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Letter by Susan H. McDaniel, Gig Harbor on July 30, 2012 at 11:04 am with 29 Comments »
July 30, 2012 2:35 pm

Re: “Don’t burden ‘rich’ small businesses” (letter, 7-28).

I disagree with the points made by the letter writer regarding “taxing the rich” if she is referring to President Obama’s desire to extend the Bush tax cuts for one more year for those earning less than $250,000.

This tax cut is on personal income and would only affect the taxes on that part of an individual’s income that was in excess of this amount. To support small business, Obama has many tax incentives in the American Jobs Act in addition to significant tax breaks already afforded them.

Major parts of the Affordable Care Act do not kick in until 2014, and holding down prices is one of the parts that generally has not taken effect yet. Already in effect is a law that says if insurance companies are not paying enough of their premiums in actual health care, they must send rebate checks to their customers to make up for the unfair prices they charged.

Www.whitehouse.gov has the facts on both the health care law and the jobs bill. Misinformation makes our ability to make good decisions very difficult. The people of our country have to take time to know the truth because we are being manipulated by some highly motivated, powerful people who are already taking away our personal freedoms and are doing everything possible to increase their own power and wealth.

It’s time to learn all you can, and speak out to stop this affront to us all.

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  1. philichi says:

    Susan, using your logic, the economy should be doing very well right now. It is not.

    Perhaps the best thing for us to do would be “reset”. Send Obama back to his community organizing job in Chicago and get rid of the mess of policies that he created. We should have a functioning and growing economy in no time.

  2. menopaws says:

    Susan…thank you for your letter. The economy is NOT doing well because of careful, systematic planning by the oil companies and Wall street–who want NO regulation…..Put the economy back in the sewer and regain power to ditch Dodd Frank and the new offshore drilling regulations…………Don’t think most people have been watching the manipulation of the oil prices…….Anyway, people don’t blog for knowledge anymore, but I do and appreciate you passing the info along……Hope it works….

  3. Two totally separate industries, one of them full of BHO backers (his only real friend is a banker), are coming together to make policy?


  4. Fibonacci says:

    You have a short memory. If getting rid of Obama will give us a functioning growing economy in no time, why he elected in the first place? The economy was in a mess with the government you want to to BACK to, that is what got Obama elected in the first place. Yet you claim that going back to the system that got us into this mess in the first place will solve the problem. What twisted logic.

    Your post makes no sense whatsoever. What in God’s name are you talking about? Did you pass English?

  5. LeePHill says:

    “Susan, using your logic, the economy should be doing very well right now. It is not.”

    The stock market has double since Obama took over and those in the investment business are complaining?????????????

  6. philichi says:

    fib, let me explain. Our economy crashed because the housing market crashed. The housing market was artificially inflated because of Fannie Mae and other Democrat programs. Before it happened, George Bush called the risk to the attention of Barney Frank. Frank said all was OK. Frank will now leave congress. (he will be spending his golden years with his husband).

    Therefore, the economy crashed because of Democrat policies, Obama won, and what did he give us? More silly Democrat policies. Huh, I wonder why the economy won’t grow?

    It is time to clean the mess up. Again, Obama can’t work in the real world but he could community organize, or work in a college. He could be a great city councilman. You just wouldn’t want him around real money or adult decisions. Well perhaps your money, not mine.

  7. philichi says:

    LeePhil, you always bring up the stock market. Are you one of the hated 1%. Are you a capitalist?

    Yes the market has come close to it 2007 high. Just think how well it could be doing if we had a leader that gave us confidence about the future?

    The California pension plan had a 1% return last year. It and other pension plans need over 7% to remain solvent, and safely pay the state workers. Do you think that they will hit 7% this year? Remember, they have around half in bonds. The ten year treasury is now yielding 1.5%.

  8. averageJose says:

    http://Www.whitehouse.gov has the facts

    LMAO! right… Hey Sue, why do you suppose it doesn’t “kick in” until 2014??? and all the temporary deferments?

    You guys crack me up.

  9. Phillichi – do you think it is possible that you can say anything that is true and based some facts? Have you ever heard of WA Mutual, Leman Bros, Country Wide, Bear Stearns, etc… I guess these guys had nothing to do crashing the economy.

  10. philichi says:

    afret, they are symptoms of the real estate crash, not the cause. The cause happened well before.

  11. MililaniJag says:

    As I understand the facts Pres.Obama’s “fair share” tax raise on those “rich” will pay for 8 days of his government. Imagine that…8 days!! WOW….Yes We Can!!

  12. SafewayOrangeSoda says:

    This “Susan” sounds an awful lot like a paid shill for the Obama administration, complete with the urging of people to go visit the White House website.
    Hey, Trib, your leftist is showing again. If you want to print Obama campaign leaflets, why don’t you make it explicit, hmm?

  13. philichi says:

    safeway, actually this is a great place for her to write. We, are alloyed to respond and joke with her. I would suggest that all the Obama people write and post.

