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ECONOMY: Government is the reason for success?

Letter by Jim Bjorkman, Puyallup on July 18, 2012 at 12:21 pm with 72 Comments »
July 18, 2012 12:21 pm

I guess I must of missed it. I guess all of us business owners have missed it. We are not responsible for our success. Government is responsible for our success, according to Obama.

I guess when I (or any other businessperson) was working 80-plus hours, seven days a week for the first five years building my business and investing all of my financial resources into the business and now only having to work 60 hours a week to keep it going, it was a waste of effort. Obama says without the government, I would not have been successful.

My question to Obama and his supporters is this: If government is so good at providing for success for us who run businesses, why is the economy so poor now? And more important, why are all governments for city, county, state, etc., going broke and some government entities filing for bankruptcy?

If government is so smart, why we are in the economic situation we are in now?

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  1. BlaineCGarver says:

    Good Questions.

    The reason Obama believes this is because it takes no effort whatsoever to sit on your buttocks and collect welfare, and other Obama Bucks. Heck, he’s vastly increased the unemployment, and food stamps, so Gubment MUST be a roaring success.

  2. sandblower says:

    Yet another ridiculous letter from someone who does not like democrats and who makes up a story and tries to make it sound authentic.

  3. BlaineCGarver says:

    Focusing on content, and not the insults of someone that has never had a successful living wage business, I’d say the efforts and wherewithal that he describes is fairly minimal. Most barely eke by longer than that.

  4. The truth is the economy depends on a balanced synergistic synthesis of government, business, and the general populous (labor and consumers).

    Remove or weaken one and the economy crashes.

    Let one or leg try to dominate the other(s) and the economy crashes.

    What we have now is one leg (business) with the help of some in another leg (right wing/pro business politicians) trying to force all benefits into one let (business), while weakening and destroying the other two legs (government/labor).

    Pro-business politicians have blocked all reasonable attempts by the government to stop the current economic death spiral.

    Part of the Big Business Plan is to bankrupt governments then come in and take over (privatize) selected functions thus further enriching and expending the power and control of the business sector and the right wing allies.

  5. I guess the letter writer’s business does not depend on infrastructure, roads, bridges, water, electricity, communication, GPS, custpomers, transport, internet or any other government activity. I would like to give you an award. Could you tell us what your business is that is so independent?

    Thank you fellow citizens for paying a huge tax bundle for installing GPS satellites at huge expense and developing the internet so my two business can thrive. Without those and other infrastructure, I could work 80 hours a week and still not be successful.

  6. Tuddo, society and govt did not take the risk or put forth the effort to develop the iPhone or Model T.

    To credit govt for an individual’s success is childish and asinine.

  7. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Ever wonder why Obama’s handler’s made him always use that teleprompter?

    Because when he speaks his mind, the real Obama becomes evident.

    Next exit Nov. 6th.

  8. charliebucket says:

    wow what(the letter and replies from the usual Obama haters) a distortion of what Obama said in his speech. what lies. wow.

    you guys are flat insane.

    you must have missed the part in English class about “syntax” and “context”

  9. No “context” changes what he said.

    Do you guys ever get sick of making excuses? The worst part is it was his attempt to justify MORE taxes on growing businesses and te middle class small business owner

  10. CT7,
    want no government – go to Somalia

    government creates the stable society that enraptures and investor need in order to be enraptures and investor.

    bush had to have his speeches read to him over ear-buds because he could not read a teleprompter.

    Some shave said he can barely read at all, which is why when his mother was First Lady her chairity project was dyslexic children.

  11. ‘entrepreneurs’

    I think I have Texas Spell Checker.

  12. Who calls for no govt? Nice straw man.

    The right calls for LIMITED govt, as outlined by the Constitution.

  13. CT7, please look again at what was needed to develop the iphone.

    Obama did not discount any person al effort, he just reminded those who say the did it all on their own how ridiculous that statement is.

    Without the public roads paid by taxpayers, the Model T would not have been a success. Without the increase in the highway system, the masses would not ahve been able to travel. There were plenty of cars before the Model T, but until the masses of people alol over the US could use them.

    Supply side says build a lot of Model T’s, but don’t build the roads to travel on and don’t structure minimum wage, tax codes and other laws so a country can have a middle class.

    There woukld have been hundreds of thousands of Model T’s sitting unsold if we didn’t have demand for them created by available roads and favorable-to-the-middle-class government policies that did away with the monopolies and the oligarchies of the 1890’s.

  14. charliebucket says:

    I heard the speech and he said that nobody makes it ALL on their own (which is 100% true), and one of his examples was that successful businesses did not build the roads and infrastructure that help the businesses succeed.

