those too dumb to go look it up or read. Great letter and I agree. Obama is far more conservative than most people care to admit……But, reality is that trying to dismantle corporate interests in this country will take more than one …or two…or three Presidents….And, corporate America has more power than we care to admit….Good letter.

  2. LeePHill says:

    “Half these people are throwing out this stuff and they don’t even know what it means”

    Half???? You’re being conservative…..no pun intended.

  3. WBusheyShipsBoatswain says:

    Waiting on 3rdpig…5….4….3….2…

  4. MrCarleone says:


    Where are you ?

    Common, we are all waiting for you to entertain us !

  5. Witness the failure of socialist states and road socialism leads to. Witness what is bankrupting our nation.

    You may cite a few resource dependent states where is has some success. That is not us, save your apples/oranges comparisons.

    Centralized govt power or power in the hands of the private sector?

  6. MrCarleone says:


    Compare and contrast Socialism,and Marxism with today’s Society, and most importantly Obama !

    Like your compatriot 3rd Pig,you throw words around, and have absolutely no clue whatsoever as to their meaning or application !

  7. You and your ilk believe the country should move further along the socialist spectrum, correct? See above for the call to nationalize certain industries.

    Sell it. How do make it work while protecting freedom? How do you make it sustainable? How do prevent us from furthering dependence on govt, creating a greater welfare state? How do you encourage innovation and achievement knowing self is the greatest motivator?

    I look forward to your plan.

  8. Theefrinker says:

    I agree, as well, that this was a good letter.
    also, nice one LeePHill…

  9. aislander says:

    Go away, k****r…

  10. MrCarleone says:


    In Other Words, you have no clue, no idea what you are talking about !

    Dismissed !

  11. Klaatu51 says:

    Re: “Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” born in right-wing think tanks”

    No true right-winger or conservative would promote such a scheme. Much of what I see coming from the republican party and the Trotskyites (aka neo-cons) comes from a philosophy opposed to the philosophy this country was founded on.

  12. Come on MrC, sell it. Explain it. Too hard? Do you not want to admit you place your faith in rhetoric (“hope and change”) rather than reality?

    Please, in your infinite wisdom, explain it to me and the public on this forum.

    Thanks you in advance.

  13. LeePHill says:

    MrCarleone – careful….you’ll expose CT7 for what it is….LOL

  14. Klaatu51 says:

    Re: “trying to dismantle corporate interests in this country will take more than one …or two…or three Presidents….And, corporate America has more power than we care to admit”

    Our founding fathers understood human nature which is why they created a government with very limited powers. They knew what a central government controlling the country would lead to. If you want to get corporations and special interests out of government you need to downsize the government and bring it back to a consitutional form of government.

    From Federalist Paper No. 45, by James Madison:

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the
    federal government are few and defined. Those which are to
    remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.
    The former will be exercised principally on external
    objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce;
    with which last the power of taxation will, for the most
    part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several
    states will extend to all objects which, in the ordinary
    course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and
    properties of the people, and the internal order,
    imporvement, and prosperity of the State.”

  15. LeePHill says:

    Since Obama is such the Socialist and everything is his fault….

    explain the growth of the stock market, CT7….

  16. menopaws says:

    CT7, As is your way, you twisted what I said…Obama is NO socialist……Medicare and Social Security however, are…….And they have been around for a very long time and most people are quite fond of those programs….Your slings and arrows are soooo far off the mark here as to make me wonder what you are on….This writer is correct in his assessment of President Obama—You however have no idea what socialism is…or who or what is socialist…..Go learn something and come back—the market has rebounded, the banks are solvent and their is job growth………Please stop embarrassing yourself and think before you speak…….Quit beating up on people who know more than you do…….It’s kind of sad to watch…..

  17. Larry- market oversold, fed pumping, firing of dead weight, worker productivity increased. Next question.

  18. LeePHill says:

    “market oversold”…..hahahahahahahahahah

    There is a perfect example of how the conservative masters want their minions….ignorant and bleeting.

    I note that aislander and CT7 got the same message about the Fed “pumping” the market.

    Investors are making record profits and the conservatives are making excuses because they don’t want to blame Obama for a good thing….

