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OBAMA: Little wonder why he’s slinging mud

Letter by Robert Bennett, Steilacoom on July 13, 2012 at 2:15 pm with 162 Comments »
July 13, 2012 3:34 pm

The 2012 presidential election is getting off to a great start. While Mitt Romney is campaigning on the major issues – unemployment, massive government spending, a sluggish economy and our $17 trillion deficit – Barack Obama seems to be focusing on personal attacks, class warfare and character assassination.

This should not be surprising coming from a Chicago politician who has continued to promote the “us against them” mentality for the last 3½ years. His campaign is concentrating on slamming Romney for his tax returns and his former business experience.

I can understand why they would resort to such tactics. Desperate people do desperate things. With the major polls indicating a virtual dead heat, the Obama presidency is teetering on the edge of the abyss, much like our economy.

Obama certainly cannot run on his record because it is extremely disappointing. Between the failure of massive stimulus spending, shoving an unpopular health care act down our throats and running up our national debt to record levels with very little to show for it, I would not tout my record either.

His rhetoric may fire up his political base, but it is turning off a large portion of the American voters. The more mud he slings around will end up on his Gucci shoes, and he’ll find himself knee deep in his own slop.

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  1. lylelaws says:


  2. BOTH candidates will sling mud because
    A) they both can’t run on the strength of their own credentials
    B) It works.

  3. aislander says:

    Obama has used underhanded methods in ALL of his campaigns, with his 2008 presidential run against W (but not Hillary) being his cleanest.

    His surrogates, such as Dan Rather compensated rather handsomely for that relative restraint…

  4. Fibonacci says:

    Hey lylelaws–no Friday letter to the editor for you?

    Pointing out Romney’s dishonesty is not mudslinging.

    The Republicans recognize mudslinging when they see it because they are so good at it (see John Kerry and the Swift Boat campaign).

    The R’s are also the best at the “us against them” strategy.

    If the polls are a dead heat, how can Obama be “teetering on the edge of the abyss”?

    The massive stimulus spending saved millions of auto worker’s jobs, and the companies have paid the money back (unlike the banks that just sat on it).

    The unpopular health care act will provide insurance to thousands (so you and I won’t have to pay for the uninsured when they seek help at ER’s).

    I agree, Obama’s record is disappointing. He has accomplished very little–but then, wasn’t that the Republican’s goal all along?

  5. old_benjamin says:

    The volume of Obama’s mud is only exceded by the enormity of his lies. Politicans are inveterate liars, but Obama has broken all records for mendacity. If his mouth is open, you know he’s lying.

  6. Frankenchrist says:

    Romney is a Mormon freak, an anti-American job killer, a dog-on-the-roof-driving, draft-dodging, über-wealthy rich kid. He never worked with his hands a day in his life. How desperate he must be to float Bush-era retreads for his Veep.

    Obama won’t win in a landslide but he will win in November. Thank you for that, Jeezus.

  7. Sure, shame on the President’s camp to ask Romney to show his tax records and financial holdings in off shore accounts to avoid taxation, while its okay for the other camp to tell the President to provide his birth certificate as proof of his citizenship. And it STILL wasn’t enough-

  8. Ortingmom says:

    I would rather have a dog on my roof than a dog in my belly

  9. LeePHill says:

    Robert….you’re kidding…right?

  10. SandHills says:

    To add to the last post..

    Until Romney doscloses how much he has evaded taxes on his offshore bank accounts – probably the reason he is adverse to disclosing a decades worth of tax returns – I see him as the pied piper of those who blindly believe they can be rich like him.

    A Romney presidency will only hasten the decline of the middle class. I have a bit more faith in that most Americans see this. The rich and the wannabe rich don’t have the votes – the stronghold Republicn base in the South didn’t even want Romney, why should worklng class Americans vote for a rich kid who made a killing as a corporate shark?

  11. Frankenchrist says:

    That dripping sound you hear is the Bain Capital scandal eating away at Romney’s rapidly diminishing chances to win the White House.


  12. charliebucket says:

    you know I heard a couple clips from Obama’s campaign stops this last week and I didn’t hear any mud being slung, only talk about what he wants to do for the country the next 4 years.

    I call BS on this letter, it is nothing but tired old right wing BS. It has been an anti Obama the anti-christ, socalist, Muslim, un- American america hater, marxist, terrorist, comunist yada yada yada battle cry from the right since even before the last election (to present, see letter) so I give them zero quarter to cry foul in the mudslinging category.

    Sell that crap somewhere else.

  13. I suppose that a clean Presidential campaign that tries to make our country stronger instead of pandering to the interests of the rich, the industrial/banking/power entities would be just too much to ask for…

  14. charliebucket says:

    Lee, the funniest line in that letter (as already pointed out but let me elaborate) is that the writer states the Pres. race is virtually a dead heat and then states Obama is headed for the abyss. A tie is now the abyss?

    The jump in logic is terryifyingly propaganda like. He must have heard that somewhere, believes it, and will keep repeating it no matter how nonsensical it sounds.

    I have a friend in Georgia who is now a stay at home Mom and “retired” from her career in broadcasting/producing. She has told me about several of her jobs over the years but the one I remember best is when she told me about the radio show she produced where the radio station bigwigs wanted her to “spice up” the show’s material to attract a bigger audience. By spice up they wanted her to embellish, hype it up, stretch the truth etc. She said it is standard for the trade and to be successful you have to do that. She refused and moved on. I just don’t think people who listen to talk radio or watch cable ‘news’ understand that it is all a ratings and advertising revenue game they are listening to/watching, not journalism. And certainly not the “truth”. That is my point.

  15. LeePHill says:

    “writer states the Pres. race is virtually a dead heat and then states Obama is headed for the abyss”

    Someone isn’t paying attention. In Conservative Virginia, the land of Eric Cantor, Obama is at 50% versus Romney’s 42% and Cantor is in trouble as well. It seems that voters are unhappy with Congress and 68% said they’d vote for a candidate that could compromise with Obama.

    You heard that right….68% polled in VIRGINIA (land of the mandatory intrauterine exam) said they want a Congress rep that can work with Obama.

    Sounds like they already figure Obama is going to be President.

  16. bobcat1a says:

    Romney is campaigning on the major issues????? Well, I guess if “repeal this, repeal that” and being on both sides of most issues is campaigning on the major issues, then so be it. He hasn’t told us a single specific thing he wants TO DO (note the word specific). And ole’ Mitt sure hasn’t been very specific about his tax returns…what’s up with that?

  17. averageJose says:

    Barry is getting desperate. More than a few high profile supporters walking away from him.

  18. lylelaws says:


    Sorry to let you down Fib, but this is my week off.

    I thought I would make room for you to let us all know what is on your mind. That is, of course, if you might be willing to sign off on your comments by using your real name.

    Have a nice day.

  19. Chuck- 4 more? Like the first 4? That is what you want? Come on…

  20. lylelaws says:


    “Romney is a Mormon freak.”

    My, what a carefully-worded comment demonenstrating your obviously great gift for political analysis.

    Come up for some air.

  21. Lyle, just another bigot.

    Hill, do you approve? Yes or no answer only.

  22. alindasue says:


    If being a “Mormon freak” were the only issue with Mitt Romney, I might be inclined to take him more seriously as a candidate. Heck, I’m a “Mormon freak” too – as are Jon Huntsman (who I wish was still running) and the prominent Democrat from Nevada, Harry Ried.

