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ELECTION: Consider third-party candidates

Letter by Richard Shepard, University Place on Aug. 6, 2012 at 11:31 am with 30 Comments »
August 6, 2012 3:50 pm

It doesn’t matter whether a person supports Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Both will largely continue current policies on such issues a continued presence in the Middle East, farm subsidies, global warming, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act and the war on drugs.

Where do these candidates differ? Obamacare? Bank bailouts? Spare me. It’s all meaningless “no-new-taxes” rhetoric. Funding space exploration? Trade with Cuba? Who cares?

Those who want to see real change in America should see that it is obvious that voting for “Rombama” is truly a wasted vote. Voting for the “lesser of two evils” still winds up with evil.

To make a difference, voters should explore the third-party candidates and vote for the one they agree with. Real change will only come when the electorate demonstrates that it is finally fed up with politics as usual.

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  1. Rich is right. Time for King and Pierce County to start voting for third party candidates. Spread the word!

  2. Theefrinker says:

    It doesn’t matter who gets voted in; there will always be a large group of disappointed people who feel unrepresented. There’s no way around it when you’re choosing one representative for millions of people. Unless we can ever have a congress that can learn to compromise with each other, nothing will change.

  3. beerBoy says:

    There’s no way around it

    Other countries have different systems that are more representational of the proportion of support for each party.

  4. LeePHill says:

    So, Rich….you’ll be voting Repubican again?

  5. Bb- we are not other countries.

    We have set the standard for the world in terms of individual rights and constructive govt. And you want to follow who exactly?

    Is your problem the electoral college? Why not say what you have an issue with?

  6. sandblower says:

    If Mr. Shepard cannot tell the difference between Romney and the President, he has no business voting. His letter is ridiculous.
    President Obama will be reelected. Romney is a rich guy trying to buy the Presidency and too many people know that fact.

  7. Candles16 says:

    Voting for third-party candidates is throwing away your vote.

    There is a big difference between the president and the clown who would be king, Romoney the Monarchist. If you want to kill our republic for the ‘New World Order’ of a pending Republican Oligarchy, then you might as well throw away your vote.

    Republicans always suggest voting “third-party candidates” when they want to suggest not voting Democratic, which is why they wanted Ralph ‘Wreck-it’ Nader to help steal the election for Bush.

  8. bobcat1a says:

    If you cannot tell the difference between Romney and Obama…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for a third party. We don’t need anyone that ignorant casting a vote that counts.

  9. Im this election – A vote for a third party is a vote for the Rebublicans.

  10. beerBoy says:

    CT7 – the US is ranked 18 on the Democracy Index.

    If the only reason you are voting for Romney is that you hate Obama and the only reason you are voting for Obama is that you fear Romney….how can you say you are truly voting FOR anyone?

  11. RegisteringFool says:

    And so it goes. “My team is better than your team.” “Your mother wears combat boots.” This writer is an idiot.

    When are you guys going to get a clue?

    Does anybody really think America is not moving into a police state? Does anybody really think the Federal Reserve is on the side of small business and the middle class? Does anybody really think that Obama or Romney is going to do anything about either one of these very real problems?

    Give me a f*@king break! The only meaningful difference between these two candidates is whether George Soros or Charles Koch gets invited to dinner.

  12. Bb- so you know my motivation? Why did people vote for BHO in 2008?

    Romney is not the best speaker and has had a gaffe or ten. So what?. But his economic plans alone are worth voting for.

    BHO is nothing but rhetoric, higher taxes, big govt, and failed economic principles. We hired a guy to manage our nation tat was unproven, untested, and not vetted.

    There are many reasons to vote for Romney, and none to vote for BHO (unless you are an anti-Mormon bigot).

  13. RF- interest rates at near zero does not help small business?

  14. LeePHill says:

    “Romney is not the best speaker and has had a gaffe or ten. So what?. But his economic plans alone are worth voting for.”

    Romney’s economic plan: “I’m not Barack Obama.”

    Romeny has not disclosed any plan, much less an economic plan.

    If you like the interest rates, CT7, you’ll be glad to know that they have progressively decreased during the Obama Administration.

  15. LeePHill says:

    “An independent, nonpartisan think tank, The Tax Policy Center (TPC), said that the Mitt Romney tax plan can be described in two words: mathematically impossible.” – examiner.com

  16. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 – How many small business are you aware of who have actually gotten the loans they have applied for? The low interest rates are for the benefit of big corporations, not small businesses.

    How much did you pay for a can of coffee 5 years ago? What are you paying now?

  17. You are talking inflation vs interest rates.

    Hill- over a trillion in debt per year is not sustainable. The low interest rates are not something to be grateful for, as they are a sign of our weak economy.

  18. ct – outsourcing jobs is not sustainable, neither is speculator capitalism that sees debt as an asset.

    By definition, our fiat currency – which creates money by creating more debt – is the grand daddy of all unsustainable Ponzi schemes.

