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ELECTION: Don’t let Romney buy the presidency

Letter by Earl D. Erickson, Tacoma on July 16, 2012 at 9:09 am with 28 Comments »
July 16, 2012 10:13 am

Mitt Romney has been quoted to have said, “It’s my turn.” Ann Romney has been quoted to have said, “I believe it’s Mitt’s time. It’s our turn now.” Their statements were in regard to the presidency of the United States.

The Romneys are used to getting their own way. It’s our time, as American voters, to answer the Romneys: Regardless of how much money you and Citizens United have, you will not be able to just buy the presidency. We can do this by voting against the Romneys’ purchase of the presidency.

If they get their turn, Americans will not have a turn by turning the recession around. The ditch that George W. Bush drove us into will be a valley of no return. Study all the issues. Vote smart. Turn off Fox News. They’re not newsmen; they’re only right-wing pundits. Read the newspapers and watch the real news with trusted, genuine news reporters with real credentials.

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  1. And exactly which channel would the “real news” be on, pray?

  2. Any channel but FOX.

  3. Odd, BHO used “I” or “my” 114 times in one speech recently, and he cares about one short soundbite heard on MSNBC.

  4. Earl, maybe a little FOX news would be good for you. It could bring you out of the stupor that your in now. Turn off CNN and MSNBC and learn something.

  5. CT7, you misquoted the old Fox News commentary on BHO’s first State of the Union. I guess that qualifies for “recent” if you are talking about geological time. It is:

    “Obama used ‘I’ or ‘my’ 114 times– 114 –The staggering number of times Obama referred to himself. He said “I” 96 times, and used “my” or “me” 18 times.”

    Old news that is supposed to prove what? that Fox counters stayed awake during the speech?

    Get some new lines for your hate-Obama syndrome, will ya, you’re killin’ me.

  6. I see your ability to google is weak, as is the diversity of your media.

    July 5th was the speech.


  7. averageJose says:

    … in Sandusky Ohio. He said “I” or “me” an average of once every 13 seconds.

    Anybody catch his quote about donating your wedding gift to him?

    I heard Michelle said “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country”.

  8. CT7,

    How often does Romney use I, my and mine in his political speeches.

    A little Fox news would teach one to change the channel.


    I heard the Dixie Chicks say Bush made them ashamed to be Texan.

  9. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney has Bain-damage.

  10. X- it is in the link.

    Silence from Tuds…

  11. Fibonacci says:

    I agree, people should get their news from more than one source. I DO watch Faux News at times, do YOU ever watch anything else?

    What in the H**l does your last post mean? Go back to telling us how much better you are because you are a vet. It makes you look like a fool but at least it is understandable,

  12. Ah, so you found a link to 117 times instead of 114 that Fox pointed out in his first state of the union and you at first claimed. Clever, but what is the point? Are you looking to win the “I hate Obama so much that he can’t use the first person in a speech” award?

    Is there a point you are trying to make?

    I’ve read the criticism. Critics like to point out that Obama uses the first person in speeches almost as much as Nixon (the winner, by far), and just below the numbers of times Clinton used the first person as if there is some secret symbolism there.

    Bush2 used it the least. However, many scholars note Bush was trying to deflect blame by using the ambiguous “we” (who, you and the mouse in your pocket?) and Obama is accepting responsibility, two very different approaches.

  13. Tuddo, are you not man/woman enough to admit you were wrong?

    Nice Deflection, but you called me out and were more than wrong! No honor or pride?

    It shows who he is and what he thinKs. So he is your Nixon….

  14. Wow, I knew 0bama was selling the White House, but I didn’t know he was going to throw in the presidency as well.

  15. CT7,

    The point that you are trying to make is totally lost on me. So, someone counted first person usage. I use first person when I am talking about myself. I use it to show something that I have done or that I have initiated. I am using it right now. So, tell me what is wrong with first person?

    Is there a secret code you far right, Obam,a-haters are using now that the rest of us don’t get?

    I made an assumption that you were making some psychological ussie out of it, so I pointed out facts about other presidents.

    Since you have no clue how to debate using well-reasoned arguments and facts, how to look at pie charts, or even how to comprehend English, I will give up and let you write your absolute nonsense, lies and hate-Obama attacks in piece.

  16. No Tuds, try again. First you stated I was using 2 year old information then blame FNC.

    Now you are just whining.

    It is not hate of the man, it is hate of his policies. It is disappointment in the left for electing a failure then not having the sack to admit it, setting us up for 4 more years of divide and fail.

  17. averageJose says:

    so you found a link to 117 times instead of 114
    … there is a pattern.

