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OLYMPICS: Fill empty seats with 99 percenters

Letter by Iver M. Haugen, Lakewood on July 31, 2012 at 12:39 pm with 109 Comments »
July 31, 2012 12:39 pm

Lots and lots of corporate and other reserved, really, really expensive empty seats at the Olympics (TNT, 7-31)? Tut! Tut! They could easily be filled with the rabble – so known in earlier English literature, but now known as the 99 percent!

Hand out free tickets until every seat is filled. Then, that Mitt Romney might repent of his gaffes regarding London’s failure to do as well as he in carrying out Olympic events, reserve a prominent (for photo-ops) seat for him so that he can demonstrate how much he really understands and likes people like me.

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  1. SandHills says:

    Sorry Iver,

    Mr. Romney’s interest would only be in dressage – something I doubt even all the 1%ers enjoy, except the value of being in the company of royalty.

    Dressage alone should be a good hint of how much Mitt understands us 99%ers.

  2. Iver -FYI – the seats are being field by the holders of large blocks of tickets (such as corporations and big business) donating their unused tickets to groups such as the workers and volunteers that helped put the Games together, and to military personnel.

    SandHills – Mitt would have to be the horse as he’s proved numerous times that he has no self-control.

  3. Frankenchrist says:

    The U.K. love their National Health Service, their socialized medicine. They simply love it.

  4. Frankenchrist says:

    Does anyone else in here love Mitt’s favorite sport, horse ballet?

    Horse ballet: the sport of the un-man. The plutocrat’s favorite.

  5. What a bunch of jealous whiners.

    Get a job and buy a ticket. More entitlement crap.

  6. CT7 – sorry nhlf’s not allowed.

  7. aislander says:

    Actually, dressage has a long history in popular culture. This from wiki:

    Popular Culture

    Lipizzans have starred or played supporting roles in many movies, TV shows and books.

    The 1940 film Florian stars two Lipizzan stallions. It was based on a 1934 novel written by Felix Salten. The wife of the film’s producer owned the only Lipizzans in the US at the time that the movie was made.[42] The rescue during World War II of the Lipizzan stallions is depicted in the 1963 Walt Disney movie Miracle of the White Stallions. The movie was the only live-action, relatively realistic film set against a World War II backdrop that Disney has ever produced.[43] In the feature film Crimson Tide, a discussion between the two main characters over whether Lipizzans came from Spain or Portugal is used to represent the film’s suppressed racial conflict and the dividing of the world between the two main powers during the Cold War.[44]

    Television programs featuring the Lipizzans include The White Horses, a 1965 children’s television series co-produced by RTV Ljubljana (now RTV Slovenija) of Yugoslavia[45] and BR-TV of Germany, re-broadcast in the United Kingdom. It followed the adventures of a teenage girl who visits a farm where Lipizzan horses are raised.[46] Another show was the Nickelodeon cartoon show The Angry Beavers, where in one episode one of the main characters (actually a beaver) dreams of being a Lipizzan stallion at the Spanish Riding School.[47]

    Many fiction books mention Lipizzans. In the 2004 novel The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson, Lipizzan horses and the Spanish Riding School are key elements of both the plot and the setting.[48] Lipizzans and the Spanish Riding School also play a crucial role in Mary Stewart’s 1965 novel Airs Above the Ground[49] and Marguerite Henry’s 1964 children’s novel White Stallion of Lipizza.[50]

    Do you lefties EVER tire of flogging that dead horse, class warfare?

  8. SandHills says:

    Not a leftie – I just don’t let blind ideology make me follow someone who is just as slippery to explain his politics and finances as his religion is to explain why it is not a cult.

  9. SandHills says:

    Oh, and “popular culture” infers something like Elvis, or the Beatles – “dressage”??? NOT

  10. aislander says:

    So…Walt Disney doesn’t dabble in pop culture?

    As the philosopher Larry*Fine would say: Kooky!

  11. aislander says:

    I think I’d rather ride–or just watch–dressage than that dead horse you’re riding, which you seem exceedingly reluctant to abandon.

    And can a culture, popular or not, “infer” anything?

