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TACOMA: Medical pot dispensaries are a joke

Letter by Lynn Reeves, Tacoma on July 26, 2012 at 9:34 am with 16 Comments »
July 27, 2012 12:55 pm

Re: “City’s caution irritates medical pot retailers” (TNT, 7-23).

I used to smoke pot years ago. I liked it, but I quit because it was making me stupid.

I work very close to a medical marijuana dispensary. I voted to allow these dispensaries to exist because I believed people who need pot for medical reasons should have access to it. Now I regret my vote.

I see tons of people in their 20s pulling up to buy pot to get high. They come in cars loaded with all the people who are going to get high off the pot that the person with the medical card is buying. I highly doubt that the kid in the skinny jeans and the green hair running out to his car full of friends with a bag of pot in hand has a medical condition that needs that pot.

They smoke it in the parking lot. People who work there smoke it out behind the building.

Either we need to legalize marijuana or we need to make it so that only people who truly need it get the medical cards. My dog is getting a bit arthritic; maybe he can get a medical pot card. It seems to be that easy.

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  1. Finally a good letter!

  2. nonstopjoe says:

    Is pot any worse than booze, if used in moderation?

  3. PositiveNews says:

    Love this letter! Thank you!

  4. Pecksbadboy says:

    Get ready for “notSpicoli” and those who only want to make money from marijuana in the name of helping “patients” .

    Thanks Lynn, tax it!

  5. josephlamarca says:

    The poster, of this blog, is exactly the type of sheople the government loves… capitulating, acquiescent, compliant citizens! It seems that -by their own admission- he/she may have smoked too much of the stuff & is now too “dumb” to realize that people should be responsible, accountable & ultimately in charge of their own actions.

    I don’t enjoy/smoke the stuff & would have NO problem proclaiming it if I did, so I’m not defending marijuana with ulterior motive. I simply feel it’s looong overdue that the vast populous starts weaning itself from an evermore draconian nanny/police state.

    To any detractors, dispense with the diatribes… & then go ingest a [potentially] cocktail of booze & prescription pharmaceuticals, which are all legal, & have wrought INFINITELY more havoc on society than marijuana… but have all been legalized. GO FIGURE!!!

  6. smileitsme2009 says:

    That is exactly why we need the council members to place some rules on these dispensaries. The model is good for all. We need to develop some rules, guidelines, zoning and let’s move on to more important issues.

    We all know that marijuana does help people with chronic illnesses no matter who you are. If it does not work for you fine, if it does then good. I cant judge if someone has a real reason why they are smoking pot. Regardless if they do or don’t, chances are they will smoke it any way. It is not hard to get pot in the street. Pot has been around for many years and it’s not going away. Here is a question for all…..

    If your child what ever the age might be developed some illness which marijuana could help alleviate pain etc, would you let your child use marijuana based medicine or would you let him or her use the typical opium based or synthetic drugs?

    Because this is where medical marijuana differs from synthetic drugs. This is the fight, the fight to choose and have options for something that works for me.

    I am very allergic to some certain medications, I am also allergic to sulfa based antibiotics. If some one told me that there was this natural remedy for my pains etc and it was called “the Shit” made out of cow dung and I tried it and it helped, trust me I would rolled it up and smoke it in a heart beat.

    I guess my point is don’t judge people because they are using something that was once illegal in state law. What if the feds said, “hey these people are right, lets legalize marijuana” and they did, would your opinion change? Do people really think alcohol should be illegal, AGAIN. I don’t think so despite how much we know what alcohol can do. Alcohol is regulated in the way is sold, the way it’s consumed and the way it brings penalties to those who choose not to follow the rules.

    Now why can’t we take that model with alcohol and apply it to pot?

    I can draft it in less than a couple of hours.

  7. Pecksbadboy says:

    The problem is not a couple of hour draft, it is money and who gets it for the sale of this product.

    Merck,Pfizer,GlaxoSmithKline,Johnny Walker, Annheiser/Bush, and lets not forget to mention Phillip/Morris all get their cuts.

    If it were easy and legal to make mind altering products at home we would and now the marijuana growers want to make a profit.

    Yes, we can make beer at home but we can not sell it to the public without health regulations.

  8. Legaize it + Tax it + Regulate it = Cash cow

    Treat it the same as cigarettes.

    Do the same with prostitution too. Seems to be doing okay in the counties where it’s legal in Nevada.

  9. chris3dog says:

    A friend with weed, is a friend indeed!

  10. surething says:

    I am a medical marijuana patient and have severe pain issues. There are many products they have that do not get you “high”.

    I will admit that there are shady people abusing the situation, but some of us are responsible and happy to have a choice in pain relief.

    I guess highly addictive Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet would be better?

  11. LeePHill says:

    surething….but…but…but….those are prescription drugs, not pot!

    :::::tongue firmly in cheek::::::

  12. Cash cow? Tax it and the existing illegal distro system is still in place.

    Try again. This is an industry made on violating the law.

    And as to ‘working girls’, they prove my point exactly. The legal whorehouses are a grand a pop (thanks trash TV for teaching me that). Walk down the strip and see what the prices are on the illegal side (they are not bashful).

    Save your classless remarks. It was a failed comparison.

  13. But, I would vote to allow a medical pot dealer next to Hill’s house. Sure his feelings would be the same then.

  14. surething says:


  15. notSpicoli says:

    “Either we need to legalize marijuana or we need to make it so that only people who truly need it get the medical cards.”

    The second option requires the state to intervene and intrude into medical practice and make medical judgments as to the “truly needy.” Belling that cat would be very difficult and would not end the social costs of marijuana prohibiton.

    Legalization is an option. On November 6, we will vote on I-502. I-502 does not change the state’s inadequate medical cannabis law. I-502 would allow adults 21 and over to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana at a state licensed but privately run retail shop with regulation and taxation. It would still allow those who have a medical cannabis recommendation from a health care provider to grow their own marijuana or participate in collective gardens.

    But for those who wish to use them, the retail shops established under I-502 would provide a safe source of cannabis and no health care provider’s recommendation would be necessary. Marijuana would be treated s a medicinal herb and available to all adults who wish to use it.

  16. Legalize is the only option that makes sense but there are far too many who are making too much money (legally and illegally) with the system the way it currently is for that to be a likely solution.

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