    FOX and RUSH must have edited the speech down to sound bites that fit their I hate Obama agenda and you haters lap it up.


  15. Ok, so business and individuals take advantage of govt services. What is the point? No crap. No one is calling for no govt, just an end to growing payments to individuals.

    Ford made and sold cars without SS or food stamps.

    I see Tuds read an article on supply vs demand economics written by Krugman and now thinks he is an economist. Cute. Keep up the education, eventually you will find the truth

  16. CT7, better than speaking about the economy without knowing anything about economics like you.

    How many successful businesses have you started without any help from infrastructure or tax breaks or other government services paid for by other tax payers?

  17. I think you’ve mis-characterized Obama’s argument just a little. If you created a successful business, then congratulations! You worked hard and took a risk – I hope you reap the due reward. Your business would fail in Somalia. Your success also relies on consumer demand and the success of the middle class to distribute dollars in your direction. Hire any computer techs or engineers? Thank your public schools and public colleges for their contribution to your success. You probably have freeways and roads that allow for efficient deliver of goods as wells as customers. Don’t you recognize that there’s a little teamwork going on behind the scenes that allow for the success you undoubtedly deserve? If you think so, it doesn’t make you a socialist – it just makes you rational.

  18. xring, “want no government? Go to Somalia”, you forgot to add Chicago, and a few California cities where the local governments are all bankrupt. All of them by the way are controlled by demokrats.

  19. For you liberals out there, government gets it’s money from who? Infrastructure is build with whose money? Who pays the most in taxes? Truck companies pay five to six times more in taxes to haul their goods on the highways than does the average car owner.. You people think that government is some fantasy land where money just falls out of the sky whenever Obama presses a button? Oh yeah, I forgot about Obama’s stash. jeeeez!

  20. If it’s infra structure such as roads and the internet that results in prosperity, why is Detroit being bulldozed? They have paved roads, electricity, water etc. Infra structure is important, but it still takes a entrepeneur and someone who has the intiative to start a business.

  21. LeePHill says:

    Jim – who built the interstate road system that carries the goods and services that make your business possible? How about the Internet?

    How about the millions of government employees that are able to buy goods and services from your company?

    “Truck companies pay five to six times more in taxes to haul their goods on the highways than does the average car owner.”

    Who do you think does the majority of damage to the roadways, dipstick?

    Who do you think screams the loudest when weather conditions close the roads and the government has to pay overtime to open them?

    I can’t believe that people are as stupid as they sound on these forums.

  22. LeePHill says:

    “Ford made and sold cars without SS or food stamps.”

    Social Security is an insurance policy paid into by workers. Quit being so ignorant.

    Food stamps take care of workers and their families during times of corporate layoffs when executives don’t take a cut in salary but they cut the working force because they didn’t prognosticate the sales curve appropriately.

  23. LeePHill says:

    tuddo….for all the talking that CT7 does, I’m guessing that the only money he has made is what the military paid him from taxpayers pockets.

    Communist Liberals like me have a full time job and two small businesses and we put up with his bovine excrement arrogance.

  24. sumyungboi says:

    I can’t believe the letter writer is so selfish. He should drop to his knees and beg to be cleansed by the lord obama.

  25. Typical, no fact based argument and Hill tries to get personal.

    I am not offended, and proud of you for admitting to being a commie lib.

  26. Frosty,
    You can say many things about Chicago. That it has no government is not one of them.

    And you have proof that these cities are controlled by democrats.
    Sorry old boy, but you opinions don’t count for much.

    Now for the rest of the story – Republicans do no believe all Americans should have to pay their personal fair of taxes to support the building, maintaining, and repair of public owned infrastructure. Specifically, that the rich, big business, and corporations should not have to pay taxes..

    Detroit is in the Michigan which is controlled by ultra-right wing un-American Republicans who believe all political power and all public real property in the state belongs to the Governor.

    Where are the entrepreneurs in Michigan – busy buying public property at pennies on the dollar.

    LPH – Ford also believed in paying his workers a living wage.

  27. Bjorkman you know exactly what the President said and meant and in willful ignorance you take the President’s remarks out of context. No one does anything solely by themselves. Your business depends on the efforts of so many others; not only for raw material, for infrastructure, and rules and regulations for the safety of our citizenry. If you hate the President, just man up and say. ‘Just despicable.

    Maybe you can get together with BirthControlGarver and help him sort out his thinly veiled coded dogwhistle crap.

  28. sumyungboi says:


    Aw, isn’t that cute? sevenup learned a new word from his puppetmasters. :)

  29. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2863200/posts

    Top 10 poorest cities in America. Dem through and through.