  12. The philosophers I read go by nom de plume and can’t be boiled down to one word.


  13. “go by ONE nom de plume….”

  14. Frankenchrist says:

    Normal Americans love baseball and football.

    Mitt Romney loves horse ballet.

  15. WBusheyShipsBoatswain says:

    Mitt has already proven he is a better dancer, dancing around his taxes, business record and statements. Why embarrass the horse? Note: I changed my user name. I will no longer take the easy way out, what you see is my actual name and occupation. If I put something in words, I will no longer hide. Anyone else game?

  16. aislander says:

    So you must HATE baseball and football…

  17. SandHills says:

    Jeez aislander – you have a serious hard-on about dressage, don’t you? If so I apologize, everyone has something.

    But to suggest that because Disney “dabbles” in popular culture somehow makes dressage part of main street America….. is still such a huge stretch of logic that most, not just me, would have to throw the red BS flag on.

    …and if you think Romney taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in a tax deduction because he bought a dressage horse for his wife’s “medical” condition will somehow put him better touch with the average American…

    …well I am sure there is a point you are trying to make about dressage, but it escapes me…..

  18. aislander says:

    Dressage isn’t the point.

    Class warfare is a point. The idiotic notion that a candidate must somehow “relate” to the average American to be an effective leader is a point.

    Newsflash: NONE of these people–least of all Obama–relates to the average schmo. You think John (I married MY money!) Kerry relates? Hell even Average Joe Biden went to expensive prep schools.

    My POINT is that this whole thread is idiotic…

  19. Sandy- be made at people that wrote in that deduction, not the guy taking it.

    AI is spot on. I don’t care if the president is average joe or royalty. I care about what they will do at the helm of the nation. BHO is a proven failure. Romney is a fresh start, some hope and change for us. He has a proven record of success and problem solving.

    You kids do not care. You have fallen for the marketing campaign of a Canadian rag declaring class warfare. You are hooked on govt, and convince yourselves someone owes you something. You believe because someone is rich you are not.

    You place your faith in a druggie over a rich man of solid principles.

    Your bigotry blinds you. Your hate of faith lead you to believe in conspiracy.

    Sad state we are in. The left is watching their man fail yet willing to double down. They buy any excuse pumped out by Chicago machine.

    America needs and deserves better. Romney 2012

  20. SandHills says:

    Good aislander, with your dissertation on dressage thought you were making a point about class warfare – between those who see dressage as part of popular culture, and those who wouldn’t know dressage from the finer points of synchronized swimming.

    But dressage is still a good horse to ride to make a point. There has always been class warfare – and always will be. It’s just that in America a strong middle class has been the great buffer between those who appreciate dressage and those who appreciate not going to bed hungry. It has been the great middle class who overlook the excesses of the rich, because it was seen as a carrot – and generally felt that the poor just needed to work harder to get the home with 2 a car garage in the suburbs.

    But as more and more of the middle class is slipping – financially, foreclosures, higher educational opportunity, and healthcare – well I have to say that Mitt Romney’s appreciation for dressage doesn’t make many points with them.

    And to me that was the point about dressage….

  21. And MO’s $6800 outfit is real middle class.

    Flying his barber regularly for a basic hair cut, real middle class.

    What should make a point with the middle class is getting this failed admin back to Chicago.

  22. SandHills says:

    CT7 – again with generalities about me with the ad hominems. I posted in response to you once before about the example of the PC police – both liberal and conservative – serving the same function as Jim Jones armed guards forcing people to drink the cool aid they were serving.

    Not drinking the cool aid fed by conservative does not a liberal make, no more so than refusing to drink the utopian cool aid of the liberal ilk make anyone a conservative – it just shows some one has commonsense.

    …and the schism in this country widens behind entrenched political barricades

  23. aislander says:

    This is the argument that early-twentieth century progressives used to insinuate Marxist-inspired “reforms” into the American system–fear of the underclass.

    The country would have been better off then putting down any insurrection rather than trying to bribe the revolutionaries, and it will be better off now in returning to a society based on individual opportunity and maintaining a civil society.

    It is not admirable to submit to extortion.

