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ELECTION: Stop pandering to our differences

Letter by Maryanne Bell, Tacoma on Aug. 2, 2012 at 1:08 pm with 4 Comments »
August 2, 2012 1:08 pm

I voted for Jack Connelly and Laurie Jinkins, two candidates who together embody the values I believe in across the spectrum of issues that impact families, from shelters to human rights and from education to social justice.

State Rep. Jeannie Darneille was at the helm during the worst of times, and I’m tired of party insiders. The economy is not her fault, but I’d like to give other Democrats a place at the table. It’s a big tent. If we keep pandering to our differences, we will never get past gridlock.

I don’t know Connelly personally, but I have watched his law practice enough to know that despite being Irish Catholic, with nine beautiful kids, that undoing the groundbreaking work on marriage equality or Roe vs. Wade is not what he is about.

Driving my son home on this hot afternoon, I pointed to a young man on a parched hillside near Center Street. Most of those Connelly signs across town were put there by that kid – Connelly’s son. I like seeing families walk the walk and earn their place at the table the old-fashioned way. They need not walk in lockstep with my family.

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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    You voted for Laurie Jinkins. Well, enough said about you. A vote for her is a taxes, gay rights, socialism even communism.

    She is without a doubt the worst legislator imaginable.

    Hows that koolaid Ms. Bell, you got it bad.

  2. dlockner says:

    I like to see posts to a ‘letter to the editor’ that don’t include personal attacks, snide remarks, inaccurate remarks and incomplete remarks. If you have an opinion to share then do so without sounding like an infant or a bully. If someone proves they can’t write without crossing the line then just ignore them and then go on and say your own piece. In all my reading that has happened only once. The responses to Mr. Callaghan’s article regarding J.P. Patches, Chris Wedes, were uniformly civil. Normally, in he space of the first few posts, it isn’t even about the article anymore. It becomes “I know you are but what am i?” juvenile nonsense.

  3. ALL these candidates also need to stop LITTERING our city streets with their stupid campaign signs! N.21st Street is one continuous line of repetitious garbage lining the center median! How is it that a candidate needs fifteen signs in a twenty foot section on EVERY block!

    I get sick of it…nearly as sick as watching these clowns paste on their phony smiles and wave at people like loons at busy intersections, distracting the already distracted as I try to get through without one of those distracted hitting me!

  4. tacoman1 says:

    I agree with the letter writers comments , as I prepare my ballot for drop off , I too am thinking about the candidates.
    At this time I feel that there is room for more diverse thought in the democrat tent and table.
    I have been troubled with the recent comments from representative Darneille, and her surrogates regarding Mr. Connelly , and quite frankly cannot remember a past instance where there was so much hate speech being bandied about in Tacoma politics.
    I have heard that because Mr. Connelly is a catholic he would only answer to Rome and the pope (very ironic as even Kennedy would have been slandered by Darneielle and her surrogates).
    I would like Ms. Darneille and her surrogates to know that those of faith to include Catholicism respect the LBGT community, and have sons and daughters, and loved ones who are LGBT, or who have succumbed to AIDS/HIV we are not uncaring , detached from volunteer involvement or the issues. We are much more than one dimensional in life and politics. Perhaps providing the same inclusion that you deride your opponent for not having would demonstrate some good faith on your part , and show that this election is not about getting a pay raise for yourself.
    I suspect Mr. Connelly is like many Catholics, and while he may prefer personally other options regarding reproductive rights still respects the fact that there is a law in place and that it is a individual decision.
    Like the letter writer I fear that by re electing career politicians like Darnielle we only help continue the partisan gridlock politics. I personally have no desire to help representative Darnielle reach 20 years of service to pad a state retirement account that is better than mine.
    I have voted for representative Darneille in the past , but recently have issues with her performance in Olympia not the least of which was her support to suspend some due processes afforded those arrested and her tacit approval of the legislature to allow municipalities the ability to raise taxes without a public discussion or vote , resulting in the recent tax increase Tacoman’s received this year.
    There are very few who deserve long term re-election , in this case I find no such mandate.

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