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GUNS: Criminals ignore gun restrictions

Letter by Carl J. Olsen, Puyallup on July 27, 2012 at 11:08 am with 24 Comments »
July 27, 2012 12:44 pm

It has been interesting to see all the anti-Second Amendment rights people call for more gun control since the Colorado shootings. If you look at locations like New York; Washington, D.C.; and other places with very stiff gun laws, you find that gun violence runs rampant. It seems the stiffer the gun laws, the greater the gun violence.

Why? Because criminals ignore gun laws just like they ignore other laws established to protect society. Responsible citizens disarm themselves to comply with the law, leaving the guns in the hands of criminals. It is much safer to commit gun crimes when you know there will be no resistance.

No matter how well-intentioned, there will never be a law written that could have prevented an insane massacre like that in Colorado. However, had there been a few responsible citizens, trained and carrying legal hand guns inside that theater, many lives could have been saved.

Police protection was a full five minutes away, even though the station was just down the street. Trained and armed citizen protection was less than five seconds away. Maybe it is time to wake up and see that our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Second Amendment.

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  1. Fibonacci says:

    The problem is that there is no way to properly train citizens too operate under that type is situation. It could have very well resulted in more rather than fewer deaths if people started blasting away in a DARK theater.

  2. Few gun control laws completely ban firearms – the laws set restrictions on who may have firearms and how the firearms may be acquired.

    We do not allow people to drive motor vehicles or operated dangerous equipment unless and until the individual meets certain mental, physical, and emotional standards; and has demonstrated a certain level of knowledge and skill.

    Yet anyone over 21 with sufficient money has a near unlimited access to firearms and ammo.

    The idea that any human with a gun can protect and defend anything against any other human is a pipedream

  3. So everyone get down on the floor and get shot right Fibonacci, better to die trying. Here is a free tip to all, shoot at the muzzle flash.

  4. JillB1204 says:

    A sad aspect of this is that people think that police presence is interventional and not preventative. It is impossible for police to be everywhere at once.

  5. normajean says:

    Time to look to other countries enjoying gun restrictions & how they manage as a society with major gun laws

  6. sandblower says:

    Carl is another one guilty of making unfounded and simplistic associations. There is a lot more to guns and crime in the places he mentions and leaving those factors out makes his comments nonsense.

  7. Carl seems to have conveniently omitted the fact the vast majority of people were ‘targeting’ their opposition to assault rifles.

  8. Babbling from the lunatic left over guns apparently does not extend to Chicago where the Democrats in charge seem to be perfectly OK with all the black victims of gunfire in the city. Last time I checked, they had seriously restrictive gun control laws there.

    So how about all you people who like gun free zones relocate your butts to Chicago? That is where your dream laws are reality so you should be quite happy there.

  9. LeePHill says:

    pgroup….was there a mass shooting in Chicago that we all missed? You guys keep bringing up Chicago as it there was something like Aurora that happened there recently.

    If you are talking about individual shootings, try Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans and other major cities in red states.

  10. Basso – muzzle flash – bad advice – unless the muzzle is pointed directly at you.

    The best advice in any shooting situation is ‘if you don’t have a shot don’t shoot.’

    Lefties chatter about guns and gun laws,
    Righties chatter about guns and gun rights,

  11. billybushey says:

    Let’s see: Pitch dark theater, tear gas, panicking crowd and a shooter in head to toe body armor, and some idiot wants to put out advice to be a hero and stand up and start shooting back? In a way, I wish that had happened. Sadly, it would have meant more innocent victims, but then the gun muscle hero would provide those of us with reason skills some entertainment watching that person get sued for everything they own for life.
    As to what kind of law might have prevented it, there are two: First, eliminate HIPPA protections on mental health when they come to gun purchases. It turns out that the shooter was in fact under the care of a school psychiatrist that specialized in schizophrenia. Second, a law banning the purchase of assault weapons. Period. Their only purpose is to kill and as of now, to provide gun powder Viagra and penis extensions to small minded cretins.

  12. BillyBushey – Finally – someone with common sense.

    We don’t need new laws, just to fully implement and enforce the ones we have.

  13. peaarnold says:

    Billybushey- The fact is that armed citizens stop/ prevent crimes all the time. It is not reported widely in the media, but it happens whether you acknowlege it or not. Look up the knife attack in a Utah supermarket (yesterday?) and the FL internet cafe attack (a few days ago). You claim the situation in CO was too chaotic for a private citizen to act with out shooting an innocent person. Maybe. Maybe not. I guess you would rather curl up in a ball and hope for the best, which would be your only option. Both you and Xring have clearly adopted the mentality that only the government should/can protect you, and are completely happy to put your personal safety in someone elses hands. BTW The average police officer would have had a very difficult time in the CO theatre, as well. Look up the national data on how many rounds are fired by police officers without hitting the intended target. Newsflash…Cops don’t just magically fix things. Finally, your comments about you wishing am armed citizen had injured/ killed an innocent victim clearly shows your mind set, as a person unable of logical discussion or reasonable thinking. Frankly, I really appreciate when people, such as yourself, post such comments because it clearly identifies which side of the arguement is perpetuated by emotional name callers vs. rational thinkers.

  14. “criminals ignore gun laws just like they ignore other laws established to protect society”

    Well then we should have any laws, should we? After all, if you outlaw speeding, only outlaws will speed.

  15. Kake that “shouldn’t”, not “should”.

  16. When guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns. Looks like I’ll be a criminal and all of you braindeadleftymorons will be S_hitoutofluck !

  17. So, using this logic we should abolish ALL laws and regulations because criminals will not stop being criminals? Lets do away with laws against child abuse, robbery, extortion, assault, and murder because these laws don’t PREVENT criminals from committing the crimes and good citizens don’t need to be regulated.

  18. The other silly point carl tries to make and others try to support is that we are dealing only with criminals and guns. Was the shooter in CO already a criminal? Just askin.

  19. Peaarnold – look at Donald the Chair here in Seattle.

    In the last 14 months I have physically stopped two assaults in downtown Tacoma: and did not need a gun to stop either.

    (btw – One of my military assignments was as an unarmed combat instructor)

    And with my fire arms training I could have gotten more 12 with one fully loaded pistol.

    Here’s two statistics you should look up and ponder.

    What percent of armed home owners get shot with their own weapon, and

    What percent of armed home owners shoot a friend or family member rather that a criminal.

    Frida – it’s called Utopia, and will come in as soon as the United Corporations of the World destroy all local, state, national and regional governments.

    ETB –you are on the wrong post – go spread your lies and propaganda someplace else.

    Pub – the CO shooter became a criminal when he brought his first gun because both Federal and CO State laws prohibit those undergoing mental evaluation or counseling from purchasing a firearm (handgun, rifle, or shotgun) and makes it illegal to knowingly sell a firearm to such a person.

  20. Peaanold,
    How rational is it to label assault bans as left wing when:
    President W. Bush said that if Congress were to pass an assault weapons ban he would sign it.


    Governor Romney actually signed an assault weapons ban in to law.


    Both Bush and Romney stated that [assault weapons] have no place in civilian hands.

    Jintz – if guns are outlawed you will be dead or in jail; sold out or ripped off by a fellow gun criminal.

  21. xring? You are obviously passionate about this subject, I hope sincerely you enjoyed some sun today :0)

  22. How many homeowners have shot themselves with an unloaded

  23. Frida – sometimes too passionate. However, my mate does manage to get me to do yard work.

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