    Now, every state with a new republican gov is dropping the unemployment rate in their states faster then the national average.

    This is not an accident or some fluke. The nation, lead by a dem congress imploded. A dem leader in the WH is stalling the recovery.

    A vote for dems is a vote for unemployment and welfare, a vote for dependency vs independence and mobility. Fact.

  30. LeePHill says:

    As usual….Obama is misquoted…

    “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

    The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

    When will the CON artists give up on misquoting the President or misrepresenting the context of this statements? It’s nothing short of lying.

    Someone starts it, then the entire right wing sound machine – right down to the Speaker of the House using taxpayer time and resources – chimes in with the lie.

    I’m thinking that Jim’s business is writing letters to the editor and blogging on behalf of Republican interests, regardless of how much it’s a lie. You do have to work hard, Jim. Overtime, at that, to make up so many lies and non-contextual statements

  31. LeePHill says:

    Since we’re quoting….


    I’d say Bloomberg is one up on “Town Hall”…

    CT7 – I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t know the definition of a word that I use over and over and over…..I guess it doesn’t embarrass you to look so silly.

  32. LeePHill says:

    Oh and then…how about the top ten states for taking more from the Fed than they give?

    Guess which color 7 of 10 are?????

  33. CT7,
    No one is calling for no government.

    I was giving you an example of what happens when there is no government.

    Red state unemployment – So sorry, once again you have been had by another conservative web site.

    Your site only gives rate changes for a few selected states.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics site shows unemployment rates for ALL states have declined.


  34. “(Ramesh Ponnuru is a Bloomberg View columnist and a senior editor at National Review. The opinions expressed are his own.)”

    So the left likes of dislikes Keynes? Only when the money is given to people who don’t work or are in unions?

    Great article Hill.

    His speech insulted every small business owner in America. Try and spin it…

  35. averageJose says:

    Give Barry a break… he’s confused (too much THC?). He was refering to all those successful people on foodstamps, unemployment, and subsidized housing… duh.

  36. charliebucket says:

    I am a small business owner and I am not insulted CT7. I grasp what he said because I am not full of blind hatred fueled by entertainers.

    the absurdity of what the right is doing by twisting and spinning to further their agenda is really hitting high gear. and I thought it couldn’t get any worse after 4 years of constant muslim, terrorist, marxist, communist, unamerican kenyan nonsense and the birth certificate crap. yikes.

  37. He said something. It is you trying to spin it. Be honest here.

    Do the excuses get old?

  38. bobcat1a says:

    And Republicans talk about taking things out of context. This letter is just about as blatant an example of willfully ignoring context of the statement in order to demonize the speaker as is possible. It is either purblind ignorance or willful dishonesty.

  39. So the far right is against individual initiative? The president said, “The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

    Now, accuse me of taking something out of context when that is the thesis sentence of his remarks.

    No spin or excuses needed.

  40. charliebucket says:

    CT7 please get some help for yourself. Sincerely. your “concern” has taken on the characteristic of paranoid delusion.

    I am no big fan of Obama, but, really man, you seem to be over the edge.

  41. LeePHill says:

    “His speech insulted every small business owner in America. Try and spin it…”

    Only those who are challenged by the English language or who want “the black guy out of the White House”.

    Only a fool would be insulted by the truth.

    I own two small businesses, plus work a full time job. This is the part of what the President said, that I like best:

    “The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

    Without my customers and the government infrastructure, my businesses and my employer’s business would not exist.

  42. LeePHill says:

    “all those successful people on foodstamps, unemployment, and subsidized housing… duh”

    What’s the private sector’s answer? Outsourcing labor.

  43. sumyungboi says:

    Obama is a communist. He grew up influenced by an american communist. He won’t release his college records because they’re chock full of anti-American beliefs, he chose a church which preaches black liberation theology, and he picks as cabinet members communists. Obama is vile filth.

    And don’t you just love how every single leftist that comments here is a small business owner and vietnam veteran?

  44. SandHills says:

    It is all just rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship. Go with Obama and those in steerage may get to play a game of shuffleboard on the 2n class deck. Go with Romney and the first class section will become even more exclusive and spacious as 2n class passengers are put in steerage.

    …..as the ship sinks.

  45. aislander says:

    So…where does the government get the money to do all of the vital–and frivolous–stuff it does?

  46. CT7 – ‘context’ does not change what was said, it changes the MEANING of what was said.

    EX= the oft repeated republicon lie showing Obama saying ‘If we run on the economy we will lose.’

    It appears to mean the Obama is admitting that the failed economy is the fault of the Dems.