  24. aislander says:

    And Romney bought the horse with HIS money, while Obama abuses his use of OUR 747 and insults us by reimbursing for commercial airfare, all the while scolding US for the excesses HE perceives us to indulge in.

    And that SOB sure can scold…

  25. AI- they all have done that. The difference today is the length of the downturn, the size of debt, and his rhetoric about cost cutting. Sprinkle some class envy in there and it makes him a total hypocrite. But people will excuse him, as they do for every gaffe, blunder, and policy disaster.

    Speaking of gaffes, he picked Biden to be his VP. Talk about a guy who embarrasses America, at home and abroad.

  26. SandHills says:

    Well, again I will state I certainly won”t defend Obama (but unless you can show Reagan and the Bushes also did not use AF1 as a sitting president going to political events and reimbursed all the cost….), don’t need to.

    The heart of the point is that Obama spoke closer to home to enough Americans in 2008 to get elected, a fact that some can’t accept. Another fact, Romney will have to do the same. You feel that his finances, and appreciation of dressage helps him do that – and if I was firmly in the Obama camp I would be smiling. Not being an Obama fan, I am disappointed that the GOP chose Romney as their standard bearer and I might be a bit more skeptical about his chances than card carrying GOPers.

    It just appears to be a bit more desperate hope in Romney on this forum than I am willing to give him credit for. I don’t think he communicates well – either to general America like Reagan, or evangelical Christians like GW, and having a dressage horse in the Olympics (like UK’s Royal family) is certainly no help.

  27. In 2008 BHO read eloquent words off a TelePrompTer. He was basically an unproven senator. No real history of anything (especially when we find out his books were pure fiction).

    He was anti-Bush. He was a well spoken black man and a hope for a post-racial America.

    He failed ALL of us.

    We tried the smooth talker. Let’s try someone who has proven he can succeed at something more than a popularity contest.

  28. SandHills says:

    One more thing, Bill Clinton (slick Willie) spoke to average Americans at a level they bought and voted for over the sitting old money patrician Bush. It’s about selling yourself, your brand, to own the Oval Office. Remember, the salesmanship experience of Romney was largely on Wall Street – Obama, the streets.

    Every time Romney tries to be average, he comes across as something else – because he is something else.

    Both him and Obama have to sell the positive and be like teflon to anything negative. The edge in this game, just as CT states: ” But people will excuse him, as they do for every gaffe, blunder, and policy disaster” seems to be in favor of Obama.

    Again, while I can accept that dressage does no harm to Romney, it is pure hyperbole – and a touch of the cool aid – to believe it can help him.

  29. Sandhills, I think I agree with everything you just said.

    Much of this is about marketing. But with today’s economy, technology available to inform, and people sick of ‘slick’ pols, this time might be different.

  30. “He was a well spoken black man and a hope for a post-racial America.
    He failed ALL of us.”

    ConTemptible7, the President can’t just be a well spoken man? That belies your utterances about a post racial America. You haven’t done squat to bring about a post racial America unless it’s some scheme to keep minorities in their “place.” Conservatism is just the preservation of white supremacy.

    And still you show your willful ignorance in that you will not acknowledge a Congress that has stymied the President and ultimately the country at every turn.

    Shouldn’t you be figuring out your next scheme on bilking the government into paying your rent or some other thing. Yeah it’s legal. Ethics don’t matter to “conservatives” unless it’s someone else they’re flaying. Hyprocrite.

  31. Well, that was interesting. At least we agree that Harry and Nancy made BHO look even worse. The current house is not much better, and they are stalled by the do nothing senate.

    And you sound like an expert on govt handouts. Some of us have pride (and money).

    Which party is calling for less handouts? The one you support? Which party made food stamps the entitlement monster it is? Hint- go back about 12 years.

  32. averageJose says:

    Knee slapper of the day goes to…

    Not a leftie – I just don’t let blind ideology… bla bla bla…

  33. @sevanup:
    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    Joe ‘say it ain’t so’ Biden

  34. took14theteam says:

    I wonder if sandhills is being shoveled out of a charliebucket….

    Opps. I might get turned in for being an internet bully…..


  35. Frankenchrist says:

    Mitt Romney has not paid income taxes in over ten years which is why he is afraid to release his returns.