  19. aislander says:

    Sometimes coincidence is just…coincidence. You must let go of the conspiracies, LPH…

  20. Or, we both read the same CNBC article.


    Not only do read CNBC daily but drudge posted it as well.

    Nice deflection. You are now wrong twice on the same issue. Good job!

  21. do I

  22. Larry looks good in his tin flat hat.

  23. Larry – careful….you’ll expose Clown Posse for what it really was….LOL

  24. klaatu,

    All I can say is gort barada nikto. Great name – and points too!

  25. alindasue says:

    aislander said, “Sometimes coincidence is just…coincidence.”

    While I don’t feel that any president has full control over what happens in the stock market, I do feel it interesting that it is only “just…coincidence” when it involves good news and “0bummer’s fault” when it is not.

  26. took14theteam says:


    This thread really brought home what it is all about here…

    Send in yabatcha

  27. bobcat1a says:

    Barack Obama often gets slammed for his stewardship of the U.S. economy, but for stock investors, he’s been one of the best presidents since World War II. At 1,400, the S&P 500 on Friday was closing in on a four-year high and was up 74 percent since Jan. 20, 2009, the day Obama took office. Not since Dwight Eisenhower’s first term has a president had such a strong run for their first term.”

    Dang! Dwight Eisenhower! Socialist? HA!

    But in CT7’s world, everything bad that happens is Obama’s fault and everything good that happens is somebody else’s doing. Trying to have it both ways is often referred to in the grownup world as CHILDISH.

  28. took14theteam says:

    So the market is up.

    Are people employed?

  29. aislander says:

    alindasue: Sorry to inform you that you missed the point and hit the mascot. The “coincidence” I referred to was CT7’s and my having the same explanation for the “rise” (not really, but that’s another subject) of the stock market. The Bamster wasn’t even in the discussion.

    I had do disabuse LPH of his conspiracy theory…

  30. “You and your ilk believe the country should move further along the socialist spectrum, correct? See above for the call to nationalize certain industries

    When you can’t refute the message, lie. There was no call to nationalize anything.

  31. menopaws says:

    Thanks ehill—-the game is twisting words when you don’t have facts to support you…….

  32. RegisteringFool says:

    Klaatu51 – nice to see somebody citing to the Federalist Papers. Unfortunately, what Madison described isn’t what we have now. Clearly the balance of power has shifted from the states to the federal government, and that shift began in the midst of the Civil War, when the right to of the states to secede was effectively quashed. Then came the 17th Amendment which removed from the states (i.e., the states, not their citizenry) all effective representation in DC and also destroyed most of the theoretical bases for a bicameral congress.

    This is all to be lamented, in my view, because there is now no effective check on federal power, and the banks and corporations have figured that out and used it to their collective advantage. “Screw the little people,” they say, “we have what we want. Why change it.”

  33. RegisteringFool says:

    LPH “Investors are making record profits and the conservatives are making excuses because they don’t want to blame Obama for a good thing….”

    Uh, which investors? You? Me? Or are we really talking about the Warren Buffets, George Soroses and Charles Kochs of the world?

    The gap between rich and poor has never been wider in America and nothing has happened in the last 4 years to change that. If anything, it has gotten worse.

    At the same time the value of the dollar is at an all time low, now worth 1/20th of what it was worth in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. Some track record, huh?

    Obama has done NOTHING that Wall Street did not want him to do. The conservatives may caterwaul about Obama, but that is only because they want to sit on Wall Street’s lap for a while.

  34. Ehill, don’t deflect and answer the question. Meno, if you can answer yes or no I welcome your response as well.

  35. SwordofPerseus says:

    Reg – What say you about revoking the FED charter.

    What question CT? you haven’t asked a question on this thread.

  36. I think you are wrong to ask to revoke the Fed charter. I have stated many times why this modern progressive call is ridiculous.

    Do you want more political power over our money supply?

    Do you even know how the Fed operates? Why should we ditch an independent Fed Reserve?

    And ehill even reposted my question. The “?” indicates a question. Tough one.

  37. LeePHill says:

    “?” indicates a question….

    Sort of like this…..

    “You are an idiot, right?”

  38. LeePHill says:


    We all know that the market is a rich man’s game, thus my point.

  39. RegisteringFool says:

    SoP – Yes. Abolish the Fed. See below.

