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ELECTION: Obama is a millionaire, media are left wing

Letter by Linda M. Belnap, Spanaway on July 20, 2012 at 1:27 pm with 88 Comments »
July 20, 2012 3:10 pm

Re: “Don’t let Romney buy presidency” (letter, 7-20).

I actually laughed when the writer instructed the readers to turn off Fox News, which only has right-wing pundits, and read the newspapers and watch the real news instead because they have “real reporters” who could be trusted.

Newspapers and the popular news media are decidedly liberal and always have been. Maybe they sound so good to the letter writer because he agrees with them.

Additionally, Barack Obama is also a millionaire in his own right with millions of dollars in donations from his party. Mitt Romney is no more buying the presidency than Obama is. But this is a typical diversion from the real topic of the issues, primarily the economy.

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  1. menopaws says:

    Yes, he is rich—he EARNED it……..Wasn’t born with a silver spoon up his rear……..and, that liberal media—-Fox News!!!!! Please, lady, show some dignity…….Sean Hannity the liberal………there’s a thought to shut down some journalism colleges. Obama doesn’t get to keep those donations–ever heard of the Federal Election commission???? Ignorance may be bliss and if that is the case you must be downright blissful…….Learn the facts—then speak. You are allowed to be conservative, that is your right. My right is to tell you that you are a dumb one.

  2. sevenstrokeroll says:

    Couple things Linda, campaign donations do not tepresent “income”. Are you suggesting that accepting these donations is a bad thing? It is a common practice of both parties I think you will find if you do some research.

    What many are actually complaining about with respect to Romney is that he is secrative about his income, not that he has a rather large income. If he has nothing to hide, he would release tax returns going back as far as anyone pleases. And as he has been running for President the last couple of years, nobody is really interested in those returns. We want to see his returns when he was running Bain and to see how he managed to retoractively retire from Bain while on paper he is touted as CEO of said company. If his business practices and experience represent his basis for being a superior candidate, let us all have a look see. Hope that clears it up for you.

  3. charliebucket says:

    poor old persecuted conservatives, never had a TV station they could watch because they were all so damn liberal. LOL!

    Now FOX is the savior of the conservative world with it’s one sided “reporting” and republican talking points 24/7.

    Are they still showing that same clip from some Islamic terrorist training camp they have been showing for 10 years trying to drum up hype and scare the masses into voting republican?

  4. To call out Linda for pointing to liberal media bias in their reporting identifies Meno as firmly embedded, head first, in the sand. Fox news does have a conservative slant but to ignore the bias of leftist leaning media organizations is more than a little hypocritical.

    At last count both candidates enjoyed campaign funds in the hundreds of million dollars and it is doubtful either of them could “buy” the election. Did Linda somehow indicate in your mind that President Obama became rich by keeping campaign donations? If so, you have serious comprehension issues.

    Meno, you have a penchant for creating your own facts then assigning them to Linda. As far as ignorance goes, you need very little more to qualify as blissful….perhaps even downright blissful.

  5. Obama is rich – he is a 1 percenter
    Mitt is richer – he is a 0.1 percenter.

    I don’t like the news outlets either – all of them are slanted right (yes….even the New York Times). The difference between Fox and the rest of them is that Fox doesn’t even pretend to be fair and balanced.

  6. menopaws says:

    oldoc—-“Obama is a millionaire in his own right with millions of dollars in donations from his party”……I can read, can you?????That is her words—what else are they supposed to mean?????? by all means, appoint yourself her interpreter—she needs one.

  7. ……and, Mitt won’t share his tax returns to show us where his income comes from.

  8. Meno, is Romney a millionaire in his own right with millions of dollars in donations from his party? Of course he is. Linda needs no interpreter but you need lessons in comprehension. Some people arrive at conclusions, others jump to conclusions. I rate you as being among the latter.

  9. BHO made his millions selling a lie to liberals, through his fiction novels about a race torn poor man and his failed politics.

    Notice Pelosi dropped the call for the tax returns?

    You libs just want dirt. I am glad Mitt is giving you the finger. He is loaded, he earned it. By your whining and hate of business, your lack of understanding of international finance, you lost any privilege to his information.

  10. charliebucket says:

    I am 100% willing to admit that MSNBC is slanted way left in it’s political programs and that’s why I don’t watch it.

