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ROMNEY: Columnist proves he’s an Obama puppet

Letter by Dana Booth, Tacoma on July 31, 2012 at 10:11 am with 29 Comments »
July 31, 2012 2:06 pm

Eugene Robinson condescendingly mocks Mitt Romney’s foreign diplomacy skills (column, 7-31), but does little more than demonstrate what a puppet he is. The American press all but ignored Romney’s “gaffe” regarding Olympic security when first aired on NBC, and not until the leftist British tabloid The Guardian made a deal out of it did the American left grab it and run.

All good leftists, Robinson included, are in full campaign mode for Barack Obama, of course. And since there’s really nothing good that can be said about Obama’s tenure, the campaign and their media puppets must concentrate on going negative. Of course, I didn’t hear too much from the leftist media regarding Obama’s own gaffes as president with regard to Great Britain.

Let’s review:

• At a dinner with the queen, he continued to speak after the band started up with “God Save the Queen,” a big protocol buster.

• As a gift to the queen, he gave an iPod containing videos of . . . wait for it . . . himself. Seriously?

• As a gift to the prime minister, he gave a cheesy box set of American movie classics on DVD. First, if you don’t already have them, you don’t want them, and second, the DVDs are not even compatible with British players.

Robinson could care less about any gaffe; he’s simply a dishonest man trying to get his guy elected, nothing more.

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  1. menopaws says:

    Yep, but Romney makes it easy…..Watching him pucker up to Nethanyahu was just demeaning………….I know all of Obama’s gaffes and they too, are embarassing…..but, then, nothing beat Bush throwing up on the Prime Minister of Japan, does it???? And, that too was a mistake, but at least he was ill!!!…….We all need to relax….Romney actually could have been more gracious to the Brits….and less gracious to Nethanyahu who has inserted himself into American politics in a way that EVERY American should find disturbing…………..Israel will NOT pick our next President and Romney needs to play that a lot smarter than he has thus far………Robinson is no more dishonest than conservative writers—they all have an axe to grind……..But, let’s be clear…..Mr. Romney had an opportunity to show himself to Americans as “Presidential” on this trip………Bowing and scraping in Israel and Poland is NOT the way to do that………

  2. You know, it’s hard to know just how well it were turn out– will turn out. There are a few things that were disconcerting, the stories about the– private security firm not having enough people– the sup– supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials, that obviously is not something which is encouraging. Because in the games, there– there are three parts that makes games successful. Number one, of course, are the athletes. That’s what overwhelmingly the games are about. Number two are the volunteers. And they’ll have great volunteers here. But number three are the people of the– of the country. Do they come together and celebrate the Olympic moment? And that’s something which we only find out once the games actually begin.

    Ooooooooooh – that’s… entirely true.
    C’mon, I would expect better from the British gaffe machine… and no less from the American liberal press – who’re trying desperately to make us forget about the idiot currently in charge, his countless (and especially recent) gaffes, and their frenzied efforts to get him re-elected.

    Wake me up when 0bama media surrogates figure out who’s buried in Grant’s tomb.

  3. The Daily Sun’s headline Mitt the Twit demonstrates that Robinson’s article isn’t coming from a partisan bias but an accurate assessment.

    The Sun, btw, is owned by Fox News/WSJ owner Murdoch – hardly a left wing rag.

  4. LeePHill says:

    This goes in the same file with “FOX is fair and balanced”

  5. The news wasn’t what Romney said.

    The news was the reaction by the Brits. Thatis why the US Press didn’t make a big deal until The Gurdian made a big deal about it.

    I didn’t think this was rocket science.

  6. Lol, an iPod full of his speeches. Now that is an insult.

    Romney was honest and you kids can’t take it. You prefer to be lied to.

  7. Hmmm, another “funny” headline, just a few days after Romney’s observations:


    This time it was the Daily Mail.

    How the heck does a security staff lose the keys to Wembley Stadium? Security concerns? Yeah, I’d say that would qualify.

  8. Or the threats by unions to shut down traffic. That was not a legit concern?

  9. SafewayOrangeSoda says:

    That’s the difference between Obama and Romney-

    Since Obama legitimately hates American business, you don’t have to take his comments “out of context” for them to be frightening for anyone trying to succeed in this country. The “You didn’t build that” is depressing without changing a thing.

    With Romney, the leftist media has to twist, turn and skew things to make a “gaffe” where there isn’t one. He made an accurate assessment in response to a question he was asked as someone who had run the Olympics beforehand. Since only an insane moron would take that assessment and think it was a “gaffe”, the leftist media wasted no time in proving themselves to be totally nuts. Oh yeah, and they had to toss in some of their classic class-warfare crap about a horse too.

  10. beerBoy says:

    Speaking of bogus threats – Lockheed Martin sent out bogus lay-off notices to their employees while acknowledging that more than 90% of those who received the notices were in no danger of losing their jobs – all as a stunt to put pressure on Congress to increase military spending.