    CT7 – Where do you think the political power lies now? The oval office? Capital Hill? Give me a break!

    Where did the money come from to bail out the banks 3 years ago? The U.S. Treasury? Where did the Treasury get it? The Fed.

    If this “crisis” was caused by the banks, who obviously could not regulate themselves — and who engaged in their peccadilloes with the blessing (or at least the benign neglect) of the Fed, why did the US Treasury have to get involved?

    National security? Please! Saving American jobs? Please!

    The US Treasury got involved to protect the banks from failure, which failure would, in the long run, have had a highly beneficial cathartic effect on the economy. We would not still be waiting for the American economy to hit bottom. That would have happened long ago and we would now have a growing economy again.

    And the US Treasury protected the banks because the banks are where the political power lies. Unelected, self-appointed — very democratic, or I should say republican. And before you say Bernanke was appointed, you better check what his job was before he went to the Fed.

  40. Where your argument goes into left field is assuming the interests of the banks that make up the Federal Reserve are different then the govt’s or the population at large.

    Ok, now play out the recent scenario without the Fed. What is different? Could they (a central bank) have raised capital that fast? What would the effect be on inflation?

    You are just buying into some tinfoil hat junk. Grand conspiracies, military industrial complex, blah, blah, blah. This falls right in line with the #ows nonsense.

  41. “Ehill, don’t deflect and answer the question”

    Nice try at distracting everyone away from your lie about nationalization. Think anyone noticed?

  42. Ok, call it a lie or thread shift. Or, I addressed meno who has made those calls in the past.

    Answer the question. What are you scared to admit? Why is honesty such a challenge for you?

  43. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 – you and your tin foil hats. Do you really think the banks have your interest in mind? Or mine? Then there is no hope for you.

  44. The point was mutual interest. Stable currency, low inflation, etc.

  45. “Ok, call it a lie or thread shift.”

    I already did. It’s a lie.

    Oh, one other thing. We already have a stable currency and low inflation.

  46. Sally. Be honest and answer the question.

  47. Thanks to the Fed. Made my point again. Clown.

  48. RegisteringFool says:

    Frankenchrist – From my perspective, if there is anyone to fear in America it is those who advocate increased police powers.

  49. LeePHill says:

    “CT7 says:
    Aug. 11, 2012 at 12:20 pm Sally. Be honest and answer the question.”

    Oh gawwwwd……this is priceless!!!!!

  50. “Thanks to the Fed. Made my point again. Clown.”

    I have no problem with the Fed. How embarrassing for you – arguing with the wrong person.

  51. SwordofPerseus says:

    Lee I have come to the conclusion that ct7 could not pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel of the boot. I have hammers in my tool box that are easier to educate and more open minded.

  52. SwordofPerseus says:

    I know that time is precious and few people have time to spend watching a video on you-tube. This particular video might be worth the time for those who would like a better understating of how the Federal Reserve system was hatched.

    CT7 for your own sake do not watch, your head WILL explode.

    Link = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNCsH92ZeM0

  53. alindasue says:

    CT7 said, “The point was mutual interest.”

    Isn’t that also the whole point behind most “socialist” programs?

  54. menopaws says:

    alindasue—By that definition, any society is socialist. Laws are put into place to protect “mutual interest” and safety……..so, what is your point?

  55. aislander says:

    alindasue writes: “Isn’t that also the whole point behind most “socialist” programs?”

    Nope. It is the interest of the takers superseding the interests of the producers…

    People have less to support their own families because it has been taken from them to support other…er…habits (in many cases)…

  56. aislander says:

    alindasue: Any time meno sees the word “socialist,” she believes her worldview is under attack. You two had better mend fences…

  57. AI- let meno have at it. She is on right side for once.

    Ehill, you stuck your face in the way of a solid smack. Collateral damage. Stick to a topic next time.

    Soppy, even ehill is making points against you. You are wrong, ignorant. Period. And no, I will not watch some random YouTube video.

    Larry, SB, ad Sop- one of you have the sack to answer the original question.

    RF, have you looked up where the profit goes?

  58. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 “The point was mutual interest. Stable currency, low inflation, etc.”

    Who cares about that if you are at the head of the line when they print more money? Those at the front end of the multiplier effect always benefit more than those at the back end, because newly minted money is always worth more than old money that has been in circulation for a while.

