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JUDICIARY: Hogan’s integrity is needed

Letter by Deanna Cleaveland, University Place on July 23, 2012 at 2:14 pm with 10 Comments »
July 23, 2012 2:33 pm

At a time when our court system is overflowing with cases, our community critically needs experienced, intelligent judges of integrity. Judge Vicki Hogan is that kind of judge.

In Hogan’s 20-year tenure as a Superior Court judge in Pierce County, she has continually ruled on a very wide variety of criminal and civil cases. In trials often lasting many days, Hogan has met the daunting challenge of making hundreds of daily decisions to keep trials moving and on track with fairness, a keen understanding of the law and a courtroom demeanor that respects both sides of the issues.

I urge voters to keep her valuable experience in our Superior Court system by voting to retain Judge Vicki Hogan. The News Tribune said it best (editorial, 7-22): “There’s simply no reason to replace her.”

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  1. mattersnot1 says:

    Vicki Hogan is the biggest crook sitting on the bench and I have the legal documents to prove it. She doesn’t know the law, enters orders in other judges case, signs off on orders for things never heard by her, enters false reports to other agencies and thinks nothing of lying and making false allegations from the bench.

    The sooner we get rid of her and her whole crew, the better off the judicial system in Pierce County will be.

  2. BrickTamland says:

    I really enjoy GHTaxPayer’s logic. We need to make sure criminals are held accountable, so we should vote for Jack Hill, who dedicated his career to making sure criminals would not be held accountable.

    If you want a judge that will hold criminals accountable, you probably shouldn’t vote for a career public defender. You should probably vote for Hogan, who has actually been endorsed by cops, unlike Hill. Nice try, though.

  3. Sounds like some folks are mad at Judge Hogan for doing the right thing and convicting THEM.

  4. mattersnot1 says:


    Vicki Hogan is married to a cop and I am not interested in her back scratching with them or with the prosecuting attorney’s office.

    I am opposed to her own racketeering for her own benefit. It’s the ordinary citizen, like you and me, that are being cheated by her misuse of her position. She is up to her eyebrows in the Real Estate Racketeering going on in this county, as well as other counties and states.

    Hey Vicki, want’s the name of that college in N.Y. you claim to have gotten an undergraduate degree and where in N.Y. is it located? Did you commute between California and N.Y. each day? How much did your degrees cost you and how about that Bar Exam? Sitting on the dock waiting for your ship to come in has really paid off for you, hasn’t it? It must be nice to get an undergraduate degree and a law degree and not owe one dime for student loans. I bet your first husband would love to have been able to do the same.

  5. One commenter stated that Jack Hill helped criminals avoid accountability. Actually, that’s a common misconsception.

    Public defenders are more likely to obtain guilty pleas than anything else because most of their clients are guilty and talk to the cops too much when arrested or questioned.

    The purpose of any criminal defense attorney is to force the prosecution to prove its case. Getting the client off is the result of the prosecution failing to prove its case. It is not a measure of success to win or lose a criminal case. The success is how many of an attorneys wins are upheld by the appellate court.

    It doesn’t do any good (and wastes a lot of time and money) to win in the trial court, only to be reversed by the court of appeals.

    Jack Hill has integrity and I’ve not seen much from Vicki Hogan.

  6. GHTaxPayer says:

    Looks like Hogan’s cronies got my first post deleted.

    Vicki Hogan has the lowest rating by her peers and other prosecuting attorneys because she refuses to give just sentences to domestic spousal abusers and criminals who use violence (guns, knives) with drug crimes. She also hands down lax sentences or probation for sex offenders.

    Please vote AGAINST this corrupt liberal judge.

    Vote FOR Jack Hill – He will keep the crooks locked up and away from our women and children.

  7. Wow those are some pretty serious allegations. Now how about being specific about what, when, where and names. If there is misconduct you owe it to everyone to reveal what you know. Don’t hide anything name cases and specifics. Otherwise your post is just a rant that no one will believe. So be a real, stand up, citizen and reveal everything. Why did you wait till the election to come forward with this? Why haven’t you reported this in the past???

  8. GHTaxPayer says:

    Vicki Hogan has a long history of allowing wife-beaters and sex offenders off easy. Her pattern of being so lax started in New Jersey –


    Here’s more on Hogan’s refusal to protect our children –


    Seems Vicki Hogan’s sentences all end in horror stories for women & children.

  9. BrickTamland says:

    GHTaxPayer — Hogan is endorsed by the Pierce County Deputy Sheriff’s Guild, Tacoma Police Union Local 6, the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, and a long list of law enforcement officers. Jack Hill has zero law enforcement support. Do you really think law enforcement would endorse somebody that isn’t tough on crime?

  10. GH the url’s you direct us to have not mention of Judge Hogan. What am I missing here?

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