  14. afret, they are symptoms of the real estate crash, not the cause. The cause happened well before.

    Which was the deregulation of the financial industry started in the Carter Administration, became a national religion under Reagan, and really kicked into gear under Clinton and Bush.

  15. menopaws says:

    This “shill” suggested that you expand your knowledge base before you flap your mouth……Got a problem with learning???? I know whining is what most people on these blogs do—how about trying to make it fact based whining for a change?

  16. NWflyfisher says:

    Susan H. McDaniel: You said “To support small business, Obama has many tax incentives in the American Jobs Act…”

    By all accounts, Obama’s “invesments” in jobs have not produced returns. In fact, throughout his entire term in office those “investments” have resulted in more taxpayer dollars being spent with no tangible return on those “investments”.

    Do your remember “jobs created or saved” and “recovery summer”? How many more jobs programs and stimulus plans will we need before we see it’s all smoke and mirrors?

    If he was a financial advisor advising on investment strategies, he would have been replaced long ago due to his poor performance. Since he’s the president, we have to wait until November 3 before we can replace him.

  17. LeePHill says:

    “Yes the market has come close to it 2007 high. Just think how well it could be doing if we had a leader that gave us confidence about the future?”

    So….the fall of the market was due to the lack of confidence in the leader?

    Remind me to not invest with you.

  18. LeePHill says:


    The president doesn’t create jobs. The market does. When our middle class wants goods and services produced in the US, our market will rebound.

    Meanwhile, we’ll keep buying foreign produced goods at minimum wage retailers and calling it “success”

  19. LeePHill says:

    Soda…..try the “Fox News is the only honest news outlet” letter.

  20. NWflyfisher says:


    WOW! Divine revelation; the president doesn’t create jobs. Who knew? You have a talent for stating the obvious. Sprry my post went over your head.

    For your viewing pleasure:


    So, who’s the “we” they refer to?

    Now watch the entire 3 minutes of this one:

    See anything strange in the recovery.gov reporting?

    Don’t bother responding.

  21. Fibonacci says:

    Republicans want it both ways. Tell me, is it always the fault of the current president when things go good or bad, or not? You can’t have both. Was it due to Clinton that the economy was good during his 8 years or not? Was it Bush’s fault things went bad during HIS 8 years or not? If your answer is no, then why is it Obama’s fault things got worse during HIS 4 years? You want to blame Obama while he is president, but when it was Bush, then it was Democratic policies.

    So, if things go bad while a Republican is president, it is the Democrats fault, but if things go bad while a Democrat is president, it is the presidents fault. Wonderful, Republicans can do no wrong and Democrats can do no right in your world. Brilliant.

  22. philichi says:

    LeePhil, You probably wouldn’t fit in my client base. I can refer you to the one adviser in town that is a liberal. He has a lot of time on his hands. You will love him.

    Do you need to review history? The market crashed because home values began to slip. When they did, some saw no reason to make another payment. You can blame this on anyone that you want, however, it really comes down to nonqualified people buying homes that they could not afford. It was bound to happen.

    The sad thing is the current president has no idea how to make the economy grow. All of his ideas, (that he learned in the faculty lounge or Workers revolution summer camp have failed. It is now time for him to go.

  23. averageJose says:

    One thing’s for certain… THIS president hasn’t created jobs.

  24. Fibonacci says:

    Presidents don’t create jobs, business creates jobs when demand increases.

  25. Fibonacci says:

    You are too simplistic. But, wasn’t it YOUR guy that deregulated the banks that then caused the mortgage problem? Even so, it was much more complicated than one thing. But again, I love the way that yo can twist things so that only Democrats are ever to blame for bad things and only Republicans credited for good. Small mind there.

  26. philichi says:

    Fib, are you telling me that banks would have loaned this money if they had to keep the paper themselves? Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac (big democrat inventions) bought the paper and guaranteed it with your tax dollars. Canada didn’t have a FNMA, they didnt have a crash either. Why is this so complicated. Big government causes most problems. Look at the schools, student loans, etc. We have now elected a president that has given us even more stupid ideas like cash for clunkers. Perhaps the left should just give us a rest from financial destruction for a while.

  27. averageJose says:

    Yea… and THIS president is really good at not creating jobs.

    while presidents may not create jobs… they have the ability to stifle economic expansion… Barry has MASTERED that ability


  28. beerBoy says:

    One thing’s for certain… THIS president hasn’t created jobs.

    Yes – the “jobless recovery”…….Unfortunately, his jobs creation numbers are – in three and a half years – already higher than the previous President’s numbers in eight years.

    NEITHER side has the answer to this problem because BOTH sides are paid by the the folks who have made this problem.

  29. philichi says:

    I have an answer. Libs quit messing up our nation. I wish that they would stiick with Detroit, Chicago, LA and other Democrat cities. Perhaps they could form a liberal Mecca and just destroy it. Leave the rest of the nation alone.

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