    Multi-millionaire Romney paid zero taxes over the last ten years. I oppose that. If that is class warfare, so be it.

    Romney is a cheat and a thief.

  36. WBusheyShipsBoatswain says:

    Frankenchrist: I am not a Romney supporter, but I have to point ouut that the story about his not paying taxes has yet to be confirmed. Perhaps not a good idea to promote it as gospel until there is documentation.

  37. beerBoy says:

    This is the argument that early-twentieth century progressives used to insinuate Marxist-inspired “reforms” into the American system

    I don’t recall reading anything in Das Kapital about allowing women to vote for Senators through direct elections. Or anti-trust regulations. Or child labor laws. Or public education. Or, for that matter, the failures of the Progressive Movement – prohibition and eugenics.

  38. averageJose says:

    While Romney’s tax history has not been confirmed, a host of Obama appointees have. Gotta love the double standard. :D

  39. beerBoy says:

    Obama appointees are running for President? Love the false equivalence ;-)

  40. MyBandito says:

    “so that he can demonstrate how much he really understands and likes people like me.”

    In all honesty he only needs you for your vote, then he will dump you for the 1% he associates with. Birds of a feather, flock…..

  41. And why does BHO need your vote? So his wife can buy $7 outfits? So he can fly his barber in from Chicago (I doubt he will want to move back to that war zone)?

    Yes, Mitt is rich. It takes away and personal profit motive from the office. Are the needs of the 1% different from you and I? A strong economy. A strong national defense. Cheap, stable energy supply. The whole 1% crap is just that, crap. They are as American as you or I. They fund your entitlements and my salary. They have been hammered figuratively and fiscally in the last 3 years. Your attitude stem from an entitlement mentality and jealousy.

    BHO hung out with terrorists and drug users. Birds of a feather…

    Bb- how many times do we hear about Bush on these blogs? Is he running for office?

  42. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney’s father release 12 years of his tax returns. Why won’t Mittens release more than one year? It is because he used Cayman Island and Swiss banks to hide his millions and pay zero taxes on them. While the rest of us pay our taxes every year, Mitt lies, cheats, and hides his money overseas.

    Romney, being the spineless un-man that he is, will eventually cave to the pressure and release his tax returns. He has no choice and it would be wiser for him to release them now rather than later.

    When he loses in November, at least he will have that much more time for horse ballet.

  43. aislander says:

    The “reforms” I was talking about, beerBoy, were transfers from one group of Americans to another–transfers that any responsible leader would have recognized as mathematically unsustainable and morally reprehensible.

    Mostly, though, the damage to the country came from the expansive view of the role of government in the lives of private citizens…

  44. aislander says:

    Duh yuh think the IRS MIGHT pay a teensy bit more attention to Romney’s returns than to those of average taxpayers?

    Duh yuh think the Obama regime would take delight in making any irregularities known to the slavish media?

    After all, the regime has no problem leaking national security secrets if doing so will make The One look good…

  45. FC, instead of whining that Romney will not facilitate your witch hunt, thank him for paying millions in taxes that benefit us all.

  46. Frankenchrist says:


    The IRS has no authority in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Jersey, or in any other offshore tax haven.

    That’s why they call them “tax havens.”


  47. Frankenchrist says:


    Here is what Conservapedia says about Romney:

    “The Romney is a breed of sheep characterized by a fine fleece and tasty flesh.”

    Wow, a sheep! Spot on!


  48. FC, do you care about the truth? He claimed those accounts (why you know about them) and paid US taxes on the income.

    Now, do you know we are the only major western nation to charge taxes on foriegn income? All that does is encourage people and corporations to keep money overseas.

    Hate the policies, not those that just follow the law

  49. aislander says:

    The IRS most certainly DOES have authority over foreign income, and has reciprocity agreements with most nations. But that was not my point, which was that, if there were a hint of irregularities, the regime would have made them known far and wide.

    Nice bluff, though…

  50. I see Frankenchrist could not back up his baseless assertion that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in the last 10 years, so in typical liberal style he flags my comment for removal.

    Old school leftist tactic: “If you can’t beat them, silence them.”

