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TACOMA: Mayor should be held for treason

Letter by Don Hutchens, Tacoma on July 16, 2012 at 8:51 am with 40 Comments »
July 16, 2012 8:51 am

On the front page of the News Tribune Saturday was a picture of the Gay Pride Flag flying on top of the city hall building. Tacoma’s mayor was the one who led the countdown to raise it.

The only flag that should fly on top of any government building should be the American flag. What Mayor Marilyn Strickland did was an act of treason against the United States, and she should be arrested and tried for her her crime.

What other flag is she going to raise? She needs to be held accountable for her actions and apologize to the citizens of Tacoma and to the whole nation as well.

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  1. wildcelticrose says:

    Oh good grief…

  2. rooster_02 says:


  3. Treason? Hardly.

    Incompetence? Yes.

    We’ve got a massive budget structural budget problem with our heads in the sand. Our bond rating was cut two notches after Fitch commented we have no plan to fix our problems. Asking for federal bailout grants to pay for essential services will last only so long.

    Our city leaders are paid to run our city competently and make tough decisions, which they are not. If you are done with your social statements city council, can you please get back to work?

  4. BigSwingingRichard says:

    It is an interesting point. I too thought the American flag was supposed to fly above the State flag and if other flags are added they should fly below the State flag. I guess this is just another case where political correctness trumps patriotism.

    I wonder what good folks of our fair city would have thought if the mayor raised the Gay Flag over the Tacoma Dome?

    It would not surprise me if Gay Day someday becomes a State holiday in Washington requiring the display of the Gay Flag on all public buildings.

  5. gottaroof says:

    she should not use her public office to assert her personal beliefs.
    It has nothing to do with gays, just the fact that she has to separate public life from personal life, it goes with the job.

  6. auwing1978 says:

    If it was a MIA-POW Flag, I suspect you would get a tear in your eye and do a prolonged salute. Just a hunch.

  7. Is it not a worse crime to dehumanize a group of citizens?

  8. You mean the veterans, Frida? By choosing to fly the gay pride flag and not other symbolic flags on holidays?

    I think you are on to something.

  9. MrCarleone says:

    You-Go-Don !

    I have a whole roll of aluminum foil !

    Can I come and hang out with you ?

  10. HowardCosell11 says:

    Good. Now she can run for reelection on Raising the Gay Flag AND calling All Republicans racists—like she did at a “Young Democrats” meeting at PLU last year (see TNT) …..and then tried to Cover it up! Yeah, she’s a real UNITER alright…NOT….go ahead RE-ELECT STRICKLAND Tacoma…I would expect nothing less!!

  11. slarssen says:

    Do you live in Tacoma Howard?

    And by all means, please provide some examples of the GOPs inclusive nature. If you’d like, I’ll return the favor with examples of the GOPs racism. The portfolio is deep and wide.

  12. Slar- please provide those examples, then I will demonstrate how liberal policies harm minorities, keep them addicted to govt, destroy families, and prevent class mobility.

    See how this works?

  13. slarssen says:

    Give this a careful read CT and ask yourself if you’ve walked a mile in those shoes.


  14. Slar- what a waste of my time. Good job. The author uses one example of what he perceived as racist and it was quickly condemned by party officials. In the end he was more worried about peer pressure.

    With 330 mil people, there are bound to a few on the extremes. I am sure you will vocal here condemning the anti-Mormon bigotry. I am sure you defended Bush when he was made to look like a monkey (meaning of the drawings were different, but still a personal attack on appearance that he could not change).

  15. Republican inclusion:

    At the 2008 national GOP convention:

    – Only 2% of the delegates were black.
    – Only 5% of the delegates were Hispanic.
    – 93% were white.
    – Only 32% of the delegates were female.
    – Only 3% of the delegates were under 30.
    – 34% say their net worth is over $1 million.

  16. Frankenchrist says:

    GOP = KKK

  17. ehill – what’s your point with these statistics? What do they have to do with the subject of the letter?

  18. CrazyJim says:

    It’s ok to fly other flags as long as they aren’t about the American Flag.

  19. Donnie,
    Show me where it says that the US Flag is the one and only flag allowed to fly over City Hall.

    Please explain how a flag affects our budget and bonding ratings?

    If anything, given the facts that,
    a. budge and bond ratings are major problems, and
    b. The National Ensign is flown over City Hall on a daily bases,

    the logical conclusion would be that the Flag caused our problems and changing the flag might actually help solve our problems.

    Bad point, the photo in the TNT article shows only the Gay Pride Flag.


    Why City Hall and not The Dome, because the Parade/ Activities were in the area around City Hall and not around The Dome.

    State holiday – maybe someday, but only after we have State Norwegian Days.

    CT7 – Veterans are honored every day Our National Ensign flees over the Land of the Free and the Home of The Brave. And we veterans have our own national holiday.

  20. Frankenchrist says:

    Republicans hate black people.

    Remember Rush’s song “Barack the Magic Negro?”