    However, I have serious issues with a candidate who, as governor, developed a health care reform plan for his state and touted its virtues – but when the sitting president who happens to be from a different political party patterns a national health care plan based almost totally on the plan he’d devised, suddenly its a horrible plan and he’s fighting against its implementation and trying to divorce himself from all connection to it.

    That is a man that clearly puts party loyalties before the needs of the country. I can’t support a candidate like that – even if we are both from the same “freak” religion.

  23. took14theteam says:

    No, you can only support someone with a D by their name. Your comments here on this blog has shown exactly where you lie in the political spectrum, so don’t play the game about being “open” minded…

  24. LeePHill says:

    “CT7 says:
    July 13, 2012 at 8:48 pm
    Hill, do you approve? Yes or no answer only.”

    Do I approve of what? Before you try to control my response, why don’t you formulate a cohesive question?

  25. LeePHill says:

    Mormon freak?

    Hmmm…well…since my son and his wife, my nephews, my niece, their respective families and my sister-in-law (my brother RIP) are all Mormons, I don’t find them any freakier than any other religionist.

    I will say that all of them are much more reasonable than the Evangelicals and the Conservative Catholics I see posting on this forum.

    Then again….I come from a time when the word “freak” was a compliment. I wore out my copy of “Woodstock”.

    I would say that calling anyone a “freak” (present day slur) because of their choice of Christianity is just like saying all Muslims are terrorists. Rather ignorant and not necessary.

  26. LeePHill says:

    Looks like someone TOOK MORE THAN 1 this evening.

    I’m sure glad I’m not like alindasue. I’m voting for a Republican for Secretary of State….AGAIN…this election.

    Straighten up, alindasue! When I’m more moderate than you, you’re in big trouble…..;)

  27. LeePHill says:

    Lyle – I really liked your 3:35 pm comment Keep up the good work

  28. took14theteam says:

    you know I heard a couple clips from Obama’s campaign stops this last week and I didn’t hear any mud being slung, only talk about what he wants to do for the country the next 4 years.

    Yeah, and I have a bridge for sale.

    Why should he be given 4 more years to screw the country? He has had almost 4 years and nothing has changed (except more class warfare). So we are supposed to say, Oh, give him one more chance. Sorry dude. You efed up like Carter, and now it is time to go.

    It is really fun reading you Obama water carrying liberals comment here. It must make you sick inside to try to defend him.

    Charlie already has a bucket to use for the vomit…..

  29. took14theteam says:

    Sam is running again?

    ehill is a Mormon?

  30. took14theteam says:

    This is fun reading the liberal logic…

  31. I would love to see Romney present a plan other than, “I am not the same as George Bush, but all my policies and all my avisors will be exactly the same as George Bush, except for the moderate stuff he did, like immigration reform, and, by the way, Dick Cheney is my kind of leader.”

    I woukld love to hear how he takes credit for all of the jobs Bain created, but none of the ones he forced into bankruptcy and sent the investments offshore and overseas.

    I would love to know how he takes no responsibility for decisions made after 1999, but substantiated his Massachusetts residency for his governor run by saying he actively served on the Board of Bain and traveled frequently from Utah to Mass. to Bain board meetings.

    How did he make over $100,000 a year as a “Bain executive” in 2000-2002, served as sole owner, CEO and president of the board yet had no responsibility?

    I think now we know why he refuses to show us his income taxes for those years. They will show him the big fat liar that he is and will show that he did indeed approve bankrupting healthy companies and sending jobs overseas so he could make fortunes and take away middle class jobs.

  32. Alindasue, why make excuses? That guy hates you and people that are religious. Don’t dance. And Gov Romney respects state’s rights. So? Do you?

    Hill, you knew exactly what I was talking about and deflected. Very petty. By answering the question with junk and lies you prove that you knew what the question was. Sad..

  33. Tuddo- stop looking for the Choom gang in Mitt and go to his website for guidance on the economy. With an open mind, you might learn a thing or two.

  34. took14theteam says:

    I would love to see a plan from Obama.

    I would love to see the president be a leader.

    I would love to see the president try to unite the country instead of divide.

    I would love to see the president try to work with congress instead of blame congress.

    I would love to be able to buy a large soft drink, oh wait, that is another topic…..

  35. Romney is not just running on the issues, he is running in support of all sides of all issures.

  36. Wait, is he ‘evolving’?

  37. Fibonacci says:

    YOu want to see the President work with Congress huh? Well, just is he supposed to do that when the Republicans refuse to do anything but say NO. It is either 100% their way or is it no way. How about Congress working with the President? I suppose when you say you want to see him unite the country instead of divide your mean do things the Republican’s way. Nothing else would stand a chance.

    Politicians used to compromise, but all Republicans are so scared of the Tea Party they can do nothing but say no. They have NO ideas, they are running scared. It must be horrible to be more afraid of your own party that you are of the opposition. Mitt might actually have had some good ideas if he did not have to pander to the TPs–again, a coward.

  38. Fib- how should Congress work with the Prez? When his whole party votes no on his budget? After Obamacare and the failed stimulus? Class warfare and rhetoric? Would you work with him? If you believed his policies hurt this nation (with recent proof)?

    Do you remember the silly ‘conversation’ he had with republicans over healthcare? Ignoring everything they said. Zero votes.

  39. charliebucket says:

    republicans have been voting no on things that they actually support just to make Obama a one term president, by their own admission that is there top priority. sheesh….it is sure wierd how that gets twisted by people. they would argue that grass is not green if Obama said it is. the healthcare bill was debated for a year and watered down to please these people and they still voted no. that’s on THEM.

  40. “Work with Congress”…..that would be the same Congress that has wasted over 80 working hours (costing us millions of dollars) voting for the 33rd time on a symbolic bill to repeal “Obamacare”.

    How can you work with a Congress that refuses to work?

  41. truthbusterguy says:

    The obama playbook, “Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals”, won’t work for him this time. We are awake to his lies.

    Their methods are so obvious and so deeply ingrained in the Democrat Party that it’s difficult to tell where Alinsky begins and people like obama end.

    Not a big Romney fan either but four more of obama and the country is destroyed.

  42. Ah yes….the Alinsky claim…..and then there is that whole Choom Gang stuff…..and yet the GOP partisans (not really Mitt fans – more anti-Obama than pro-Mitt) claim that Obama must be desperate for pointing to Bain.

  43. Bb- do you just dismiss the Choom gang? The fact that he gave a shout out to his dealer in his yearbook?

    And I saw the silly Facebook thing goin around about the cost of the votes also. Until someone proves it was not just the Speaker calling for a vote when they were in session, I do not buy it. Either way just by voting they are more productive that the senate. Disappointed that you repeat a PowerPoint slide from FB as fact.

  44. LeePHill says:

    Obama graduated high school in 1979……get a life….

    No one spoke of Saul Alinsky until 2008…..get a life….

    “Tuddo- stop looking for the Choom gang in Mitt and go to his website for guidance on the economy”

    NOW THAT is funny!!! Mitt’s business plan in life is bankrupting companies and lowering the level of pay for industries. We already have a country were half the people can’t afford to pay taxes, should we lower the pay more and lay off more people and outsource labor????

    “Hill, you knew exactly what I was talking about and deflected.”

    No, I didn’t. I don’t read the minds of ignorant people. Even if I did, I wouldn’t allow them to control my side of the conversation. If you want stupid “yes or no” answers, look to one of your conservative constituents.