    This is Economics 101 stuff!

  59. RegisteringFool says:

    And, yeah, CT7, in case you haven’t been paying attention, the profit goes to the Cayman Islands.

  60. aislander says:

    So RF admits that fiat money makes ALL money less valuable! We’re making progress here–now persuade the lefties…

  61. He still has not looked it up. Not sure if it is funny or pathetic.

    No, it does not go to the caymans. Try again

    In your commie dreams do they teach envy and class warfare in Econ 101.

    Who cares? All of us. Anyone with any fiscal interest. If you do not, then shut up and find new rhetoric.

  62. LeePHill says:


    Watching CT7 and others invoke “communism” every time they get a chance reminds me of some clown on Facebook talking about “Communist” Chinese athletes.

    Yeah…China is so communist that there is a private manufacturing plant on every corner knocking off American designs and selling them cheaper to the world. Very communistic, huh?

    One of these days, it would be nice if half of these clowns would get an education – especially on their native language – but they’d be so disappointed to find out how the conservative sound machine has been lying to them….

  63. LeePHill says:

    “Larry, SB, ad Sop- one of you have the sack to answer the original question.”

    Who in the hell is “Larry”? I don’t see a “Larry” commenting on this thread.

    Does CT7 have a rock in his pocket as well?

  64. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 – you plainly misunderstood what I said. This is not the first time, either. I repeat:

    “Who cares about that if you are at the head of the line when they print more money?”

    Are you at the head of the line? If you are then you are a bank. Are you a bank?

  65. more of the same moronic hot air from Tacoma I see.

  66. RF, what are you getting at? You think the Federal Reserve system is bad. Why? Because is based on private banking.

    The profits go to the treasury. No, you did not know that.

    Cute conspiracy with the Caymans.

    I am done explaining the basics of the Federal Reserve System to a bunch of kids that do not care about the truth.

    Keep looking for your grand conspiracy, the illuminati, and whomever else you think pulls the strings.

  67. <I?"Ehill, you stuck your face in the way of a solid smack. Collateral damage. Stick to a topic next time."

    ROFLMAO — thanks for such a great laugh. You attacked the wrong person. How embarrassing for you.

    “even ehill is making points against you.”

    That’s yet another outright lie from you. You’ll say anything, won’t you? Your parents must be so proud of having raised such a deceitful, hateful individual. I feel sorry for you.

  68. LeePHill says:

    “CT7 says:
    Aug. 12, 2012 at 8:37 am RF, what are you getting at?”

    The only honest thing CT7 said.

  69. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 – Conspiracy is a loaded and largely meaningless word, designed to restrict debate. All it does is draw an arbitrary line along the continuum of various kinds of associations and relationships, a line arbitrarily drawn by whomever does not like the association or relationship in question. I don’t have to be thinking conspiracy to claim that a group of bankers have rigged the system to their benefit. That was your idea.

    And what exactly is the truth about the Federal Reserve? And whatever truth you think that is, who is your authority? Paul Krugman? John Maynard Keynes? They are, or were, Democrats.

    You claim to have explained “the basics” to me. Where did you do that? I must have missed it. Better still, give me a name of an author and the title of whatever book or article you think is definitive on the matter of the Federal Reserve and I will not waste any more of your time.

  70. took14theteam says:

    “Who in the hell is “Larry”?


    Too bad those that have been around here for more than a month know who Larry is.

    And sumone will never let us forget…..

  71. http://www.federalreserve.gov/.

    You are welcome.

    Now, the “group of bankers” that rigged the system. Are we talking about a bunch of dead guys? Is that who you are implying “rigged” the system? And since then, every single administration must have been on board with a “rigged system”? Why would they do that if it went against the good of the nation? A few campaign dollars? Too far a stretch.

    Keynes and Krugman. At least Keynes had some original thought, but his theories were made 80+ years ago. Both of them were more then just dems, they were progressives. Krugman is more of a political pundit then economist these days. Look the analysis of his latest book.

    Ok, what is your theory on the Fed? What are you driving at? What is the solution to your perceived problem (that dem and repub admins/congress have overlooked!)?

  72. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 – You are obfuscating. Linking me to the “home” web page for the Fed tells me nothing.

