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VOTER ID: Republicans trying to suppress rights

Letter by Larry Hill, Olympia on July 27, 2012 at 10:41 am with 35 Comments »
July 27, 2012 12:46 pm

Millions of dollars of federal taxpayers money was spent on a witch hunt to find illegal voters to support the Republicans’ attempt to suppress voting. It garnered minimal returns for the funds spent.

Consider this quote from Paul Weyrich, a well-known conservative and developer of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative lobby:

“Now many of our Christians have what I call the goo-goo syndrome – good government. They want everybody to vote. I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of people, they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”

The motivation is obvious. The only issue becomes Americans not being on guard enough to be fooled with faux reasoning for the latest attempt to suppress voting rights.

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  1. menopaws says:

    Suppressing the right to vote is the tyranny of those who have no ideas to entice the voter………..So, intimidate them, scare them, STEAL their rights…………The right spent a lot of time painting Hitler moustache’s on Obama……….Maybe they need to take a look in their own mirror now. Democracy thrives on open voting—those who work to limit that do nNOT embrace democratic ideals.

  2. LOL. This issue has been beat to death on these boards.

    Heritage Foundation is a think tank. Nice spin, Larry.

  3. LeePHill says:

    Pay careful attention to the big words like “policy influence”


    Voting rights is not a right wing issue for blog boards. It’s a constitutional right that conservatives have been trying to take away from people for many years.

  4. ID does not equal loss of “rights”. This is 2012, not 1812.

    Who do they “lobby” for? What industry? Specifically, who pays them? Yes, their website says corporations due assist in funding. They also state they do no contract work.

    Keep spinning

  5. LeePHill says:

    “Yes, their website says corporations due assist in funding”

    I’d like to see that sentence in their website….but I digress.

    Learn what a lobby is. Anyone can lobby the government. Even plain old citizens with a cause.

    “ID” is the means to supress, just like “literacy tests” used to be.

    I can’t believe you don’t know that…no wait…I CAN believe you don’t know that.

  6. aislander says:

    The only example of voter intimidation that comes to mind is that by the new Black Panthers.

    Of course, since they didn’t ask for ID–I guess they just “profiled” Republicans–it was okay to threaten people with clubs and the “stare…”

  7. My bad Larry, DO. Either way that sentence made more sense and was more factual than this letter.

    2012, not 1812. Every demographic you claim people are trying to suppress (is that the word you meant to use?) require an ID for some govt benefit (outweighing the ‘cost’ of an ID).

    The entire argument is childish. An ID is part of life today. The obvious compromise is some kind or free state ID. Yes, there is a cost, but nominal. But I have yet to hear a leftist state that. Heck, call it stimulus for card stock makers.

  8. LeePHill says:

    The New Black Panthers….all six of them…..LMAO

    7…..please…demonstrate how Weyrich’s quote was not factual….

    ID – how do I provide ID with a mail in vote. I guess I’m part of the supressed…since I was “Boooooorrrn inna USA…”

    The problem with the voter ID scam is that the Cons can’t get the rest of us to buy it, and they are getting real frustrated. Even after spending millions to find no problem, they figure they can keep saying there is a problem when there is no problem and like a sheepelcon, they expect us to buy it.

    Sorry…ain’t buyin’…..

    7….wouldn’t you be more comfortable in Mississippi or Alabama?

  9. lylelaws says:


    ” 7….wouldn’t you be more comfortable in Mississippi or Alabama?

    Once again, when you don’t have anything logical to say, you resort to trying to brand anyone who doesn’t agree with you as “RACIST”

    Nothing is lower than trying to scare others into silence people by playing the race card.

  10. menopaws says:

    Okay CT7—You need ID to vote, but not to buy ammo clips off the Internet, right????? You have to show your “papers” to vote, but not to buy serious weapons or buy materials to build bombs…….Any credit card number will do the trick for that………Your fallacy for “protecting” this democracy from fraud is as empty as the SIX voters Texas claimed committed fraud over the last 10 years—out of 39 million votes cast……..Voter suppression is a much bigger deal than protecting innocents from harm……..Your “democracy: is dangerous and leans more towards fascism than anything the Founding Fathers had in mind. that isn’t “liberal” speak—it’s why the Federal court is looking long and hard at what Texas claims is their “massive” voter fraud problem……….

  11. LeePHill says:

    “lylelaws says:
    July 27, 2012 at 10:28 pm LeePhill,
    ” 7….wouldn’t you be more comfortable in Mississippi or Alabama?
    Once again, when you don’t have anything logical to say, you resort to trying to brand anyone who doesn’t agree with you as “RACIST”
    Nothing is lower than trying to scare others into silence people by playing the race card.”

    Lyle….the only place the “race card” is playing…is in your head. I was speaking to the point that Alabama and Mississippi are very conservative states. If you think they are racist….so be it.

    I guess there IS a race problem in the US, right Lyle?

  12. LeePHill says:


    For those unfamiliar with literacy voting tests

  13. Meno, I have not purchased weapons or ammo off the net. I find it difficult to believe that one can buy a weapon straight off the net never showing an ID to anyone.

    Larry or Lee, I do not agree with the vote by mail. That should be by exception. Make everyone go to a polling place and show an ID (proved by the state for free if they qualify).

    Wow, crazy solution. Really trying to keep those minorities and hippies away!

    As to one man’s quote, when he said it might have been true, and it might be true today. Happy? Every election is about maximizing your side’s turnout and convincing those on the other side to stay home.

