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TACOMA: City overly aggressive with ticketing

Letter by Morgan Alexander, Tacoma on July 31, 2012 at 11:14 am with 16 Comments »
July 31, 2012 1:57 pm

As a downtown business owner, it is difficult enough running a business in this economy without having the City of Tacoma’s overly aggressive parking enforcement frustrating visitors with parking tickets for not turning their wheels to the curb.

Please, instead of fining people, the city should just leave a friendly notice. We should be encouraging people to visit downtown Tacoma, but the aggressive ticketing is not helping.

(Alexander is owner of Amocat Cafe.)

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  1. surething says:

    People not parking correctly is not our problem.

    I assume you are talking about hill parking, which for obvious safety requires you to turn your wheels to the curb.

  2. When parking on a hill i thought that it was common sense to turn your wheels to the curb?

    That’s Driver’s Ed 101.

  3. truthbusterguy says:

    Who goes to Tacoma to spend $$$ anymore. Forget it. Once I felt I had to carry my gun to go there I stopped going.

    Only a fool would enable Tacoma by going there, spending money and getting a ticket as a parting gift. Same for Seattle.

  4. Morgan Alexander, Tacoma Theirs only 1 place I go to in Tacoma that is the county city building for jury duty which is not often due to safety reason.

  5. vingrotto says:

    I learned when I was sixteen to turn my wheels to the curb when parking on a hill. If people haven’t figured this out by now, maybe they need another lesson. Plus there are signs everywhere that remind you to turn them.

    Hey truthbusterguy – please stay in the burbs. The city is too good for you.

  6. MyBandito says:

    truthbusterguy- I thought that you considered carrying a gun a sacrament.

  7. MrCarleone says:

    The City needs the money.

    Apparently all of those view condo’s are not generating the expected revenue.

  8. sincere says:

    After trying to dodge the potholes in the Streets and reading about personal safety issues,I will take vingrottos advice and stay in the burbs and leave the Tacomans to themselves.They won’t miss me and you can bet I won’t miss them!

  9. smcelhiney says:

    I enjoy frequenting the Amocat and other hyper-local businesses in the area. The fear of getting a ticket for something stupid is a real issue. I’m curious… since ticketing aggressively for not turning your wheels to the curb is a reality, what are the statistics on accidents from vehicles rolling out into traffic on their own due to failure to turn wheels towards the curb? There must be records used to justify prosecuting this mistake with monetary penalties… right? But, unlike the people causing accidents by driving while doing things besides driving… texting, chatting on the phone, makeup, eating, reading, whatever… I’ve never seen a car roll out into traffic on it’s own.

  10. SwordofPerseus says:

    trutheludesmeguy – good, if you don’t know how to drive and park, stay away. A gun? What kind of pussy cat are you, I see kids everywhere, they aren’t afraid.

    TOOKAN – “There is” when hyphenated becomes there’s you used the personal possessive form of the hetero-graph.

    sincere – we’ll only miss your money.

  11. I have to agree – parking enforcement is so over the top, it’s annoying. Bought a new car – no front license plate (why are car dealers allowed to sell vehicles with no front license plate holder in a state that requires same?). Had ordered an after-market license holder because I didn’t want holes in my front bumper. Sure enough, in front of the downtown YMCA I received a ticket for no front license plate! I only had the car for three freakin’ days. Next up, same location different car – ticket for not turning wheels into the curb!! Are you freakin’ serious?!! My car wasn’t on a hill! Good God Almighty.

    You’re right – over aggressive parking enforcement drives business elsewhere, as do red light cameras (I haven’t spent a dime in Fife for two years after receiving a $124 ticket for not coming to a complete stop – the same rolling stop that cops themselves do all the time!)

  12. boonewrites says:

    I got one of these tickets for not turning my wheels. But I was parked on a relatively flat street — actually the alley behind the downtown Y. Really? I was doubly ticked by the fact that there are signs there indicating you should turn your wheels — except the wheels on the signs were straight … not kidding.

  13. SwordofPerseus says:

    Take photo of tires and parked car. Contest ticket in court. I know it is a pain to take time off, find a place to “PARK” etc. But the satisfaction of winning in court is worth the price of admission.
    Time off work $40.00
    Parking $5.00
    Ticket dismissed by judge PRICELESS

  14. slarssen says:

    People like to blame government for their woes. It’s a good excuse to avoid a mirror.

    Parking tickets for violating a basic rule of parking is not likely the cause of your business struggles.

  15. Theefrinker says:

    SwordofPerseus: Actually, “there’s” is a contraction, not a hyphenation. Just figured I’d point it out since you were attempting to correct someone’s grammar.

  16. smcelhiney says:

    Awe, come on… is an online English teacher grading comments supposed to use correct English while correcting others? :)

    Slarrson, Morgan is just pointing out one of the frustrations confronting his and every other business owner’s customers in the area. Come for a cup of coffee, or some cheese across the street, pizza around the corner… whatever, they come to spend money to relax and enjoy themselves and get back to a ticket on the windshield for something that isn’t a real issue.

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