    Republicans hate black people.

  21. APimpNamedSlickback says:


    Refresh my memory — was “Barack the Magic Negro” on 2112 or Moving Pictures?

  22. surething says:

    Another ridiculous letter.

  23. LeePHill says:

    Oh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwddd!!!!

  24. LeePHill says:

    ” then I will demonstrate how liberal policies harm minorities, keep them addicted to govt, destroy families, and prevent class mobility.”

    I hear the Jeopardy theme humming in the background and no sign of CT7

  25. LeePHill says:

    “condemning the anti-Mormon bigotry”

    What was said about the Mormon faith was (1)somewhat true and (2) not anything close to the attacks on Islam.

    CT7 plays a game of:

    1. Read a comment

    2. Look up “response” on right wing website of rhetoric

    3. Copy/paste “response”

    4. Pretend it’s his comment

    5. Act like he knows what the comment really meant.

    I would not agree with how some of the Mormon comments were made, but I, as a relative to several Mormons, didn’t find it to be inaccurate. Possibly a bit hyperbolic, but not bigotry.

  26. Black Flag!

  27. RegisteringFool says:

    Blame the Republicans, blame the Republicans, blame the Republicans. When all else fails, blame the Republicans.

  28. took14theteam says:

    For someone who accuses people of stalking him, LPH is sure obsessed with CT7.

    You should stick to commenting on the letter (well maybe not to save us all from your crap) like you always chastise others for not doing.

    And the D’s in Tacoma voted D instead of R, and got what they deserve in the incompetent Mayor.

    Hope you enjoy those pot holes… (no pun intended)

  29. vingrotto says:

    First of all, I do not think it’s THE flag pole on top of the city building. It’s the flag on the lower building next to it. Either way – give me a break.

  30. Really, Tribune? Any garbage fit to print? Perhaps it is time to cancel the paper subscription. I can understand ‘anything goes’ online. Once you put ink in this kind of trash, it just looks ugly on you.

  31. writnstuff says:



  32. NineInchNachosII says:

    maybe a pirate flag next? More acts of treason please!!! :)

  33. summit98446 says:

    Don is just having one of his Bull Connor episodes.

  34. Thank you Marilyn. Mayor Strickland has been an amazing force for good, spearheading equality in the NW. I agree the US flag should always be flown. But to also show support for other communities who pay taxes, who are part of the fabric of Tacoma, who also contribute to every facet we live in, it’s truly awesome.

    This force is for good and the show of equality is amazing, especially during a time when people’s bigotry is worn as a badge of pride.

    It was only one day, one of celebration, one of recognition to the atrocities of the past (causing the Stonewall riots).

    Treason?? Really?? You wear your bigotry on your sleeve for everyone to see. It’s sad that someone can be so proud of being something so heinous.

  35. OK, Is everyone finished cursing the “other” party and each other?
    I am a Viet Nam Era Vet. The flag pole that the “Rainbow flag” was raised on was the same pole that has flown various flags, INCLUDING The POW-MIA flag.
    Our Nation’s flag was NEVER lowered and continued to fly on top of City Hall. People actually remarked how you could see BOTH flags if you stood in the right place.
    Our flag was NEVER lowered and NEVER disgraced in ANY way. If it had, I would have been the FIRST to holler “Foul”.
    So, lighten up, a little. Live, let live.
    And, in the future, Trib readers. Get the WHOLE story instead of just the bits and pieces that pi$& you off. Face it. Some of you just aren’t happy unless you can whine and bawl about SOMETHING that SOMEBODY other than YOU got to do.
    Oh, xring, YOU are my new hero, brother! Thanks for your service.

  36. Chad, equality over business, infrastructure, tax base, common sense? Pandering to 1% of the population while ignoring 99% is not equality!

  37. SnugLife says:

    I take it the author hasn’t even seen it otherwise he would know it’s not on the top where the US flag is but on the parking garage.

    Wonder which over zealous commentator wrote this little ‘gem’?

  38. NineInchNachosII says:

    sounds like old Don Hutchens is afraid to GAZE at a rainbow flag.

  39. alindasue says:


    I’ll be looking on September 19th to see if that pirate flag is waving up top that parking garage… ‘twould be fun to see!

  40. alindasue says:


    1) “Somewhat true” is often worse than an outright lie. Still, we Mormons can be pretty thick skinned most of the time.
    2) You are correct that the “anti-Mormon” rhetoric has been nothing compared to what Muslims have had to deal with during this last decade. I have quite a few Muslims that I used to work with and still consider friends after I left the job. With very rare exception, all the Muslims I have met have been good honorable people.

    As for this letter…
    First, as it was pointed out, the flag was on a secondary flag pole. There was no “treason” involved.
    Second, we should never get so hung up on a piece of cloth that we forget the freedoms this particular piece of cloth is supposed to stand for. It is on the day that happens that the memory of the sacrifices of our forefathers and our soldiers who fight for us today will have been truly defiled.

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