  45. alindasue says:

    took14theteam said, “No, you can only support someone with a D by their name. Your comments here on this blog has shown exactly where you lie in the political spectrum…”

    Who were you addressing with this comment? Since it follows as the next comment about 20 minutes after mine, it would seem you were addressing me…

    It might interest you to know that I have actually voted for more Republican presidential candidates than Democrats. I didn’t vote for George W. Bush, but I did vote for his daddy. I will not vote for Mitt Romney – but if Jon Huntsman were still running, there is a good chance I would have voted for him.

    Exactly where I lie in the political spectrum is as an independent voter who refuses to join any political party. Where I stand – “liberal” or “conservative” – depends on the particular issue at hand and the current definitions of “liberal” and “conservative” at the moment. I find partisan politics to be: at best, silly, and at worst, a destructive barrier to any real progress in meeting this country’s needs.

    CT7 said, “And Gov Romney respects state’s rights. So? Do you?”

    Yes, and if Mitt Romney’s objections to “Obamacare” were strictly on a “states rights” basis, I might understand them more.

    However, back when it was “Romneycare”, he had said that his medical reform was an example for the nation to follow. Now that President Obama has agreed with him, suddenly he wants no part of the credit for the ideas. It was a great idea when Mitt Romney implemented it in Massachusetts, but it’s not now that President Obama likes it? I don’t think so…

  46. LeePHill says:

    Let’s add this up.

    Obama smoked dope in high school…probably in college also….graduated cum lade from the most prestigious school in America.

    CT7 attended happy hour last night and attended boot camp in lieu of Harvard and Columbia.

    Are we watching more of that “anger and rage” that frosty brought up?

    The conservatives learned nothing in 2008. All of this crap was thrown about then and Obama walked over their “candidates”.

    The Republican Party cannot field a candidate that interests a majority of Americans, because the candidates – despite who they may have been in years past – morph into “Super Con” when running for President, to attract the Con base, who wouldn’t vote for Obama to save their souls. They pass up the moderates and independents in lieu of courting the rabid right.

    John McCain made that mistake, Romney is repeating it in spades.

  47. LeePHill says:

    “Who were you addressing with this comment? Since it follows as the next comment about 20 minutes after mine, it would seem you were addressing me…”

    alindasue – they expect us to mindread…yet them come unprepared

    I’m probably to the left of you, but I, too, have supported Republican candidates, and have already selected one for this election, unless one of her opposition can convince me otherwise.

    These small minds have probably never voted for a Democrat in their lives and point the finger at others.

  48. LeePHill says:

    “And Gov Romney respects state’s rights. So? Do you?”

    Funny….the KKK’s line is always “states rights”…

    Since Obama is a “devotee” of Alinsky, does this make Romney a follower of…….

    I’m always amused at how the conservatives default to “states rights”, when they can’t get the majority of Americans to support their ideas.

  49. CT7, well, I went to Romney’s official site. Besides the “Shop Now” headline, there were only three features on his home page. Two were mud-slinging attacks on Obama and the other was a contest for someone to meet Romney based on his VP pick.

    The Meet Mitt link was a bio. He touted his job growth, which is amusing, because Massachusetts, which Romney governed from 2003-2007, ranked 47th among the 50 states in job creation numbers during his tenure. I hope he won’t try to implement the things he did in Mass.

    From Reuters: http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/01/20/us-usa-politics-romney-record-idUSN2033704120080120

    “Northeastern University economist Andrew Sum, who has researched Romney’s record, said the state lagged the U.S. average during that period in job creation, economic growth and wage increases.

    “As a strict labor market economist looking at the record, Massachusetts did very poorly during the Romney years“, he said. “On every measure you’ve got, the state was a substantial under-performer.”

    The things he does list in the tax section show that he is following the “cut taxes for the rich” and cut taxes for corporations” philosophy, while saying he would “increase revenue”. He doesn’t outline how he would increase revenue.

    Since every single one of his bullet points was aimed at severely cutting taxes for the most wealthy and for corporations, I can only guess he means a national sales tax and the “flat tax” that he mentions would immediately increase taxes for the poor and lower middle class while reducing taxes for the most wealthy.

    I will certainly look at his other issues, but, based on this one alone, Romney is a scary creature who has either flip-flopped or has sincerely been bitten by the philosophy of the ruling class in Mexico and other even more far-right economies.

    Leave the rich alone to increase the percent of wealth they hoard from other citizens, severely reduce or eliminate the safety net services, let infrastructure be privatized, and let the masses work in sub-minimum wage jobs.

  50. alindasue says:

    LeePHill said, “Then again….I come from a time when the word “freak” was a compliment. I wore out my copy of “Woodstock”.”

    My mother has always said that I was a bit of a flower child, so I tend to go more with the “Woodstock” definition of “freak”. I don’t own a copy of “Woodstock”, but I probably own record albums and CDs from at least half the artists that performed there. There’s an Arlo Guthrie bumper sticker (souvenir from concert) on the back window of my mini-van.

    So… to take a cue from the current crop of commercials:

    I am a “flower child” and an urban farmer who likes to debate politics. I’m married to a man who’s put up with me for almost 30 years now and we have together raised six very musical children. I consider Jesus Christ to be my greatest hero and my guiding mentor…

    … and I am a Mormon.

    If that makes me a “freak” to some people, I have no problem with it.

  51. bobcat1a says:

    “I certainly think bipartisanship ought to consist of __________________(Democrats or Republicans) coming to the _______________________(Democrat or Republican) point of view.” Can you fill in the correct party in each blank in this quote?
    Hint: Richard Mourdock is his name if you want to look up who said it.

  52. fanciladi says:

    Very good letter…the BO record speaks for itself. The Media may try to spin it their way, BUT they really can’t do that since the record is recorded for history!

    I love the ‘true’ comment, “if his mouth is open he’s lying”, discribing BO…LOL…this has been proven over and over and over again!!!

  53. Maybe because it was a state full of leftists? He raised their rankings.

    By the way, have you seen the job growth of the states with newly elected republican Gov’s? Great compared to the leftist wastelands.

    Hill getting personal means he is out of talking points. Nice.

  54. sumyungboi says:

    You puppets who’re so indignant about Romneys tax records, it’s hilarious to watch your masters dangle a shiny toy in front of you. Rich people say, “hey, conservatives hate women”, and you useful little chumps fill the comment sections of every medium for the next month, “war on women, war on women!!” Then it was Bain Capitol, and when that died, now it’s, “Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands!!” You probably couldn’t find the Caymans on a frikken map.

    Here’s an idea, how about Obama release _anything_ regarding his past? You tools are so predictable.

  55. “ehill is a Mormon? ”

    No, I’m not. And I NEVER vote for or against a candidate based on their religious affiliation. Take your trash somewhere else.

  56. alindasue says:

    ehill said, “And I NEVER vote for or against a candidate based on their religious affiliation.”

    On that we can definitely agree.

    Just because two people belong to the same church, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their political standings would be the same – or even compatible.

  57. Alindasue- I compliment you on ignoring the bigotry of those on the left. How/why do you associate with it?

  58. LeePHill says:

    “CT7 says:
    Hill getting personal means he is out of talking points.”

    “CT7 says:
    July 14, 2012 at 2:04 pm Alindasue- I compliment you on ignoring the bigotry of those on the left. How/why do you associate with it?”

    You have to love the irony and hypocrisy.

  59. lylelaws says:


    In your 3:55 comments on Friday you fired a shot across the bow of the Swift Boat veterans who were not John Kerry supporters to say the least.