    HOWEVER – the context of that statement was Obama citing McCain who had originally made the statement.

    THEREFORE – taken in context Obama is saying “Hay, even John McCain says he and the republicans will lose if they try to run on the economy.

    Sumy – what’s next – that Hawaii is a foreign country.

    Aislander – Our government gets its money the old fashion way – they tax the poor and middle classes for it so the rich can afford another dancing horse

  47. aislander says:

    Wrongo, xring! The government gets its money from the private sector, which proves which is the cart and which is the horse.

    Trouble is: you guys want to put everybody in the cart…

  48. aislander says:

    …and xring; don’t you feel just a tad grubby and small taking a cheap shot at woman dealing with her MS?

  49. alindasue says:


    Aren’t “the poor and the middle class” citizens of our country and “the private sector” pretty much the same thing? Are people only “the private sector” if they own businesses and/or earn over $250,000 per year?

  50. sumyungboi says:

    sandhills: “Go with Obama and those in steerage may get to play a game of shuffleboard on the 2n class deck.”

    Translation: go with obama and those who’re in steerage move up to a place they never paid for, and those in first class may as well have booked on another ship, since they’ll not be receiving the amenities that they did paid for.

  51. aislander says:

    Your point being, alindasue? Since forty-some percent pay no federal income tax, and since the topic of the thread is who is responsible for success, it makes sense to look at the successful.

    But more than that, the economy is the reason for government, not the other way around. One could exist without the other. Guess which.

  52. SandHills says:

    Sum – wrong translation. Only one ship – the SS America. Under Obama, the poor will still be poor and dependent – but largely feeding off the working class and the rich don’t care behind their gated communities even if they have to pay higher taxes ( but not too much – as many don’t pay income taxes anyway on their capital gains, tax shelters, and off shore bank accounts)

    Under Romney, it won’t be a case of giving more to the poor, but rather moving further in the direction of a society of the haves and have nots. It merely means that thhe rich will have a greater sense of security on their wealth without too many middle class nipping at their heels (as a rapidly dwindling middleclass is struggling to stay out pf poverty).

    But the result will mean the same – a sunk ship.

  53. LeePHILL say’s ” I own two small businesses, plus work a full time job”, How’s that possible when you spend all day p—sing up a rope on this blog? You can fool some of the people some of the time as they say, but they are only liberals.

  54. aislander, regarding your question to xring about his cheap shot at the woman with MS the answer is, he’s a liberal, don’t expect a lot from him.

  55. sumyungboi says:

    frosty asks lee: ” How’s that possible when you spend all day p—sing up a rope on this blog?”

    He’s also a disabled vietnam vet, give him time and he’ll also be a Medal of Honor recipient serving under Colonel Troutman.

  56. alindasue says:

    aislander said, “Your point being, alindasue? Since forty-some percent pay no federal income tax…”

    The average family in the USA has just under 2 children. So… based on a family of four people, that family would have to earn less than $30,000 per year in order to not pay any federal income tax (taking into account dependents, standard deduction, and EIC). That also means that roughly 40% of the population averages less than $30,000 per year annual income.

    xring said to you, aislander, “Our government gets its money the old fashion way – they tax the poor and middle classes…”

    You replied, “Wrongo, xring! The government gets its money from the private sector…”

    My point, is that if the “poor and middle classes” – those of us in the larger population who earn between $30,000 and $250,000 – are not the “private sector”, then who is?

    Civilized society is the reason for the government, not the economy. The question is: can the economy exist without a civilized society?

    The closest thing we have to an uncivilized society these days is Somalia. How’s the economy there? Is anyone there really thriving besides the pirates and gang lords?

  57. LeePHill says:

    frosty and “sumyung” are deflecting just a little…..

    Let LeePHill fill out his own resume. I didn’t serve in the military and I own two small businesses and took on a full time job a few weeks ago, because I want to add to my social security fund.

    If these CONS would mind their own issues (and the ones of their made up personalities which clog the forum) they’d have nothing to do.

    Watching these fools reminds me of watching an old episode of Beavis and Butthead. They get ahold of a word (for which they really don’t know the meaning) and use it over and over.

    :::::hehehhehe hehehehe communist heheh hehehehe::::::

    I have to laugh at “sum” talking about others. She’s been pretending to be a man with a wife for the last 3 or 4 months…LMAO

  58. LeePHill says:

    “aislander says:
    July 19, 2012 at 12:58 pm …and xring; don’t you feel just a tad grubby and small taking a cheap shot at woman dealing with her MS?”

    I’m certainly glad that horse dancing has gotten her condition under arrest. She was able to run the distance to carry the Olympic torch when her hubby picked her over many athletes.

