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TRAFFIC: Neighborhood appreciates action

Letter by Anna Ethington, Frederickson on July 13, 2012 at 11:54 am with 13 Comments »
July 13, 2012 3:10 pm

Since the turn lane and construction has been an issue on 176th Street, there has been an increase in unsafe driving on Waller Road, especially between 176th and Military Road. People are speeding at times 20 mph and more over the posted speed limit.

We contacted the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department traffic division, and within a few days it set up a trailer to slow down traffic. That worked to a point. However, we noticed patrols at both end of our street pulling speeders over in droves.

We have families and children and animals on our road. We want our neighborhood to be respected. Just last week we wrote down the license numbers of 10 cars littering and reported them to the authorities.

We want to thank the traffic division and its fast response to our serious issue. We appreciate what it did in our neighborhood.

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  1. Sad fact is, that when people are in the big hurry they always find themselves in, they really could care less about your “families, children and animals” OR the laws that are there to protect them.

    Fact is, people drive their cars the way five year old kids behave.

  2. Lilyfleur says:

    Well I beg to differ.The officers are now giving tickets and that alone should make them slow down and care..Unless they can afford to receive tickets.Nearly every house in a two block radius has a video camera installed to face the road and our backyards.In fact we caught illegal dumping at The Prairie Pit.We figure our street alone has raised 30,000 by reporting the people who litter.Each fine is 1000.00 and we have proof.We care about our neighborhood and we make efforts to report all signs along with pictures that are on stop signs..road signs..and county property.It is illegal to put any signs on a city county or federal sign.

  3. Lilyfleur says:

    Thank you Pierce County.Today we only had 3 speeders and we heard sirens at the end of our block.Litter on our street is a lot less.Maybe people realize that their actions have consequences such as tickets for littering and speeding

  4. XBJ,
    In defense of five-year olds, they seldom have the capacity to kill, maim, and destroy that all drives have – even those of us on two wheels.

  5. Lilyfleur says:

    It would sicken us if anyone was maimed or killed on our street due to a few people who are driving recklessly.We have bicyclists on our road as well as joggers and they have the right to a safe street.I believe this is why the county acted so quickly.

    ALSO IN THE WINTER MONTHS…Children are waiting in the dark for their school bus.It is dark and our road has black ice.If you are speeding and hit ice those children are waiting like pins in a bowling alley.

    I would hope people would have enough self respect to slow down in our neighborhood…and be respectful..

  6. igotdabombfool says:

    Joggers have no right of safety or right of anything on a road unless they are at a crosswalk.

  7. Lilyfleur says:

    igotdabombfool your comment sounds lame because drivers should be watching out for joggers.How about kids?What are their rights?I think people should be held accountable in their actions.Some responibility would make this a better country

  8. igotdabombfool says:

    Drivers do watch out for joggers. However, when the idiot decides he’s better than the rest of society and can cross a road whereever they see fit, they have no inherent right to safety.

    Kids playing on a major road. Parents should be in jail. Kids have a right to a safe environment that allows them to grow and think freely. But if you, as a parent, decide that environment is a highly traveled and commuted on road, you’re an idiot. We are talking about 176 here, a soon to be completely 6 lane road. If your kids are so close to the road to wait for a bus (which shouldn’t be allowed to pick up on 176 as it was expanded to EASE congestion) then one might ask, “What are you as a parent doing to stop them and teach them correctly?”

    Joggers have no inherent right to safety on the ROAD that they choose to jog on. Use a sidewalk.

  9. Lilyfleur says:

    Drivers should watch out for joggers-back to my point about being aware-The joggers need to go with the flow and of course be safety aware as well as drivers.

    The kids are not playing on Waller Road.They are waiting on the side of Waller near the curve for their school bus.We have asked for a sign warning drivers about the kids and buses and have not had a reply.When it is dark and icy people need to be driving for the conditions.THIS IS A LAW!

    We are elated that people are receiving tickets.If you do not want a ticket then do not speed.It is the law.People are mad because it is their own actions that cause them to receive a ticket.

    We fear a car accident followed by a lawsuit is not too far off in the distant future.It is over due.

    The Pierce County Officers are doing an excellent job and we have noticed that traffic on Canyon is also following the 35mph speed limit.Traffic on 176th is congested but that project is wrapping up in the near future.

  10. igotdabombfool says:

    Which law would that be?

    BTW…nobody is doing 35mph on Canyon. I drive it 4 times a day and can guarantee nobody is doing 35. As for receiving tickets on 176, I don’t. I don’t travel 176 due to the stupid construction crews.

    And you are correct. THAT portion of construction on 176 is wrapping up and another will be following shortly.

    I still maintain though, that schools need to move their bus stops off of the main roads. There is no need to have a bus stop directly on 176, Waller or Canyon.

    Other than that…keep the kids safe. I have 3 of my own.

  11. Lilyfleur says:

    The law states..http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=washington%20state%20law%20driving%20too%20fast%20fro%20conditions&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CGAQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nhtsa.gov%2Fpeople%2Finjury%2Fenforce%2Fspeedlaws501%2Ftoc%2Fwaspeed.pdf&ei=5-UFUJW3KcfJqgGxgpjoCA&usg=AFQjCNFz7jJr5mGAKwbbgyTLjtyP-Qmirg&cad=rja

    I agree with the bus stops being moved but I do not see that happening.This past Spring a good majority of the speeders were Bethel school bus drivers.

    I guess Canyon may be their next focus.Traffic here today is nil.

  12. igotdabombfool says:

    My bad. I thought you were referring to some other law about children, not the speed law. Long day yesterday.

    Don’t feel bad. Chief Leschi drivers drive like maniacs too. My daughter has been in 3 accidents on the bus.

  13. Lilyfleur says:

    It is okay friend.I have a number now to report Bethel Drivers that speed.I mean these people are driving our children.Today traffic picked up on our road but officers were there and that was nice.Everyone needs to be involved in their neighborhood

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