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ROMNEY: He shouldn’t compare himself to losers

Letter by Dave Berry, Tacoma on July 17, 2012 at 11:38 am with 58 Comments »
July 17, 2012 11:38 am

It is amazing to me that Mitt Romney would say that John Kerry and John McCain didn’t disclose more than two years of tax records. They both lost their bid for president! If Romney keeps comparing himself to losers, he will make it a hat trick.

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  1. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney is the GOP’s version John Kerry: über-rich, out-of-touch, and destines to lose the election. The only difference is John Kerry served honorably in Vietnam while Romney dodged the draft.

  2. BlaineCGarver says:

    Sorry, doing a mission is not dodging the draft..

  3. LeePHill says:

    Let’s see……Dick Cheney was “doing a mission”?

    Mitt didn’t have to avoid the draft, he could have been a CO after two years of mission service.

    Quit making excuses.

  4. Romney, in his usual fashion, sought to deceive the public with the statement, at least about Kerry.

    Kerry disclosed the previous 6 years of tax retuirns before every Senate election, so when he ran for president he had disclosed 18 years previusly. He disclosed the previous 2 years, making 20 years in total that the public had access to.

    It was actually McCain’s wife, an heiress of great fortune, who inkitially refused and then released a summary of only two years. McCain had actually released 7 years.

    Romney needs to fire his entire group of advisors and spokes people, and hire some researchers who have access to web searches or he will continue to mislead the American people with these gaffes (or are they saying these things on purpose?)

  5. menopaws says:

    His mission was to France, for heavens sake……It isn’t like he was in true missionary mode in the Sudan or some other truly poor, needy nation……….He ate cheese and walked around Paris………Now he’s whining about the attacks on Bain—-he is truly being “Swift boated”……..Isn’t karma fun????? Although, I find men who whine particularly gross—wonder how many other women feel that way???This is the big leagues and it is truly time for him to put up….or SHUT UP…….Actually, I prefer the latter…..Even his voice makes my skin crawl………

  6. BGC – Doing a second mission is draft dodging.

    As is joining a State Air National Guard Unit, or running off to Canada.

    Notice oh the ones who defend Cheney and Romney for avoiding the draft damn Clinton and Obama for not serving.

    PS: Want to bet next post will be BGC saying how Clinton and Obama should be damned for avoiding the draft.

  7. Frankenchrist says:

    The sad truth of the matter is that Mitt Romney is a miserable coward who when his nation called, asked his rich daddy to pull some strings so he could run off to hide in France while regular people without his connections served in the rice paddies, jungles, and mountains of Vietnam. Romney is a draft-dodging parasite and he is unfit to serve. He should be ashamed of himself.

    While his fellow Americans were fighting for their lives, Mitt Romney was relaxing in the south of France and occasionally proselytizing the French on his strange cult. Despicable.

    I confess to enjoying the spectacle of Romney slowing twisting in the wind as he avoids discussing his numerous tax-avoiding offshore banks accounts and his utter incomprehension of the inevitable fact that he will be forced to release ALL his tax returns.

    A draft-dodger and a tax-dodger. Not the kind of person we want in the White House.

  8. Pause- the second half of your rant describes BHO perfectly! No more blame, whining, and excuses.

    Romney 2012!

  9. Romney and McCain,

    Birds of feather,

    But not Prresident.

  10. lylelaws says:


    You certainly seem to seem to know a great deal about how people aviod serving in the U.S. military.

    Is that from personal experience?

    Would you please explain why you only mention Republicans who didn’t serve.

    I don’t think it is shameful for anyone to elect not to serve, but it is shameful for folks like you to just point out members of one political party.

  11. lylelaws says:


    If you don’t mind my asking, when and where did you folks serve in the U.S. armed forces?