    Maybe that was because to them the great majority of Purple Heart recipiants spent long stretches in the hospital, unlike John Kerry who received three such citations (all reported by him) in one month without missing a day of duty (which automatically qualified him to return to America)

    When I think of those who have been awarded that august honor, I automatically think of my dad who after spending many months in the hospital, walked with a profound limp for the last forty-five years of his life as a result of a grevious wound he received while serving in the U.S. Marines in WWI.

  60. LeePHill says:

    Lyle….so you are one more of those people that claim that a 20 year old John Kerry, knowing he would run for president in 2004, fooled the US Navy into giving him awards that he threw off a bridge in disgust upon returning to the US after serving in a combat zone in SE Asia.

    He probably should have been like Dick Cheney or George W. Bush.

    Try a little truth, Lyle.


  61. alindasue says:

    CT7 said, “Alindasue- I compliment you on ignoring the bigotry of those on the left. How/why do you associate with it?”

    I’m also just as good at ignoring the bigotry of those on the right.

    I “associate” with no one but myself. If the views of others – “on the left” or “on the right” – coordinate with mine at any given time, then that is great.

  62. So your views do not parallel those of a party or political bent? After years here the answer to that question does not need to be answered.

    Suddenly two perceived wrongs make a right?

    You can excuse the left’s current, proud bigotry of today for what? Pundits calls of bigotry due to calls for voter ID? There is no way for it make sense.

  63. Why ignore any racism or bigotry?

  64. sumyungboi says:

    leephill, a bunch of people who knew John Kerry while in Vietnam said he was a dick, no more complicated than that. It’s over homes, your guy lost back then, get over it.

  65. sumyungboi says:

    John Kerry.. did I mention he was a mega rich guy, who moved stuff to avoid taxes?

  66. Like his mega-yacht? The selective outrage is not even funny

  67. … John Kerry… fooled the US Navy into giving him awards that he threw off a bridge in disgust upon returning to the US…

    LMAO, try a little fact, Larry. It’s bad enough that you’re simply regurgitating propaganda – myths, Larry, myths. But worse, you’re you conflating the myth of Kerry throwing his medals away with the myth that Muhammed Ali (then Cassius Clay) threw his gold medal from a bridge, into the Ohio river “in disgust at not being served in a “white” restaurant”.

    Both are false.

    In fact, Ali’s ghostwriter and marxist editor of Muhammad Speaks, Richard Durham, dreamed up the story for the much-discredited “autobiography/ political tract”, The Greatest: My Own Story


    As for the Kerry lie, if indeed he threw his medals over the Nixon White House fence, as he has claimed, why does he have them so proudly displayed in his Senate office?


    Let me guess; he dug them up during the more comradely Carter administration?

    Still having trouble with those pesky facts I see, Larry.

  68. lylelaws says:


    If you are asking me if I think John Kerry was a faker, the answer is an absolute Yes!

    Two of my older brothers joined the USMC the week after Pearl Harbor, served in combat throughout the war in the South-Pacific (not for four months, but for four years) and probably would have been in the first wave of the invasion of Japan if HST had not the backbone to place the blame where is was deserved and ordered the dropping of “The Bomb” that ended the war.

    Both of them spent time in military hospitals, but if they were showered with Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, or Purple Hearts I never heard about it.

    Nothing is sadder than the cheapening of awards for military valor than allowing self-proclaimed honors to be bestowed left and right.

    Three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star in a four-month span without missing a day of duty? Kinda makesa Sgt. York and Auddey Murry look like slackers doesn’t it?

  69. Frankenchrist says:

    All Mormon’s believe after they die they become Godz of their own personal planet. Romney believes that; ergo, he is unfit for president. I don’t want a apocalyptic religious freak with his finger on the button.

    Mittens also avoided Vietnam by having his rich daddy pull strings so he coud sit out the war in France selling his flaky religion to the Frenchies. Sorry, no cowardly draft-dodging religous nutters need apply for the White House job.

    Praise Jezus Mittens is such a hapless candidate. Thank you, Geezuz, for all that you do when you made Romney such a total idiot.

  70. Alindasue, ^^^^ is on your side. Make you proud? How about you, Hill? TNT?

  71. More evidence that bigotry applies equally to certain anti-religion obsessed types.
    As if we needed it.

  72. took14theteam says:

    Thanks for that fchrist.

    Maybe you can hook up with the C Bucket and get us all on the right—correct path.

  73. Sorry, no cowardly draft-dodging religous nutters need apply for the White House job.

    Unless they’re named Barak Hussein 0bama or William Jefferson Clinton, that is. Right genius?

  74. Last true hero in the WH was Bush. Defeated by a guy who never served.

    In 2012 it is an unfortunate fact that we cannot expect our leaders to have military service.

    I assume FC is a huge fan of Rep West.

  75. alindasue says:

    CT7 said, “Why ignore any racism or bigotry?”

    I have found that the accusations of “racism” and “bigotry” that have been flying around here in these forums of late have little basis in reality. The words “racist” and “bigot” have just become two more emotionally charged words to be flung around as random insults – right up there with “communist”, “socialist”, and “anti-[takeyourpick]“.

    I refuse to play that game, so I ignore it.


    Obviously, you have several misconceptions about the beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Given the amount of “anti-Mormon” literature out there, your confusion is understandable.

    The website mormon.org was set up especially to answer questions and clear up mis-perceptions like those expressed in your post. Please, check it out.

  76. Frankenchrist says:

    Dear Geezuz,

    Thanks you for inventing the Internetz so I can see your webpage. Also, can I haz my own private asteroid after I kick the bucket? I want to play a God like Mittens or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Thanks, Geezuz.

  77. averageJose says:

    LOL, for somebody who claims not to support Obarry, bB sure does alot of sticking up for him.

  78. LeePHill says:



    Lyle….I’m sorry, but I’m taking snopes’ word.

    I’m not really worried about your partisan hackism that attacks an honored vet like Kerry, but ignores Bush’s MIA and Cheney’s “I had other things to do”.

    You are the boil on Limbuaghs butt.

    Now, the real humor of the thread is CT7 talking about bigotry…..

    Wait….why would you be a bigot for being “anti-religion” and not a bigot for being “pro-religion”.

    I guess Clamato wins the “I make absolutely no sense to anyone but myself and even then I question me” Award

  79. LeePHill says:

    Excuse my typo…

    Limbaugh’s butt

  80. And you served where and when?

    Real mature post, and tossing Rush into the mix shows the lack of substance.

    Choom Gang.

    Ronmey 2012! A businessman and leader the can work across party lines.

  81. sumyungboi says:

    frankenchrist: “All Mormon’s believe after they die they become Godz of their own personal planet”

    It’s funny to see know-nothings post know-nothing comments. On the other hand, it’s sad to see those same know-nothings preaching bigotry and hatred based on their own stupidity.

    I know you must think you’re quite witty, but have you ever considered that, maybe you’re the tard? You’re mad because you think you’re really smart but that never got you anywhere, but maybe you’re just not all that smart? :)

  82. lylelaws says:


    It is interesting the way that cowardly people like you hide behind their computers and hurl vile insults at others.

    I would be more than happy to bet that you would never have the backbone to look me in the eye and tell me that I was “A boil on someoe’s butt”

    Well, tough guy?

    Not that it matters, but I have never once dialed up Rush Limbaugh’s program because I don’t need someone else to do my thinking for me.

