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GUNS: Deeper problem is mental illness

Letter by William F. Johnston, Tacoma on July 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm with 4 Comments »
July 27, 2012 9:33 am

Re:”Tougher gun laws probably won’t stop spree killers” (David Brooks column, 7-26).

Gasp! This political left-winger is agreeing with Brooks.

Gun control laws are not effective, as the Centers for Disease Control has shown. The people who carry out spree killings are insane. As Brooks writes, they suffer from severe mental disorders.

What he did not point out is since the 1960s and ’70s, liberals and conservatives in legislatures across the country have made a pact with the devil and closed hundreds if not thousands of mental hospitals, dumping millions suffering from mental problems into the streets of every community.

The conservatives did not want to pay for these sick unfortunates: “Balance the budget!” Liberals felt the mentally ill were being “warehoused” and had a constitutional right to die under a bridge in the dead of winter.

Brooks is correct that it is not guns that created the mass murderers and spree killers, it is dysfunctional government looking for ways to run programs on the cheap.

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  1. We need to face the fact that this latest shooter was by all accounts, a law abiding citizen and mentally sound by definition. The break down in this case was easy access to assault rifles at the corner store and 6000 rounds of ammo on the internet. He wasn’t going squirrel hunting, and wasn’t thinking of self defense unless you count all the armor he purchased including throat and groin guard. The amount of damage he did could not be accomplished by sticks and stones. It was the access to a weapon designed to spray bullets and commit mass murder. We can’t stop all these cases by regulation, just like we can’t stop all cases of child abuse by laws and regulation. But isn’t it worth preventing some for just a start?

  2. Fibonacci says:

    A mentally ill person with a 100 round magazine is much more dangerous than one with a 10 round clip. No one needs a 100 round magazine.

  3. sandblower says:

    Tougher gun laws are unequivocally a part of the solution. Brooks is occasionally a shill for the extreme right.

  4. menopaws says:

    David Brooks does not represent many of my views…….but, he is one of the better columnists run by this paper. I actually agree with him on this column……Too many of these guns already out there…….However, buying those 100 round clips over the Internet—-that is just flat out wrong. Or, as Jon Stewart said on his show this week, “If I have to show ID to buy sudafed pills, why can I just order a 100 round clip on my computer?” We need to tighten those controls and NO ONE should be able to buy guns or ammo with a click of their mouse…….This shooter in Colorado would have found another way to harm people. That I do agree with…….The issue of mental illness and our current budget cuts in those areas also need to be examined carefully…….So, while I agree with him–I also think taking this discussion to a higher level is a good idea….I am tired of watching the NRA turn our Congress into a bunch of prostitutes with their lobbying and their threats. A civilized discussion on how to fix some rather glaring gaps in the system needs to begin. The Second Amendment is part of our culture–but, I am certain the Founding Fathers did not imagine some mentally ill person would shoot innocents randomly…….Protecting the right to murder was not THEIR plan. I would hope both parties can be smart enough to fix these gaps…..Doing the right, sensible thing should not have to be such a huge effort.

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