    I’m still looking for proof. You saying it does not make it true.

  51. Frankenchrist says:

    CT, we’re talking about tax dodging, not tax law. Yes, Romney admits to the accounts but will not release his tax returns. Why? What is in them he doesn’t want the public to know?
    aislander, you should educate yourself on offshore banking. You are unclear on the concept.
    sabre, the proof will come when Romney’s tax returns are revealed. And I didn’t flag your post.

  52. FC, he does not have to, period.

    Do you admit you are on a witch hunt? What do you expect/want to see?

    Do you also call for BHO to release all records not required by law?

  53. Frankenchrist says:

    Of course he doesn’t have to but he will. And when he does I expect to see that he paid little or no taxes on his multi-millions at the same time the 99% struggled with mortgages, jobs, taxes, etc. Like the rest of the .05%, he doesn’t pay taxes.

    However, I’m positive that his masters in Salt Lake City received their cut.

  54. Once again, why is that his fault? Blame the policy.

  55. Aislander,
    ‘Obama abuses his use of OUR 747.’

    You are so good at dead horse dressage that you could metal in it.

    There is class warfare, declared by upper class on the middle and working classes.

    You are a renegade.

    Let’s return American to a society based on individual opportunity where;
    Estate tax = 100% for anything over $250,000.
    Admittance all schools to be based on standardized testing only.
    No candidate in any election can out spend their opponents by more than 10%.

    MO’s expensive cocktail dresses and formal ware, like those of other First Ladies, are willing donated by the designer.

    Best thing for the middle class will be to send Mitt back to his son’s unfinished basement apartment.

    We tried Bush the businessman who bankrupted four companies and almost bankrupted the country.

    Now you want to try someone who made most his money betting against the US.

    The reason we are in the condition we now find ourselves is the failure of Congress, which puts the wants of the few of the good of the many, and ideology over the good of the Nation.

    Sandy, the last Republican President that could relate to middle and working class Americans was Ike – who would be drummed out of today’s Republican Party.

    (monder how may rounds of golf Ike played)

  56. aislander says:

    xring: You DO have a peculiar manner of expression…

  57. aislander says:

    Bain capital is a partnership. If Romney releases his returns from his time with Bain, that will make public information about his partners.

  58. aislander says:

    …which will leave them subject to attacks.

  59. aislander says:

    Who, though, could object to withholding such information?

  60. aislander says:

    Did anyone know that the word, “r*e*d*a*c*t is banned on this forum? I didn’t…

  61. SwordofPerseus says:

    CT7- I blame the policy makers, Willard is one of them. Someone of his questionable ethics and idol worship is not qualified to be president of the USA. I am not fond of the current administration, not by a long shot. But Willard is far worse, so better the devil you know. I think that we need a third party, a workers party for a change. Not just politicians for the monied elite. And stop with the class warfare BS, you are in it whether you like it or not, it is us against them. You are not in the 1% nor will you ever be.

    ‘slander, what a dim witted cheer leader you are. Fail.

  62. SwordofPerseus says:

    wow ‘slander that’s weird. Why do you suppose?

  63. aislander says:

    So…HackerofJellyfish…I await with breathless anticipation specific examples of where I came up lacking in your estimation.

    In anticipation of your crushing rejoinder, I am inclined to view your disapprobation as a strong endorsement…

  64. “workers party”. Didn’t some other large country try that? Worked well for them. Real student of history.

    Correct, I am not 1%. But I appreciate them for funding my paycheck, making companies that hire my family, ad inspiring people to excel. They set the bar. They hire people. They donate. You do none of the above. Your ilk does none of the above.

  65. SwordofPerseus says:

    aislander said; – “If Romney releases his returns from his time with Bain, that will make public information about his partners.” Not true.

    aislander said; – “The IRS most certainly DOES have authority over foreign income,” Not true.

    aislander said; – “Duh yuh think the Obama regime would take delight in making any irregularities known to the slavish media?” What the heck is the slavish media?

    aislander said; – “Mostly, though, the damage to the country came from the expansive view of the role of government in the lives of private citizens…” Not true, actually false.

    Multiple FAILURES.