  12. menopaws says:

    CT7—-we all know you need to take off your shoes to count, but President Obama was tooo young to serve in Vietnam…….He was still in elementary school…….so, save your jabs on this one–it just makes you look really out of the loop. lylelaws—I didn’t serve, but my husband was a Marine fighter pilot during Vietnam and my son is currently serving in the Army………..stationed in El Paso now, but did do a tour in Afghanistan. So, my knowledge may be “second hand”, but members of my family did and do serve………..I myself believe that the all volunteer Army is a free ride for the armchair patriots who are more than willing to send someone elses loved ones into harms way while they whine about politics…….The draft is a good leveler of the playing field—at least it was during World War II before the college deferments came into being……
    I don’t think of myself as having religious prejudice, but I have come to terms that I am, indeed, uncomfortable with a Mormon in the White House. When I worked for the Marriott corporation, a big Mormon donor to Romney, I was told that the company did not like women in management roles……..the EEOC felt differently, it was many years ago, but the attitude, I understand hasn’t changed—even if the law requires them to promote women. Also–his ever changing stories about Bain, health care, plus his relationship to Mr. Cheney, makes me VERY uncomfortable. He has stated in speeches that he would BOMB Iran and that scares me to death…….That crowd loves it’s wars……..Mr. Cheney throwing him a fundraiser really got my attention. His faith does indeed not seem to interfere with his political leanings….and yet, five sons, none of whom have served…….HMMMMMM!

  13. charliebucket says:

    what seems to be quite ironic, or odd, is that just a few months ago Romney was considered too moderate and a weasel RINO to republicans…but now he is seen as the second coming. LOL.

  14. normajean says:

    To Menopause: You have expressed what would have been my sentiments exactly. He is not a pres for the people especially not for women. & this is coming from a non-voting individual

  15. LeePHill says:

    “lylelaws says:
    July 17, 2012 at 3:29 pm LeePHill,
    You certainly seem to seem to know a great deal about how people aviod serving in the U.S. military.
    Is that from personal experience?
    Would you please explain why you only mention Republicans who didn’t serve.
    I don’t think it is shameful for anyone to elect not to serve, but it is shameful for folks like you to just point out members of one political party.”

    Lyle….save your misquotes and misrepresentations of statements for your irrational letters to the editor and refrain from misrepresenting what I say.

    My comment on Romney was based on correcting the fallicy excuse making attempt by Blaine. Romney was only obliged to his mission by choice of his religion. Frankly if a Methodist kid (me) would have tried that trick in the 1960s, he would have either found himself in Vietnam or had gotten the Muhammad Ali treatment.

    Since you are backing Romney on the basis of his religion, then I’m sure that you would say that Muhammad Ali was cheated out of the best part of his career and ability to earn, all on the basis of following his religious beliefs.

    As to my service to the country – the military didn’t ask me and I didn’t choose military, but I have served my community, thus my country for many years more than your hitch in the military and I didn’t get a free education for my service.

    Wanna keep going? Military is not the only way to serve your country.

  16. LeePHill says:

    Lyle…tell us which Democratic leader REFUSED to serve in Vietnam.

  17. LeePHill says:

    “charliebucket says:
    July 17, 2012 at 4:54 pm what seems to be quite ironic, or odd, is that just a few months ago Romney was considered too moderate and a weasel RINO to republicans…but now he is seen as the second coming. LOL.”

    Charlie – I can’t wait for the ads in the general election quoting Santorum, Newt, Perry, et al…..

  18. sumyungboi says:

    Obama is easily compared to losers. Wait, no, he’s not, he’s a loser in a whole new loser category. Just a shame that there’re so many lefty losers that hate the US enough to back that worthless chump.

  19. lylelaws says:


    OK, I will ask personally. If you have served in the U.S. armed forces would you mind disclosing when and where?

    Do you think that all of the people of Romney’s generation who avoided the draft were cowardly, draft-dodging parasites or just those who were Republicans?

  20. sumyungboi says:

    “draft-dodging parasites”

    Clinton comes to mind

  21. LeePHill says:

    “McCain maintained his campaign selected Palin, who was a first-term governor of Alaska at the time, “because we thought that Sarah Palin was the better candidate.”

    Thanks, John.

    There is an old saying about your friends can do more damage to you in politics, than your enemy.

  22. LeePHill says:

    Bill Clinton got regular education deferments while persuing his degrees. His lottery number was 311, which was not activated during his eligible year, thus he was not drafted. That was not draft dodging.

    “Draft dodgers” were people that left the country to avoid service or got ridiculous 4Fs like a boil on their butt – even Cheney’s 5 deferments wouldn’t truely classify as draft dodging.

    On the other hand, when you are such a proponent of war and say “I had more important things to do than serve in the military”…..well…it just speaks for itself.

    I notice that Lyle has change his attack when challenged about his take on Muhammad Ali.