  83. Frankenchrist – don’t be so Nignorant !

  84. sumyungboi says:

    lyle, it’s actually a good thing that tools like leephill use the internet to tell you what’s on their mind, most people don’t know how dumb the left is. When I was growing up, I would never have believed that there were people who actually thought like that. Back in the early 80’s, I met my first real communist, I worked for Brown & Haley for a short time after I left the service, and there was this guy who thought that the company should provide his housing and food. (they kind of did, it’s called wages)

    Anyway, I’ve been debating with these know-nothings on the internet since before there was a web. There’s no point in getting mad at them, because first, that’s what they dig, and second, the reason they dig it is because they know that there’s no chance of them getting their ### kicked. Just see what they are.

  85. CT7,
    evolving – no, more like pandering to whoever is listing.

    ‘whole party votes no. . etc’ those dead horses make you look so wise.

    ‘how to work with congress’
    first congress has to learn with itself.
    second, one party has to learn the compromise is not a sin.

    Voting on a bill that has no chance of a Senate Vote and is DOA at the White House, is not only a waste of time but points out just how out of touch with reality the House Leadership is.

    ‘Choom gang’ ‘is that an anagram for ‘slung mud’

    In Nam most Purple Heart recipients never got past their unit Aid Stations.

    The way metals were given to officers and senior NCO’s was a total disgrace. In fact the only officers who did not get beaucoup metals where the very, very few who were court martialed or relieved of duty for sheer stupidity and our right incompetence.

    The biggest bigotry of all is the inability to see the bigotry of ones only side.

    In Nam, most officers were pricks. Go look up ‘fragging’

    We the unwilling,
    Lead by the incompetent,
    To do the unnecessary,
    For the ungrateful

    Clamo, still spreading love and kindness.
    1947 – Romney born
    1948 – Draft began
    1965 – Romney turns 18
    1961 – Obama born
    1973 – Draft ends
    1979 – Obama turns 18

    Try doing some research before posting.

    Clinton won a Rhodes Scholarship.
    What were Cheney and Romney’s excuses?

  86. sumyungboi says:

    xring, I don’t recall discussing Vietnam with you, although your use of the term “nam” says much. You obviously weren’t there.

  87. sumyungboi says:

    xring: “1973 – Draft ends”

    But oddly, selective service records continue.

    Seriously, xring, you’re really dumb.

  88. MililaniJag says:

    Get it right…..The Obama debt is only $16 Trillion. NOT $17 Trillion!!! Est. to be $25+ if re-elected. Spending in 3.5 years that took Bush 8 years to accomplish. Yes we can.

  89. Sumy,
    Kerry earned his wealth the old fashion why – he married it.
    Bush and Romney were born to it.

    ‘Bush defeated by a guy who never served’ – have you been into the Old English again?
    Bush ran twice (2000, 2004), stole both elections
    Bush did not run in 2008 against Obama, if fact (oh happy happy joy joy) WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT AGAIN.

    How tough are you to issue a challenge and trash talk over the web knowing that your pathetic challenge can never be accepted?

    How dumb does one have to be to support a party whose major economic is to send US jobs overseas?
    In my experience those who most claim superiority are the ones least deserving of it.

  90. yungboi – again with the internet bravado, claiming that you would beat us up if we met in person. Such a brave man!

    frankenchrist’s statement about Mormon theology is not completely accurate – but it isn’t wrong.

  91. from the wsj

    “The Romney campaign thinks it can play it safe and coast to the White House by saying the economy stinks and it’s Mr. Obama’s fault. We’re on its email list and the main daily message from the campaign is that ‘Obama isn’t working.’ Thanks, guys, but Americans already know that. What they want to hear from the challenger is some understanding of why the President’s policies aren’t working and how Mr. Romney’s policies will do better.”

    Some of you fools think that getting rid of Obama will solve all of our problems – to the point that the Congress has spent the last 21 months making sure that Obama couldn’t do anything oriented towards the economy – I’m not a fan of Obama’s but know that an empty suit isn’t the answer, especially since that empty suit is more than likely to return us to exactly the same policies that got us in this mess in the first place.

  92. from uber-conservative William Kristol
    “… voters want to hear what Romney is going to do about the economy. He can “speak about” how bad the economy is all he wants — though Americans are already well aware of the economy’s problems — but doesn’t the content of what Romney has to say matter? What is his economic growth agenda? His deficit reform agenda? His health care reform agenda? His tax reform agenda? His replacement for Dodd-Frank? No need for any of that, I suppose the Romney campaign believes. Just need to keep on ‘speaking about the economy.'”

  93. alindasue says:

    beerBoy said, “frankenchrist’s statement about Mormon theology is not completely accurate – but it isn’t wrong.”

    However, it’s not right either. The worst untruths are not the outright lies – those are easy for anyone to see through. Rather, it is the statements that take a small piece of the truth and twists it to the point of near unrecognizable.

    I could go into detail writing a massive essay much longer than my usual essay length posts in an attempt to correct him, but for everyone’s sake here, I’m just going to link to a site where the “essays” have already been written.


    Then, after reading that, if people have specific questions for me, my answers to those specific questions can be much shorter, eh.

  94. “I compliment you on ignoring the bigotry of those on the left. How/why do you associate with it?”

    CT7, I compliment you on ignoring the bigotry of those on the wrong wing. How/why do you associate with it?

  95. LeePHill says:

    “MililaniJag says:
    July 14, 2012 at 11:50 pm Get it right…..The Obama debt is only $16 Trillion”

    If you inherited $10 Trillion debt from me and the debt increased $6 trillion, does that mean all of the debt is yours?

  96. LeePHill says:

    Most of the guys I know that served in “Nam”, call it “Nam”.

    Go back to Brown and Haley

    Lyle, you are not much on conversational nuance, are you? The “boil on Limabaugh’s butt” is reference to his “4-F” avoiding being drafted.

    You don’t have to listen to his show to endorse his silly thinking.

    OK…I’ll meet you at Wright Park, today at noon and we’ll fight it out. I’m the one in the wheelchair.

  97. LDS have described the afterlife in more detail than most religions. As alindasue’s link says, God will assign you based on your life on earth.

    There are three heavens and one “hell”, with subcategories for the highest realm.

    Outer darkness is reserved for only a very few who rebelled against God.

    Telestial Kingdom: Most non-Mormon, non-Christian people on earth will go through a period of torment, but will end up in a happy place.

    Terrestrial Kingdom : good and saintly non-Mormons who did not reject a revealed Jesus end up here, a very happy place.

    Celestial Kingdom: faithful, baptized (before or after death) LDS are assigned the highest realm.

    The Celestial Kingdom includes only those men who are most faithful, baptized and married in LDS, and member of the priesthood. Those men who attain the highest degree become gods in the afterlife, meaning that they can bear new children in heaven, and may even have their own planets.

    I guess alindasue’s objection is that frankenchrist did not include “may” in his description about the planets.

  98. LeePHill says:

    Yeah…we wouldn’t want to have companies provide food and housing for workers…..

    Company scrip is currency issued in certain industries to pay workers. Such scrip can only be exchanged by wage-earners in company stores owned by their employers and often charging inflated prices. In the UK, such systems have been formally outlawed under Truck Acts.

    In the United States, mining and logging camps were typically created, owned and operated by a single company. These remote locations were cash poor and workers had very little choice but to purchase goods at a company store. With this economic monopoly, the employer could place enormous markups on goods, making workers completely dependent on the company, thus enforcing employee “loyalty”.