    But to claim that ALL other networks and news orgs (even ones who do not do political commentary) are “leftist” or even “liberal” is just phooey.

    So Walter Conkrite was what? a pinko commie? please you guys…think for yourselves….if FOX tells you all others are leftists you can bet your bottom booty they are selling you a line of crap. it’s like Fred Meyer telling you not to shop at Safeway because Safeway can’t be trusted….

  11. Charlie, type ‘media bias ratings’ in your search engine. You may just come to the conclusion that most media organizations have an agenda. Some are just a great deal more obvious than others.

  12. menopaws says:

    CT7—-I have rocks in my yard that know more about international finance than you do…….But, my banker tells me that most people who park their money overseas do it for the secrecy aspect….He is certainly entitled to do that—but you don’t get to claim your life is an open book when you stash your money in a foreign country……and, what kind of deals get made with those foreign powers when you are in the Oval office……..don’t get a headache wrapping your brain around that thought. oldoc—2 other readers made the same conclusion I did. I have her words—what FACTS do you bring to the party??? The three of us await your insights and translation of what she meant…….You are allowed to criticize but you are not allowed to put words in the writers mouth to demean those of us who can read…..Make your case or be quiet.

  13. Conkrite is your example? Someone tell chucky what decade it is.

  14. Your banker, the teller cashing your SS check, is an expert on international finance? Either way, even your ‘source’said “most”, not all. Mitt I mega loaded, with an already low tax burden. He claims his overseas profits and pays US taxes.

    Who many people in the current admin have overseas interests? MSNBC has not told you?

  15. Remember those leftist zealots from the 60’s? The ones who saw the world in black and white? Some leftist famously said “You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.” To them, life was simple: you were either with them (“part of the solution”), or against them (“part of the problem”). There was no possible middle ground, and no shades of gray.

    Today, we have rightist zealots with exactly the same view of the world. You’re either with them or against them with no possibility of middle ground. George W. Bush said it best: “You either stand with us or with the terrorists.”

    What the zealots of BOTH ends of the political spectrum have in common is distrust of the media. When the media does its job of remaining neutral, it isn’t on anyone’s side. To the zealots, this means that because the press isn’t with them, it’s against them.

    Zealots actually LIKE bias in the press. They WANT bias. What they want, however, is only THEIR bias.

  16. Fibonacci says:

    Most media is owned by conservatives such as Ruppert Murdock. These conservatives must be pretty stupid of they let their own companies represent a political view that is opposite their own.

  17. took14theteam says:

    You ever watched jean Enersen from King 5 news? Now that is a perfect example of a leftwing biased reporter. All you have to do is watch her facial expressions when she reports stories on republican items or democrat items. When the story is democrat based, she is full of glee. When it is republican based, she has the look of the grim reeper.

    I remember when the “blue” dress was found to be true. She had the look of death warmed over when she talked about it. LOL.

  18. Paws, I have made my case and regret that you are unable to understand simple declarative sentences. I Suggest you and your two fellow readers pack a nice picnic lunch and discuss the matter in a nearby HOV lane.

    If I wrote that you were a crone in your own right with donations of many brooms would you deduce that the broom people made you a witch? Well now, I suppose that you probably would. Pax vobiscum.

  19. Hey Xring, I found a great one for you. On topic with war on wealth.


    “The presidential election has given us two myths about the rich. First, that their incomes, and income inequality, are at all-time highs. Second, that the wealthy pay less in taxes than ever, and lower taxes than the rest of us.

    A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office, however, suggests that both may be false.

    Let’s consider income first. Between 2007 and 2009, after-tax earnings by Americans in the top one percent for income fell 37 percent. On a pre-tax basis they fell 36 percent in the same period.

    That may sound like a minor haircut for One Percenters compared to people who lost their jobs. But when you take into account federal transfers, assistance and taxes paid, the incomes of the bottom 20 percent grew by 3 percent, while it fell a modest 2 percent for the middle 20 percent.

    In other words, the incomes of the top one percent fell 18 times more than the incomes for the middle class at the start of the recession.

    The result of this big drop at the top was that their share of the country’s total income also fell. In 2007, the top one percent earned 16.7 percent of all after-tax income. In 2009, that portion fell to 11.5 percent.”

  20. alindasue says:

    Ms. Belnap says, “Newspapers and the popular news media are decidedly liberal and always have been.”

    beerBoy says, “I don’t like the news outlets either – all of them are slanted right (yes….even the New York Times).”

