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DOGS: Street fairs are hard on pooches

Letter by Richard Lawson, Sumner on Aug. 8, 2012 at 1:33 pm with 14 Comments »
August 8, 2012 2:42 pm

Last weekend, I attended street fairs in Sumner and Tacoma’s Proctor District.

For people to bring dogs to these events in hot weather should be considered animal cruelty. The pavement is hot enough to fry an egg, while these poor animals are forced to walk around with their tongues dragging on the ground. Also, people are tripping on the leashes.

I think it would be a great idea if everyone who brought a dog to the events were required to walk around bare-footed. Then they would know how the dog feels.

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  1. … it would be nice if they picked up the poo from their pets as well.

  2. yabetchya says:

    No dogs should be allowed, especially if there is food booths around.

  3. alindasue says:

    I rather enjoyed the presence of the dogs in Proctor last week. The dogs seemed to enjoy being there. A few water dishes set out for the dogs wouldn’t be a bad idea though…

  4. sandblower says:

    What worries me most are the runners and joggers who have their dogs running along with them. Dogs are great for SHORT distances in moderate temperatures. Long distances, like 3 miles, are difficult for dogs because they only “sweat” though their tongues. It would be best if nobody ran with their dog.
    Talk to your Vet.

  5. itwasntmethistime says:

    sandblower — That’s ridiculous. My dog loves going for runs, although I wouldn’t consider 3 miles “long.” Sure, he gets hot and tired, but when we get home he drinks water and rests. He’s ready to go again long before I am.

  6. SonicCruiser says:

    Dogs at the Movable Feast should not be allowed. The first movable feast was fantastic, but tripping over dogs and their leashes is a hazard. One dog rubbed against my leg and left his long hair on my black pants. In a close-in area with 30 food trucks and tons of people, the dogs need to be left at home. It’s a food truck show, not a dog show. And I am a dog owner and lover!

  7. mcgintey says:

    I’m glad you wrote about this because it’s becoming absurd. People are using their dogs as accessories. “See my dog – I’m baad, or I’m cool.”
    A few years back I took my dog to Art on the Ave because I felt bad for leaving him home all the work week. But it was a hot day, and when he balked about wallking, I took him home. At the Taste of Tacoma when attendees are in a body-to-body crush, it’s cruel to drag a dog along. I told one female who was dragging he teeny chihuaua behind her to pick him up or he’d be stepped on and his tiny legs could be broken. I am assured common sense is extinct.

  8. itwasntmethistime says:

    sand — Ok, I read it. Dumb, dumb article. Fluff to fill the pages between advertisements. Who needs to read a magazine article to know that if your dog hurts his paw, stop running? If he’s overheating, stop running. Pick up his poop. Use a leash. People who don’t use leashes aren’t going to start because they read it in a magazine article. “Oh, gee, I read in Mens Fitness I should use a leash. I didn’t know that before but now I do since I read it in a magazine.”

  9. alindasue says:

    mcgintey said, “At the Taste of Tacoma when attendees are in a body-to-body crush, it’s cruel to drag a dog along.”

    It really comes down to a common sense thing. If it’s so crowded that the people are bumping into each other, then your dog’s pretty much not going to enjoy it. However, at events like the arts fair/farmer’s market last weekend in Proctor, the dogs seemed to be having a wonderful time. It wasn’t that crowded. That makes all the difference.

  10. bristoldog says:

    While on the subject of dogs. Dogs should not be allowed at farmers markets or in public building. Dogs should not be allowed in the grocery store, mall or any store other than a pet store or vets office. While in the store the other day I saw a lady with her dog in the kid seat area of the shopping cart. As she walked thru the produce section, she was petting her dog and touching the produce, not buying all she had touched. Dogs should not be at the farmers market for the same reason and because people tripping over the leashes and the dog fights. I love dogs, look at my name, this has been my ID for over 20yrs. But there are places they should not be allowed.

  11. grannywithattitude says:

    As far as the dog brushing up against the ladies pants, are you serious? You have dogs and you are complaining that you got some dog hair on your pants at a public event? Solution, stay home. We’ve become fanatics, no doubt about it. I have 3 wonderful dogs. They are pampered and spoiled rotten, but I also let them be dogs. Back not soooo long ago, believe it or not, people didn’t have air conditioning, neither did dogs. They ran around on hot days and for the most part did just fine, they lived in the wild and for the most part, survived. They still do. We have become so over protective that it is getting ridiculous. Don’t ever put your dog in a car and run into the store, even though it’s only 70 outside and you crack all of your windows and are only gone for 15 minutes, someone will pop off with some comment. Prove that the vehicle is only 75 degrees inside and it does no good at all. In Southern California there are many days over 100 degrees, the dogs go outside and do just fine. I don’t advocate putting a dog in a car on a hot day with the windows up, and I wouldn’t leave them in the car for an extended period of time anyway, but come on, we have to travel, sometimes we have to take our dogs, people even get in a twist if we leave the a/c on and the car running (supposedly my brand new SUV could suddenly die and it might get too warm), even though I check on them every 15 minutes. Also, dogs pads on their feet are much tougher than our feet, they are designed for use on ground, ours are not, it is not like us going barefoot. And dogs cool down by panting, they “sweat” through their foot pads, not their tongues. Their lungs act as an evaporative cooler, there are no sweat glands in their tongues. People are doing the right thing by taking their dogs out with them, spending time with them, paying attention to them, everyone needs to RELAX.

  12. mcgintey says:

    I too see more and more dogs in stores. I think it is illegal in stores where food is sold. Mostly I think the store managers let it slide to not offend patrons. And people don’t want to leave dogs in the cars due to heat, and dog thefts are on the increase if they are desireable breeds.

  13. itwasntmethistime says:

    I think people take their dogs into stores simply because they know they can get away with it because store managers have to be too PC to ask if the dog is a legitimate service dog.

    I would prefer dogs were not allowed in stores, especially grocery stores. I know how hard it is to keep a house clean with dogs so I’d prefer to purchase my food in a dog-free zone (even though I take the food right into my house with our dog.)

    Besides, what about people with severe allergies who cannot be anywhere near dogs? What happens when the rights of someone who needs a service dog overlap the rights of someone whose life is endangered by being near a dog?

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