  66. sumyungboi says:

    letter writer: “Hand out free tickets until every seat is filled”

    Leftists always talk about “fairness”. Please explain to me how it would be fair to give away good seats, while other people, many of whom have saved quite awhile to make it to the Olympics, sit in less desirable seats that they paid good money for.

    The whole notion of the “99%” is so stupid. When I was young, we were encouraged to try to be somebody and strive for success. These 99 percenters are simple minded people who’ve had their heads filled with the notion that they somehow deserve what other people have without ever having to sacrifice anything themselves.

  67. sumyungboi says:

    sword, why are you interested in Romney’s tax returns?

  68. SwordofPerseus says:

    Yes, Can’tThink7, workers party for the people who get things done. The workers who build and maintain this country. Who do all the fighting and dying when the 1% wage their wars for profit. Not the ones trying to “F” everything up. There are workers political parties still in business all over the world idiot. Gawd you are difficult to deal with.

    Your prose would have me think they pay you out of the goodness of their heart, because the way you word it you do not earn your money like I did before I retired?

  69. SwordofPerseus says:

    You must be joking right somedumboy?

  70. averageJose says:

    Based on the outrage of the unsupported allegation of Romney not paying taxes, bB, it begs the question why Barry would have no problem making political appointments of so many confirmed tax cheats.

  71. sumyungboi says:

    Nope, I’m serious, why are you interested in his tax returns? I don’t think that anyone disputes that he’s filed all the necessary paperwork to do what he’s doing, so why are you concerned about things that are beyond that scope?

  72. SwordofPerseus says:

    Aj – you mean like Hank Paulson and Timmy Geithner? Both Republicans

  73. SwordofPerseus says:

    Normally the candidates for president are open and willing to discuss their financial situation. What is Willard trying to hide? A lot of suspicious tax havens he would not like disclosed no doubt. Frankly I don’t care, so long as he is not elected. If this is what it takes to bring him down fine. I do not like anything about this plastic empty suit. I would not trust him with the keys to the football or the White House. He is not suitable in any way of being the POTUS, period.

  74. sumyungboi says:

    sword: “Frankly I don’t care, so long as he is not elected. If this is what it takes to bring him down fine”

    No one really cares. Guys like you bring it up because you hope that there’s people stupid enough to care, but that’s simply targeting people who’re more concerned about their next paycheck than Romney’s tax returns, which they wouldn’t understand anyway.

    Anyway, thanks at least for the admission that Obama sucks so bad that he can’t possibly win on merit alone.

  75. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney’s plan to overhaul the tax code would produce cuts for the richest 5 percent of Americans — and bigger bills for everybody else, according to an independent analysis set for release Wednesday.


  76. Effective rates?

  77. beerBoy says:

    aislander – please specify which Progressive Era programs you claim are influenced by Marxist theory – EXACTLY – not some slogan generalization.

    Romney is a fresh start, some hope and change for us. He has a proven record of success and problem solving.

    Really???!!!?? If you believe that you are just as naive as any of the Obamaphiles who got tingles down their legs.

  78. CT7 – you lie – Romney did not claim and did not pay taxes on those offshore accounts.

    What I expect to see is what Mitt’s wife has told us is there – information that would have esteem, adverse impact on Mitt’s election.

    AI- you are a fool – IRS has jurisdiction on foreign made income ONLY if the money is brought into the US and declared as income.

    Bain Capital a partnership – Then way was Romney listed as the sole stock holder?

    Can anyone confirm Sabre has a missing post?

    Sabra – waiting for proof – you will have a long wait.

    Sumy – your rants has already been answered.

  79. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “Sumy – your rants has already been answered.”

    Please point out what you consider to be my rant. Since you’re a proven liar, I don’t really expect much, anyway.

  80. took14theteam says:

    Sorry xring, but your comments always make you look like the fool.

    Think before you type, or are you just a plant to make waves?

  81. FC- Since you quoting wildly lib sources


    Come on. Right now even the very rich pay a low effective tax rate (google it), but way higher than the middle class. A flatter tax with less deductions would hit the top 10% hard. Yes, the 50% of freeloaders might have to chip in a penny for their national defense. Should they? Should I pay for your security?