    I’ve found that if some people describe a chili as being too sweet and others describe it as being too hot, it’s probably a medium hot chili.

    If the conservatives are describing the news media as “decidedly liberal” and the liberals say the same news outlets are “slanted right”, then those news outlets probably are doing a fairly balanced job of portraying the news.

    About the only thing everyone agrees on is FOX news, which even the most conservative among us admit is slanted right, and MSNBC, which even the most liberal here will admit is “decidedly liberal”.

    However, when liberals or conservatives can both look at a news outlet and see the reports “slanted” the opposite direction, I’d say that news outlet is probably doing something right.

  21. Fibonacci says:

    I just love how how both sides think that any news that agrees with their point of view is “fair and balanced” and any news source that opposed their viewpoint is slanted. It is also great when I get the message to just listen the news source that agrees with them and I will be enlightened.

  22. took14theteam says:

    But if we are all seeing things based on our own “lens”, how do we actually start to work together?

    Things need to get done, but it always comes down to a “He said, She said”.

    My “opinion” is when the call for bipartisanship is given, it usually means the Republicans have to cave into what the Democrats want (and that is what I see when I watch/read the news).

    If we had an actual leader as President that could work for the good of the country instead of dividing us to try to get things done, maybe things would get done. And a president that wasn’t worried about re-election all throughout their first term. A leader that said I am president, I am here to run the nation, and not worry that everything I do might cause me to not be re-elected.

  23. “you are unable to understand simple declarative sentences.”

    Ahem. Message. Messenger. Ring any bells?

  24. “If the conservatives are describing the news media as “decidedly liberal” and the liberals say the same news outlets are “slanted right”, then those news outlets probably are doing a fairly balanced job of portraying the news.”

    Exactly. Well said.

  25. bobcat1a says:

    “Newspapers and the popular news media are decidedly liberal”

    So, the Washington Times and The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and the rest of right-wing talk radio are either 1. Liberal, or 2. Not popular. Which is it, Linda?

  26. menopaws says:

    Dear CT7—I don’t watch MSNBC–or any cable news……Loathe Fox CNN and MSNBC….My banker is also my broker–not some teller cashing a check………..Some of us have investments…..some of us have accountants and attorneys…..People who are knowledgeable in their fields………..Some of us prefer our news to be news–not warmed over, badly researched propaganda……..Parking your money overseas is not what someone who wants to represent the financial interests of THIS country does…….Ain’t rocket science—go talk to your accountant or the clerk you use at HR Block………

  27. charliebucket says:

    jean enerson is a leftwing biased reporter because of someone’s interpretation of her facial expressions???


  28. Meno- are you that pompous? Going to H&R Block, which millions of people have done, is not as special are you 1%er and your personal accountant. LOL!!

    He put that money overseas before he was responsible for the Nation. At least you admit someone should be responsible, unlike Mr Blame and Excuses currently occupying the WH.

    Your accountant and banker and broker all have their own bias, and you wear your on your sleeve. Ever think they just tell you what you want hear?

    It is a none issue, a distraction from this failed admin

  29. Sonofwashington says:

    FOX new’s very tag line of “Fair and Balanced” is a joke in itself and of course just underscores their blatant hypocrisy. Their infamy is ever more enhanced by their willful misrepresentation of the facts, constant demonization of anything “liberal” and even the slanting of the “straight news”. MSNBC is quite clearly and predominately news analysis with a liberal slant, but they don’t pretend to be otherwise. And they actually cite real sources and will make corrections (and even apologies) when they get the facts wrong.

    CNN and the broadcast networks make “reasonable” efforts at trying to appear “neutral” but they are far more inclined to let talking heads make a “he said, she said” argument then “leave it there” without seeking actually truth to the arguments. Most importantly, these corporate-owned broadcast systems don’t seem inclined to talk about corporate malfeasance, negligence, corruption, or undue influence in governmental activities. Now why would that be?