    Sumyungster….the “loser” as you call him, made mincemeat of The Republican Princess and Lt. I was in Vietnam. If Obama’s a loser, what does that make Palin and Grumpy?

  23. sumyungboi says:

    “Bill Clinton got regular education deferments while persuing his degrees”

    Not surprising that you’re such a hypocrite. You people have zero shame and even less intelligence.

  24. LeePHill says:

    I’ll refrain from childish namecalling and such. For me to be a hypocrite would mean that I’m lying about Clinton, which I’m not. There is plenty of information on the internet to support what I just said. Additionally, I lived during the Vietnam era, thus I KNOW what a draft dodger really was – I don’t miscontrue the meaning to support today’s conservative rhetoric. As to “intelligence” – well, I’m smart enough to use facts and information readily available and unlike yourself, I avoid saying ignorant things that are easily debunked.

    You know, remembering back a week or so ago…I recall your whining about someone “threatened your spouse” on twitter. Maybe you’ll avoid that sort of retort if you tone down your childish namecalling and taunts.

    I know that you’re sensitive about “the loser” tromping all over the GOP in 2008 and that it appears that the Republicans’ greatest challenge in 2012 is biting themselves on the keester….but that’s no reason to get nasty with me.

    Possibly you’d prefer a more conservative place to live – oh, maybe Iran – where they think more along your lines.

  25. lylelaws says:


    How did Ali get dragged into your comments?

    I respected him because he was willing to go to prison bssed on his beliefs.

    As usual you are trying infer that people who disagree with you are somehow racists.

    By the way, you must have some real tales of horror related to your community service. I imagine the flashbacks probably keep you awake at night.

  26. LeePHill says:

    “He got a deferment, ergo, he’s a draft dodger.”

    Well…in the exceptionally narrow mind of someone who isn’t old enough to know what a draft dodger really was….I can’t educate the unwilling…but I’ll try:


    You’ll not find student deferments in the text. Ted Nugent qualifies far better than Bill Clinton. I’m sure by now your head has exploded because your little CON vision of things has been debunked.

    In classic conservative style, you take my suggestion of watching your attitude with people and twist it into “condoning” something. Let me be a bit more clear…..I find it child-like for you to taunt people and attempt to instigate a fight, but when you get a response – ergo an equally poor one – you cry about it. I’d love to have seen the alleged threat, as I’m betting that your recollection of it is as full of hyperbole and falsehoods as everything else you say.

    Keep up the “marxist” and what-have-you crap about Obama. It worked well for your side in 2008. I think it will work equally well this year.

  27. Menopaws,

    You are wrong. You did serve and are still serving.

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice as well as for the serive of your Husband and Son.

  28. sumyungboi says:

    Yeah, and let me tell what “is” means. You people really are the worst of the worst.

    So a guy who takes a “student deferment” is somehow better than a guy who joins the national guard. I understand your commie logic, since you people need people to lead you through life. You worship people who get law degrees but hate other college grads if they go into the business world. But hey, might as well tie your nose ring to someone, right? :)

    Got news, junior, your idol is polling neck and neck with a guy who makes Dole and McCain look like great candidates. Go ahead and Bain-up, homes, the obama economy is the worst in history, therefore, he is the worst president in history. In the end, normal people know Romney’s a rich guy and could care less about his tax returns. They just know the economy sucks, driven by a guy who brought his marxist theories to Washington, and they suck like a vacuum.

  29. LeePHill says:

    marxist, marxist, maaaaaaarxist!!! Commie, blah blah….socialist….yadda yadda

    So a guy who takes a “student deferment” is somehow better than a guy who joins the national guard.

    Look….BOY…..you aren’t old enough to remember what took place during that era, much less know the lexicon of the time. The National Guard was what rich kids got, that couldn’t hack the grades in college (see George Bush), unlike today’s Guard that gets sent to war.

    As someone who works full time, and runs two small businesses, I’m laughing at your crap about worshiping lawyers. I earned my money the old fashioned way…I work for it. I avoid lawyers. They cost money.

    “neck and neck”…..LOL…How’s Mitt and Cantor doing in Virginia? Don’t keep believing your own hype. You’ll be even more disappointed in November…of course, it will be “illegal voters made the difference” then……LMAO

  30. Fibonacci says:

    What are you, 12? You just rant and rant your hate filled, immature, nonsensical, right wing crappola. Is it possible for you to even TRY to have a reasonable discussion here? Or is the only way you feel you can make a point is to insult and attack? That shows a lack or intelligence and ability to make a valid argument.