  82. LeePHill says:

    “Romney 2012″

    Him and the horse his wife danced in on…..

    How can Romney use his typical leadership in the United States unless bankrupting the country?

  83. LeePHill says:

    In case some weren’t paying attention…and you know who you are…

    “In the key swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, voters were asked the question, “Would you say that Mitt Romney cares about the needs and problems of people like you or not?”

    In all three, more people answered “not.”

    A new poll by CBS News, the New York Times, and Quinnipiac University found that 54 percent of likely voters in Pennsylvania, 55 percent in Ohio, and 49 percent in Florida said Romney did not care about their problems.

    A smaller contingent said Romney did understand them: 39 percent in Pennsylvania, 38 in Ohio, and 42 percent in Florida.

    President Obama fared better: In all three states, at least 55 percent said the president did understand their needs and problems.”

  84. averageJose says:

    Is Sumn-one making a prediction? I hope so… they seem to fail everytime. :D

  85. Sumy & Took – LOL – the boy chicks think they have bites.

    If either of you could refudiate my statements there would be no need for these boring low brow personal attacks.

    CT7 – Romney paid an effective tax rate of 14% – I paid 28% – any other right wing lies you would liked debunked.

    Also – one year of tax return not enough – to those of you who own/are buying a house – how many years of tax returns did you have to provide your lender?

    I had to show three years and I was just refinancing with the same lender.

  86. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “Sumy .. the boy chicks think they have bites”

    xring: “If .. you could refudiate my statements there would be no need for these boring low brow personal attacks”

    That’s so awesome, and I’m guessing that you don’t even recognize your hypocrisy.

    In any case, calling you out as a liar is not a low brow personal attack, it’s simply a fact. There are opinions, and these can thrown around and they really don’t mean all that much, and then there are things that aren’t opinion, things that are hard history. You’d wandered into this area, and you blatantly lied about the chronology of events regarding the nbpp case.

    In a courtroom, if a witness is exposed as a liar, anything, _anything_ else he says or has said is suspect. This is where you are.

  87. CT7,
    Liberals know how low the effective rate is for the rich.

    Unlike conservatives, liberals know that the low effective rate is one of the problems that has derailed our country.

    The true freeloaders are those who hide money overseas in non-taxable accounts.

    I do recognize hypocrisy – and you have a terminal case of it.

    I also recognize your inability to see or to handle the truth.

    Rather than expressing your opinions and passing them off as truth, try doing some research and come up with some facts.

    This is not a court of lay and you are not Perry Mason.

    But, if you want to play the game – the first step is proving that I knowing lied.

  88. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “But, if you want to play the game – the first step is proving that I knowing lied.”

    Well, if you want to claim stupidity, that’s up to you, but that sorta disqualifies you even further from intelligently commenting on anything.

  89. LOL. The rich pay the highest effective rates. Nice try. Prove me wrong.

    So if we move to a 25/15% flat tax, yours would go down and his would go up.

  90. Sumy,
    I am merely standing on my Constitutional Right to say nothing and to demand proof.

    The burden of providing the proof is with you.

    Hate to tell you but I just did – Romney 14%, me 28%. Try checking you tax returns. If you paid less than 14%, God Bless You, and the IRS wants to talk to you.

    At a flat tax rate of 25/15. I assume you mean 25% for income and 15% capital gains.

    Because Romney’s income is primarily ‘capital gains’ you plan would leave him untouched.

    Remember, while Mitt was at Bain Capital he was paid $100,000 for being CEO and the rest of his income came from being the sole stockholder in the company

  91. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “I am merely standing on my Constitutional Right to say nothing and to demand proof.”

    xring: “The burden of providing the proof is with you.”

    You either lied, or you’re stupid, take your pick. Personally, I don’t care, and I’m guessing that both are true.

  92. Would you like a continuance?

    Or, is you whole case opinion and hearsay?

  93. took14theteam says:

    If either of you could refudiate my statements there would be no need for these boring low brow personal attacks.

    I was going to answer this, but sumyungboi took care of it. And nicely done.

    So I go back to my original statement about you that started the exchange.

