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CLIMATE: Potential food crisis looms

Letter by Robert L. Humphries, Puyallup on July 16, 2012 at 9:25 am with 16 Comments »
July 16, 2012 10:11 am

A slowly developing crisis is occurring that may overtake health care and jobs as a major issue facing our nation. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on regarding climate change, the record-breaking heat much of the country has felt this summer cannot be ignored.

Some may argue that global warming is only liberal propaganda, or that it is a natural weather cycle and not manmade – and anyone who suggests that a growing population that consumes ever more natural resources and leaves behind an ever larger pollution footprint is the cause for climate change is labeled “chicken little.”

But we are beginning to see what real climate change means, scientific theories and political gamesmanship aside. Even if we all agreed that climate change is only a natural cycle, the effects would still be the same – hotter weather and stronger storms – which especially affects agriculture.

Two simple facts: We all need food, and a growing population requires ever more food. Therefore, common sense tells me that a growing population will demand ever more from agriculture production, not less (no matter the opinions on genetic engineering, pesticides, herbicides or pink slime).

And the one thing farmers can’t control is the weather. There is a real possibility of severe crop failures this year due to drought – and we are already being told to brace for higher food prices.

Affordable health care? Affordable food might become the major issue in our near future.

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  1. Have you ever heard of the dust bowl days when Oklahomans packed up and left the state? If you think times are bad now, you should have been around then. global warming, climate change, call it whatever you want, it’s been around as long as the earth has been here.

  2. BlaineCGarver says:

    It’s the acme of partisan ignorance to think that the earth can be controled. Over a thousand years ago, England was a warm crop country, and Greenland was green with thriving Vikeing settlements….I wonder how many car, trucks and manufactories it took back then to cool it down to today’s standards? BTW, it’s presently cooling now, and has been for at least ten years.

  3. averageJose says:

    We’ve been hearing about the sky falling for a looooong time Bob. Don’t worry, be happy, you’ll be just fine.

    Yes, food prices have risen dramatically over the last 3 years… but not because of food shortages.

  4. Frosty,
    The Dust Bowl (on a global scale) was a local, short term (1930-1939) phenomena caused by long term drought, very strong wind storms, and BAD FARMING PRACITICES.

    As we used to say in Nam; Climate Change same same Dust Bowel, only more so.

  5. sandblower says:

    Ah yes, the deniers are still with us. I wonder what it will take to finally change their tiny little minds. They may be dead, but the rest of us will have to try to live with their collective ignorance unless we get started in a serious way right now by addressing the problem of increasing green house gas emissions.

  6. SandHills says:

    I think the letter writer was addressing how an ever growing population – much greater now than the Dust Bowl era 1- will suffer more greatly if there is a disasterous crop yeild due to the weather. Even today –


    So for those who want to ignore the warnings happening as a matter of fact in the present, well one day you’ll have to eat your words – might be the last thing you do eat.

  7. bobcat1a says:

    I wonder if the deniers know what the world population was in the dustbowl 1930s. (world 2 billion then, 7 billion now. US 123 million then, 315 million now) Then, people moved to California to escape; where are they going to move this time?

  8. averageJose says:

    Yea, and you better hurry sandhills… before the whole flawed theory is completely exposed. LOL. The chicken littles are a crack up.

  9. Ajo,
    Still stuck with his head in the sand.

  10. alindasue says:

    While the climate is a concern for farmers, people and plants can and do adapt. I don’t see that as being as much of a problem as bad farming and land use practices.

    We only need to look to the Puyallup valley. Some of the most fertile soil in the world sits in that valley, but due to poor land management there are now no full scale farms in Fife and only a handful left in Puyallup. They’ve been buried in the development of warehouses, apartment buildings, mega-stores, and storage units to house all our accumulations of stuff. Incompetent city planning has created an environment where it is much more profitable to sell farm land to developers than it is to actually grow crops on the land.

    You may find the world population to be an issue, but what’s really scary is that the average farmer is now approaching his 60s. The younger generation generally aren’t continuing the farming traditions. THAT more than anything is threatening our future food supply. We need to find ways to encourage the passing down of family farms.

    Another big issue one that shows how quickly people forget – is that most of the food in our supermarkets comes from “factory farms”. The bulk of these farms use the same “single crop” practices that depleted the soil prior to the dust bowl…

    The uncertainty of future food availability is one of the reasons many of us have taken to “urban farming” to raise food.


    As I said… people and plants can and do adapt. As a society, we need to adjust our priorities to allow that adaptation to happen.

  11. xring, please clarify for me, what is a dust bowel? I think you were blowing more than dust in Vietnam.

  12. For all of those people who swallowed Al Gore’s kool aid. Why don’t you show some leadership by getting rid of your car, (carbon monoxide), turn off your lights, your heat, etc. Get the point? Otherwise, stop your whining.

  13. took14theteam says:

    The way they have been “encouraging” the passing down of farmland is the Government rendering the land useless. Therefore it cannot be sold at a profit to the owner. That is how the Democrats preserve farmland. Just look at what they did in King County (courtesy of Sims).

  14. Fosty,
    A cacography, a leet, a typo, a digressive argument, or a staw man– take your pick.

    Net decorum and the monitor prevent me form expressing my opinion of what you blow.

    Took, just the type of land developers and big agribusiness like.

  15. xring, what is a leet? xring, what is a stawman?

  16. fanciladi says:

    Interesting letter…some good points…

    My concern besides prices, shortage and etc., is the government messing around with our food! They are changing our food right under our noses. This is not good! We become the food we eat, chemicals and all!

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