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SHOOTING: Don’t give so much publicity

Letter by Raymond A. Smith, Tacoma on July 20, 2012 at 1:24 pm with 16 Comments »
July 20, 2012 1:24 pm

I support the First Amendment, but damn the free press. If it “bleeds-it-reads,” and the blood flowed in Colorado. Accordingly, the press finds itself in an orgasmic moment.

What sicko, seeing all this attention accorded one of their own, would not want the same? How long will it take for a repeat? Why can we not relegate this “news” to a middle page?

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  1. surething says:


  2. If it bleeds it leads.

  3. bobcat1a says:

    Raymond, you have to work on that split personality. You can’t both “support the First Amendment, but damn the free press.” Make up your minds.

  4. penumbrage says:

    Really. The desire to make their mark on history has been a major motivation for mass murder sprees, as Harris/Klebold, Cho and others have demonstrated. Think of all the lives that would have been saved if the standard media response had always been ‘a mentally deranged individual whose name is insignificant opened fire today…’ with the whacko’s identity known only to those for whom it mattered – law enforcement, the survivors, the victim’s families and the killer’s family. Were the same ‘if it only saves one life’ philosophy applied to the first amendment that is so often used against the second amendment, we could deny them any fame or notoriety that might encourage their tangled thought processes to commit such acts.
    What, exactly, is important enough about knowing some murderer’s name that it’s worth the lives of future victims?

  5. ABC News spent their whole broadcast dedicated to the shooting, with teasers for their 20/20 special about the shooting.

    The truly cynical would wonder if ABC’s focus on this had anything to do with their longterm agreement with Time Warner….who owns the movie.

  6. Just glad the have the death penalty in Colorado. If he doesn’t die in prison, lets fry the piece of crap

  7. They have the death penalty in Colorado….yet they suffered Columbine and the movie massacre.

    Not sure proponents of capital punishment as a deterrent should really use this as an example.

  8. bysmiths says:

    We are still killing almost 1000 Americans a day on the highways. Guns just killed a dozen in Colorado, and perhaps 50 more across the country, on Friday night. Gun-violent deaths are big news, vehicle-violent deaths are background news. Every day we expose ourselves to impaired drivers or may impair ourselves while driving, but how often are we exposed to guns? Where is the disconnect here?

  9. Or the multiple murders in Chicago daily.

  10. Where is the disconnect here?

    Your willingness to compare a vehicle with a weapon and your mock outrage that the press treats a MASSACRE planned by a crazy man armed to the teeth differently than accidental highway deaths.

    Sheesh….you gun nuts are as bad as the gun control nuts.

  11. CT7 – NOPE……saw quite a bit of coverage about the gang murder spree in Chicago.

    BUT – for you to pretend that the Movie Slaughter is the same as the gang murder spree is rather disingenuous.

  12. bysmiths says:

    Actually, a vehicle is a weapon. And, it is a conscious decision to drive while impaired/texting, as much as the decision to carry/pull/fire a gun. There are a lot fewer shooters out there than there are drunk/texting drivers. Beerboy – how appropriate….

  13. Try making sense next time.

    Unless the driver uses the car with the INTENT to kill/maim then the car is not a weapon. The same goes for a lead pipe, candlestick, rope and wrench – which, unlike the revolver and the knife, are not weapons until someone turns them into a weapon.

    The revolver and knife (dagger – not kitchen knife or pen knife) are ALWAYS weapons, regardless of the user’s intent.

  14. btw – your attempt to derail this discussion by introducing drunk driving (which I believe should be punished very severely – including loss of driving privileges, stiff penalties AND jail time) is only slightly less pathetic than your ad hominem attack on my screen name.

  15. penumbrage says:

    bB – The death penalty can never be a deterrent for insane killers like Harris/Klebold and others whose plans include suicide (do-it-yourself or Blue) to avoid punishment.
    The IOC says firearms are sports equipment, as do millions of recreational shooters worldwide. The 1 in 23 people here in Wa who carry concealed consider their guns to be self protection tools, but you say ‘weapon’ like it’s a bad thing, when the shooting started in that theater how many people do you think wished they had one at hand?
    Do you really think there aren’t people who need to be shot to save lives?
    Daggers? Nearly 80% of all knife crimes used a standard kitchen or steak knife and 17% used standard pocket knives. When UK guns got scarce and criminals switched to abusing the next tool in line (some 140,000 knife assaults a year in greater London alone) they seriously considered registering your exempted kitchen knives.
    Cars and firearms are both technologically advanced tools that enhance a necessary natural ability (although transportation is not specifically protected in the Bill of Rights), and as tools they are as subject to irresponsible and criminal use that takes lives as are kitchen knives, baseball bats, chainsaws, prescription drugs, microwave ovens, chess boards, toilet tank lids, pillows, pickle jars, and kitchen spatulas.
    Tools don’t make people murderers, killers make tools weapons of death.

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