    And if you paid 28% in income tax, you must make a hell of a lot of money for someone your age. I would think you would be against BHO’s tax proposals then, because it would hit you more in the pocket.

  94. Took – Try dual incomes, both at top of their pay grades, no dependents, and a mortgage too close to being paid off.

  95. BHO Tax Proposals,

    I said I had no dependents, I did not say I had no kids, nieces, and nephews?

    And we will be retired soon.

  96. Case dismissed due to lack of evidence.

  97. aislander says:

    So…xring…BOTH of you are drawing government checks!

    No wonder you’re so hot to tax everyone else…

  98. Aislander – why do you want to tax our kids, while letting the rich avoid their fair share?

  99. X- I hope your estate is taxed at 100%, like the progressives always call for.

    And all your political rants come down to the fact that you are part of the machine. You need dems to hammer the producers to secure your fat govt checks. Absolutely disgusting.

  100. CT7,
    ‘part of a machine’ – Have you been following my posts about gun rights and gun control where I am defending the right to keep and bare arms as a individual, personal right as opposed to a group right?

    Shall we talk about how disgusting it is for the PRODUCERS to be PRODUCING in other countries, so they can hide more money in untaxble overseas accounts?

  101. I hope your estate is taxed at 100%, like the progressives always call for.

    I’m unaware of ANY progressive calling for a 100% tax rate – let alone “always”.

  102. I am, however, aware of several “conservatives” who are calling for a 0% tax rate on inheritances.

  103. aislander says:

    Failure, HoJ, is calling something false without providing ANY countervailing citations. That’s a failure and it is weak…

  104. Weak aislander – the burden of proof is upon the person who made the initial claim, not the person challenging the claim. Since the initial claim was not backed by any citations/evidence it is reasonable for anyone to say “prove it – I don’t believe you” without having to disprove the initial claim.

  105. aislander says:

    Why do you want to leave our kids buried in Obamadebt, xring?

    And why do you favor taxation and regulatory policies that make it uneconomical to produce in America?

    And how much more–EXACTLY–is a “fair share” for those who are paying 75% of the freight right now?

    Don’t you think it is unbecoming for those who receive to DEMAND even more?

    And–one more time–where does government get its money? Hint: taxes paid by government employees don’t count, and if you can’t figure out why they don’t count, you ARE an economic illiterate…

  106. aislander says:

    Fine, beerBoy. A valid response would have been “Prove it,” or “Where’s the evidence?” Your boy did neither of those things, but merely said, in effect, “No it’s not.”

    That doesn’t fly.

  107. aislander says:

    Why should anyone be forced to pay an additional, confiscatory tax on money that has already BEEN taxed? Redistribution?

  108. Aislander, save the personal insults. They don’t work on me, and I can give back far worse.

    By your creed, no one but the corporations would have to pay income tax.

    ‘buried in Obamadebt’ . Congress made the debt; Congress has to pay it off.

    ‘Uneconomic to produce in America’ Why do you favor sending jobs overseas so Corporations can hide more money in un-taxable off shore accounts.

    During the 50’s and 60’s:

    Corporate tax rates and top marginal rates were much higher;

    Regulation was more extensive and more serve;

    Private sector union membership was over 30%.

    And we were an economic super power.

    Then came Regan – slashing taxes, halting regulation, busting unions, and put ting us on the ropes.

    The Bushes doubled down and brought us to our knees.

    Now Romney is posed to deliver the coup de grace.

  109. aislander says:

    You, xring, are wallowing in logical fallacies, attributing causation to all sorts of coincidences. It is unprofitable to engage in argumentation with someone who is unfamiliar with (or unwilling to employ) its tools, but I’ll address some things anyway.

    After WWII, we were the only manufacturing nation able to manufacture. It would have required a great deal of effort NOT to be prosperous under those circumstances, even given the impediments erected by government.

    In any case, you are absolutely wrong about the level of regulation extant in those decades. Please enlighten me about the Draconian environmental rules to which manufacturers were subject. Those didn’t really start to bite until the ’80s, but Reagan was able to enjoy a period of virtually unparalleled economic prosperity (ignoring, as we should, the revisionist history generated by the left).

    And I have seen your pathetic attempts at derision. Fling away!

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