  30. SOW, why not be more open about your own personal bias. How much FNC have you actually watched?

  31. menopaws says:

    We are NOT wealthy people….but, we are smart enough to make choices over how and who handles our investments………Sorry, but most brokers who study the market will tell you if has HISTORICALLY performed better under the Democrats than the Republicans……Unlike Fox News—history DOESN’T lie CT7…..oldoc—quit trying to insult bloggers who can and do read—really?????Is that the best you can bring to the table??? The times are a changing on this blog—we are tired of the name-calling and the mean…….Decided to give as good as we get…and judging by all the bloated anger, we are doing a pretty good job of returning the favor to those who use this blog to bully and intimidate……Believe it or not—-we vote, we read, we think and we have decided to quit get pushed around by some mentally challenged schoolyard bullies. Obama 2012—-vote to keep America’s money in AMERICA. None of us want a garage for cars in our White House!!! Deal with it–your guy has, in the words of a Republican columnist on this papers pages….”Had a good 2 months. Hasn’t said anything stupid” Such a ringing endorsement must warm all those little stones you call a heart!!!! This is fun for us—you gave us such a choice clown to play with……..We all can’t wait to see him pucker up to Bibi……….bowing and scraping his way to the White House…..Nothing like having a foreign leader annoint our next President is there???? who is next–Assad???

  32. Menop, you began by refering to Linda Belnap, the author of the letter, as dumb but expect your opinions to be treated as though they were immune from criticism. You are a flaming ideologue who can dish it out but can’t take it. Grow up girly, your recitation of liberal talking points does not qualify you as an original thinker….or even a thinker for that matter. I have wasted enough time addressing your muddled mentality. You may continue to swoon at the shrine of Obama but do not expect everyone else prctice your particular brand of hero worship.

  33. SwordofPerseus says:

    Linda says; “Newspapers and the popular news media are decidedly liberal and always have been.”

    I am not sure if Linda is a right wing shill or just mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence. Either way the above line is noteworthy in that this seems to be the chant so many ignorant people profess to hold as the truth.

    First; Every single candidate for President of the United States in living memory has been a millionaire. No one else could afford to run for POTUS don’t be a dim wit.

    Fact- 6 corporations, Time Warner, Walt Disney,Viacom, News Corp., CBS, and NBC Universal decide most of what we read, watch, and listen to in this country; none is left leaning.

    Secondly; The FCC now serves corporations and not the public interest. This is painfully evident in the level of discourse on these comment pages.

    Facts on Media in America – “FACT: Cable TV rates have jumped by more than 90 percent since the Telecom Act of 1996.

    The Telecommunications Act of 1996 was, in part, meant to increase competition in the cable industry. The Act was heavily influenced by industry lobbyists and has had the opposite effect. “http://www.commoncause.org/site/pp.asp?c=dkLNK1MQIwG&b=4923173

    Turn off your TV America it is making you stupid.

  34. SwordofPerseus says:

    Oldcroc – what have you brought to the discussion beyond simplistic insults and obtuse observations? And you the stones advise Meno to grow up, I would like to introduce you to the kettle.

  35. “You are a flaming ideologue who can dish it out but can’t take it. Grow up girly, your recitation of liberal talking points does not qualify you as an original thinker….or even a thinker for that matter. I have wasted enough time addressing your muddled mentality. You may continue to swoon at the shrine of Obama but do not expect everyone else prctice your particular brand of hero worship.”

    When you can’t refute the message, attack the messenger.

  36. Meno- the richest guy to live in the WH was Washington. If he was alive today, his house would be very opulent. So what? Do want someone who proved himself successful in his endeavors or a career pol?

  37. So you do not want a ‘rich’ guy because he might add the look of wealth to the People’s House, but an invited guests including our favorite poet, people bringing weed to the WH, and recently people flipping off past presidents are OK.

  38. “the richest guy to live in the WH was Washington”

    ROFL – Washington didn’t live in the White House, brainiac. Adams was the first president to live there.

  39. I knew someone would pick up that historical inaccuracy. Does it change the point? No.

  40. menopaws says:

    I don’t swoon at any shrine…and I don’t let people who claim to want to discuss issues demean me or other writers………..You can call me names but can’t crush my spirit and oldoc—-those who attempt to bully or demean generally have little of their own to offer up…..I am assuming you are retired and that seems to be a good thing for your patients…those with closed minds cease to learn new things……..Ct7–I want someone who represents the best this country has to offer. Someone who worked very hard, learned and has tried to make a positive contribution. We may disagree about who that is, but we can agree that it is more important than sleazy name calling or labels…………..And, I might add, some of our best Presidents have been “career pol” people. Harry Truman, who is widely regarded as one of the best, sold hats for a very short time before he entered politics……….Knowing how government works and how to work government is actually a pretty important skill—Lyndon Johnson was a master at it and he spent his life in politics…….Obama hasn’t been as good as I would like, but trust me, Romney is just not decisive enough to be any better….He is kind of a wuss, frankly….And, if he is a man of strong principles he has yet to show to people….they shift pretty quickly…….The money thing really bothers me a lot and the way Bibi and Dick Cheney seem to be visible these days just plain scares me…..Bush Jr, would have a much better reputation if Cheney had left his ticket for the second term…Cheney is flat-out crazy….and dangerous…..So, I have tried to just explain how I feel and honestly tried not to be nasty (except to oldoc, who invited his abuse)…..There are some pretty good Republicans out there, but they have been chased off by some serious whack jobs…..Jon Huntsman might have actually gotten my vote….smart, dedicated, educated and cares more about this country than politics……..The right threw him under the bus……..Some of us are true independents who have been moving towards the Democrats as Republicans moved sooo far to the right. I vote both sides of the ticket, depending on the candidates. But, I honestly believe Obama got a raw deal from Day One and Romney just doesn’t inspire my trust. so, there it is—I want my government to work and I want all the mean and the nasty to go away……..We need to start respecting each other and quit being enemies…….I’m signing off for awhile–don’t like responding to mean with mean of my own……I’m better than that and so are a lot of people who come to this blog to discuss ideas…….It’s become a therapy for the anger management types and that is a trap for all of us…………..

  41. Sword and ehill, you can both join Meno in the land of OZ but at least 50% of those contributing to these discussions recognize those who toss the first insult are generally the same ones who cry the loudest when a barb is tossed in their direction.

  42. SwordofPerseus says:

    As I see it there are three things that are currently threatening the survival of the United States.

    First is the control of the United States monetary system by a group of private unregulated bankers.

    Second is the control of media in all forms (radio, tv and print) by a half dozen multinational corporations.

    Third is the control of the Congress by powerful special interest lobbies primarily the oil, financial, pharmaceutical, insurance, and defense industries.

    Until we wrest control of the Monetary, Media and Congress from the giant monopolies which are strangling democracy we will not be a free people. Anyone is welcome to dispute these statements but you better have some facts to back up you lines, I do.

  43. SwordofPerseus says:

    you lines, lol

    should read “your lines,…”

  44. Ok SOP, that evil group of bankers financed the winning side of two world wars and made the dollar the reserve currency of the world. If you want to hate Ben B, have at it. He has catered to Keynes, funding failed stimulus and devaluing the dollar. Vote for Mitt and not the guy who kept him there for the last 3 1/2 years. Yeah, you will blame someone else. Try and not be predictable in your blame.

    Control of the media? With the medium you made that comment on, you can find more independent sources then any time in human history.

    I agree, BHO should no longer be allowed to play golf and pal around with his only friend, a bank CEO (feel free to look that one up).

  45. I knew someone would pick up that historical inaccuracy. Does it change the point?

    Not sure. But it does demonstrate that either:
    1)You are willing to post things you know are untrue
    2) You are willing to lie about not knowing what you posted is untrue

    Either way – it does provide a measure of how trustworthy you are.

  46. took14theteam says:

    Gonna play xring here.

    ehill – When you can’t refute the message, attack the messenger

    So why does that line, which is used over and over and over again only apply to people your perceive to be on the opposite side of your views? It is never used against people that fit your ideology, like menopaws for instance. Lot of attacking coming from her, but you just let it slide. Here it comes, Hypocrite.

    menopaws @1:22 PM – Not one paragraph. You might get a few more people to actually read your comments if you hit return once in a while to make it easier to read. As it is, I just scroll on past.

    As you were.

  47. Bb- did you understand my intent? Either way, great cheerleading for your Hill boys.

    Hey, remember when you said we export more oil then we import? I do. Now that was WRONG.

    I just was lazy, speaking with obvious intent. I see you ignored substance to attack personally.

  48. I see the little fit you threw on the other thread. Understand why you wanted a small, petty win.

    Great job

  49. menopaws says:

    oldoc–It’s all yours….You seem to enjoy being a sewer dweller and those of us who have read your words just feel sorry for you….Your kind of mean can’t be cured—-good luck getting the attention you so desperately crave……….SOP will mop the floor with you…….