    Maybe Max Clelland should have tried that and then the Republicans wouldn’t have made fun of his war wounds (lost limbs).

    It’s kinda funny how the CONS went ape-excrement when I posted the truth about Obama’s speech and they couldn’t continue to lie about what he said. Most of their comments after my post are nothing more than just puking the most vicious garbage possible, with no truth nor conversational value.

  59. averageJose says:

    Democrats DEPEND on creating more “halve-nots”… whether real OR perceived… and Obama is doing a crack up good job of it.

  60. averageJose says:

    LOL… “have-nots”. ;)

  61. aislander says:

    I didn’t say, alindasue that it would be a thriving economy, or even a tolerable one (we don’t have that now, so what good is OUR government doing?), but where there are people there is always an economy–even when there is little or no government.

    The above was an exercise in separating the indispensable from the inessential…

    Government is conducive to a prosperous economy–until it becomes a drag, as our government most certainly has.

  62. aislander says:

    alindasue: There are many who earn between $30K and $250K who work for government and are, therefore, not of the private sector. They are cyphers at best with respect to the economy since they take out of it at least as much as they put in…

  63. Islander – the private sector does pay some taxes, just not their fair share.

    Republican cart and horse.
    The cart was made in China, and the horse declared redundant.

    Islander – don’t you and Frosty feel a little bit stupid not to have realized the insult was to baby boy bush and not to his mother?

  64. aislander says:

    xring: You are living down to your reputation and making absolutely no sense.

    Government is completely funded by the private sector, unless said government borrows or prints unsupported money. It is not that the private sector in not paying its “fair share” (what a load of crap THAT phrase is!), but that government is taking more than its.

    I don’t know what the Romney’s horse and Ann’s MS have to do with the Bushes, but I’m sure that makes sense in your…er…mind.

  65. alindasue says:

    aislander said, “Government is completely funded by the private sector…”

    First, the money that people who work are paid from the government – those are earned wages. They already paid for their wages with their work… labor in exchange for pay – an economic system that goes back to the beginning of civilization. They also pay taxes at the same rate as the rest of the population.

    Secondly, regarding the economy –
    There are many shops open for business and even the poorest in this country have access to food. No one here is walking miles to the next town for water or fighting the crowds for whatever sustenance they can get off an aid truck. Gas may cost more than we want to pay, but the stations all have fuel and people generally don’t have to travel far to grumble as we buy it. While our economy may not be “great” right now by American standards, it is at least tolerable.

    Say what you want about President Obama’s performance, but we are in the midst of a global recession. While unemployment might be high in the USA, it hasn’t even begun to reach Greece’s 22.5% unemployment or Spain’s 24% – nor has the job situation gotten as bad as it was halfway through Ronald Reagan’s first term as president, when even the fast food restaurants had signs posted saying they weren’t accepting applications.

    Back to the topic of the letter –
    Unless each family builds their own roads, produces all their own food, digs their own wells to provide their own water, and so forth, people are going to need to interact and anywhere people interact you are going to have a society and that society is going to have someone in charge (a government of some kind) to keep the interactions running smoothly. Heck, even within a lone family, there will be a person who governs at the head – even if the family never trades with anyone.

    President Obama was correct when he said, “…when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

    People, alone, do not an economy make.

  66. Since forty-some percent pay no federal income tax

    “forty-some”…..cute. With that little maneuver you made the statistic seem a full seven points less.

  67. sumyungboi says:

    Lee: “I have to laugh at “sum” talking about others. She’s been pretending to be a man with a wife for the last 3 or 4 months”

    Ahhh, now I get it, you’re the latest incarnation of that one kid, forget his moniker(s), who claimed I was some chick named “Cheryl” and that I was stalking him online. :)

    Homes, you need to get over yourself. You’re just not a very important person, and no one cares. Nothing I’ve said, ever, would lead anyone to believe I’m a woman, and the only possible explanation is that you’re that paranoid little twerp who thinks he’s being stalked. Just, wow.

  68. Who are you
    Who who who who
    Who are you
    Who who who who

  69. ‘Job creators’ receive the highest tax breaks in decades to create jobs. Yet they are keeping the tax money savings and give the working class the finger. Some fools blame Obama for not creating jobs. How about conservatives live up to their mantra of personal responsibility and create some jobs instead of socializing their self-inflicted losses while living high on cheated gains?

  70. averageJose says:

    Explain how personal responsibility and job creation go hand in hand. That’s weird…

  71. LeePHill, I’ve never watched “beavus & butthead”. I know more about you now then before. Do you also watch old reruns of mickey mouse and pluto?

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