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ELECTION: Darneille has been effective

Letter by Anna M. Young, Tacoma on July 20, 2012 at 3:24 pm with 12 Comments »
July 20, 2012 3:24 pm

Last year, state Rep. Jeannie Darneille used her position as vice-chair of the House Ways & Means Committee to save the state Work Study program from being cut.

As a professor at Pacific Lutheran University, I know that many of my students depend on Work Study to attend PLU. I also know that at our public institutions like the University of Washington Tacoma, an even greater number of students depend on this program to make their dreams of attending college a reality.

Not only is Darneille committed to Work Study, but also during last year’s budget process, she worked to save the Readiness to Learn program, which provides a number of important services to low-income K-12 students and families.

Darneille is best known for her legislative work preserving the social safety net and improving our health care system, but I believe that her expertise and strong track regarding our education system is vastly underrated. I’d like to encourage 27th District voters to keep this in mind when voting for our next state senator, and to strongly consider joining me in supporting Darneille.

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  1. Pecksbadboy says:

    Yes and she was the prime sponsor of a HB 2357 to increase sales taxes without any voter approval.

    Tacoma had no problem raising the sales tax for mental health with no plans as to where it goes other than the General Fund.

    She may be nice but she has no concept of living withing ones means politically.

  2. tree_guy says:

    She helped the Tacoma City Council pull a fast one on the local taxpayers. Don’t vote for her unless her opponenet is Charles Manson.

  3. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Professor Young:

    In other words, Darnielle is a bleeding heart liberal Democrat who saved a tax funded government program which indirectly pays your salary at a private university so you can hold the position of assistant professor in the school of Arts and Communication.

    (BTW: When I was at PLU, Art and Communications degrees were also know as “Bachelors Degrees for Blonds.”)

    Your support of her is noted.

  4. PumainTacoma says:

    Darnielle is the worse politician. Get rid of her and all the North End Democratic government big spenders… We use to call PLU Art majors M.R.S. degrees.

  5. sandblower says:

    The extreme right wingnuts have spoken. Democrats and moderate republicans shall ignore their meaningless comments.

  6. Pecksbadboy says:

    I a Democrat and Gay and still cannot support her. She is a born and breed user of the taxpayer infrastructure.

    Time to go……..

  7. philichi says:

    Now that our state is broke, perhaps it is time to elect a Rep that has a little knowledge of business and how the world works. TIt is time for Darnielle to to leave office and work on a communal farm for the remainder of her days.

  8. sandblower says:

    Business experience is meaningless in government. They are two different cats.

  9. stradivari says:

    The 27th Legislative District is educated. open minded,and fair. Darnielle has represented the values of the District quite well. She deserves to take the open position as state senator. As far as I can tell her opponent is running a stealth campaign being non-specific, using glittering generalities. What is he really saying about education? Women’s reproductive rights? It is impossible to tell from his expensive oversize campaign mailers. My vote is for Darnielle.

  10. The problem with Jeannie is that when considering policy or legislation her first priority is representing the public employee union, second priority is organized labor in general, then lastly the tax paying citizen who funds this whole mess.

    Apart from her willingness and zeal to sell her soul to labor with no regard to fiscal reality, she’s a perfectly charming individual.

    She’s a dinosaur, the type democrat that this state can not afford to place in office. Government has grown substantially since 1994, so has the state’s payroll as a percentage of the overall budget. There’s no way this is sustainable. She refuses to see reality, so she must not be voted back in.

  11. blakeshouse says:

    Put this union puppet socialist on the unemployment line ASAP. Probably won’t happen tho in the soviet state of Wa.

  12. Chippert says:

    Rep Darnielle is a true blue politician. She speaks meaningless platitudes seemingly in support of what you ask and does the opposite when it suits her campaign or personal interests. I have attended “town meetings” and listened to her say one thing to the audience, which happens to be exactly what the audience wants to hear, and then go back to the legislature and sponsor or support the opposite. A vote for Jeannie Darnielle is a vote for an establishment of good old boys and girls whose sole concern is to keep their seat and job, and not the needs or wishes of her constituents. I am a true Blue (liberal) but I will not support this candidate. Time for a change in this seat.

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