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VOTER ID: Everyone should show ID to vote

Letter by Lucile M. Summerlin, University Place on July 18, 2012 at 12:16 pm with 31 Comments »
July 18, 2012 12:16 pm

I believe that everyone who votes should be willingly show some type of ID. Photo ID is required to get utilities, a library card and other things. So what’s the problem with ID for voting? If you are legal, you should be proud to show photo ID.

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  1. BlaineCGarver says:

    All these legit Po Old Folk can get their Obama Bucks, so it should be zero problem to get them an ID, right?

  2. And to whom, where, and how are we to show our ID’s when we vote?

    Or is the real reason for requiring ID’s is to allow the right wing to sell more of their fair and balanced voting machines?

    Actually, the machines are leased because the software is proprietary.

  3. I’ve never been asked for photo id to get utilities. I had to deposit some money for a limited time to get phone service once.

    One problem is not everyone has the money to get the necessary ID.

    Two, you are essentially instituting a poll tax unless the government provides the ID for free, including all the cost of required documents.

    Thirdly, I don’t see non-citizens voting as a big problem.

  4. charliebucket says:

    Lucile please read up on US History and research the 14th, 15th and 24th amendments to the US constitution, for starters.

  5. Pawl, if you did not have the money to get an ID (near free), then you would qualify for all sorts of aid. Instead of buying a new iPhone and Beats headphones, if they cared about voting they could get an ID.

    Come on. These 1920s arguments do not fly in the present.

    If BHO drives this economy back a few more decades, then you might have a point.

  6. truthbusterguy says:

    Let’s make a list of the things you CAN’T do without an ID.

    Open a bank account
    Rent a place to live
    Cash a check.
    Open an account for utilities
    Go to a doctor’s appointment
    Enter a school
    Buy an airlines ticket
    Purchase cigarettes or alcohol.
    Rent a tool
    Pick up a certified letter at the post office
    collect welfare
    buy a hunting license or fishing license without a state issued ID card and SSN#
    to buy cold medications containing Pseudoephedrine
    buy a can spray paint
    Enter the government building/court house

    Are you telling me that these people that claim they don’t have ID to show when they vote don’t do ANY of the things listed above? Give me a break…

  7. charliebucket says:

    truthbuster please read up on the 24th amendment. IT IS THE PRINCIPLE: of the right to vote not being dependent on any kind of tax. The things you listed are not the constitutionally protected right to vote. It is not about who claims they don’t have ID. It is the PRINCIPLE of not having to pay to vote.

  8. alindasue says:


    Believe it or not, there are still people who:

    Have been living in the same house for decades and haven’t had to pay rent, hook up utilities, etc
    Still have their old rotary phones
    Don’t own a cell phone (smart or otherwise)
    Do not smoke or drink alcohol
    Do not hunt or fish
    Pay for everything by cash (and/or do all banking functions at the ATM)
    Do not collect welfare
    Haven’t had children in school in decades
    Don’t drive (no license needed to walk or ride a bus)
    Do not fly
    Haven’t been in a court house since getting married
    and… look so obviously over 18 that the stores they’ve been shopping in for decades don’t bother to ask for ID when they buy spray paint or cold syrup.

    It is rare, but such people do go through life without thinking about the need to get or renew their IDs.

    I know one guy who went to apply for unemployment last year after being laid off a long time job, and discovered that his ID expired 10 years ago. Since his old ID was expired too long to be used as ID to get a new ID card, he had to spend a couple months rounding up enough acceptable documents (Army DD-214, etc) to prove his identity and allow him to get an ID card.

  9. alindasue, if your rendition is correct somebody better call the coroner – I think your subject(s) may be dead.
    Come to think of it, call the DNC too. They could always use another Democrat “voter”.

  10. alindasue says:

    Most of those items I listed describe a cousin of mine who is four years younger than me. She does rent – her landlord is an old friend of theirs, so no ID was required for that. Her landline and only phone is touch-tone instead of rotary. They’ve had it for years. She does have a drivers license, but usually doesn’t have a running car… so, I think it might still be valid.

    The person I spoke of who discovered his ID was ten years expired is her brother-in-law who lives with them.

    By the way, don’t be so quick to judge. I don’t know about the brother-in-law or her husband, but the cousin almost always votes Republican.