    The practice continues today. On September 4, 2008, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice ruled that Wal-Mart de Mexico, the Mexican subsidiary of Wal-Mart, must cease paying its employees in vouchers redeemable only at Wal-Mart stores.

  99. LeePHill says:

    I wonder how executives, with their meal allowances at fancy eateries and their housing allowances at gated communities feel about that Communistic practice.

  100. X- Bush the elder. Wow, tough to figure that one out since Jr never lost.

    Hill- he is responsible for managing said debt. So yes. Enough excuses. One elected official today is accountable, not people long retired.

    Bb, do I need to link to his website again? You can then forward it along to a couple uninformed writers.

  101. Nice morph to semi-reality on the kerry story, Larry. But the fact is your link only underscores how hopelessly, and typically, inaccurate your original kerry fable is.

    So Larry wins the “I don’t need anyone to help show what a twit I am, I’m doing perfectly fine on my own” Award.

  102. LeePHill says:

    Get your own jokes.

    As to “semi-reality”….your support data on “Kerry’s medals in his office” was very impressive

    Oh..looky here…


    OK, CT7….then Bush, Jr was responsible for practically doubling the debt???????

  103. averageJose says:

    LMAO. I don’t know of one single conservative that believes any politician OR the government will solve ALL or even MOST of our problems. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say most conservatives believe just the opposite.

    Boy, you win the knee-slapper of the day award.

  104. LeePHill says:

    The reason for government IS to solve problems of the constitutency.

    I would expect most conservatives to BELIEVE contrary to the fact.

    Example – constituency needs a road – government provides.

    Yeah…we need to quit doing what has been done for over 200 years…

  105. Hill, sure, he was responsible. I, and most conservatives, did not approve of his fiscal policy.

    Point? I have stated that many times. He expanded govt and entitlements. He gets a partial pass on the TSA and defense related spending, but not much.

    None of that has anything to do with this election.

  106. LeePHill says:

    So….CT7….you didn’t vote for Bush’s re-election in 2004?

    As to THIS election. We have a candidate running for re-election who has turned around the rate of debt, without the assistance of a Congress whose most important job is making sure that he doesn’t win that election.

    “defense related spending”…..please, tell me what Bush was defending. We were not attacked by Iraq. I’ll give him a pass on Afghanistan, since we thought Bin Laden was hiding there. As Obama proved, you don’t need a war to catch Bin Laden, just a plan and a good SEAL team.

  107. LeePHill says:

    “I, and most conservatives, did not approve of his fiscal policy.”

    Remember, Bush had a Republican House, Senate and Administration…..and still spent like a drunken sailor.

    You people want us to return to the days of complete Republican control…the days that brought us HERE!!!!

  108. Nice word choice- slowe the RATE of debt increases.

    Let’s be adult here. The guy is spending us into the poor house with payments to individuals. His job is to lead, to bridge gaps. Clinton could do it.

    He was defending you and I. My family and yours.

    I liked Bush. I believe every decision, right or wrong, was what he viewed was best for all Americans. That is not how I feel about the current occupier.

  109. Republican control- you mean the days of Newt, welfare reform, expanding economy and budget surpluses, versus the days of Harry and Nancy?

    You might be getting it after all.

  110. sumyungboi says:

    leephill: “The reason for government IS to solve problems of the constitutency.”

    Wow. Just, wow. You see, that’s the difference, isn’t it? You guys want to hold someone’s hand as you go through life, whereas guys like me find no difference between that and getting moist while watching “The View”.

  111. alindasue says:

    CT7 said, “None of that has anything to do with this election.”

    None of it, except the fact that President Obama is being judged on the 3 1/2 years that he’s had to spend cleaning up from President George W. Bush’s mess. Even you admit that President Bush drove up the deficit with spending on things like “defense related spending” (aka the wars in the middle east). The only “partial pass” I’d give him is perhaps for the hiring of more TSA agents for increased airport security.

    By the time President Bush left office, spending on the wars was approaching ridiculous and on the home front the economy was collapsing. It’s that mess that President Obama has had to spend his term dealing with. Since how President Obama is being judged on how he’s dealt with the mess – complete with “cooperation” from Republican who were more concerned with birth certificate than solving this country’s problems – the issues President Bush has left behind has very much to do with this upcoming election.

    I’m not 100% happy with President Obama. He escalated the fighting in Afghanistan before starting the timetable to pull troops out. He gave in too quickly on the Guantanamo Bay prisoners issue. Not all of his “stimulus” choices have been the wisest. He’s spent too much of these last few months campaigning, leading to too much of a partisan lean on his speeches.

    Honestly, if President Obama were running against Jon Huntsman, I might very likely vote for Jon Huntsman. However, he is running against Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is no Jon Huntsman.

  112. Sumy – the only dodging I see is you dodging the truth.

    Registration for the draft continues, but the US has not physically drafted any one since 1973.

    Such an easy concept, even for those of superior intellect.

  113. sumyungboi says:

    alindasue: “President Obama is being judged on the 3 1/2 years that he’s had to spend cleaning up from President George W. Bush’s mess”

    I coulda swore he said he’d fix things. Things ain’t fixed. I coulda swore he said his progressive slush fund, I mean his stimulus would keep unemployment down. It ain’t. Face it, your guy’s a charlatan and a chump. He’s good at rousing the rabble in south Chicago, but he sucks pretty bad at being a good American.

    alindasue: “if President Obama were running against Jon Huntsman, I might very likely vote for Jon Huntsman”


  114. BHO was hired by the America people to deal with the problems of the day. Besides claiming ignorance on the depth of the financial crisis, everything else was already on the table.

    Bush ended Iraq. Fact. BHO just ensured we lost any strategic gains in the region.

    More excuses for BHOs failures. When does that end? For the rational person, it would be the passage of Obamacare and D-F in the middle of the downturn, then sit around whining that the economy still sucks. Or 100% ignoring Simpson Bowles. Toss class warfare and OWS into the mix, sprinkle some Arab Spring, and we have a total failure. Not just the man, but for the entire nation.

  115. aislander says:

    No conservative has said we need no government, but we all know we need less. So shut up about the roads and the fire and police protection. Those are things we all agree on and are therefore beside the point…

  116. sumyungboi says:

    beerboy: “yungboi – again with the internet bravado”

    From the guy who writes to a newspaper in a town seven hundred miles away just so people will talk to him.

  117. sumy – I never made physical threats like you have….little boy.

  118. lylelaws says:


    First you hid behind a computer screen and now behind a wheelchair?

    Maybe if you didn’t throw insults around so loosely you wouldn’t feel the need to stay in hiding.

    Shh, quiet now, someone may discover where you are.

  119. alindasue says:

    tuddo said, “LDS have described the afterlife in more detail than most religions. As alindasue’s link says, God will assign you based on your life on earth.

    There are three heavens and one “hell”, with subcategories for the highest realm.

    Outer darkness is reserved for only a very few who rebelled against God.”

    You pretty much got it right up to that point.

    Your description of the Telestial Kingdom sounds more like a purgatory, which it is not. The Telestial Kingdom is similar to how things are here on Earth. Thanks to the sacrifice that Jesus made, everyone who chose to come to this life will be resurrected after death and have everlasting life in a realm at least as nice as this one. (It will probably be like the Garden of Eden – but that’s just my speculation.)

    The Terrestrial Kingdom, described in the scriptures as having “the glory of the moon”, would be similar to “Heaven” in the common Christian understanding (except the angels don’t necessarily have wings.) That would include goodly non-member as well as many members of the church.