    I also will try to educate you. As one who actually lived through the time of draft dodgers. A draft dodger was one who did not comply with the draft laws. A student deferment did not go against was not in noncompliance with the draft laws and thus was not a draft dodger. Those who were drafted and did not report or left the country were draft dodgers. Technically even your boy Mittens was not a draft dodger, he just knew how to play the system.

    By the way, the economy was is in good shape when Shrub came into office and was in shambles when he left office. The REASON Obama was elected was because Bush made such a mess out of the economy. Now, has Obama FIXED it? No, but then he has Republicans make it their goal from day 1 to make him a one term president, and besides that, the whole world is in an economic mess, not just us. Is THAT Obama’s fault too?

    History will show that George W. Bush was the worst president, hands down.

  31. Pause- you comment makes no sense. Put your glasses on and read what I wrote.

    Hill, stop showing your guilt. Neither your or meno served. You say”I lived…” or my “son”…

    If true meno, you son had feelings for you that requires help. Hill, you have guilt and shame that requires the same quack.

    Get past the service requirement. I wish this was the fiction novel, and only those who served could vote. But it is not. You hippies and dreamers are stuck. Be grateful life is not like starship troopers.

  32. Fib- history will show that progressives would have destroyed this nation if not for the right turn lead by the tea party. We all know BHO fixed nothing unless you are the .3% of the pop that is gay and the small minority of them that desired open service. Maybe you got a few obamabucks for claiming you tried to farm 60 years ago. Lord help you if you tried to start a business today!!!! BHOcarea would tax you to death.

  33. Lyle,
    Most of the men I served with in Nam, respected Aland supported his decision. It had to do with protecting rights and freedom, and because it was not really a war, American Citizens had the right to protest us being there.

    Ali stood up for what he thought was right, took his punishment, and then reclaimed his title.

    The ones we hated where the rich boys whose daddies brought their way in to the Guard, and to a lesser extent into the Reserves.

    Boys with names like Reagan, Quale, and Bush.

    I have a neighbor who oversees six VFW posts and according to him McCain would not be welcome in any of them, while Gore and Kerry would be.

    Rather than run you lip, let your fingers do some walking and find some proof that Clinton did not get legitimist deferrals from his draft board.

    Here’s a true story that should shame even a maggot eating civilian like you.

    My older brother got six years of deferment (1962 – 1968) because he was married and had two small kids.

    With his divorce in ’68, he lost the deferment and was told to report for induction by a certain date. Before which he went to a recruiter, signed up for four years in exchange for the Army Warrant Office Pilot Progam.

    After earning his wings, he volunteered to fly Medevac missions in Nam. While on admin hold while I completed my tour, he was in and auto accident and lost the use of his right arm.

    So damn you to hell for thinking getting a deferment made one a draft dodging.

  34. menopaws says:

    Look, I can respect a conservative viewpoint……….A good, sincere discussion of ideas is one thing—garbage mouth is quite another. CT7–your crack about my son was based on what???? The rest of you have been hurling around ugly names that I doubt you can even spell without the help of Fox News……..You don’t seem to be able to hold your own in ANY intellectual discussion so the sewer mouths come out……..Barack Obama was tooooo young to serve in Vietnam–he was NOT a draft dodger in elementary school……..Mitt Romney was a missionary in FRANCE during the time he was indeed old enough to serve. Calling Obama a marxist is the new code words of the Republicans to appeal to the knuckle dragging demographic—considering the fact that most of them, and you don’t even know what marxism is—-watching the ring get slipped through your noses is actually starting to be fun……CT7—I am amazingly proud of both my husband and son—little trolls like you aren’t in the same class………..You want to spout ugly–go for it…..On this blog, it is starting to make people question your motives……I don’t—mean spirited, stupid and jealous………..Sick little troll……..

  35. Let’s see……Dick Cheney was “doing a mission”?

    Larry, why you so hung-up on Cheney’s student and medical deferments? He was the VP, not the prez, like clinton and 0bamy.

    And have you asked Joe Biden about his military service?

    Oh, that’s right…


  36. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “find some proof that Clinton did not get legitimist deferrals from his draft board.”

    You can’t be serious. Okay, if you’re that dumb, show me proof that Bush didn’t join the air guard.