  50. ct7 – mis-paraphrasing what I CITED and QUOTED doesn’t change the reality of what I posted.

  51. You misunderstood the article and were wrong. Period. You knew what I meant up above.

    Did Washington’s money affect the office? No, of course not. It only showed how successful he WS in life, and ensured the publi he was not in it for the money.

    Who has a negative motive in this election? Who has meeting with historians to shape his reputation?

  52. No, you are, once again, wrong. I never stated RAW oil imports/exports. You came back with a factoid about RAW imports/exports and attempted to use that to “prove” me wrong about REFINED Oil imports/exports. Like your friend ol’ multi-named (one of a few) who claims that I have done something based upon his PERCEPTION of events, you are wrong again.

    Why are we….er, you….discussing Washington, the man? He was, most likely, the last president who didn’t seek the office – and thus, perhaps the last one who was truly qualified for the office. So?

  53. Ok, JFK then (the Washington comment was a reply to crazy ol’ MPs concern over rich people in the WH).

    I am sick and tired of the attacks on success, especially when it comes from a group that elected a failure who in his whole life had done nothing but win popularity contests. Even some of those were gifts early on (the two times in a row a stronger opponent imploded late in the campaign).

    This attack on wealth is dangerous. It exploits envy and jealousy. Instead of motivatin and driving people to succeed, the left, lead by BHO, is addicting people to govt (handouts).

    Have you seen any of the stats on black Americans since BHO assumed office? If everyone voted rationally, his admins failure in minority communities alone would lead to a landslide.

  54. “I knew someone would pick up that historical inaccuracy”

    LOL – what a great euphemism. Saying “the South won the Civil War” is just a “historical inaccuracy.” “Hitler was a great guy” is just a “historical inaccuracy”. LOL – thanks for such a great laugh!

  55. “menopaws @1:22 PM – Not one paragraph. You might get a few more people to actually read your comments if you hit return once in a while to make it easier to read. As it is, I just scroll on past.

    Ahem. Message. Messenger. Ring any bells?

  56. Ehill, is that the best you have? You habitually ignore substance and harp on minor points. Ttry and be better, more adult, more interesting.

    Was Washington rich? Yes. Did it effect the office? No.

  57. LeePHill says:

    “ehill July 21, 2012 at 1:17 pm –
    “the richest guy to live in the WH was Washington”

    ROFL – Washington didn’t live in the White House, brainiac. Adams was the first president to live there”

    Sunday morning funnies…..LOL

  58. I am sick and tired of the attacks on success,

    Al Capone was very successful too….

  59. HOW one becomes wealthy is important.

    Republicans recently killed a bill that was designed to reward the creation of American jobs and remove the incentives to outsource jobs. The GOP’s candidate made his wealth through “vulture capitalism” (to use Gingrich’s term). This kind of wealth accumulation takes away from our country.

  60. SwordofPerseus says:

    Sorry Conc I will remain predictable if you mean consistent in bringing truth and facts to the argument. I will return insults if necessary just my nature I guess.

    FYI “that group of bankers” financed BOTH sides of both world wars.

    The FED is an institution which has never had the interest of America ahead of personal agendas. That being power and control over all of the economy of the US. The charter must be revoked.

    Fact: people have been killed for trying to abolish the central bank.

    As for any of the FED chairmen they, Volker, Greenspan, and Bernanke are all crooks, period. Economists my arse!

    In case you haven’t been following current events, there are lobbies attempting to limit internet as well. Do you realize that most cities in Europe have free Wi-Fi. Yet another limit to free flowing information here. Six companies controlling the media now versus over 50 just thirty years ago. Not understanding how this is not beneficial is part of the problem.

    Again with the Obama hating, get over it. What is with your unquestioning worship at the alter of Rawmoney? You will never be rich unless you win the lotto CT7. Why would you carry their water and clubs for them? I am not a cheering fan of Obama, I am deeply disappointed in his lack of spine. Yet he at least is evolving a spine. Your boy Rawmoney is an empty suit that blows in the politically correct wind, no matter which way the vane is pointing. Pick a winner for once CT. Pick someone who might actually be good for the country and not just the members of the country club.