    Barry made me chuckle when he said “I passed the healthcare bill”. I bet all the democrat legislators silently take exception to that statement.

  18. Nice obliteration of Tuddo, and his lame attempts to paint Fox News….
    Obama is a narcissist(sp?) to the core. I’m surprised he didn’t try to tell businesspeople the other day that if they were successful it was because of him(versus because of the bridges and roads that someone else built). He sickens me everytime he gets on TV. His arrogance shines right through his polished deliveries on television….

  19. CT7 – Romney’s I
    Oh yes – in the photo caption, they defiantly says Romney used “fewer I’s”.

    No mention of the length of Romney’s speech compared to Obama’s.

    No statistical break down.

    No rate of use.

    Conclusion: just another bit of rhetorical minutia flung out by the right and swallowed hook-line-and –sinker by the zombie base.

    This shows less about Obama and more about you.

    Clamat0 – Flip-flop much?
    Romney is trying to buy the Presidency, Doubt he would actually consent to live in the White House.

    AJo – did Bush Pass His Tax Cuts?

    Tmell – you want to see true arrogance – watch Bush2 and Romney playing to the rich folk who sponsor them

  20. xring, re: the Dixie Chicks, yes you’re right and that’s the last you’ve heard from them.

  21. Fibonacci, actually I do watch MSNBC and the rest of the liberal media, at least as much as my stomach can stand. I do enjoy the commentators such as “brutha” Al “Shopton”, the unintentional comedian who never fails to make me laugh at his struggling with the english language. Then there’s Ed (sergeant) Shultz, who is always good for a good belly laugh, especially when he helped Governor Walker win in Wisconsin. Then we have the Brit imports such as Piers Morgan(?), Fareed Zackaria(sp), who have no idea what America stands for, but I’m sure have a large following of jello- brained liberals who swallow evey word muttered by them. I could go on but I think I answered your question.

  22. I still haven’t seen anyone explain why using first person is a problem. It must be a righty secret code for something.

    Only to dedicated Obama haters does such a count even mean anything. (btw, what does it mean ?)

    frosty used the first person in his last post at least 7 times. Heavens!

  23. According to politifact, at least 47% of Obama’s statements have been more than half true while only 31% of Romney’s have been more than half true. Almost 10% of Romney’s statements are “pants on fire” lies, compared with only 1% of Obama’s.

    So maybe Romny ought to use the first person a little more and take credit for what he has done and not done instead of lying so often.

  24. tuddo, you must be very bored. Find something to do, like a cross word puzzle.

  25. fosty, best you got? No facts to counteract ‘Romney is one of the biggest liars we’ve ever had run for president?’

  26. averageJose says:

    It’s really only a problem for Obama. Who likes a narcissist? He even bets out Billy C. in that department. It highlights his arrogance.

  27. fanciladi says:

    Earl…I’m so sorry that you have been steeped in the Liberal Talking Points. What a shame!

    FOX News is the channel for getting the ‘real’ news. Yes, there are Opinion and Commentator’s shows on FOX, but it’s that way on the other New Channels, too…but since you agree with the other channel’s mindset that seems to be OK in your opinion. FOX’s hard news is news with no flowery extras! Perhaps you can’t tell the difference between opinion and hard news…can you?

    News Flash! The presidency was bought for Obama! Of course, you don’t see it that way…but just the same it was purchased!!! Quite a bad purchase in my opinion!!!

  28. billybluecloud says:

    Though my first impulse could be to wallow in the sarcasm displayed above, I’d rather point out the sorrowful lack of compassion evident in Tea Party adherents for the less fortunate Americans, be they any race at all. The feel of the argument of the 99%ers strikes me, a life long (59yrs.)GOPer. Especially, Americans, who, through no fault of their own are saddled with the added burden of lower IQ. How can they be expected to compete with folks blessed with higher IQ? This was America, wasn’t it? And those spouting out the glory of “pulling one’s self up by the bootstraps” are, by their own admission, ignoring at least 33% of Americas folks who are born with the distinct disadvantage of lower IQ. God Bless America or at least the more intelligent portion thereof. Oh, that’s right, those “less advantaged” ones should be able to get some relief. From who? “Tea party” advocates? I suppose that scenario might feel good to “Christian” Tea Party folks who would have no problem with Americans groveling at their feet for mere scraps of the Capitalist System as long as they profess their “Christian” “Roots”. Dark ages anyone? Reminds me of “Muslim” extremist expectations. Yeah, so many “Americans”, (privileged ones), play their cruel “Oh, I’m more American than you” games, all the while, real Americans struggle and suffer at the hands of that 1% and others who’s main concern seems to be “I win, too bad for you”

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