  19. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 Low interest rates are supposed to reduce inflation, but they haven’t. And that is because the Fed has caused inflation by printing more money (now euphemistically referred to as “quantitative easing.”)
    The big corporations get the prime loans on this fiat currency to build up their PAC war chests and the middle class suffers from the “Red Queen Syndrome” (i.e., running faster and faster just to stay in the same place).

    The central question remains the same. Is voting for the status quo (D/R/D/R/D/R/D/R) a wasted vote when the status quo isn’t working, when the status quo is turning America into a second class world power? The answer is obviously yes.

  20. Good, stay home. Tell your friends to do the same thing.

    Bb, so you want the gold standard brought back?

    Spending a trillion dollars borrowed annually from china is not sustainable either. Printing money to finance entitlements is not sustainable. Spending this percent of GDP is not sustainable. 50% paying no income tax is not sustainable. Regulations and taxes hammering small business makes the shrinking capitalist base unable to sustain your beloved socialist programs.

  21. RegisteringFool says:

    CT7 Nobody has suggested staying home except you. There are, believe it or not, more than two choices on the ballot. Some of us have now realized what throwing away a vote really means. Good luck with the status quo. You will need it.

  22. Whatever. Vote for anyone without a D or R.

  23. CT7,
    I voted for Obama in ’08 because I believed he was the best available candidate.

    I will vote for Obama again in ’12 for the same reason.

    The problem with the ‘growth in the federal government’ is that conseracons are blinded by their ideology and fail to see that the so called ‘growth in government’ was a temporary increase due to the 2010 Census which is required by the Constitution.


    In 2008 and again in 2010 Republican Money backed several green party candidates in several critical districts in Florida where the race (sans green candidates) were too close to call.

    Now we see a spat of letters encouraging voters to consider third party candidates.

    Could this be another example of Republican Money attempting to but our elections?

  24. You call yourself a progressive, no way you will vote for a republican. Nice lie.

    Obamacare alone requires thousands of IRS agents. Nice try.

  25. beerBoy says:

    ct7 – but printing money to support the largest military budget in the universe is sustainable?

  26. I agree.. I have always mentioned this analogy about the way people go along with either of the two major parties, thinking that a vote for any other is a wasted vote, or simply to vote for one or the other, not because they support that candidate, but because they use their vote to vote against to one they don’t want elected.

    Look at it in terms of a pie chart. My numbers will be approximate of course (that’s just a disclaimer for the local nitwits in these threads who love to tear apart anything anyone says!)

    Lets say 50% voted Republican and 50% voted Democrat. Of that 50% lets just say 25% (and I’d say that’s an fair figure) of each only voted that way for one of the reasons I mentioned above. Now, lets just say that 25% of each took that “wasted vote”and went Independent with it. The way I see it, that comes pretty close to making three fairly equal slices of that pie. If people were more careful, and put more thought into their vote a third party would have a better chance of succeeding.

  27. RegisteringFool says:

    Libertarian presidential candidate has been saying, “I am not the 3rd choice, I am the only choice.” One can argue that sounds pretty grandiose, but it makes the point pretty effectively. The other two choices are not viable choices, even if one of them does prevail in the end.

  28. RF – what do you think about the diehard Ron Paulistas and their attempts to disrupt business as usual in the Republican Corporate Groupthink?

  29. RegisteringFool says:

    bB – Its hard to say. I’ve only been watching mostly from the bleachers, although I do know some of the players from here. First, since Rand Paul has a speaking slot I seriously doubt there will be a full blown rebellion. There will nonetheless likely be some caterwauling and attempts at parliamentary maneuvers that will not amount to much.

    I also know that the official word from the Paul camp is to try to cooperate. But the Romney folks have been playing some sneaky tricks in Maine and a few other states, so I suspect that admonition will fall on some deaf ears. What comes from that is anybody’s guess. If anything, I would look for a walkout if the Romney folks try to steam roller the agenda.

    On the other hand, Romney and Paul were pretty civil to each other during the rolling debates. Romney has even given some lip service to an audit of the Fed. More important, Romney knows he needs the Paul people to win in November. So I have my doubts that there will be any attempts to steam roller the agenda.

    So, after all is said and done, I think the R convention may be a bit more raucous than the last three conventions, but that it will still have the look and feel of a coronation.

    That said, I am still very curious about two things.

    1. What is going to happen at the Paul Festival that occurs just before the Republican Convention. Here is a link to the event site: http://paulfestival.org/ The speaker list reads like a who’s who of the so called “liberty movement”, and even Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential candidate has a speaker’s slot.

    2. And since Johnson is going to be there, how many of the “Ronulans” (I prefer that to “Paulistas”) are going to abandon the Republican circus and join the Libertarian campaign? This is a major question in my mind, one that the mainstream media has so far chosen to ignore.

  30. MililaniJag says:

    YES….Dem?Libs vote for 3rd party folks. Just Like I 200% support Dem/Libs legal right to use birth control and abortions!! PLZ!! Dem/Libs abort early and often!!

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