  11. beerBoy says:

    Clam – telling the truth is not an excuse for international diplomatic blunders…..which makes an interesting paradox for the US voter who complains about lying politicians while demanding that they be effective – an effective politician MUST be a good liar.

    SOS – don’t see how telling the truth about US business relying upon government provided services is “legitimately hat(ing) business”. Like his statement about bitter Americans gripping their guns and bibles, it wasn’t the smartest thing for a politician to say, but that doesn’t make it untruthful.

  12. beerBoy says:

    This letter is just a slightly more sophisticated version of 3rdpig’s standard response – that any criticism of the GOPer is support for Obama who, in his mind, is completely unsupportable to the point that someone who is notObama is Teflon.

  13. Bb- he stated the same thing the British press stated the week before. He stated the obvious. They did have problems. Some were resolved (the shutdowns threatened), some were not (empty seats). As to security, we will neve know if they were effective or lucky.

    Businesses PAY to use those roads and for protection from the police and firemen. We all pay for education. A business (made up of individuals) owes nothing to govt beyond statute and regulation. The govt owes business and individuals. He has the relationship reversed.

  14. Clamat0 says:

    Clam – telling the truth is not an excuse for the international press to create faux diplomatic blunders…

    Fixed for ‘ya.

    Of course, on a week when 0bama collects (again) endorsements from the likes of Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, creating phony gaffes serves two purposes:
    (1) the liberal media can be relied upon to supplant the 0bama gaffe-a-minute quote machine with this yellow journalism, and
    (2) they don’t have ask themselves the obvious questions; why on Earth does every crack crackpot dictator and two bit despot endorse Barack Hussein 0bama, how can this be rationalized as anything but a negative vis-a-vis 0bama’s policies, and why angles like these are never mentioned in the MSM.

    Imagine if Reagan had picked up an endorsement from Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Silence from the leftist press? LMAO, please.

  15. LeePHill says:

    “Since Obama legitimately hates American business”

    Oh geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz……

  16. LeePHill says:

    “Romney was honest and you kids can’t take it. You prefer to be lied to.”

    Oh geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz….

  17. Way to add something, Hill.

    Act your age

  18. Speaking of gaffes:

    Gaffe 1: Obama was in the middle of his toast to the queen when the band began playing prematurely.

    Gaffe 2: The Ipod contained videos of the queen’s state visit to the US in 2007.

  19. LeePHill says:

    Would acting my age include posting baseless assertions about truthtelling?

    xring…don’t expect honesty from this crowd. They thrive on lies and then get upset when we don’t accept them.

  20. LeePHill says:

    “As to security, we will neve know if they were effective or lucky.”

    But….we KNOW that the reason terrorists didn’t hit the US again after 9/11/01 was because of our military security……

    The hypocrisy is beyond belief….

  21. Baseless? You lie regularly. Fact. How many times have you repeated BHOs reelection campaign lies? Outsourcing (really off shoring is what you mean)? Multiple fact checking sites call you a liar.

    As to security, we have stopped many attacks. We took the fight to them, keeping YOU safe. And I like how you ignored the threat by the unions.

  22. Fixed for ‘ya.

    “Fixed for myself”.

    I fixed it for ‘ya

  23. philichi says:

    I think that we eed to look at this another way. No one will refute the superior intellegence of Krauthammer, Will, or Thomas Sowell. They could all do other work. However, if it wasnt for the liberal lap dog job of Eugene Robinson, what else would he do? His silly and meaningless column keeps him from an unemployment line and more need for food stamps. Please keep him on the job. Just don’t make me read him.

  24. Unless he was at the dinner with the Queen, the letter writer must have heard about Obama’s gaffes somewhere. If not in the leftist media, then where?
    Since Mr. Booth is pointing out Obama’s gaffes does this mean he’s in campaign mode for Romney. Columnist Robinson is an Obama puppet no more than letter writer Booth is a Romney puppet.

  25. SwordofPerseus says:

    So what is your point letter writer, you are obviously going to vote Retardlican. Sadly you are not for the good a the USA.

  26. Hypocrite. Making fun of the retarded (can we even say that anymore?).

    You desired form of govt is that of our enemies, past and present. We are the greatest force of good ever. You wish to sell that out for freebies.

  27. beerBoy says:

    While I think that SoP’s “wordplay” is an insult to the mentally challenged because it compares them to Republicans, it is clear that he is making fun of the GOPers.

  28. LeePHill says:

    beerBoy……sadly, you had to explain that. LOL

    “You desired form of govt is that of our enemies, past and present.”

    Well, that includes just about everyone in the past 250 years or so…

  29. @philichi “no one will refute the superior intellegence of Krauthammer, Will, or Thomas Sowell.”

    Are you kidding? Superior to whom? The average Republitard? Maybe.
    Krauthammer, Will, and Sowell seem to me to be very ordinary intellects who are veracity challenged.

    The only reason they they can always get other work is that there seems to be no lack of jobs if you toe the Conservative line. If they needed a job outside politics, they’d have a long job search.

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