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ELECTION: Limit donations by corporations, the rich

Letter by Sharon L. Hodgins, Lake Tapps on Aug. 6, 2012 at 11:30 am with 9 Comments »
August 6, 2012 3:51 pm

We are getting closer to the Gilded Age of American history of the late 1800s, when the wealthy lived in extreme opulence and the majority of Americans were wondering where the next meal was coming from.

When 47 people account for 57.1 percent of the $230 million raised by super PACS – which mainly support Republicans – and more than 1,000 donors giving $10,000 or more were responsible for 94 percent of the super PAC money raised, I say our elections are being bought.

When I see many Americans voting against their own economic self-interest, which has been true since Ronald Reagan was elected, I say it is time for a constitutional amendment to limit outside spending by corporations and the wealthy.

Corporations do not breathe, therefore they are not human. Down with Citizens United. Up with a constitutional amendment.

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  1. Please, you are just upset the union money machine has been balanced out.

    8.3% unemployment, $5tril in debt. A vote for BHO is against the interest of the individual and their children.

  2. menopaws says:

    Good letter….As far as I am concerned serious campaign finance and lobbying reform is way overdue. Most of Congress is bought and paid for by special interests and the influx of unlimited and unaccountable corporate cash has put our Presidential election on the auction block to the highest bidder. Bought and paid for is the new mantra for our elections……..It’s sad and we will pay a serious price for this fast cash buying our government……But, these days, integrity is a word that has little meaning to most voters. It’s “what can you give me” that rules…..

  3. aislander says:

    There have been millions of patriots who have sacrificed their own “self-interest”–economic and otherwise–for the good of the country.

    When the majority of Americans are taking rather than contributing, that is against ALL our interests…

  4. Clamat0 says:

    And why only “corporations and the wealthy”? Is their money any worse than those suckers who’re responding to 0bama’s plea to give their wedding gift money, Christmas money, raffle money, bowling money, poker money…

    Better idea; if money is the root of all evil, let’s outlaw money.

  5. ‘balanced out’ lol – try tipped the scales.

    Only registered voters should be allowed to donate.

  6. beerBoy says:

    Clamat0 – Individuals donating privately is rather different than anonymous donors who may or may not be American citizens.

    I would prefer that we, like other countries, have a limited campaign season (6 weeks) and no private funding of public campaigns – that would get rid of those wedding gift donations you so abhor.

  7. Clamat0 says:

    But bB, we’d have to cram all of our fun into only a short 6-week period! Waht would we do for fun the other 46 week of the year?
    On the other hand, I wouldn’t miss the yard signs, platitudes, and nauseating TV ads.

  8. MililaniJag says:

    Gee, What about Obama getting 2/3’s MORE “wall street” blood money than McCain in ’08 pres election???? Oh…Never mind.

  9. Mjag – that was pure survival. The Republicans in congress were apposeing TARP – the Dems were pushing for it.

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