    Fibo: “ou just rant and rant your hate filled, immature, nonsensical, right wing crappola.

    Fibo: “.. even your boy Mittens”

    Fibo: “.. the economy was is in good shape when Shrub came into office”

    Fibo: “.. Bush was the worst president, hands down.”

    Yeah. In you single comment on this topic, you couldn’t resist slopping right there in the mud, could you? It’s awesome how you sanctimoniously scold people because they aren’t like you, without even realizing what you’re saying.

    And I’m not interested in what your definition of a draft dodger is on this particular day. (you’re such a tool) You people excoriated Bush for joining the guard rather than the regular service, but now you want to break out Websters. What a hypocritical little fool.

    xring, I don’t care if your brother was a draft dodger, I do care that you people are total hypocrites when it comes to the subject. And you are.

  37. DOVER, Del. – Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden received five student draft deferments during the Vietnam War, the same number of deferments received by Vice President Dick Cheney, and later was disqualified from service because of asthma that he suffered as a teenager.


    At least Cheney was honest about his intentions, unlike ‘ol Joe. Seems Scranton Joe developed a case of “teenage asthma” 10 years removed from registering for the draft. Funny he didn’t mention it in his… uh-hum, “much acclaimed” (particularly by the New York Times) autobiography “Promises to Keep”, wherein he details his “active childhood” and athletic prowess as a lifeguard and football star.

  38. LeePHill says:

    Deferments do not denote draft dodging

    :::::fingers in ears lalalalalala:::::

  39. LeePHill says:

    Folks…you need to realize that “sumyungboi” is not who she pretends to be.

    TROLL ALERT!!!!!!

  40. LeePHill says:

    “According to the documents, Biden, 65, received several deferments while he was an undergraduate at the University of Delaware and later as a law student at Syracuse University. A month after undergoing a physical exam in April 1968, Biden received a Selective Service classification of 1-Y, meaning he was available for service only in the event of national emergency.”

    Amazing how things get edited.

    So, Biden was available for draft and wasn’t drafted. Now what was Cheney’s status?

  41. sumyungboi says:

    So Lee, you have the answers, who am I?

    And if a deferment is a perfectly honorable thing to do, what would you say about joining the guard.

    Nice touch, calling me a troll, while you sit in your moms basement and type up whatever you think will please your puppetmasters.

  42. LeePHill,
    The conseracons seem to be following the “our draft-dodgers are better than your draft dodgers line.’
    CT7 – what history will show is progressives saved the country.

    So you can’t prove your augments.

    So typical of the uninformed zombies, a line of zeros.

    You didn’t serve so you assume anyone else who did not is also a coward.

    Clamo and Sumy,
    For the Record, Cheney’s deferment was ‘married with children’

    The exact same deferment my brother had.

  43. PS:
    The Army Surgeon who saved my brother’s life was a draftee; one who received enough deferments to finished med school and become a Board Certified Surgeon before he was drafted.

  44. sumyungboi says:

    So if you’re going to accuse Cheney of running away with his tail between his legs, you’d better be man enough to tell your brother the same thing.

  45. lyle, I am not sure why you added me to your question about serving in the military, since I have not participated and will not participate in the “that candidate didn’t serve” discussion. Unless a person lied about their service or was dishonorably discharged, it usually doesn’t make a big difference to me.

    However, I will proudly state that I served from 1958-1992 in the Army, the first 20 years in active military and the rest in Reserves and Guard (Texas). Overseas I served in Korea, Germany, VietNam, Turkey with TDY to many other countries. I worked my way up almost to the very top of the non-commissioned ranks and then got demoted :-) to a commissioned officer in the Guard and retired full bird.

    Now, if you will tell me why that makes my comments any better or any worse, except for when I describe my personal experiences, I might be enlightened about your prejudices. If it makes you like my comments better, you may call me Col. Tuddo. lol

  46. Is military service an expectation of politicians today? No.

    This whole like of attack from Hill is asinine.

    Why not worry about today? The flatlined economy, long term unemployment, energy policy, Arab Spring creating extremist states, and the list goes on.

  47. CT7, yep, that whole “bring democracy to the Middle East” freedom agenda thing. Be careful what you ask for.

  48. Sumy – go have you mommy read and explain my brother’s story to you, ESPEICALLY THE PART WHERE HE BECAME AN ARMY AVIATOR.