  11. took14theteam says:

    So how did the person set up the bank account to get the debit card to use at the ATM so they wouldn’t need to show that $10 ID that those unfortunate souls can’t get?

    This argument is so lame. I am sure the LDS would be more than happy to help someone get to the Government office to get that all so allusive ID. Even that evil Catholic church might be able to help. Maybe even someone from a Mosque could help?

    This argument about not having ID is as pathetic as trying to justify another 4 years for BHO….

  12. Show your ID to the mail box if it makes you happy.

    Since voter fraud is a felony how come there are no convictions for voter fraud? Maybe because there is no such thing? Is this a solution looking for a problem?

  13. averageJose says:

    Show me one person who will be “disenfranchised” by an ID requirement. One… real person… preferably one who actually votes.

  14. alindasue says:

    took14theteam said, “This argument about not having ID is as pathetic as trying to justify another 4 years for BHO….”

    Based on my own personal observations, it is not the supporters of President Obama who would be affected as much by the ID issue. The few people I know who don’t readily have ID (and they are, admittedly, very few) are more likely to vote for the “talk radio” favorites than President Obama.

    Something to think about…

  15. took14theteam says:

    If that is the case, then why are the democrats the ones so adamantly against voter ID? You would think they would want the ditto heads not to vote.

  16. OLYMPIA — The voter-registration form arrived in the mail last month with key information filled in: Rosie Charlston’s name was complete, as was her Seattle address.

    The problem: Rosie was a black lab who died in 1998.

    A group called the Voter Participation Center has touted the distribution of some 5 million registration forms in recent weeks, targeting Democratic-leaning voting blocs such as unmarried women, blacks, Latinos and young adults.

    But residents and election administrators across the country also have reported a series of bizarre and questionable mailings addressed to animals, dead people, noncitizens and people already registered to vote.

    “So what”, says afret, “the dog wasn’t prosecuted for voting!” But the problem is that if “Rosie” were to vote in Washington state, the chances of her vote being identified as fraudulent is essentially zippo.

    But administrators in New Mexico, a potential swing state in the presidential race, warned that ineligible voters who complete the documents could make it onto the rolls.

    New Mexico is one of two states in which noncitizens can qualify for a driver’s license by simply proving residency — not necessarily legal residency — and state elections officials have no way of verifying the legal status of those who file registration documents.

    And guess which is the other state where “noncitizens can qualify for a driver’s license by simply proving residency — not necessarily legal residency — and state elections officials have no way of verifying the legal status of those who file registration documents”? (Funny the Seattle Times didn’t name said state… well, not really).

    Yeah, no chance fraud has been rampant in this state… well, no chance it could be proved anyway.

    Ken Ortiz, chief of staff at the New Mexico secretary of state’s office, said some noncitizens have contacted the state asking why they received the forms when they previously had been told that they could not vote.

    “We fear that some of these individuals who receive this mailing may feel that they are being encouraged to vote by our office or county government,” Ortiz said.

    The mailings appear official, arriving in privacy envelopes with the headline “VOTER REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED.” Some information is completed, and recipients also receive an envelope to send completed forms to local elections officials.

    Election leaders in Florida, another major swing state, also said they were receiving complaints about applications going to dead people, noncitizens, minors and pets.


    Katie Blinn, co-director of elections in Washington state, said many mailings appeared to be going to people already registered to vote.

    State elections officials have heard about a “handful” of pet-related forms in recent weeks and fielded calls from people wondering whether their registration was canceled.

    Julie Anderson, the auditor in Pierce County, estimates about two dozen residents have contacted the county about registration forms arriving for dead relatives.

    Riiiiight. Nothing to see here folks – just keep your eyes on the shiny object and move along.


  17. charliebucket says:

    took, your last question about why democrats care about poll taxes or disenfranchised voters even if they are not going to vote for democrats….is exactly the point. Ya see, ALL Americans should care when ANY American is denied their rights. I honestly think that concept is the main difference between today’s democrats vs today’s republicans or, put another way, that main difference (although there are others) with many people who you haters call libtards vs conservatives.

    If caring about others as much as I care about myself, even when there is no personal gain to me, and being able to put myself in the shoes of my fellows makes me a ‘libtard’, then so be it.

    I am not free if my brother is not free.

  18. averageJose says:

    Excellent 5:53am post.

