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ELECTION: A vote for Driscoll is a vote for Kilmer

Letter by Randa L. Money, Gig Harbor on July 16, 2012 at 9:52 am with 14 Comments »
July 16, 2012 10:03 am

I was disappointed to see that The News Tribune endorsed Bill Driscoll for Congress in the 6th Congressional District.

I have attended three debates, and he failed to show up to two of them. The one that he did attend was disappointing. His ideas weren’t particularly original or inspiring, and he had a hard time even articulating some of those ideas.

We need someone in Washington, D.C., who can clearly speak to the unique needs of the 6th District. Jesse Young can communicate these needs with passion and knowledge.

This is our opportunity to really make a difference in our federal government. If Driscoll makes it through the primary, we might as well say, “Hello, Congressman Kilmer” – another career politician in the making. Is that what we want for the 6th District?

I want someone who really understands this district and will be accountable to it. Young is that candidate.

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  1. lylelaws says:


  2. sandblower says:

    The problem is that Mr. Young is a republican and we certainly do not need more of them in congress. His ideas about the budget and the deficit are wrong. He is probably opposed to gay marriage and to a woman’s right to choose. We do not need ideas and positions like those in this modern age.

  3. truthbusterguy says:

    I am sad to say it will take a moderate republican to beat Kilmer. Driscoll is the only candidate that worries Kilmer and his buddies in the trades unions, tribes, trial lawyers and teachers unions.

    I would rather have a rhino republican than a liberal democrat in congress for the 6th CD. Kilmer will not be able to do anything to help the military establishment in this district. He will be in the minority party and unable to help keep our bases open.

    We MUST have a congressman in the majority party or our bases could be cut or closed costing us many jobs. Driscoll has military credibly and will be much more effective in DC.

    I know the democrats will disagree but look at the record of 1st term congressman and what they were able to do for their districts as members of the minority party. ZERO!!!

    Yes, Kilmer can be effective in WA State government with democrats controlling all branches of government. Washington DC is not Washington State. He will be relegated to only useless committees by the GOP leadership in congress where a Driscoll could be assigned to the Armed Services Committee.

  4. sandblower says:

    He is a republican and there is more to him that is bad than his possible good influence with military bases. They will not close JBLM any time soon anyway; too much invested.

  5. took14theteam says:

    Republican – Bad
    Democrat – Good

    Read over and over and over on every political (and most non-political) letters.

    Please name one Democrat policy that made people able to stand on their own other than redistributing someone else’s wealth.

  6. truthbusterguy says:

    took14theteam said it all. Well done.

  7. My problem with Driscoll is his “experience US Goods to Asia” may include exproting US jobs to Asia.

    BTW – in the forest product field ‘exproting goods’ means exporting raw logs rather than finished wood products.

  8. TBG,
    But will the far right Washington State GOP accept a moderate? IMO high doubtful.

    Let the record show – first term republican members of the current Congress have done only harm for their districts and the Nation

  9. philichi says:

    Xring: I realize that you have a problem with Driscoll’s experience level.

    Do you think that he has more or less experience at anything than Barrack Obama while he was running for the leader of the free world?

  10. Pchi,
    No problem with his experiece. Just the fact that he claims to be that most rear of mythical creascres = a Moderate Republican.

  11. philichi says:

    Obama claimed to be a moderate Democrat. Look what we got. Fidel Castro!

  12. TheKingPrawn says:

    Jesse Young is simply the better, well rounded, actually Republican, and articulate candidate. He brings credible and varied business experience, not just experience in the family’s timber empire. His vision for the 6th District is what we really need to bring growth and jobs back. As a freshman congressman he will work to unite both the freshmen and the sophomores to leverage their considerable clout to reform the House. And, if you don’t like what he’s doing or how he’s doing it, you can tell him all about it at the quarterly town hall meetings he has pledged to hold in each county. He’s the only candidate who will be accesible and accountable to the voters of this district. Jesse Young is the superior candidate, and he will make the better representative.

  13. hitchhiker says:

    This original letter was “spot on”! If Mr. Driscoll won’t show for debates he should not even be considered as a candidate. I am sure Mr. Driscoll is a fine man but I too was at the one debate he was in. Frankly, I was embarrassed for him. Put him up against Senator Kilmer and “A Vote for Driscoll is a vote for Kilmer”. Then Kilmer will be a Pelosi Democrat when he gets to D.C. If we don’t make changes in this election…we in the business comunity may be done. Oh and sandblower….why don’t you call it what it is. The killing of over 50 million babies since Roe V Wade. Are you having trouble saying abortion?

  14. I’ve also seen and heard the candidates first-hand. Mr. Driscoll may have bucks, but he’s inarticulate, waffle-y and weak to the point of feeble. For a bright, articulate and engaged candidate who understands the 6th District and is up to speed on the issues, one can do no better than Jesse Young.

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