    To give you a sense of how unhelpful you are being, I am going to do what I asked you to do.

    I suggest you get a copy of this book: The Case Against the Fed [Paperback] by Murray N. Rothbard, see, http://www.amazon.com/The-Case-Against-Murray-Rothbard/dp/1467934895/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1344806410&sr=8-3&keywords=murray+rothbard

    There. See how easy that was?

  73. “He argued that taxation represents coercive theft on a grand scale, and “a compulsory monopoly of force” prohibiting the more efficient voluntary procurement of defense and judicial services from competing suppliers”

    From Wiki.

    So I guess you were a huge Ron Paul guy.

    I consider myself leaning toward libertarian. But come on.

    Interesting to see you advocate for zero taxes.

  74. aislander says:

    Ah! Hoisted by his own Rothbard. Nice twist.

  75. Who knows, maybe the guy has some interesting points. No doubt he is very smart from his bio. But at this point I think certain posters here are marketing agents.

    Give me a link to a major (free) publication.

  76. for your own sake do not watch, your head WILL explode.

    I should have taken you advice… but not because of the “head explode” thing, that didn’t happen. No, the reason I don’t recommend anyone else waste an hour and a half on this is because it’s nothing but one tin hat conspiracy theory on top of another – all loosely and sloppily tied, predictably and rather anticlimactically, by a common thread of anti-semitism and old money/ Jewish conspiracy (love the tie-in to Bush and Skull and Bones – classic).

    Hey SwoP, ever wonder about the name of the host? I mean, Ahijab… why does that sound like the host may have a highly negative outlook on all things western? Is this seriously some of your “course material? I mean, you’ve “been studying the FED for three years” now, is this what you’ve been “studying”?

    And to think I had hoped for an intelligent discussion with you.

    Did you ever consider that you may be cramming your head with ideas from material that may very well be being produced by folks with ties to… oh, I dunno’… Nazis? Or radical Islamists?

    Good Lord, if this is what’s passing for legitimate reference material for use as a basis of any sort of mature conversation, God help us.

    I nevertheless found Ahajib’s many tin hat uplinks and posts very illuminating… in a forehead slappinlgy hilarious way. I particularly enjoyed Ahijab’s many “Truther” tubes. But you forgot to post his/ her/ its brilliant follow-up piece (it’s much shorter and more to Ahijab’s main point):


    Hypocrites and creeps welcomed to fire-away with the “message/ messenger” chant.



  77. Clam, thanks for the report. I am shocked that you sat through that.

    You going to read the book too? It sounds wonderful.

  78. Oh, and I forgot to mention THE most ironic thing about SwoP’s youtube host’s moniker:

    Ahijab; literal translation: “A Veil”, or “head covering” worn in public by Muslim women – also religious code governing the wearing of such clothing.

    Hmmm, wonder what Ahijab is hiding behind that youtube veil.

  79. “Ahijab; literal translation: “A Veil”, or “head covering” worn in public by Muslim women – also religious code governing the wearing of such clothing.

    Hmmm, wonder what Ahijab is hiding behind that youtube veil.”

    When you can’t refute the message, attack the messenger. Right after you finish attacking someone else for supposedly doing the same thing. Thanks for the excellent example of hypocrisy.

  80. SwordofPerseus says:

    Wow I leave for a couple days and all heck seems to have broken out…

    Clam – Guess you don’t like what history teaches us if we look too closely. You understand that a veil is a metaphor, no?

    Then the attack advances to “…Nazi’s radical Islamist’s…” I meant for this video to be something of a simple good place start for most to get a historical reference upon which to gain an understanding of the nature and source of the FED. Of course some of the ties regarding the assassination of Lincoln and Kennedy may be a stretch(who knows). However the historical connections bear more than a simple coincidence in all other regards. Look around at just the last meltdown in 2007-2008 and look at who the players are. Hint – the FED, Wall St. and Washington D.C.

    Conc7- Give me a break the FED website. Like a website for OJ dedicated to finding Nicole Brown Simpson’s true killers. LOL, you are a simpleton.

    Reg – Great reference Rothbard is spot on.

    Other authors/writers of note on this and similar subjects include A.E. Hayek, Paul Krugman, Naomi Klein, Gerald Celente to name a few.

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