  61. A winner? For who? The gay community? Hope they feel better while the rest of America declines under BHOs watch.

  62. For most of the liberals who regularly show their ignorance when posting their comments here, unless a news program begins it’s show by flying the red flag with hammer and sickle, it’s considered too conservative for them. These are the same people who routinely drive to Seattle to pay homage to the Lenin statue. As for menopaws calling Romney a “wuss”, that is what she seems to think about any white man who can speak more than one sentence without yelling and be-bopping at the podium. A strong, intelligent, and forceful man is something she’s never been exposed to and she can’t control her vitriol whenever she see’s one. Waste away in your self-hate and guilt for being born white, your constant references to “doughboy” and weak old white men indicate to me that you had a very traumatic childhood menopaws.

  63. “You habitually ignore substance and harp on minor points. Ttry and be better, more adult, more interesting.”

    One more time. Message. Messenger. Ring any bells?

  64. 50 years ago you had ABC, NBC, and CBS. Yes, the print and radio were more independent, but they got their information from the same sources.

    Your wifi comment was in left field. Because we do not subsidize wifi people are less informed? Go to the library for free Internet. Almost every household in the US has Internet and or a smartphone. Come on.

    Another example of socialist benefits killing jobs

  65. menopaws says:

    Oh, good Frosty—someone unlocked your cage and let you out…If you are the representative of “real” manhood–we all will line up at the sperm bank……Mean spirited, stupid little troll……….Watching men like you pound your chests and bully women, all the while telling us that we haven’t met a “real” man, is the stuff of your sad fantasy—not mine. The men I admire and respect treat women with respect, have a sense of humor and don’t have to take their shoes off to count to 20.—my husband is smart, funny and kind—traits that elude you while you tell EVERYONE what real men are all about!!!!! So glad I got to say good-bye to you frosty—go polish up that rock you crawl under……….

  66. menopaws, borrowing from your description of what “real men are”, I’ll take a little liberty and describe for you what a “real woman” is. They are not hateful little twirps that proudly carry their demeaner in their name tags such as you do. They are women who will, (god forbid), cook a meal for their family rather then spend the whole day showing how hateful they are. I know that as a liberal woman, cooking a meal is considered bondage and sexual abuse, so I hope your husband has a plentiful supply of “Hungryman” meals in the freezer.

  67. You left off the hyphenated last name.

  68. menopaws says:

    My husband and I take turns cooking, troll……..And cook together and enjoy each other’s company………You defining liberal women—yep, it is indeed time to depart the land of the trolls…..Insults you can hurl–the last original idea you had was sometime in 1970—I wish you the karma you so richly deserve…….As far as my blog name—it’s a joke name…again, sense of humor and brain both gone…….Bullying women is the refuge of weak men………I have deep sympathy for the women who deal with your issues……Bye now….Frosty–is that due to the brain freeze????

  69. alindasue says:


    I have been accused of being “liberal” by you and others on many occasions. I’m really only “liberal” when it comes to certain issues…

    However, my point here is that this “liberal” woman here does cook meals, usually from scratch. It is not bondage. It is my choice to assure that my family eats well.

    Hyperbolic stereotypes, whether they be from menopaws’s point of view or yours, serve no purpose other than to inflame and convince yourselves of the correctness of your own points of view. Since no one actually fits the descriptions of the stereotypes that you present, they can not be used as factual examples in any debate.

    Now, back to the topics of the letter. Yes, President Obama (not “0bomba” or “Oh-bummer”) is a millionaire. Mitt Romney (not “Rawmoney”) is a millionaire also. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had a president or major candidate for the office who wasn’t.

    “Newspapers and popular news media” are out to stay in business and that means drawing customers from all sides of the political spectrum. That’s why you’ll see news outlets like this one publish columns from the likes of both Charles Krauthammer AND Leonard Pitts. Depending on which article you read and your own political views, it can be “leaning left” or “leaning right” – which for me makes it just about straight where it should be.

  70. aislander says:

    Nice cherry-picking, bobcat1a. That takes care of part of one branch of one tree.

    Now take a look at the rest of the orchard…

  71. SwordofPerseus says:

    Conc I said that there were over fifty(50) sources of media just thirty(30) years ago not 50 years ago. Now six(6) own all. That itself is a problem, and I don’t mean your lack of reading comprehension. Fewer journalists, if any are asking tough questions and finding the answers or publishing the findings.