  14. menopaws says:

    CT&–the shooter in Colorado purchased his ammo off the Internet……..That was stated by the Police Chief in Aurora in a press conference… Again–why is that okay? You can’t vote without proper ID…or buy sudafed in the drugstore without ID……But ammo clips—no real ID required….Have credit card of Pay Pal–we have your ammo………Can’t you see the obvious fallacy here???? If some whack job can easily buy this stuff without proper ID—why is everyone harrassing people who want to exercise their right to vote……..Drivers License not excepted now—but, hey, you can buy ammo without one………..Be honest—this smells and it doesn’t protect anyone but those who are too corrupt to win office without intimidation….I have to show my drivers license to buy a box of sudafed–but it isn’t good enough to vote in Texas????So transparent and corrupt it is almost funny…….the dumbing down of America is complete.

  15. aislander says:

    menopaws writes: ” You can’t vote without proper ID…”

    Here all this time I’ve thought you to be completely humorless, but THAT’S funny!

    Especially funny in the context of this particular thread…

  16. LeePHill says:

    “Make everyone go to a polling place and show an ID”

    So that your vote can be manipulated by a computer. No thanks

  17. Ok, so to a polling place and drop off your ballot there, in person (after you show ID).

    Wow, huge mental leap there.

  18. Aislander – only one – try a web search on ‘gop voter suppression 2008’, ‘gop voter suppression 2010’

  19. MadTaxpayer says:

    We worry too much about the Voters. We need to watch the vote counters.
    I look at the 2004 Guvn’rs race involving King County.
    There are other examples to include the hanging chad or whatever to show it is the vote counters who are the issue.

    Stalin was giving credit for the statement about watching the vote counters.
    Do not know if is really true, it does sound like something a murderous tyrant would say.

  20. X, you show once again this is not partisan.

  21. LeePHill says:

    “Ok, so to a polling place and drop off your ballot there, in person (after you show ID).”

    I’ve never voted illegally in my life. Why do I need to change?

  22. Because while the govt should revolve around the individual, it should not revolve around just you.

  23. LeePHill says:

    oh gaaaaaaawddd, CT7….don’t you wish there was a “delete by author” link for comments like your last one?

    The point of the letter is that the Republicans showed their hand a long time ago on the issue of voter “regulations”. They have not demonstrated….despite spending HUGE amounts of money (remember? smaller government?)….that there is a substantial reason for changing voting regulations from what they presently are.

    Why are conservatives so easily duped by their own leaders?

  24. Hill, you have fallen for every Axelrod lie put out. Too funny.

    Also funny that you tried to pull a Lyle and publish a letter on Friday, generating comments all weekend. Instead, you have me shooting down all your junk and your whining.

  25. menopaws says:

    SIX cases of voter fraud in Texas— over 10 years and 39 MILLION votes cast……..Interview with the Texas Attorney General on CNN—he stated the number, not the reporter…….Let’s get real about what the motive is and why……….CT7—This is NOT a good argument for you to argue the conservative side on……..I am tired of listening to righties beat the drum to exclude blacks, hispanics, the poor and the elderly from voting…….All the screaming about Obama being like Hitler—-why is it soooo essential to conservatives to keep minorities out of the voting booth??? The answer is pretty scary and has a lot more to do with that Hitler picture than you care to admit…….Whites only need apply………..Watching the Pied Piper lead the rats into the sea is sad to watch—the march towards fascism is pretty obvious and yet you allow those voting rights to get swallowed up to attain a goal….Remember that when they take away your rights—this is how it begins……

  26. So….how are the “small government” folks going to make this INCREASE in government function happen without increased costs and growing government?

  27. LeePHill says:

    “Hill, you have fallen for every Axelrod lie put out. Too funny.”

    I note that Axelrod is your new focus point. You’ve used his name at least a half dozen times this weekend.

    Funny…I haven’t seen him on TV for a long time…..

    As to Lyle…well…he went into hiding since accusing me of playing “the race card” by suggesting you might be more comfortable in Alabama or Mississippi.

  28. Do you get something for posting that link over and over?

    Bb- how about this one: DMV becomes the polling place. Shut it down for normal business for a day. The workers are already there and already deal with ID.

    Meno- just state it plainly, you believe all conservatives are racist. Correct? Protecting the vote from fraud is racist? In 2012 asking for ID stops no honest person from voting. Not one. You people sound ridiculous.

  29. CT7 – you do remember how “efficient” the DMV workers are don’t you?

  30. As one who has lived and voted in many states, it is them or little old ladies in tennis shoes.

    They could handle it.

    It is incredible how fast you and your progressive pal try and shoot down common sense solutions. Yet, you cross your fingers on BHO 4 years ago, again with his trillion dollar stimulus, and again with Obamacare.

  31. LeePHill says:

    “Bb- how about this one: DMV becomes the polling place.”

    Millions of NYC inhabitants don’t drive.

    Quit trying to fix what isn’t broken

  32. So what? A system of govt workers is in place. Train teachers or other govt workers and have them chip in also.

    It’s not hard if you try.

    By the way, I am from NY. They already vote at polling places. FAIL.

  33. One writer suggests that the Dems, rather than attempting to fight this obvious attempt at voter suppression, should instead accept it and then mount a massive voter registration/ID drive that would result in even more potential voters that are undesirable from a GOP standpoint.

  34. Train teachers or other govt workers and have them chip in also.

    Are you expecting all this extra training and work to be done for free?

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