    I was an active duty Marine Sergeant when I got busted to 2nd Lieutenant.

    Over the years I’ve concluded that line is a good indicator of peoples general knowledge and views of the military.

  49. lylelaws says:


    Any VFW post managers who wouldn’t welcome a true American war hero like John McCain should be kicked out on their asses.

  50. sumyungboi says:

    ring, words can’t even begin to convey the near infinitesimal amount of disinterest I have in your mom or your brother. As you know, and what you like to avoid, is that you’re a hypocrite, having spoken disparagingly about conservatives who, by your definition of draft dodgers aren’t draft dodgers, yet give leftists a pass for the same stunts. Either they all are, including your brother, or none of them are, and you should stick a sock in it.

  51. menopaws says:

    CT7—did you move your lips when you read the list on the Fox website????

  52. xring, I never really wanted a commission, except the times I was invited by my CO to NATO’s Generals’ Mess in Heidelberg. Boy was that good food!

  53. Sumy,
    I lived thru the Draft so here’s some information:
    All males had to register on their 18th birthday.
    Registration could be and often was handled via postal mail.
    Obtaining deferments was also often handled via postal mail.
    You did not generally get a physical until ordered to report for induction.
    If/when you lost your lost your deferments you went into next available draft pool with the draft number assigned in your original pool.
    (FYI – I never registered because I enlisted at 17. Two years later when I got a nasty letter from my draft board, including the threat of arrest, I told them to send a Federal Marshal, I would gladly return state side for however long it took me to convince them I was except form the draft and immune from their threats because I was a Marine NCO. Oh and the letter caught up to me while I was vacationing with the 26th Marines at Khe Sanh).
    And to all you air force types – Thank you for the wonderful Group of C-130 and their crazy aircrews, you all sent to support us.

    McCain is not respected by many Nam Vets because he lies about his POW experience.
    Not that he did not suffer while a POW – they all did. But he tells his story in such a way that all the glory comes to him and all the shame goes to his fellow prisoners.
    The only unique thing McCain did as a POW was He cooperated with his captors, signed propaganda statements, and even made a propaganda film.

    Sumy YOU are the hypocrite. You are also blind, deaf and dumb.

    You see, I (not you) defended both republicans (like Cheney) and democrats (like Clinton) by showing that deferments where not draft dodges.

    You on the other hand damn Democrats as draft dodgers if they had deferments, but defend Republicans for having the same deferments.

    In addition, because I did serve in Nam (unlike you), I can tell you as fact, Nam Vets considered the guard and reserve to be the rich boys draft dodge – and we despised them. Nor did we approve of those who ran to Canada. And we downright hated the pampered pricks who called us baby killers and tried to spit on us.

    Tuddo – know what you mean. Hindsight tells me I would have been happier and better off as a Warrant Officer, or even a senior NCO.
    For me- the best rank was First Lieutenant.

  54. sumyungboi says:

    xring, wow, what a great story that I’m sure someone, probably in your immediate family, thinks is incredibly interesting! At some point, remind me, and I’ll write back an equally interesting story about how traffic lights work, you’ll really like it!

    xring: “Sumy YOU are the hypocrite.”

    xring: “.. considered the guard and reserve to be the rich boys draft dodge – and we despised them”

    That’s awesome, homes! Have another drink! :) You despised the guard for being draft dodgers, but you dug the educational deferment guys! You hypocrite!

  55. LMAO, okay… it’s not how many deferments one got, it’s what kind.

    Okey dokey.

  56. lylelaws says:


    You don’t sound like any of the veterans I have ever known and the way you have tried to slime John McCain is beyond disgusting, even for you.

    Now that the courts have ruled that lying about war records is not a criminal offence we will probably hear much more from disgruntled people like you.

    Some of the things you say might be much more believable if you would sign off on them by using your real name when you comment.

    Well, you do have a name don’t you? Is it a top secret or something? Come on, don’t be afraid to use it.

  57. sumyungboi says:

    He was almost believable until:

    “Hindsight tells me I would have been happier and better off as a Warrant Officer, or even a senior NCO.
    For me- the best rank was First Lieutenant.”

  58. took14theteam says:

    So tuddo, as a former Bush appointee in Texas, what were you appointed to?

    xring, you need to get a lighter weight foil for your hat…..

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