    The Celestial Kingdom, often described as “the glory of the sun”, is life in the actual presence of Heavenly Father and our older brother (and Heavenly Father’s “only begotten” here on Earth), Jesus Christ.

    People (not just men) must have certain physical ordinances done here on earth such as baptism, endowments, and sealing to family members. People go through the ordinances for themselves or they are done for them by proxy – which is why we put such an emphasis on genealogy.(The person who the proxy work was done for always has the option of deciding whether to accept the work done for them or not. A proxy baptism for a dead ancestor doesn’t automatically make that person a Mormon.)

    We believe that Heavenly Father wants his children to grow in knowledge and progress, just as He once did (and probably still does – again, my own speculation and not church doctrine in any way. I just can’t see anyone who strives for knowledge ever losing that desire.) That would logically mean that we MAY also grow to the level of being able to create planets.

    How Frankenchrist performed the mental gymnastics to go from that to “they become Godz of their own personal planet” or “…apocalyptic religious freak with his finger on the button,” I can’t even begin to fathom.

    And… I’ve managed to write another essay again. Sorry. Writing has never been a problem for me, but obviously keeping it short is.

  120. The Democrats took over the House and Senate in 2006. That’s when the economy started to tank. They tanked it in hopes of winning the White House in 2008. Democrat policies have damaged this economy so bad that now, 3 1/2 years after that, they still can’t fix it.

    So now all they can do is sling mud and divert attention from their complete success at creating massive overbearing government and regulating freedom out of existence.

  121. alindasue says:

    dejen2 said, “They tanked it in hopes of winning the White House in 2008.”

    It was earlier than 2006 when President Bush suggested we “Go shopping” to shore up the already sagging economy.

    As I was looking up to refresh my memory on when the first stimulus checks were sent out to the American people, I discovered something interesting. That year, 2008, several European and Asian countries were also passing their own similar economic stimulus plans. That means that the world-wide recession was already well on its way.


    Congress no more deliberately “tanked” the economy than President Bush did. I may blame President Bush for the excessive war spending (and the compounding interest on its borrowed funding that is still adding to the national debt) and for the diplomatic problems he caused our country, but neither he nor congress can be solely blamed for what happened with the economy. There were, and still are under President Obama, too many other outside factors involved.

  122. their complete success at creating massive overbearing government and regulating freedom out of existence.

    Hyperbole much?

    yungster…..so sad that you are so insecure that you feel the need to play these stupid VIRTUAL macho games that most MEN got over when they graduated high school……such a little boy.

  123. sumyungboi says:

    beerboy, don’t you have a ballet lesson to get to?

  124. Bb- you are playing that childish game right along with him.

    Even worse, you know a certain moniker posts here simply to get under people’s skin. It is he who hides behind a keyboard. Be honest and open here.

  125. CT7,

    WH – my bad.

    IMO – W stole both elections.

    How can the President manage the debt when it is
    Congress that creates the debt and Congress that provides funds for managing it?

    aJo –here’s your head slap for the day.

    Some governments are bad, No government is a fool’s paradise.

    First role of any government is to protect ALL of the people.

    I know many (as in most) conservative politicians who see nothing wrong with helping big businesses send US jobs overseas and creating tax codes that make the rich get richer.

    Bush 2 does not deserve a pass on his defense and TSA boondoggles and the only entitlements he expanded went to corporations, big business, and the rich.

    And it ALL has to do with his two ‘elections’ because had he not been elected he would never have been President.

    Why do conservatives always blame the debt and spending on the President when ONLY Congress that controls the purse strings.

    Historical Fact: from January, 2001 January 2007, there was a Republican President (Bush 2), a Republican controlled Senate, and a Republican controlled House.

    Newt left the House in 1999, Bush 2 moved in to the White House in 2001.

    Darn inconvenient facts, always tripping you up.

    In your opinion what is the role of government?

  126. I gave him no pass, stop giving BHO a pass. But stop re-writing history. The Bush deficit can be blamed on Medicare expansion, Iraq, and tax cuts.

    Iraq is over (thanks W!), ad BHO has doubled down on socialized medicine and kept the tax rates.

    Who forces business overseas? Liberals, unions, EPA, people like Pelosi. A very simple example of regulations killing business is American Samoa. Look up what she did to the tuna industry there

  127. aislander says:

    There goes xring again, with the usual roster of straw-man arguments shot out of a shotgun, so it becomes much more trouble than it’s worth to knock down ALL of them.

    But I’ll take one: once again, for the benefit of the left side of the bell curve, no one has suggested doing away with government!

  128. alindasue says:

    CT7 said, “Iraq is over (thanks W!)…”

    Why thank President Bush for ending it when he was the one who started it to begin with?

  129. took14theteam says:

    How could W have stolen both elections, when you guys keep claiming there is no voter fraud, therefore, showing proper ID is not required?

    You guys crack me up. When you lie so often, it is hard to keep track of your stories and keep them straight.

  130. Whatever, give him no credit for winning a difficult counterinsurgency fight.

    But give BHO zero credit for ending or dealing with the conflict, with the exception of having to deal with added debt.

  131. bobarita0451 says:

    Yes, they all mud sling……the point is that Obama is lowering himself to the “political” crap only to upleft himself up above the situation he has found himself in. This is a basic situation of anybody who cannot support his position with any creditabity so the only thing left is to rip the “other” guy. And hope you buy it. This is an act of a politician who has found himself in a “world” of crap and can’t find a way out other then to demean his opposition. A sad state of affairs for our “President” to be in. He cannot run on his accomplisments and tout his econonic policies because it has failed. He has over promised and under-delivered. We know it, he knows it and the American people know it. His only game plan is to “blame” the other guy. I don’t that “LEADERSHIP”. A leader would take “ownership” but Obama has not. This BS has got to come to an end.

  132. mudslinging…..Mitt wants an apology, Mitt is complaining…..So I guess he forgot about how he got past Newt and company in the primaries….

  133. He got past them by getting more votes, not attacking capitalism, pushing class warfare, or accusing them of felonies. Heck, Axelrod took down Cain…

  134. sumyungboi says:

    Not much action at the bus station in Pocatello today, huh?

  135. Frankenchrist says:

    Mormonism is similar to Scientology in that they are both new religions created to make a select few individuals extremely rich and in the case of Mormonism, provide a theological justification for marrying (and raping) multiple prepubescent girls.

    Mitt Romney has Bain-damage.

    All Repukes are draft-dodging scum. George W. Bush, Dick(less) Cheney, Flush Flimbaugh and now Mittens Romney. Chickenhawk Vietnam draft-dodgers all of them.

    GOP = KKK

  136. Frankenchrist says:

    Every time I meet a Hispanic who entertains the idea of voting GOP I present to them the facts of GOP nativism, racism, bigotry, and intolerance. I teach them that the Repukes want to deport all Latinos and overturn affirmative action and the 1964 Voting Rights Act. I describe how the Mormon Church is rapidly anti-black and anti-Latino. So far, I’ve converted over 50 Latinos from possibly voting for Romney into certain Obama voters. I’m very proud of my work.

  137. Once again, I hope you on the left are proud of your FC, he is one of yours.

    Great job TNT. The fact that he/she/it is still here says a great deal.

  138. LeePHill says:

    “counterinsurgency fight”

    Now THERE is a term. LMAO

    Since an insurgent is somebody who rebels against authority or leadership, especially somebody who belongs to a group involved in an uprising, thus in Iraq they were fighting against Saddam…..

