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ELECTION: Check out candidates’ donors

Letter by Richard Craig Sanders, Auburn on Aug. 9, 2012 at 11:37 am with 11 Comments »
August 9, 2012 12:45 pm

Re: “Limit campaign donations” (letter, 8-8).

I wholeheartedly agree that there is too much money in politics.

Politicians could make laws restricting the money that they receive, but I doubt that is going to happen. We can amend the Constitution to clarify that corporations and other groups are not “people” (U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United decision). But this is more of a long-term goal.

A third solution is for Democrats, Republicans and independents to simply stop voting for candidates who take money from corporations. To find out who donates money to candidates in Washington, our Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) does a great job tracking the money in politics on its website.

Brian Gunn – a candidate for state representative in the 31st Legislative District, Position 1 – feels that the only way to represent “We the People” is to not owe special interests when elected. He is accepting help and donations only from real people, not organizations. He hopes to be mostly supported by people within the 31st District, but will accept limited donations from within Washington. He absolutely does not accept money from out of state.

It’s all there on the PDC website and PeopleForBrianGunn.com for everyone to see.

(Sanders is the treasurer for Gunn’s campaign.)

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  1. WBusheyShipsBoatswain says:

    Mr. Sanders: I absolutely agree with you, sir. I would submit that the greater threat/problem comes from the unregulated Super Pacs. Their ability to take in unlimited funding from undisclosed donors, combined with production of “educational and informative” advertising ( sophistry of truly awesome proportion)represents an even greater threat than the somewhat regulated direct campaign contributions.

  2. Frankenchrist says:

    This nation is half-free and half-Fox.

    The free half still believe in reason, science, democracy, community, and fairness.

    The Fox half are stupid, racist, ugly, ignorant, uneducated mouth-breathing robotic primitives who will mindless consume the propaganda from high-school dropouts like Sean Hannity and their 1%er masters.

  3. The most disgusting list I’ve seen is the donor list to Bruce dammeier who is running for state senate.

    He took bundles of cash from drug companies and other medical organizations.

    The big concern is with the probable re election of Obama, obamacare will remain and the state will be on the hook to jack up the size of its Medicaid program.

    Who will make those decisions, people like dammeier and his pockets full of donor cash.

    Check out his list on the state PDC website.

  4. Frankie doesn’t hold anything back. I’m sure comments like Frankie’s are certain to inspire a polite discourse. A wise man once told me that if you can’t be civil at least be vague.

  5. Sure, no corporate money, once the dems stop taking union money.

  6. LeePHill says:

    Union money is assessments passed by the membership.

    One must have been a union member to know that.

  7. BigSwingingRichard says:

    One thing you will not find on the public disclosure commission website is any listing of how much the Indians give to the Democrats. Indians claim sovereignty and say they are not subject to Washington disclosure laws.

    (I am sure the public disclosure commission must have been mentioned somewhere in the 1812 treaty.)

  8. Frankenchrist says:

    When will Mittens release his tax returns for the past ten years? He doesn’t want us to learn that he paid zero taxes during the great economic meltdown because he was hiding his wealth in offshore bank accounts in both Switzerland and the Cayman Islands.

    Draft-dodger AND tax-dodger! Just what we need in a president. Mittens, we hardly knew ye.

  9. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Unions, tribes and trial lawyers are corporations too my friend.

  10. IQ88 – do you mead Bruce Dammeier who is running for the State House in the 25th Legislative District?

  11. Xring, yes I did mean dammeier in the 25th district senate race. His book keeping has many dubious comings and goings including a large gift to himself.

    Drug money, buy your own state senator, Bruce dammeier.

    Check out his PDC filing, very disturbing.

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