    Few people realize the danger to the Republic posed by the FED. No wonder most people just glaze it over or pathetically capitulate to FED policies or worse apologize for the malicious practices carried out.

    wi-fi availability would cost next to nothing, stop making excuses to privatize and profit from everything. Head down to the library today there conc, try and check out a book.

    As far as your stupendously dim “unemployment insurance is social welfare” comment goes I am frankly running out of patience trying to show you some enlightenment.

    Alindasue- if you insist on proper name usage, I would suggest perhaps we call Gov. Romney, Willard. That is his christian name.

  72. alindasue says:


    I don’t know when or why a person’s given names started being called their “Christian” name, but that’s irrelevant. Some people go by their middle names from childhood – the singer Olive Marie Osmond, for example. No one calls her Olive outside of the context of her full name.

    “Willard” and “Mitt” are both his given names. The one that he officially goes by is “Mitt”. The respectful thing to do would be to call him Mitt Romney.

    It is disrespectful to call him “Willard”, just as it is disrespectful to call President Obama “Hussein”. That is the case regardless of how I or others feel about either gentleman.

  73. What a weak response. I guess you have given up honest thought.

    Less media today? In a town 50 years ago you had network tv and one paper. Now you have access to thousands of independent sources. Are you for real?

    So, monetary control to pols or bankers??

    Wifi, next to nothing? Free? To who, the taxpayer? Nice socialist plug.

    Allow unlimited drilling, fracking, and pipelines, abolish the EPA, and I will trade you subsidized Internet (nothing is free, clown).

  74. “abolish the EPA”

    Proof positive of how far to the extreme right the GOP has moved. Now they want to destroy something that was created by Executive Order of … wait for it … Republican President Richard Nixon.

    Tell ya what, sparky. Publish your address, and I’ll bring over some used motor oil for your front yard. Since you want to abolish the EPA, you should have no problem with that.

  75. Proof positive that any and all govt agencies just grow and grow. The EPA is killing our competitiveness and costing homeowners and business billions.

    Now, there is a role for environmental regs, but the cost to our economy in a global market is beyond reason.

    Nice tangent, I obviously said that lightly in response to a ridiculous, leftist wacko praise of the failed European socialism.

  76. Less VARIETY of media ownership.

  77. Ah, but today one easily has access to foriegn outlets also.

    More VARIETY today. You are arguing for arguments sake.

  78. “The EPA is killing our competitiveness and costing homeowners and business billions.”

    Ho hum. Another post, another unsubstantiated factoid from CT7. FYI – factoids come from the same location as hemorrhoids.

    “I obviously said that lightly in response to a ridiculous, leftist wacko praise of the failed European socialism.”

    Translation: “Waaaah! They started it!” How adult. Kinda makes you look silly for complaining about anyone else’s lack of content, doesn’t it?

  79. “You are arguing for arguments sake.”

    Mr. Pot, may I introduce you to Mr. Kettle? ROFL

  80. The argument smells of desperation. Only showing Willard’s tax returns and foreign holdings could bring a tiny bit of fresh air where now there is only stench…

  81. The stench is our current admin. Taxes owed, overseas interests, failed leadership.

  82. CT7 – you will argue that the sky isn’t up.

    Consolidation of media outlets has occurred not just in America.

    Viacom, CBS Corporation, Time Warner, News Corp, Bertelsmann AG, Sony Corporation of America, NBCUniversal, Vivendi, Televisa, The Walt Disney Company, Hearst Corporation, Organizações Globo and Lagardère Group dominate the news presented in Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

  83. aislander says:

    So…who “dominates” the internet? Seems there has actually been a democratization of the news, but you guys always seem to bitch about that…

  84. took14theteam says:

    Don’t forget the AOL coup…

  85. 13 companies. 50 years ago one local paper and 3 networks.

    Now we have the Internet. Thousands of independent sources.

    You really care about information flow? I notice you skipped the entire ME.

  86. menopaws, typical liberal hate-talker. You want to get in the ring and play with the big boys, be prepared to take your lumps. You want to be able to talk trash to others but when it’s thrown back in your miserable face you try to hide behind “woman hood”. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen, oh, that’s right you don’t go into the kitchen.

  87. gone for three weeks only to return and find that this blog continues to swirl down the drain.

    The truth expressed by Alexander Pope… that “a little learning is a dangerous thing” is made manifest on this site.

    In light of the Colorado shootings, I think I will spend my time elsewhere. Bye bye.

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