    “counterinsurgency” would be those fighting against, those fighting against Saddam…..

    A “counterinsurgency fight” would be those in a fight against those fighting against those fighting against Saddam.

    Nothing like circular logic to BS the constituency….

  139. LeePHill says:

    “lylelaws says:
    July 15, 2012 at 12:52 pm LeePHill,
    First you hid behind a computer screen and now behind a wheelchair?

    So a guy in a wheelchair is hiding behind it?????

    Don’t you feel just a bit stupid that you challenged a guy in a wheelchair to a fight? Maybe you can throw a punch and run…..

    Bottom line, Lyle….you didn’t show up.

  140. LeePHill says:

    Don’t I recall the internet tough sumyungster being the one to complain about a OWSter allegedly threatening “his wife” (as if).

    Maybe Yungster should stick with defending the spouse and not starting more skirmishes.

  141. We have been down this road. The Iraqi govt was reconstituted when? They (our allies and enemies) were on what side? Or you feel militias/terrorists should have been recognized as the legitimate govt?

    Stick to music and social issues, you are out of your league.

  142. alindasue says:

    Frankenchrist and his views belong to no one but Frankenchrist.

  143. alindasue, I copied it directly from an old (1980-‘s) LDS pamphlet, so talk to LDS, not me. It does say that some men may become gods of their own planets. I think LDS has toned down some of their public statements, not their beliefs.

    I have many, many LDS relatives looking forward to being gods on their own planets who used to talk to me about it all the time.

  144. LeePHill says:

    It would seem rational that whoever was responsible for “Shock and Awe” would be in opposition to the Iraqi people. I understand that most folks don’t take kindly to someone bombing the crap out of their civilians. Oh sorry, CT7…I said “rational”…..

    “Or you feel militias/terrorists should have been recognized as the legitimate govt?”

    I wonder what would have happened if another country decided to tell the US which government was “legitimate” in the late 1700s….. or the mid 1800s….

    “Terrorist” is a rather cheap word in the conservative lingo. “Militia”???? Isn’t that part of the US constitution?

    Stick to your own kind if you want someone to help you shovel your excrement. I’ll always point out your fallicy. Your right wing rhetoric from the Bush era isn’t going to sell here.

  145. Well Hill, I dumbed it down for you. Rather then use AQI and JAM (the most commonly used terms for the Sunni and Shia anti-govt organizations), I used terms even you could understand.

    Now, I fully realize you are just trying to make this personal and about Bush, with the overarching theme of just pushing buttons. Iraq is long over, and neither I nor Bush are running in this election.

    Incredible that you can find the US the enemy. If this was the 1930’s, we all know what side you would be on.

    Thanks for showing how the average liberal thinks.

  146. took14theteam says:

    After wasting my life reading this blog for almost 2 years, I have come to the conclusion that Larry is a broken record.

    Every letter he posts the same exact garbage time after time after time.

    Get some new material.

  147. Took,
    There are several types of voter fraud;

    Ineligible votes (no citizen, not registered, felon etc.)

    Voter intimidation (preventing legitimist votes from casting ballots)

    Manipulating returns

    Ineligible voters are the most uncommon form. A Bush DOJ study found only 270 (that is two hundred and seventy) such incidents between 2001 and 2006.

    The new so called ‘voter id laws’ are supposed to protect us from ineligible voter but are actually a form of Voter Intimidation, designed to prevent millions of Americans from casting voting.

    Bush stole his two elections by Manipulating Returns. First in 2000 by having the Courts block a recount which was later shown would have given Florida and the election to Gore. Then in 2004 in Ohio thru the use of voting machines rigged to switch votes from Kerry to Bush.

    The Iraqis view us as enemies because we invaded their country.

    Prior to Bush’s Iraqi Blunder, there were no Al-Qaeda forces in Iraq. In fact Iraq was on Al-Qaeda’s hit list because the country was too secularized and too western.

  148. Interesting if true, X. Can you back that up? Prior to Saddam, it was a moderate to liberal country in the region. After the Baath Party took over it was a different story

  149. SwordofPerseus says:

    took14theteam said – “Every letter he posts the same exact garbage time after time after time.” The irony.

    I fail to see why you are all in a lather about politicians slinging mud. This practice has been in place as long as our two party system. Nothing has changed in over two hundred years…

  150. xring – registration for the draft was stopped between 1975 and 1980. A brief hiatus but, just for complete accuracy, it must be noted.

  151. LeePHill says:

    “CT7 says:
    July 15, 2012 at 9:04 pm Well Hill, I dumbed it down for you.”

    Conspeak can be dumbed down????????

    The best you have to offer is the rhetoric and propaganda you were fed in the military to justify why Bush invaded a country that had done nothing to us. Save it for your rubes. As to the 1930s….I doubt that you were in class on that history lesson.

    On another subject….I didn’t know the letter writer’s name was “Larry”. I thought it was “Robert” Took took 1 more.

  152. LeePHill says:

    “CT7 says:
    July 15, 2012 at 9:37 pm Interesting if true, X. Can you back that up? Prior to Saddam, it was a moderate to liberal country in the region. After the Baath Party took over it was a different story”

    STOP…I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to laugh myself to death.

    “Back it up”??????? Don’t you have a computer sitting in front of you? “Moderate to liberal country”? That was a good thing???? Then why isn’t it good for the US to be “moderate to liberal”?

    Please pull your foot from your computerized mouth and start over.

  153. Save your anti-Bush hate for your other blog.

    He is not running for election and that war is over. If you are going to mention Bush, it should be talking about how BHO tripled down on his weak fiscal policy.

  154. CT7,

    Published on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 by Reuters

    Bin Laden Labels Saddam an Infidel – Jazeera TV


  155. CT7, Bush is running again, just in the guise of Romney. Show me anything that Romney has said he would do different from Bush. Why are over 3/4 of his advisors Bush policy people? Why does he love Cheney so much?

    Bush the personality was benign, fun to watch (and make fun of by comedians) and is what got him elected. Bush the policies is what got our country into heap of problems – domestic and foreign.

    Romney looks and sounds more presidential, but doesn’t have a single thing to say that could not have come out of Bush/Cheney.

  156. Bush grew govt and followed Keynesian economic policies. These policies were followed by BHO. Romney promises to reverse that. All 100% fact.

  157. took14theteam says:

    “On another subject….I didn’t know the letter writer’s name was “Larry”. I thought it was “Robert” ”

    If you knew the letter writer’s name wasn’t Larry, why did you even bother to make a comment about this?


  158. CT7, study some economics. I am sorry you don’t udnerstand what supply-side and demand-side mean, but it is important if hyou are going to comment on tax policy and government role in an economic depression where there is no purchasing power even if products were produced.

  159. I will try to respond to that runon sentence- for the nth time, no right leaning economist has called for ‘trickle down’ anything. Will you admit that? I have already proved it, so save your lies and talking points.

    When Bush gave a check to everyone, was that supply or demand? When he gave the biggest tax break to the poor, what was that?

    What tax rates are we at now, after 2 years of a dem congress and WH?


  160. “It’s kind of hard to sell ‘trickle down,’ so the supply-side formula was the only way to get a tax policy that was really ‘trickle down.’ Supply-side is ‘trickle-down’ theory.”

    —David Stockman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director


  161. averageJose says:

    … and it worked.

  162. alindasue says:

    Did it? Somehow, in the years since President Reagan was in office, we still keep bouncing from one recession to another. “Supply side” or “trickle down” economics has done nothing to change that.

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