    I’ll bet the democrats opposed to clean elections believe that if no one is around when a tree falls in the forest it doesn’t make any sound.

  19. It is interesting that some politicians will scream and yell about any minor governmental intrusion into their lives unless it is an intrusion they support. Since Washington State has voting by mail, which by all guess should enable a lot of voter fraud, how much fraud is there? How many persons actually vote twice? How many times do people intercept others ballots? Is there are problem? Does it require a fix? Does it require a little old lady to go down to DMV and stand in line and pay a fee for a non driver ID? I can see the tour bus stopping at all the senior assisted care facilities now!

  20. scooter6139 says:

    I just love low information voters. They are given a talking point without basis and they just swallow it as truth. Where is the actual voter fraud? How many instances/cases have been brought to light and prosecuted as such? This is entirely about numbers so I would love to see someone quote actual numbers. I expect them to be in the tens to hundreds of thousands to make any kind of impact for this big hullabaloo by republicans. So far all I’ve seen is less than a hundred found and prosecuted in the last ten years.
    So if the numbers are infinitesimal then what is the big deal? Who don’t the republicans want voting? What group(s) are most heavily affected by photo ID requirements? It couldn’t be those two big voting groups who mostly vote democrat and specifically support Obama by margins of 42 points (Latino) and 90 points (Black), could it? To quote a simpleton: kooky.

  21. scooter, its not that the information isn’t available or presented to these “low in formation” people. I know I have posted on every one of these threads that there is a difference between registration fraud and actual voting fraud, but they purposely ignore facts and go for myth and propaganda.

    The real point to the dog story and the dead people story is that these were never registered as voters and would not have been.

    I know in Pierce County, the Auditor s office is very happy to talk to private citizens and one can even volunteer to oversee election counts and watch as every ballot is scrutinized.

    The remedies about taking a photo ID to the polls does nothing for registration fraud. There are already many safeguards in place before a person is registered to vote.

    After registration, a signature match is one of the best options, and the least costly to conduct.

  22. averageJose says:

    The real point to the dog story and the dead people story is that there are a host of democrat “community organizer” types actively seeking to undermine the electoral process.

    The same people that oppose an ID are the same one’s that want to change the law to allow felons to vote… and give amnesty to illegals.

  23. aJo – the dog story is a tempest in a tea cup compared to what the GOP considers routine tactics.

    BTW did you see the noice that the tnt servers are unable to handle the volume of posts so right-wing bloggers are requested to submit their comments through the tacoma-seattle news web site while others will continue to submit though the tnt web site.

  24. “Lowinformation voters”, LMAO. “Information”, even in minute amounts, is only worthwhile to those who take the time to understand it. Let me repeat some “information” for scoots and tuds:

    New Mexico is one of two states in which noncitizens can qualify for a driver’s license by simply proving residency — not necessarily legal residency — and state elections officials have no way of verifying the legal status of those who file registration documents.


    Understand? Too “lowinformation” for you? Or maybe you think the Seattle Times is just parroting some right wing talking point.

    This is one way voter fraud is perpetrated in this state, as in New Mexico. In other states it’s a bit more difficult. But it’s tough to argue that this particular, relatively easy to commit form of voter fraud isn’t nearly impossible to execute in states where valid ID is REQUIRED when registering.

    Why would anyone have trouble understanding this – never mind agreeing with the simple solution?


  25. averageJose says:

    Like you, xring, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  26. scooter6139 says:

    clamat0 – Nice quote. Where are the numbers I was looking for? Can’t find any? Thought so. NEXT!

  27. Forget id cards, just plant and id/gps chip in everyone when they turn 18.

    AJo – yes! you have no clue. and not just on my comment.

    For you and the other low-info zombies – My tnt server comment reflects one widely used GOP voter fraud tactic where in robo calls go to democratic voters telling them that due to an expected high voter turnout, Republicans will be voting on Tuesday, while Democrats and all others will be voting on Wednesday.

  28. Clamato posts
    like a potato chip bag full of air.

  29. I believe that everyone who votes should be willingly show some type of ID.


    There is no evidence that there is widespread fraud that would be stemmed by adding another thing that will cost more time and money.

  30. averageJose says:

    Does it have to be “widespread”?

  31. cost/benefit analysis…..ever heard of it?

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